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Genesis 38:8-10

8 And Iudas sayde vnto Onan: goo into thy brothers wyfe and marye her, that thou mayest styrre vp seed vnto thy brother. 9 And when Onan perceaued that the seed shulde not be his, therfore when he went into his brothers wyfe, he spylled it on the grounde, and gaue not seed vnto hys brother. 10 And the thynge whych he dyd, displeased the Lorde, wherfore he slewe him also.

Genesis 2:4-3:24

4 These are the generacions of the heauens and of the earth when they were created, in the daye, when the Lorde God made the earth and the heauens 5 and euery plant of the felde, before it was in the earth: and euery herbe of the felde, before it grewe. For the Lord God had not caused it to raygne vpon the earth, nether was there a man to tyll the grounde. 6 And there went vp a myste from of the earth, and watred the whole face of the grounde. 7 The Lorde God also shope man, euen dust from of the grounde, and brethed into his nastrels the breth of lyfe: and Adam was made a lyuing soule. 8 And the Lorde God planted a garden eastwarde from Eden, and there he put man whom he had made. 9 Moreouer, out of the grounde made the Lorde God to growe, euery tre that was pleasaunt to the sight, and commodious for meate. The tre of lyfe also and the tre of knowledge of good and of euyll was in the myddes of the garden. 10 And out of Eden, there went forth a riuer to water the garden. And from thence it was deuyded, and became into foure heades. 11 The name of one is Pison. The same is it that compasseth the whole lande of Hauilah, 12 where there is golde. And the golde of that lande is good. There is also Bdelliun, and the onix stone. 13 The name of the second ryuer is, Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole lande of Ethiopia. 14 The name of the third ryuer is Hidekel, & it goth towarde the eastsyde of Assiria. And the fourth ryuer is Euphrates. 15 The Lord God also toke Adam, and put him into the garden of Eden, that he myght dresse and kepe it. 16 And the Lorde God commaunded Adam, saying: Eating, thou shalt eate of euery tre of the garden. 17 But as touchynge the tre of knowledge of good and euell, thou shalt not eate of it. Els, in what daye soeuer thou eatest therof, thou shalt dye the death. 18 And agayne, the Lord God sayd: It is not good that Adam shulde be alone I will make him an helpe, which maye be present wt him. 19 And so out of the grounde shope the Lorde God euery beast of the felde, and euery foule of the ayre, and brought it vnto man, that he myght se howe he wolde call it. For likewyse as man hym selfe named euery liuyng thyng, euen so was the name therof. 20 Man him selfe therfore named the names vnto all catell, and foule of the ayre, and to euery beast of the felde. And for man founde he not an helpe that myght be present with him. 21 The Lorde God also caused a slomber to fall vpon Adam, and he slept. And he toke one of hys ribbes, & closed vp the flesh in stead therof. 22 And the rybbe which the Lorde God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her vnto man. 23 And man sayde: This is nowe bone of my bones, and fleshe of my fleshe. She shalbe called woman, because she was taken out of man. 24 For this cause shall a man leaue hys father and hys mother, & shalbe ioyned with hys wyfe, and they shall become one flesh: 25 and they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

