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Genesis 2:11

  11 H8034 The name H259 of the first H6376 is Pison H1931 : that H5437 is it which compasseth [H8802]   H776 the whole land H2341 of Havilah H834 , where H2091 there is gold;

Genesis 10:6-20

  6 H1121 And the sons H2526 of Ham H3568 ; Cush H4714 , and Mizraim H6316 , and Phut H3667 , and Canaan.
  7 H1121 And the sons H3568 of Cush H5434 ; Seba H2341 , and Havilah H5454 , and Sabtah H7484 , and Raamah H5455 , and Sabtecha H1121 : and the sons H7484 of Raamah H7614 ; Sheba H1719 , and Dedan.
  8 H3568 And Cush H3205 begat [H8804]   H5248 Nimrod H2490 : he began [H8689]   H1961 to be [H8800]   H1368 a mighty one H776 in the earth.
  9 H1368 He was a mighty H6718 hunter H6440 before H3068 the LORD H3651 : wherefore H559 it is said [H8735]   H5248 , Even as Nimrod H1368 the mighty H6718 hunter H6440 before H3068 the LORD.
  10 H7225 And the beginning H4467 of his kingdom H894 was Babel H751 , and Erech H390 , and Accad H3641 , and Calneh H776 , in the land H8152 of Shinar.
  11 H776 Out of that land H3318 went forth [H8804]   H804 Asshur H1129 , and builded [H8799]   H5210 Nineveh H5892 , and the city H7344 Rehoboth H3625 , and Calah,
  12 H7449 And Resen H5210 between Nineveh H3625 and Calah H1419 : the same is a great H5892 city.
  13 H4714 And Mizraim H3205 begat [H8804]   H3866 Ludim H6047 , and Anamim H3853 , and Lehabim H5320 , and Naphtuhim,
  14 H6625 And Pathrusim H3695 , and Casluhim H3318 , (out of whom came [H8804]   H6430 Philistim H3732 ,) and Caphtorim.
  15 H3667 And Canaan H3205 begat [H8804]   H6721 Sidon H1060 his firstborn H2845 , and Heth,
  16 H2983 And the Jebusite H567 , and the Amorite H1622 , and the Girgasite,
  17 H2340 And the Hivite H6208 , and the Arkite H5513 , and the Sinite,
  18 H721 And the Arvadite H6786 , and the Zemarite H2577 , and the Hamathite H310 : and afterward H4940 were the families H3669 of the Canaanites H6327 spread abroad [H8738]  .
  19 H1366 And the border H3669 of the Canaanites H6721 was from Sidon H935 , as thou comest [H8800]   H1642 to Gerar H5804 , unto Gaza H935 ; as thou goest [H8800]   H5467 , unto Sodom H6017 , and Gomorrah H126 , and Admah H6636 , and Zeboim H3962 , even unto Lasha.
  20 H1121 These are the sons H2526 of Ham H4940 , after their families H3956 , after their tongues H776 , in their countries H1471 , and in their nations.

2 Chronicles 14:12

  12 H3068 So the LORD H5062 smote [H8799]   H3569 the Ethiopians H6440 before H609 Asa H6440 , and before H3063 Judah H3569 ; and the Ethiopians H5127 fled [H8799]  .

Esther 1:1

  1 H3117 Now it came to pass in the days H325 of Ahasuerus H325 , (this is Ahasuerus H4427 which reigned [H8802]   H1912 , from India H3568 even unto Ethiopia H3967 , over an hundred H7651 and seven H6242 and twenty H4082 provinces:)

Isaiah 18:1-7

  1 H1945 Woe H776 to the land H6767 shadowing H3671 with wings H5676 , which is beyond H5104 the rivers H3568 of Ethiopia:

Isaiah 18:3-7

  3 H3427 All ye inhabitants [H8802]   H8398 of the world H7931 , and dwellers [H8802]   H776 on the earth H7200 , see [H8799]   H5375 ye, when he lifteth up [H8800]   H5251 an ensign H2022 on the mountains H8628 ; and when he bloweth [H8800]   H7782 a trumpet H8085 , hear [H8799]   ye.
  4 H3541 For so H3068 the LORD H559 said [H8804]   H8252 unto me, I will take my rest [H8799]   H5027 , and I will consider [H8686]   H4349 in my dwelling place H6703 like a clear H2527 heat H216 upon herbs H5645 , and like a cloud H2919 of dew H2527 in the heat H7105 of harvest.

