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Leviticus 18:22

22 Thou shalt not lye wyth mankynde as wt womankynde, for it is abominacyon.

1 Kings 10:1

1 And the Quene of Saba hearynge the fame of Salomon (concernynge the name of the Lorde) came to proue him with harde questyons.

1 Kings 11:19

19 And Hadad gat greate fauoure in the syght of Pharao, so that he gaue hym to wyfe the syster of his awne wyfe, euen the syster of Thahpenes the quene.

Nehemiah 2:6

6 And the kynde sayde vnto me (the quene his wyfe sytting by him) howe longe shall thy iourney continue, and when wylt thou come agayne? And it pleased the kynge to sende me, and I sett him a tyme,

Jeremiah 7:18

18 The chyldren gather styckes, the fathers kyndle the fyre, the women kneade the dowghe, to bake cakes for the quene of heauen. They poure out drynckoffrynges vnto straunge goddes, to prouok me vnto wrath.

Jeremiah 44:25

25 Thus sayth the Lord of hoostes the God of Israel. Ye and your wyues haue spoken with youre awne mouth, the thinge that ye haue fulfylled in dede. Yee, thus haue ye sayde: We wyll nott fayle, but perfourme the vowes that we haue vowed, we will do sacrifyce & powre out drinckofferinges to the quene of heauen. Purposly wyll ye set vp your awne meanynges and perfourme your vowes.

Matthew 12:42

42 The quene of the south shall rise in the iudgement with this generacion, and shall condemne it: for she came from the vtmost partes of the worlde to heare the wysdome of Salomon. And behold, in this place is one greater then Salomon.

Luke 11:31

31 The quene of the south shall ryse at the iudgement, with the men of this nacion, and condempne them: for she came from the vttemost partes of the erth, to heare the wisdome of Salomon. And beholde a greater then Salomon is here.

Acts 8:27

27 And he arose, & went on. And behold, a man of Ethiopia (a chamberlene, & of greate auctorite with Candace quene of the Ethiopians, & had the rule of al her treasure came to Ierusalem for to worshyp.

1 Corinthians 6:9

9 Do ye not knowe, how that the vnryghteous shall not inheret the kyngdome of God? Be not deceaued. For nether fornicatours, nether worshyppers of ymages, nether aduoutrers, nether weaklynges, nether abusers of them selues wyth mankynde,

Esther 2:17

17 And the kyng loued Esther aboue all the wemen, & she found grace and fauoure in hys syght before all the virgins: so that he set the crowne of the kyngdome vpon hir head, and made her quene in steade of Uasthi.

Esther 1:10-22

10 And on the seuenth daye when the kyng was mery after the wyne, he commaunded Mehuman, Biztha, Harbona, Bigtha, Abagthan, Zethar & Carchas, the seuen chamberlaynes (that dyd seruice in the presence of kyng Ahasuerus) 11 to fetch the quene Uasti with the crowne regal into the kynges presence that he myght shewe the people and princes her fairnesse, for she was bewtifull. 12 But the quene Uasthi wolde not come at the kinges word by his chamberlaynes. Then was the kyng very wroth, & his indignacion kyndled in him. 13 And the kyng spake to the wyse men, that had vnderstanding in the ordinaunces of the land, for the kynges matters must be handled before all soch as haue knowledge of the lawe and iudgement: 14 and the next vnto him were, Carsena, Sethar, Admata, Tharsis, Mares, Marsena, & Mamucan, the seuen princes of Persia, and Media, whych sawe the kynges face, & sat aboue in the kyngdom 15 what lawe (saieth the king) shuld be executed vpon the quene Uasthi, because she dyd not accordyng to the worde of the kyng Ahasuerus, whych he commaunded by his chamberlaynes? 16 And Memucan answered before the kyng and the princes: the quene Uasthi hath not onely done euell agaynst the kynge, but also agaynst all the princes and agaynst all the people that are in all the landes of kyng Ahasuerus: 17 for this dede of the quene shall come abrode vnto all wemen, so that they shall despised their husbandes before their eyes, and shal saye: the kyng Ahasuerus commaunded Uasthi the quene to be brought in before hym, but she wold not come. 18 And so shall the princesses in Persia and Media saye likewyse vnto all the kynges princes, when they heare of this dede of the quene, thus shall there aryse to moch despitefulnes & wrath. 19 If it please the kyng therfore, let there go a commaundment from him, & let it be written according to the lawes of the Persians and Medians (and not to be transgressed) that Uasthi come nomore before kyng Ahasuerus, & let the king geue her kingdome vnto another, that is better then she. 20 And when this commaundement of the kyng (which shalbe made) is published thorow out all his empire (whych is greate) all wemen shall hold their husbandes in honoure both among great and small. 21 This pleased the kyng & the prynces: and the kyng dyd according to the word of Memucan. 22 For he sent letters forth in to all the kynges landes, in to euery land, accordyng to the wryting therof, & to euery people after their language, that euery man shulde be lord in his awne house. And this caused he to be spoken after the language of his people.

Esther 1:9

9 And the quene Uasti made a feast also for the wemen in the palace of Ahasuerus.

Esther 1:11

11 to fetch the quene Uasti with the crowne regal into the kynges presence that he myght shewe the people and princes her fairnesse, for she was bewtifull.

1 Kings 10:1-13

1 And the Quene of Saba hearynge the fame of Salomon (concernynge the name of the Lorde) came to proue him with harde questyons. 2 And she came to Ierusalem with a very great trayne: with Camelles that bare swete odoures, and golde exceadynge moche, and preciouse stones. And she came to Salomon and comoned with him of all that was in her hert. 3 And Salomon declared vnto her all her questions, so that there was not one thinge hydd from the kynge, which he expounded not vnto her. 4 And the quene of Saba consydred all Salomons wysdome, and the house that he had buylded, 5 and the meate of his table, & the syttynge of hys seruauntes, the order of hys mynisters, and theyr apparell, hys dryncke, and his burnt sacrifices that he offered in the house of the Lorde, and she was astonnied. 6 And she sayde vnto the kynge. It was a true worde that I hearde in myne awne lande of thy sayinges, and of thy wysdome. 7 Howbeit I beleued it not, tyll I came, & sawe it wyth myne eyes. And beholde, the one halfe was not tolde me: for thy wysdome and prosperite exceadeth the fame whych I hearde of the. 8 Happy are thy men: and happye are these thy seruauntes, which stande euer before the, and heare thy wysdome. 9 Blessed be the Lord thy god, which loued the, to set the on the seat of Israel, because the Lord loued Israel for euer, and made the kynge, to do equyte and ryghtewysnesse. 10 And she gaue the kynge syxe skore hundred weight of golde, and of swete odoures excedynge moch, and preciouse stones. There came nomore soche aboundaunce of swete odoures, as the quene of Saba gaue to kynge Salomon. 11 The nauye also of the shyppes of Hyram (that caryed golde from Ophyr) brought lyke wyse greate plenty of Almuge tre and preciouse stones. 12 And the kynge made of the Almuge trees, pillers for the house of the Lorde and for the kynges palace, and made harpes and psalteryes for syngers. There came no moare suche Almuge trees, nor were anye moare sene vnto thys daye. 13 And kyng Salomon gaue vnto the Quene of Saba accordynge to all her desyre whatsoeuer she asked: besydes that he gaue her of a fre wyll with his awne hande. And so she returned vnto her awne countrey: both she, and her seruauntes.

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