Genesis 3:1-24

1 But the serpent was sotyller then euery beast of the felde, which the Lorde God made. And he sayde vnto the woman: yee, hath the Lorde God sayde: ye shall not eat of euery tre of the garden? 2 And the woman sayde vnto the serpent: we eate of the frute of the tre of the garden: 3 but as for the frute of the tre which is in the middes of the garden, God hath sayde: ye shall not eate of it, nether shal ye touche it, lest happly ye dye. 4 And the serpent sayde vnto the woman: ye shall not dye the death: 5 but God doth knowe, that the same daye that ye eat therof, your eyes shalbe opened, & ye shalbe euen as goddes, knowing good and euyll. 6 And so the woman (seyng that the same tre was good to eate, and lusty to the eyes, & that the same tre was pleasaunt to get wisdome) toke of the frute therof, and dyd eate: and gaue vnto her husband beynge with her, which dyd eate also. 7 And the eyes of them both were opened: and they knewe that they were naked, & they sowed fygge leaues together, and made them selues aperns. 8 And they heard the voyce of the Lord God walkynge in the garden in the coole of the daye. And Adam & his wyfe hyd them selues from the presence of the Lorde God among the trees of the garden. 9 And the Lorde God called Adam, and sayd vnto hym: where art thou? 10 which sayde: I hearde thy voyce in the garden, & was afrayed, because I was naked, & hyd my selfe. 11 And he sayde: Who tolde the, that thou wast naked? hast thou not eaten of the same tre, concernynge the which I commaunded the, that thou shuldest not eate of it? 12 And Adam sayd: The woman, whom thou gauest to be wyth me, she gaue me of the tree, and I dyd eate. 13 And the Lorde God sayde vnto the woman: Why hast thou done this? And the woman sayde: yonder serpent begyled me, and I dyd eate. 14 And the Lorde God sayde vnto the serpent: because thou hast done this, thou art curssed aboue all catell, and aboue euery beast of the felde. Upon thy belly shalt thou go, & dust shalt thou eate all the dayes, of thy lyfe. 15 I will also put enemytie betwene the & the woman, betwene thy sede and hyr sede: The same shall treade downe thy head, and thou shalt treade vpon hys hele. 16 But vnto the woman he sayde: In multiplienge wyll I multiplye thy sorowe & thy conceyuynge: In sorowe shalt thou brynge furth chyldren, & thy lust shall pertayne to thy husbande, & he shall haue the rule of the. 17 Unto Adam he sayde: Because thou hast herkened vnto the voyce of thy wyfe, & hast eaten of the tree (concernynge the which I commaunded the, sayinge: Thou shalt not eate of it) cursed is the ground for thy sake. In sorowe shalt thou eate of it all the dayes of thy lyfe. 18 Thorne also & thystle shall it cause to growe vnto the, & thou shalt eate the herbe of the felde. 19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eate bread, tyll thou be turned agayne into the grounde, for out of it was thou taken, in asmuch as thou art dust, & into dust shalt thou be turned agayne. 20 And Adam called his wyues name Heua, because she was the mother of all lyuinge. 21 Unto the same Adam also & to hys wyfe dyd the Lorde God make lethren garmentes, & clothed them. 22 And the Lorde God sayde: Beholde, yonder man hath bene euen as one of vs, that he myght knowe good and euell. And nowe lest happly he put furth hys hande, and take also of the tree of lyfe, and eate, & lyue for euer. 23 And the Lorde God sent them furth from the garden of Eden, to dresse the grounde that he was taken out of. 24 And so he droue out man, & at the east syde of the garden of Eden, he set Cherubins, & the glysterynge flame of a shakynge swerde, to kepe the waye of the tre of lyfe.

