Bible verses about "ishtar" | Matthew

Jeremiah 44:25

25 Thus sayeth the Lorde of Hostes the God of Israel: Ye & your wyues haue spoken with your own mouth, the thing that ye haue fulfylled in dede. Yea thus haue ye saide: We wyl not fayle but do the thynge that pleaseth vs: we will do sacrifice and poure not drinckofferynges to the Quene of heauen. Purposlye haue ye set vp your owne good meaninges, & hastely haue ye fulfilled youre owne intente.

Jeremiah 7:18

18 The chyldren gather stickes the fathers kyndle the fyre, the mothers kneade the doughe, to bake cakes for the quene of heauen, They poure out drincke offerynges vnto straunge goddes, to prouoke me vnto wrath:

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