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Jeremiah 7:18

  18 H1121 The children H3950 gather [H8764]   H6086 wood H1 , and the fathers H1197 kindle [H8764]   H784 the fire H802 , and the women H3888 knead [H8802]   H1217 their dough H6213 , to make [H8800]   H3561 cakes H4446 to the queen H8064 of heaven H5258 , and to pour out [H8687]   H5262 drink offerings H312 unto other H430 gods H3707 , that they may provoke me to anger [H8687]  .

Jeremiah 44:16-28

  16 H1697 As for the word H1696 that thou hast spoken [H8765]   H8034 unto us in the name H3068 of the LORD H8085 , we will not hearken [H8802]   unto thee.
  17 H6213 But we will certainly [H8800]   H6213 do [H8799]   H1697 whatsoever thing H3318 goeth forth [H8804]   H6310 out of our own mouth H6999 , to burn incense [H8763]   H4446 unto the queen H8064 of heaven H5258 , and to pour out [H8687]   H5262 drink offerings H6213 unto her, as we have done [H8804]   H1 , we, and our fathers H4428 , our kings H8269 , and our princes H5892 , in the cities H3063 of Judah H2351 , and in the streets H3389 of Jerusalem H7646 : for then had we plenty [H8799]   H3899 of victuals H2896 , and were well H7200 , and saw [H8804]   H7451 no evil.
  18 H2308 But since we left off [H8804]   H6999 to burn incense [H8763]   H4446 to the queen H8064 of heaven H5258 , and to pour out [H8687]   H5262 drink offerings H2637 unto her, we have wanted [H8804]   H8552 all things, and have been consumed [H8804]   H2719 by the sword H7458 and by the famine.
  19 H6999 And when we burned incense [H8764]   H4446 to the queen H8064 of heaven H5258 , and poured out [H8687]   H5262 drink offerings H6213 unto her, did we make [H8804]   H3561 her cakes H6087 to worship [H8687]   H5258 her, and pour out [H8687]   H5262 drink offerings H1107 unto her, without H582 our men?
  20 H3414 Then Jeremiah H559 said [H8799]   H5971 unto all the people H1397 , to the men H802 , and to the women H5971 , and to all the people H1697 which had given him that answer H6030   [H8802]   H559 , saying [H8800]  ,
  21 H7002 The incense H6999 that ye burned [H8765]   H5892 in the cities H3063 of Judah H2351 , and in the streets H3389 of Jerusalem H1 , ye, and your fathers H4428 , your kings H8269 , and your princes H5971 , and the people H776 of the land H3068 , did not the LORD H2142 remember [H8804]   H5927 them, and came [H8799]   H3820 it not into his mind?
  22 H3068 So that the LORD H3201 could [H8799]   H5375 no longer bear [H8800]   H6440 , because H7455 of the evil H4611 of your doings H6440 , and because H8441 of the abominations H6213 which ye have committed [H8804]   H776 ; therefore is your land H2723 a desolation H8047 , and an astonishment H7045 , and a curse H3427 , without an inhabitant [H8802]   H3117 , as at this day.
  23 H6440 Because H834   H6999 ye have burned incense [H8765]   H2398 , and because ye have sinned [H8804]   H3068 against the LORD H8085 , and have not obeyed [H8804]   H6963 the voice H3068 of the LORD H1980 , nor walked [H8804]   H8451 in his law H2708 , nor in his statutes H5715 , nor in his testimonies H7451 ; therefore this evil H7122 is happened [H8804]   H3117 unto you, as at this day.
  24 H3414 Moreover Jeremiah H559 said [H8799]   H5971 unto all the people H802 , and to all the women H8085 , Hear [H8798]   H1697 the word H3068 of the LORD H3063 , all Judah H776 that are in the land H4714 of Egypt:

Jeremiah 44:27-28

  27 H8245 Behold, I will watch [H8802]   H7451 over them for evil H2896 , and not for good H376 : and all the men H3063 of Judah H776 that are in the land H4714 of Egypt H8552 shall be consumed [H8804]   H2719 by the sword H7458 and by the famine H3615 , until there be an end [H8800]   of them.

Jeremiah 44:25-28

  25 H559 Thus saith [H8804]   H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H430 , the God H3478 of Israel H559 , saying [H8800]   H802 ; Ye and your wives H1696 have both spoken [H8762]   H6310 with your mouths H4390 , and fulfilled [H8765]   H3027 with your hand H559 , saying [H8800]   H6213 , We will surely [H8800]   H6213 perform [H8799]   H5088 our vows H5087 that we have vowed [H8804]   H6999 , to burn incense [H8763]   H4446 to the queen H8064 of heaven H5258 , and to pour out [H8687]   H5262 drink offerings H6965 unto her: ye will surely [H8687]   H6965 accomplish [H8686]   H5088 your vows H6213 , and surely [H8800]   H6213 perform [H8799]   H5088 your vows.
  26 H8085 Therefore hear [H8798]   H1697 ye the word H3068 of the LORD H3063 , all Judah H3427 that dwell [H8802]   H776 in the land H4714 of Egypt H7650 ; Behold, I have sworn [H8738]   H1419 by my great H8034 name H559 , saith [H8804]   H3068 the LORD H8034 , that my name H7121 shall no more be named [H8737]   H6310 in the mouth H376 of any man H3063 of Judah H776 in all the land H4714 of Egypt H559 , saying [H8802]   H136 , The Lord H3069 GOD H2416 liveth.