Genesis 38:1-30

1 It fortuned at that tyme, that Iudas went downe from his brethren, and gatt hym to a man called Hira of Odollam, 2 and there he sawe the daughter of a man called Sua a Canaanyte: And he toke her and went in to her. 3 And she conceaued & bare a sonne and called hys name Er. 4 And she conceaued agayne, and bare a sonne and called him Onan. 5 And she conceaued agayne, & bare yet a sonne, whom she called Sela: and he was at Chesyb when she bare him. 6 And Iudas gaue Er hys Eldest sonne a wyfe, whose name was Thamar. 7 And Er Iudas eldest sonne was wycked in the syghte of the Lorde, & the Lorde slewe hym. 8 And Iudas sayde vnto Onan: goo into thy brothers wyfe and marye her, that thou mayest styrre vp seed vnto thy brother. 9 And when Onan perceaued that the seed shulde not be his, therfore when he went into his brothers wyfe, he spylled it on the grounde, and gaue not seed vnto hys brother. 10 And the thynge whych he dyd, displeased the Lorde, wherfore he slewe him also. 11 Than sayde Iudas to Thamar hys daughter in lawe: remayne a wydowe at thy fathers house, tyll Sela my sonne be growne: for he sayde: Lest peraduenture he dye also, as hys brethren dyd. And Thamar wente and dwelt in her fathers house. 12 And in processe of tyme, the daughter of Sua Iudas wyfe dyed. Then Iudas when he had left mournynge, went vnto his shepe sherers to Thymnath he and his frende Hira of Odollam. 13 And one tolde Thamar sayinge: beholde, thy father in lawe goeth vp to Thymnath, to shere hys shepe. 14 And she put hyr wydows garmentes of from her & couered her wyth a clooke, and disgysed her selfe: And satt her downe in a comon place which is by the hye wayes syde to Thimnath, for because she sawe that Sela was growne, and she was not geuen vnto him to wyfe. 15 When Iuda sawe her, he thought it had bene an whoore, because she had couered hyr face. 16 And he turned to her vnto the waye, & sayde, come I praye the, let me lye with the, for he knewe not that it was hys daughter in lawe. And she answered: what wilt thou gyue me, for to lye with me? 17 Than sayde he, I wyll sende the a kydd from the flocke. She sayde, Than geue me a pledge tyll thou sende it. 18 He sayde, what pledge shall I geue the? She answered: thy sygnett, thy bracelet, and thy staffe that is in thy hande. And he gaue it her and lay by her and she was with chylde by hym. 19 And she gatt here vp and went and put her mantell from her, and put on hyr wydowes rayment. 20 And Iudas sent the kydd by hys frende of Odollam, for to receaue hys pledge agayne from the wyfes hande. But he founde her not, 21 Than asked he the men of the same place sayinge, where is the whoore that satt openly by the waye syde? They answered, There was no whoore here. 22 He came therfore to Iuda agayne & sayde vnto him: I can not finde her, and also the men of the place sayde, that there was no whoore there. 23 And Iuda sayde, let her take it to her, lest we be shamed. Beholde I sente the kydd and thou hast not founde her. 24 And it came to passe that after .iij. monethes, one tolde Iuda sayinge: Thamar thy daughter in lawe hath played the whoore, and wyth playinge the whoore is become great with chylde. And Iuda sayde, brynge her forth, that she maye be brente. 25 And when they brought her forth; she sent to her father in lawe sayinge: by the man vnto whome these thynges pertayne, am I with chylde. And sayde also, loke whose are thys seale, bracelet, and thys staffe. 26 And Iuda knewe them and sayde, she hath bene more ryghtwes than I, because I gaue her not to Sela my sonne. And he laye with her nomore. 27 It fortuned when tyme was come that she shulde be delyuered, beholde there was .ij. twynnes in hyr wombe. 28 And it fortuned, that whan she traueled, the one put out hys hande and the mydwyfe toke and bownde a reed threde aboute it sayinge, thys is come out fyrst. 29 And it chaunced, that he plucked hys hande backe agayne, and beholde hys brother came out. And she sayde, wherfore hast thou rent a rent vpon the? & called his name, Pharez. 30 Afterwarde came out his brother that had the redd threde about hys hande, and his name was called Zarah.

Genesis 18:9-16

9 And they sayde vnto him: Where is Sara thy wyfe? he answered: beholde, she is in the tent. 10 And he sayde in returnynge, I will come agayne vnto the, accordynge to the tyme of lyfe. And loo Sara thy wyfe shall haue a sonne. That hearde Sara, in the tent doore which was behinde him 11 (Abraham and Sara were both olde & well stryken in age, & it ceased to be with Sara after the maner as it is wyth wemen) 12 Therfore Sara laughed with in hyr selfe sayinge: Nowe I am waxed olde, shall I geue my selfe to lust, & my Lorde olde also? 13 And God sayde vnto Abraham: wherfore dyd Sara laughe sayinge: shall I of a suertye bere a chylde which am olde? 14 is any thynge wonderfull to God? Acordynge to the tyme appoynted will I returne vnto the, euen acordynge to the tyme of lyfe, & Sara shall haue a sonne. 15 Than Sara denyed it sayinge: I laughed not, for she was afrayde. And he sayde: It is not so, but thou laughedst. 16 And the men stondinge vp from thence, loked towarde Sodome. And Abraham went with them to brynge them on the waye.