Isaiah 18:2-7

  2 H7971 That sendeth [H8802]   H6735 ambassadors H3220 by the sea H3627 , even in vessels H1573 of bulrushes H6440 upon H4325 the waters H3212 , saying, Go [H8798]   H7031 , ye swift H4397 messengers H1471 , to a nation H4900 scattered [H8794]   H4178 and peeled [H8794]   H5971 , to a people H3372 terrible [H8737]   H1973 from their beginning hitherto H1471 ; a nation H6978 meted out H4001 and trodden down H776 , whose land H5104 the rivers H958 have spoiled [H8804]  !

Isaiah 18:5-7

  5 H6440 For afore H7105 the harvest H6525 , when the bud H8552 is perfect [H8800]   H1155 , and the sour grape H1580 is ripening [H8802]   H5328 in the flower H3772 , he shall both cut off [H8804]   H2150 the sprigs H4211 with pruning hooks H5493 , and take away [H8689]   H8456 and cut down [H8689]   H5189 the branches.
  6 H5800 They shall be left [H8735]   H3162 together H5861 unto the fowls H2022 of the mountains H929 , and to the beasts H776 of the earth H5861 : and the fowls H6972 shall summer [H8804]   H929 upon them, and all the beasts H776 of the earth H2778 shall winter [H8799]   upon them.
  7 H6256 In that time H7862 shall the present H2986 be brought [H8714]   H3068 unto the LORD H6635 of hosts H5971 of a people H4900 scattered [H8794]   H4178 and peeled [H8794]   H5971 , and from a people H3372 terrible [H8737]   H1973 from their beginning hitherto H1471 ; a nation H6978 meted out H4001 and trodden under foot H776 , whose land H5104 the rivers H958 have spoiled [H8804]   H4725 , to the place H8034 of the name H3068 of the LORD H6635 of hosts H2022 , the mount H6726 Zion.

Isaiah 45:14

  14 H559 Thus saith [H8804]   H3068 the LORD H3018 , The labour H4714 of Egypt H5505 , and merchandise H3568 of Ethiopia H5436 and of the Sabeans H582 , men H4060 of stature H5674 , shall come over [H8799]   H3212 unto thee, and they shall be thine: they shall come [H8799]   H310 after H2131 thee; in chains H5674 they shall come over [H8799]   H7812 , and they shall fall down [H8691]   H6419 unto thee, they shall make supplication [H8691]   H410 unto thee, saying, Surely God H657 is in thee; and there is none else, there is no H430 God.

Jeremiah 46:9

  9 H5927 Come up [H8798]   H5483 , ye horses H1984 ; and rage [H8703]   H7393 , ye chariots H1368 ; and let the mighty men H3318 come forth [H8799]   H3568 ; the Ethiopians H6316 and the Libyans H8610 , that handle [H8802]   H4043 the shield H3866 ; and the Lydians H8610 , that handle [H8802]   H1869 and bend [H8802]   H7198 the bow.