Jeremiah 44:28-28

  28 H4962 Yet a small H4557 number H6412 that escape H2719 the sword H7725 shall return out [H8799]   H776 of the land H4714 of Egypt H776 into the land H3063 of Judah H7611 , and all the remnant H3063 of Judah H935 , that are gone [H8802]   H776 into the land H4714 of Egypt H1481 to sojourn [H8800]   H3045 there, shall know [H8804]   H1697 whose words H6965 shall stand [H8799]  , mine, or theirs.

Matthew 2:11

  11 G2532 And G2064 when they were come [G5631]   G1519 into G3614 the house G2147 , they saw [G5627]   [G5625]   G1492   [G5627]   G3813 the young child G3326 with G3137 Mary G846 his G3384 mother G2532 , and G4098 fell down [G5631]   G4352 , and worshipped [G5656]   G846 him G2532 : and G455 when they had opened [G5660]   G846 their G2344 treasures G4374 , they presented [G5656]   G846 unto him G1435 gifts G5557 ; gold G2532 , and G3030 frankincense G2532 , and G4666 myrrh.

Luke 1:46-55

  46 G2532 And G3137 Mary G2036 said [G5627]   G3450 , My G5590 soul G3170 doth magnify [G5719]   G2962 the Lord,
  47 G2532 And G3450 my G4151 spirit G21 hath rejoiced [G5656]   G1909 in G2316 God G3450 my G4990 Saviour.
  48 G3754 For G1914 he hath regarded [G5656]   G1909   G5014 the low estate G846 of his G1399 handmaiden G1063 : for G2400 , behold [G5628]   G575 , from G3568 henceforth G3956 all G1074 generations G3106 shall call G3165 me G3106 blessed [G5692]  .
  49 G3754 For G1415 he that is mighty G4160 hath done [G5656]   G3427 to me G3167 great things G2532 ; and G40 holy G846 is his G3686 name.
  50 G2532 And G846 his G1656 mercy G5399 is on them that fear [G5740]   G846 him G1519 from G1074 generation G1074 to generation.
  51 G4160 He hath shewed [G5656]   G2904 strength G1722 with G846 his G1023 arm G1287 ; he hath scattered [G5656]   G5244 the proud G1271 in the imagination G846 of their G2588 hearts.
  52 G2507 He hath put down [G5627]   G1413 the mighty G575 from G2362 their seats G2532 , and G5312 exalted [G5656]   G5011 them of low degree.
  53 G1705 He hath filled [G5656]   G3983 the hungry [G5723]   G18 with good things G2532 ; and G4147 the rich [G5723]   G1821 he hath sent G2756 empty G1821 away [G5656]  .
  54 G482 He hath holpen [G5633]   G846 his G3816 servant G2474 Israel G3415 , in remembrance [G5683]   G1656 of his mercy;
  55 G2531 As G2980 he spake [G5656]   G4314 to G2257 our G3962 fathers G11 , to Abraham G2532 , and G846 to his G4690 seed G1519 for G165 ever.

Luke 1:38

  38 G1161 And G3137 Mary G2036 said [G5627]   G2400 , Behold [G5628]   G1399 the handmaid G2962 of the Lord G1096 ; be it [G5636]   G3427 unto me G2596 according G4675 to thy G4487 word G2532 . And G32 the angel G565 departed [G5627]   G575 from G846 her.

Acts 4:12

  12 G2532 Neither G3756   G2076 is there [G5748]   G4991 salvation G1722 in G3762 any G243 other G1063 : for G2076 there is [G5748]   G3777 none G2087 other G3686 name G5259 under G3772 heaven G1325 given [G5772]   G1722 among G444 men G1722 , whereby G3739   G2248 we G1163 must [G5748]   G4982 be saved [G5683]  .

Acts 1:14

  14 G3778 These G3956 all G2258 continued [G5713]   G4342   [G5723]   G3661 with one accord G4335 in prayer G2532 and G1162 supplication G4862 , with G1135 the women G2532 , and G3137 Mary G3384 the mother G2424 of Jesus G2532 , and G4862 with G846 his G80 brethren.

1 John 4:1

  1 G27 Beloved G4100 , believe [G5720]   G3361 not G3956 every G4151 spirit G235 , but G1381 try [G5720]   G4151 the spirits G1487 whether G2076 they are [G5748]   G1537 of G2316 God G3754 : because G4183 many G5578 false prophets G1831 are gone out [G5758]   G1519 into G2889 the world.