Genesis 38:8

8 And Iudas sayde vnto Onan: goo into thy brothers wyfe and marye her, that thou mayest styrre vp seed vnto thy brother.

Leviticus 15:19-23

19 Yf a womans naturall course of bloude do runne, she shalbe put aparte .vij. dayes: whosoeuer toucheth her, shalbe vncleane vnto the euen. 20 And all that she lyeth vpon, in the tyme of hyr naturall disease, shalbe vncleane, 21 lyke as euery thynge also that she sytteth vpon, is vncleane. Whosoeuer toucheth her bedd, shall wasshe hys clothes, and bathe him selfe with water, and be vncleane vnto the euen. 22 And whosoeuer toucheth any thinge that she sat vpon, shall washe hys clothes, and bathe him selfe in water, and be vncleane vnto the euen: 23 so that whether he touche her couche or any vessell where on she hath sytten, he shalbe vnclene vnto the euen.

Leviticus 20:10

10 And the man that breaketh wedlocke with another mans wyfe: euen he that breketh wedlocke wt hys neyghbours wyfe let him be slayne, both the aduoutrer and the aduoutresse.

Leviticus 18:18

18 Thou shalt not take a wyfe and her syster also, to vexe her, that thou woldest vncouer her secrettes, as longe as she lyueth.

Leviticus 21:13-15

13 He shall take a mayde vnto hys wyfe: 14 but a wedowe, a deuorsed woman, or an harlot, shall he not mary: But shall take a mayde of hys awne people to wyfe. 15 Neyther shall he defyle hys seed amonge hys people: for I am the Lord which sanctifye him.

Leviticus 12:2-5

2 speake vnto the chyldren of Israel and saye: yf a woman hath conceaued, & borne a manchylde, she shalbe vncleane seuen dayes: euen in lyke maner as when she is put a parte in tyme of hyr naturall dysease. 3 And in the eyght daye the fleshe of the chyldes foreskynne shalbe cut awaye. 4 And she shall then contynue in the bloude of hyr puryfyenge thre and thyrtye dayes. She shall touche no halowed thynge, nor come into the sanctuary, vntyll the tyme of hyr purifyenge be out. 5 If she bere a maydechylde, she shalbe vnclene two wekes, as when she hath hyr naturall dysease. And she shall contynue in the bloude of hyr purifyenge thre score and syxe dayes.

Leviticus 20:9

9 Whosoeuer he be, that curseth his father or hys mother, let hym dye: for he hath cursed hys father and mother, hys bloude be vpon him.

Numbers 5:11-31

11 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, sayinge: 12 Speake vnto the chyldren of Israel, and saye vnto them: If any mans wyfe goo asyde, and trespace agaynst hym, 13 so that another man lye wyth her fleshely, and it be hyd from the eyes of her husbande, and is not come to lyghte that she is defyled and ther is no wytnesse agaynst her, neyther she taken with the maner, 14 and the sprete of gelousye commeth vpon hym, so that he is gelouse ouer hys wyfe whych is defyled: or yf the sprete of gelousye come vpon hym, so that he is gelouse ouer his wyfe whych is yet vndefyled: 15 then let the man brynge his wyfe vnto the Preaste, and brynge wyth her an offerynge for her: the tenthe parte of an Epha of barlye meale, but let him powre none oyle vpon it, nor put frankencens theron: for it is an offerynge of gelousye, an offerynge for a remembrauce, causynge the synne to be thought vpon. 16 And the Preaste shall brynge her and set her before the Lorde, 17 and let him take holy water in an erthen vessell, & of the dust that is in the floore of the habitacyon, and put it into the water. 18 And let the Preaste set the woman before the Lorde, and vncouer the womans head, and put the memoryall of the offerynge in her handes whyche is the gelousye offerynge, and the Preaste shall haue bytter and cursyd water in hys hande, & the prest shall charge her, 19 and saye vnto the woman. If no man haue lyen wyth the, nether haste gone asyde to vnclennesse without thy husbande, then haue thou no arme of thys bytter, and cursyd waters. 20 But and yf thou hast gone asyde behynde thyne husbande, and art defyled, and some other man hath lyen with the besyde thyne husbande. 21 (& the preaste shall charge the woman with an horible curse, & the preste shall saye vnto the woman) the Lorde make the to be an abhominacyon and a curse amonge thy people: when the Lorde doth make thy thye rotte, and thy bely swell: 22 These cursyd waters goo into the bowels of the that they maye make thy bely swell, & thy thye rotte, and let the woman saye, Amen Amen. 23 And let the Preaste wryte these curses: And whan they be clensed, let him cast them in to bytter waters, 24 & geue the woman those bytter & cursed waters to drincke, 25 that those cursed & bytter waters maye entre into her, And then the Preaste shall take the gelousy offrynge out of the womans hande, & waue it before the Lord, & brynge it vnto the alter 26 & the preste shall take an handefull of the offerynge for a memoryall, & burne it vpon the alter, & then make the woman drynke the water: 27 & when he hath made the woman drinke the waters (yf she be defyled & haue trespaced agaynst her husbande:) then shall the cursyd & bytter waters goo into her, & her bely shall swell, & her thye shall rotte, & the woman shalbe a curse amonge her people. 28 And yf the woman be not defiled but is cleane, she shall haue no harme, but shall conceaue and beare. 29 Thys is the lawe of gelousye, when a wyfe goeth a syde behynde hyr husbande, and is defyled, 30 or when the spryte of gelousye commeth vpon a man, & he beynge gelouse ouer hys wyfe, doth brynge her before the Lorde, And the preaste shall do accordynge vnto all this lawe: 31 and the man shalbe gyltlesse, & the woman shall beare her synne.