Jeremiah 38:7-13

  7 H5663 Now when Ebedmelech H3569 the Ethiopian H376 , one H5631 of the eunuchs H4428 which was in the king's H1004 house H8085 , heard [H8799]   H5414 that they had put [H8804]   H3414 Jeremiah H953 in the dungeon H4428 ; the king H3427 then sitting [H8802]   H8179 in the gate H1144 of Benjamin;
  8 H5663 Ebedmelech H3318 went forth [H8799]   H4428 out of the king's H1004 house H1696 , and spake [H8762]   H4428 to the king H559 , saying [H8800]  ,
  9 H113 My lord H4428 the king H582 , these men H7489 have done evil [H8689]   H6213 in all that they have done [H8804]   H3414 to Jeremiah H5030 the prophet H7993 , whom they have cast [H8689]   H953 into the dungeon H4191 ; and he is like to die [H8799]   H6440 for H7458 hunger H8478 in the place H3899 where he is: for there is no more bread H5892 in the city.
  10 H4428 Then the king H6680 commanded [H8762]   H5663 Ebedmelech H3569 the Ethiopian H559 , saying [H8800]   H3947 , Take [H8798]   H7970 from hence thirty H582 men H3027 with thee H5927 , and take up [H8689]   H3414 Jeremiah H5030 the prophet H953 out of the dungeon H4191 , before he die [H8799]  .
  11 H5663 So Ebedmelech H3947 took [H8799]   H582 the men H3027 with him H935 , and went [H8799]   H1004 into the house H4428 of the king H214 under the treasury H3947 , and took [H8799]   H1094 thence old H5499 cast clouts H1094 and old H4418 rotten rags H7971 , and let them down [H8762]   H2256 by cords H953 into the dungeon H3414 to Jeremiah.
  12 H5663 And Ebedmelech H3569 the Ethiopian H559 said [H8799]   H3414 unto Jeremiah H7760 , Put [H8798]   H1094 now these old H5499 cast clouts H4418 and rotten rags H679 under thine armholes H3027   H2256 under the cords H3414 . And Jeremiah H6213 did [H8799]   so.
  13 H4900 So they drew up [H8799]   H3414 Jeremiah H2256 with cords H5927 , and took him up [H8686]   H953 out of the dungeon H3414 : and Jeremiah H3427 remained [H8799]   H2691 in the court H4307 of the prison.

Ezekiel 29:10

  10 H2975 Behold, therefore I am against thee, and against thy rivers H5414 , and I will make [H8804]   H776 the land H4714 of Egypt H2721 utterly H2723 waste H8077 and desolate H4024 , from the tower H5482 of Syene H1366 even unto the border H3568 of Ethiopia.

Amos 9:7-8

  7 H1121 Are ye not as children H3569 of the Ethiopians H1121 unto me, O children H3478 of Israel H5002 ? saith [H8803]   H3068 the LORD H5927 . Have not I brought up [H8689]   H3478 Israel H776 out of the land H4714 of Egypt H6430 ? and the Philistines H3731 from Caphtor H758 , and the Syrians H7024 from Kir?
  8 H5869 Behold, the eyes H136 of the Lord H3069 GOD H2403 are upon the sinful H4467 kingdom H8045 , and I will destroy [H8689]   H6440 it from off the face H127 of the earth H657 ; saving H8045 that I will not utterly [H8687]   H8045 destroy [H8686]   H1004 the house H3290 of Jacob H5002 , saith [H8803]   H3068 the LORD.

Daniel 11:43

  43 H4910 But he shall have power [H8804]   H4362 over the treasures H2091 of gold H3701 and of silver H2532 , and over all the precious H4714 things of Egypt H3864 : and the Libyans H3569 and the Ethiopians H4703 shall be at his steps.

Nahum 3:6-10

  6 H7993 And I will cast [H8689]   H8251 abominable filth H5034 upon thee, and make thee vile [H8765]   H7760 , and will set [H8804]   H7210 thee as a gazingstock.
  7 H7200 And it shall come to pass, that all they that look [H8802]   H5074 upon thee shall flee [H8799]   H559 from thee, and say [H8804]   H5210 , Nineveh H7703 is laid waste [H8795]   H5110 : who will bemoan [H8799]   H370 her? whence H1245 shall I seek [H8762]   H5162 comforters [H8764]   for thee?
  8 H3190 Art thou better [H8686]   H527 than populous [H8675]   H528   H4996 No H3427 , that was situate [H8802]   H2975 among the rivers H4325 , that had the waters H5439 round about H2426 it, whose rampart H3220 was the sea H2346 , and her wall H3220 was from the sea?
  9 H3568 Ethiopia H4714 and Egypt H6109 were her strength H369 , and it was infinite H7097   H6316 ; Put H3864 and Lubim H5833 were thy helpers.
  10 H1473 Yet was she carried away H1980 , she went [H8804]   H7628 into captivity H5768 : her young children H7376 also were dashed in pieces [H8792]   H7218 at the top H2351 of all the streets H3032 : and they cast [H8804]   H1486 lots H3513 for her honourable men [H8737]   H1419 , and all her great men H7576 were bound [H8795]   H2131 in chains.