Matthew 12:46-50

  46 G2089 While G846 he G1161 yet G2980 talked [G5723]   G3793 to the people G2400 , behold [G5628]   G3384 , his mother G2532 and G846 his G80 brethren G2476 stood [G5715]   G1854 without G2212 , desiring [G5723]   G2980 to speak [G5658]   G846 with him.
  47 G1161 Then G5100 one G2036 said [G5627]   G846 unto him G2400 , Behold [G5628]   G4675 , thy G3384 mother G2532 and G4675 thy G80 brethren G2476 stand [G5758]   G1854 without G2212 , desiring [G5723]   G2980 to speak [G5658]   G4671 with thee.
  48 G1161 But G611 he answered [G5679]   G2036 and said [G5627]   G2036 unto him that told [G5631]   G846 him G5101 , Who G2076 is [G5748]   G3450 my G3384 mother G2532 ? and G5101 who G1526 are [G5748]   G3450 my G80 brethren?
  49 G2532 And G1614 he stretched forth [G5660]   G846 his G5495 hand G1909 toward G846 his G3101 disciples G2036 , and said [G5627]   G2400 , Behold [G5628]   G3450 my G3384 mother G2532 and G3450 my G80 brethren!
  50 G1063 For G3748 whosoever G302   G4160 shall do [G5661]   G2307 the will G3450 of my G3962 Father G3588 which G1722 is in G3772 heaven G846 , the same G2076 is [G5748]   G3450 my G80 brother G2532 , and G79 sister G2532 , and G3384 mother.

Revelation 19:10

  10 G2532 And G4098 I fell [G5627]   G1715 at G846 his G4228 feet G4352 to worship [G5658]   G846 him G2532 . And G3004 he said [G5719]   G3427 unto me G3708 , See [G5720]   G3361 thou do it not G1510 : I am [G5748]   G4675 thy G4889 fellowservant G2532 , and G4675 of thy G80 brethren G2192 that have [G5723]   G3141 the testimony G2424 of Jesus G4352 : worship [G5657]   G2316 God G1063 : for G3141 the testimony G2424 of Jesus G2076 is [G5748]   G4151 the spirit G4394 of prophecy.

Exodus 20:4-5

  4 H6213 Thou shalt not make [H8799]   H6459 unto thee any graven image H8544 , or any likeness H834 of any thing that H8064 is in heaven H4605 above H776 , or that is in the earth H4325 beneath, or that is in the water H776 under the earth:
  5 H7812 Thou shalt not bow down [H8691]   H5647 thyself to them, nor serve [H8714]   H3068 them: for I the LORD H430 thy God H7067 am a jealous H410 God H6485 , visiting [H8802]   H5771 the iniquity H1 of the fathers H1121 upon the children H8029 unto the third H7256 and fourth H8130 generation of them that hate [H8802]   me;

Psalms 148:13

  13 H1984 Let them praise [H8762]   H8034 the name H3068 of the LORD H8034 : for his name H7682 alone is excellent [H8737]   H1935 ; his glory H776 is above the earth H8064 and heaven.

Romans 8:26-27

  26 G1161   G5615 Likewise G4151 the Spirit G2532 also G4878 helpeth [G5736]   G2257 our G769 infirmities G1063 : for G1492 we know [G5758]   G3756 not G5101 what G4336 we should pray for [G5667]   G2526 as G1163 we ought [G5748]   G235 : but G4151 the Spirit G846 itself G5241 maketh intercession [G5719]   G5228 for G2257 us G4726 with groanings G215 which cannot be uttered.
  27 G1161 And G2045 he that searcheth [G5723]   G2588 the hearts G1492 knoweth [G5758]   G5101 what G5427 is the mind G4151 of the Spirit G3754 , because G1793 he maketh intercession [G5719]   G5228 for G40 the saints G2596 according G2316 to the will of God.

Hebrews 7:22-25

  22 G2596 By G5118 so much G1096 was G2424 Jesus G1096 made [G5754]   G1450 a surety G2909 of a better G1242 testament.
  23 G2532 And G1526 they G3303 truly G1526 were [G5748]   G1096   [G5756]   G4119 many G2409 priests G2967 , because they were not suffered [G5745]   G3887 to continue [G5721]   G1223 by reason of G2288 death:
  24 G1161 But G1223 this man, because G846 he G3306 continueth [G5721]   G1519 ever G165   G2192 , hath [G5719]   G531 an unchangeable G2420 priesthood.
  25 G3606 Wherefore G1410 he is able [G5736]   G2532 also G4982 to save them [G5721]   G1519 to G3838 the uttermost G4334 that come [G5740]   G2316 unto God G1223 by G846 him G3842 , seeing he ever G2198 liveth [G5723]   G1519 to G1793 make intercession [G5721]   G5228 for G846 them.

1 Timothy 2:5

  5 G1063 For G1520 there is one G2316 God G2532 , and G1520 one G3316 mediator G2316 between God G2532 and G444 men G444 , the man G5547 Christ G2424 Jesus;

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