Numbers 27:1-11

1 And the daughters of Zelaphead the sonne of Heber the sonne of Gilead the sonne of Machir the sonne of Manasse, of the kinred of Manasse the sonne of Ioseph (whose names were Mahela, Noha, Hagla, Melcha and Thirza) 2 came, and stode before Moses and Eleazar the prest, and before the lordes, and all the multitude by the dore of the tabernacle of witnes, saying: 3 oure father dyed in the wyldernes: and was not in the companye of them that gathered them selues together against the Lorde in the congregacyon of Corah. But dyed in hys awne synne, and hadd no sonnes. 4 Wherfore then is the name of our fathers taken awaye from amonge his kinred, because he hath no sonne? Geue vnto vs therfore a possession among the brethren of oure father. 5 And Moses brought theyr cause before the Lorde. 6 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, sayinge: 7 The daughters of Zelaphead speake ryght: thou shalt geue them a possessyon to enheret amonge theyr fathers brethren, & shalt turne the enheritaunce of their father vnto them. 8 And thou shalt speake vnto the chyldren of Israel, sayinge: If a man dye and haue no sonne, ye shall turne his enheritaunce vnto hys daughter. 9 If he haue no daughter, ye shall geue his enheritaunce vnto hys brethren. 10 If he haue also no brethren, ye shall geue his enheritaunce vnto his fathers brethren. 11 And yf his father haue no brethren, ye shall geue his enheritaunce vnto him that is next to him of his kinred, and he shall possesse it. And thys shalbe vnto the children of Israel a lawe of iudgement, as the Lorde hath commaunded Moses.