Zephaniah 3:9-13

  9 H2015 For then will I turn [H8799]   H5971 to the people H1305 a pure [H8803]   H8193 language H7121 , that they may all call [H8800]   H8034 upon the name H3068 of the LORD H5647 , to serve [H8800]   H259 him with one H7926 consent.
  10 H5676 From beyond H5104 the rivers H3568 of Ethiopia H6282 my suppliants H1323 , even the daughter H6327 of my dispersed [H8803]   H2986 , shall bring [H8686]   H4503 mine offering.
  11 H3117 In that day H954 shalt thou not be ashamed [H8799]   H5949 for all thy doings H6586 , wherein thou hast transgressed [H8804]   H5493 against me: for then I will take away [H8686]   H7130 out of the midst H5947 of thee them that rejoice H1346 in thy pride H3254 , and thou shalt no more [H8686]   H1361 be haughty [H8800]   H6944 because of my holy H2022 mountain.
  12 H7604 I will also leave [H8689]   H7130 in the midst H6041 of thee an afflicted H1800 and poor H5971 people H2620 , and they shall trust [H8804]   H8034 in the name H3068 of the LORD.
  13 H7611 The remnant H3478 of Israel H6213 shall not do [H8799]   H5766 iniquity H1696 , nor speak [H8762]   H3577 lies H8649 ; neither shall a deceitful H3956 tongue H4672 be found [H8735]   H6310 in their mouth H7462 : for they shall feed [H8799]   H7257 and lie down [H8804]   H2729 , and none shall make them afraid [H8688]  .

Numbers 12:1

  1 H4813 And Miriam H175 and Aaron H1696 spake [H8762]   H4872 against Moses H182 because of H3571 the Ethiopian H802 woman H3947 whom he had married [H8804]   H3947 : for he had married [H8804]   H3571 an Ethiopian H802 woman.

Psalms 68:31

  31 H2831 Princes H857 shall come out [H8799]   H4714 of Egypt H3568 ; Ethiopia H7323 shall soon stretch out [H8686]   H3027 her hands H430 unto God.

Acts 10:34-35

  34 G1161 Then G4074 Peter G455 opened [G5660]   G4750 his mouth G2036 , and said [G5627]   G1909 , Of G225 a truth G2638 I perceive [G5731]   G3754 that G2316 God G2076 is [G5748]   G3756 no G4381 respecter of persons:
  35 G235 But G1722 in G3956 every G1484 nation G5399 he that feareth [G5740]   G846 him G2532 , and G2038 worketh [G5740]   G1343 righteousness G2076 , is [G5748]   G1184 accepted G846 with him.

Acts 8:27-31

  27 G2532 And G450 he arose [G5631]   G4198 and went [G5675]   G2532 : and G2400 , behold [G5628]   G435 , a man G128 of Ethiopia G2135 , an eunuch G1413 of great authority G2582 under Candace G938 queen G128 of the Ethiopians G3739 , who G2258 had [G5713]   G1909 the charge of G3956 all G846 her G1047 treasure G3739 , and G2064 had come [G5715]   G1519 to G2419 Jerusalem G4352 for to worship [G5694]  ,
  28 G5037   G2258 Was [G5713]   G5290 returning [G5723]   G2532 , and G2521 sitting [G5740]   G1909 in G846 his G716 chariot G2532   G314 read [G5707]   G2268 Esaias G4396 the prophet.
  29 G1161 Then G4151 the Spirit G2036 said [G5627]   G5376 unto Philip G4334 , Go near [G5628]   G2532 , and G2853 join thyself to [G5682]   G5129 this G716 chariot.
  30 G1161 And G5376 Philip G4370 ran [G5631]   G191 thither to him, and heard [G5656]   G846 him G314 read [G5723]   G4396 the prophet G2268 Esaias G2532 , and G2036 said [G5627]   G687 , Understandest thou G1065   G1097   [G5719]   G3739 what G314 thou readest [G5719]  ?
  31 G1161 And G2036 he said [G5627]   G1063 , How G4459   G302 can I G1410   [G5739]   G3362 , except G5100 some man G3594 should guide [G5661]   G3165 me G5037 ? And G3870 he desired [G5656]   G5376 Philip G305 that he would come up [G5631]   G2523 and sit [G5658]   G4862 with G846 him.

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