Numbers 30:2-15

2 If a man vowe a vowe vnto the Lord, or swere an oth to bynde his soule: he shall not go back with his worde: but shall fulfyll all that is proceded out of his mouth. 3 If a woman also vowe a vowe vnto the Lorde, and bynde her selfe beynge in her fathers house in the tyme of her youth, 4 and her father heare her vowe and bonde which she hath made vpon her soule, and holde his peace therto: then all her vowes & bondes which she hath made vpon her soule shall stande in effect. 5 But and yf her father forbyd her the same daie that he heareth it, none of her vowes nor bondes which she hath made vpon her soule shalbe of value: and the Lorde shall forgeue her, because her father forbade her. 6 If she had an husbande when she vowed or pronounced ought out of her lippes, wherwith she bonde her soule, 7 and her husbande hearde it and helde his peace there at the same daye he heard it, then her vowes and her bondes wherwith she bounde her soule, shall stande in effecte. 8 And yf her husbande forbade her the same daye that he hearde it: and made her vowe which she hath vpon her of none effecte, and released the openyng of her lyppes, wherwith she bounde her soule, the Lorde shall forgeue her. 9 But euery vowe of a wedowe and of her that is deuorced (that they haue bounde their soule withall) shall stande in effect wt them. 10 If she vowed in her husbandes house, or bounde her soule with an oth, 11 and her husbande hearde it, and helde his peace, and forbad her not, then all her vowes and bondes wherwith she bounde her soule, shall stande. 12 But yf her husbande disannulled them the same daye that he heard them, then nothing that proceadeth out of her lippes in vowes and bondes (wherwith she bounde her soule) shall stande in effecte: for her husbande hath lowsed them. And the Lorde shall forgeue her. 13 All vowes and othes that binde to humble the soule, maye her husbande stablysh or breake. 14 But yf her husbande holde his peace from one daye vnto another, then he stablisheth all her vowes and bondes which she had vpon her, because he helde his peace the same daye that he hearde them. 15 But yf he breake them, after that he hath heard them, he shall beare her synne him selfe.

Deuteronomy 22:22

22 If a man be founde lyenge wyth a woman, that hath a wedded husbande, they shall dye ether other of them: both the man that laye with the wyfe, & also the wyfe: and so thou shalt put awaye euell from Israel.

Deuteronomy 22:13-21

13 If a man take a wyfe, and when he hath lyen wyth her, hate her, 14 and laye shamefull thynges vnto her charge, and brynge vp an euell name vpon her, and saye: I toke thys wyfe, and when, I came to her, I founde her not a mayde: 15 Then shall the father of the damsell and the mother brynge forth the tokens of the damsels virginite, vnto the elders of the cytie in the gate. 16 And the damsels father shall saye vnto the elders: I gaue my daughter vnto this man to wyfe, and he hateth her: 17 and lo, he layeth shamefull thynges vnto her charge, sayinge: I founde not thy daughter a mayde. And yet these ar the tokens of my daughters virginyte. And they shall sprede the vesture before the elders of the cytie. 18 And the elders of that cytie shall take that man and chastyce him, 19 and mearce hym in an hundred sycles of syluer, and geue them vnto the father of the damsell, because he hath brought vp an euell name vpon a mayde of Israel. And she shalbe hys wyfe, & he maye not put her a waye all hys dayes. 20 But and yf the thynge be of a suertye, that the damsell be not founde a virgen, 21 they shall brynge the damsell to the dore of her fathers house, and the men of that cytie shall stone her wyth stones to death, because she hath wrought folye in Israel, to playe the whore in her fathers house. And so thou shalt put euell a waye from the.

Deuteronomy 22:28-30

28 If a man fynde a mayde that is not betrauthed, and take her, and lye with her, and they be founde: 29 Then the man that laye wyth her, shall geue vnto the damsels father .l. sycles of syluer. And she shall be hys wyfe, because he hath humbled her, and he maye not put her a waye all hys dayes. 30 No man shall take hys fathers wyfe, nor vnhele hys fathers couerynge.

Deuteronomy 24:1-4

1 When a man hath taken a wyfe and maried her, yf she finde no fauour in his eyes, because he hath spied some vnclennesse in her. Then let him wryte her a bylle of deuorcement, and put it in her hande, and sende her out of hys house. 2 And when she is departed out of hys house, let hir go, and be another mans wyfe. 3 And yf the seconde husbande hate her, let him wryte her also a letter of deuorcement, and put it in her hande and sende her out of hys house: or yf the seconde man dye whych toke her to wyfe, 4 her fyrst man whych sent her a waye, maye not take her agayne to be hys wyfe, after that she is defyled. For that is abhominacyon in the syght of the Lorde. And thou shalt not cause the lande to synne, whych the Lorde thy God shall geue the to enheret.

2 Samuel 5:13

13 And Dauid toke him mo concubyues and wyues out of Ierusalem, after he was come from Hebron, & mo sonnes, & daughters were yet borne to Dauid.

1 Kings 11:3

3 And he had seuen hundred Quenes, and thre hundred concubines, and his wyues. turned a waye his hert.

Proverbs 15:20

20 A wyse sonne maketh a glad father, but an vndiscrete body shameth his mother.

Proverbs 13:1

1 A Wyse sonne wyll herken to hys fathers warnynge, but he that is scornefull, will not heare when he is reproued.

Ecclesiastes 7:26-28

26 And I founde, that a woman is bytterer then death: for she hath cast abrode, her herte as a nett that men fishe with, and her handes are cheynes. Who so pleaseth God, shall escape from her: but the synner will be taken with her. 27 Beholde (sayeth the preacher) thys haue I diligently searched oute & proued. One thinge must be considred with another, that a man may come by knowledge: whych as yet I seke, & fynde it not. 28 Among a thousande men I haue founde one, but not one woman amonge all.

Isaiah 54:4

4 Feare not, for thou shalt not be confounded: Be not ashamed, for thou shalt not come to confusyon. Yee thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, & shalt not remembre the dishonoure of thy wedowhead.

Matthew 5:32

32 But I say vnto you: that whosoeuer doth put awaye his wyfe (excepte it be for fornycacyon) causeth her to breake matrymony. And whosoeuer maryeth her that is deuorsed commiteth aduoutrye.

Mark 3:31-35

31 There came also his mother & his brethren, and stode with out, and sent vnto him to call him out. 32 And the people sat aboute him, and sayde vnto him: beholde, thy mother & thy brethren seke for the with out. 33 And he answered them, sayinge: who is my mother and my brethren? 34 And whan he had loked rounde about on his discyples, which sat in compasse about him, he sayde: behold my mother and my brethren. 35 For whosoeuer doeth the wyll of God, the same is my brother and my syster and mother.

Luke 14:26

26 If a man come to me, and hate not hys father and mother, and wyfe and chyldren, and brethren, and systers, yee, and his awne lyfe also, he cannot be my disciple.

1 Corinthians 14:34-35

34 Let youre wemen kepe sylence in the congregacions. For it is not permitted vnto them to speake: but to be vnder obedience, as sayth the lawe. 35 If they wyll learne eny thynge, let them aske their husbandes at home. For it is a shame for wemen, to speake in the congregacion.

Proverbs 6:20-7:27

20 My sonne, kepe thy fathers commaundement, and forsake not the lawe of thy mother. 21 Put them vp together in thyne herte, and bynde them aboute thy neck. 22 That they may leade the where thou goest, preserue the when thou art a slepe, and that when thou awakest, thou mayest talke of them. 23 For the commaundement is a lanterne, and the lawe a lyght: yee chastenyng and nourtoure is the waye of lyfe 24 that they may kepe the from the euell woman, and from the flatteryng tonge of the harlote: 25 that thou lust not after her beauty in thyne herte, and lest thou be taken with her fayre lookes. 26 An harlot wyll make a man to begge his bread, and a woman wyll hunt for the precyous lyfe. 27 Maye a man take fyre in hys bosome and hys clothes not be brent? 28 Or can one go vpon hote coales, and hys fete not be hurte? 29 Euen so, whosoeuer goeth into his neyghbours wyfe, and toucheth her, cannot be vngylty. 30 Men do not vtterly despyse a thefe that stealeth to satisfye hys soule, when he is hungry: 31 but yf he maye be gotten, he restoreth agayne seuen tymes as moche, or els he maketh recompense with all the good of hys house. 32 But whoso committeth aduoutry with a woman, he is a foole and bryngeth his lyfe to destruction. 33 He getteth hym selfe also shame and dishonour, soche as shall neuer be put out. 34 For the gelousy and wrath of the man wyll not be intreated, 35 no though thou woldest offre him great gyftes to make amendes, he will not receaue them.

Proverbs 7:1-27

1 My sonne, kepe my wordes, & laye vp my commaundementes by the. 2 Kepe my commaundementes and my lawe, euen as the apple of thyne eye, and thou shalt lyue. 3 Bynde them vpon thy fyngers, and wryte them in the table of thyne hert. 4 Saye vnto wysdome: thou art my syster, and call vnderstandynge thy kynswoman: 5 that they maye kepe the from the straunge woman, and from the harlot which geueth swete wordes. 6 For out of the wyndowe of my house I loked thorowe the latysse, 7 & behelde the symple people: and amonge other yonge folkes I spyed one yonge foole, 8 goinge ouer the stretes, by the corner in the waye towarde the harlottes house, 9 in the twylight of the euenynge, when it beganne nowe to be nyght & darcke. 10 And beholde, there mett hym a woman wt open tokens of an harlot, onely her herte was hyde, 11 She was full of loude wordes, & redy to daly: whose fete coulde not abyde in the house, 12 nowe is the without, now in the stretes, and layeth abayte in euery corner, 13 she caught the yongeman, kyssed hym, and was not ashamed, sayinge: 14 I had a vowe of peace offerynges to paye, and thys daye I perfourme it. 15 Therfore came I forth to mete the, that I myght seke thy face, and so I haue founde the. 16 I haue deckte my bed with couerynges and clothes of Egypte. 17 My bed haue I made to smell of Mirre, Aloes, and Cynamon. 18 Come lett vs ly together, and take oure pleasure tyll it be daye lyght: and we wyll enioye the pleasures of loue. 19 For the good man is not at home, he is gone farre of. 20 He hath taken the bagge of moneye with hym: And will retourne home at the appoynted solempne feste? 21 Thus with many swete wordes she ouercame him, and with her flatterynge lyppes she entysed hym 22 sodenlye to folowe her: as it were an oxe led to the slaughter, & lyke as it were a foole that laugheth when he goeth to the stockes, to be punyshed, 23 so longe tyll she had wounded hys lyuer with her dart: lyke as yf a byrde hasted to the snare, not knowynge that the parell of hys lyfe lyeth ther vpon. 24 Heare me nowe therfore, O my chyldren, and marcke the wordes of my mouth. 25 Let not thyne herte wandre in her wayes, and be not thou disceaued in her pathes. 26 For many one hath she wounded and cast downe, yee many a stronge man hath bene slayne by the meanes of her. 27 Her houses are the waye vnto hell, and brynge men downe into the chambers of death.

1 Corinthians 11:3-10

3 But I wolde haue you to knowe, that Christ is the heed of euery man. And the man is the womans heed. And God is Christes heed. 4 Euery man prayinge or prophesyinge hauing eny thynge on his heed, shameth his heed. 5 Euery woman that prayeth or prophesyeth bare headed, dishonesteth hyr head. For that is euen all one, as yf she were shauen. 6 If the woman be not couered, let her also be shoren. If it be shame for a woman to be shorne or shauen, let her couer her heed. 7 A man ought not to couer his heed, for as moch as he is the ymage and glory of God. But the woman is the glory of the man. 8 For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man. 9 Nether was the man created for the womans sake: but the woman for the mannes sake. 10 For this cause ought the woman to haue power on her heed, for the angels sakes:

1 Timothy 2:11-14

11 Let the woman learne in sylence wyth all subieccyon. 12 But I suffre not a woman to teach, nether to vsurpe auctoryte ouer the man: but to be in sylence. 13 For Adam was fyrst fourmed, & then Eue. 14 Adam also was not deceaued, but the woman was deceaued, and was subdued to the transgressyon.

1 Chronicles 7:24

24 And his daughter was Scera, whych buylt Bethoron the nether & also the vpper, and Uzan Seera.

Proverbs 1:20-21

20 Wisdome cryeth wtout, & putteth forth her voyce in the stretes. 21 She calleth before the congregacyon in the open gates, & sheweth her wordes thorow the citye, saying:

Luke 10:38-42

38 It fortuned that as they went, he entred into a certayne towne. And a certayne woman named Martha receaued him into her house. 39 And this woman had a syster called Mary, which also sate at Iesus fete, & heard his worde. 40 But Martha was combred aboute moch seruynge, & stode & sayde: lorde, doest thou not care, that my syster hath left me to serue alone? Byd her therfore, that she helpe me. 41 And Iesus answered, & sayde vnto her: Martha, Martha, thou art carefull, & troubled about many thinges: 42 verely one is nedefull. Mary hath chosen the good parte, which shall not be taken awaye from her.

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