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Jeremiah 7:18

18 The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead the dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings to other gods, that they may provoke me to anger.

Jeremiah 44:16-28

16 "We refuse to listen to what you have told us in the name of the LORD. 17 But we will certainly do whatever thing goes out of our own mouth, to burn incense to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings to her, as we have done, we and our fathers, our kings, and our rulers, in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. And we had plenty of food, and were well, and saw no evil. 18 But since we stopped burning incense to the queen of heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have lacked all things, and have been devoured by the sword and by the famine. 19 And when we burnt incense to the queen of heaven, and poured out drink-offerings unto her,—was this without the consent of our husbands, that we did make cakes for her to make her image, and pour out drink-offerings unto her? 20 Then Jeremiah said to all the people; to the men, and to the women, and to all the people who were answering: 21 Did not the Lord remember the incense which you burned in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem you, and your fathers, and your kings, and your princes, and the people of the land? Did it not enter into His heart? 22 The LORD could no longer bear it because of your evil deeds and the repulsive things that you did. So your land has become a ruin and an object of horror and ridicule without an inhabitant, as is the case today. 23 Because you have burned incense, and because you have sinned against the LORD, and have not obeyed the LORD's voice, nor walked in his law, nor in his statutes, nor in his testimonies; therefore this evil has happened to you, as it is today.” 24 Then Jeremiah said to all the people and to all the women, "Hear the word of the LORD, all Judah who are in the land of Egypt. 25 This is what the LORD of the Heavenly Armies, the God of Israel, says: 'You and your wives have spoken with your mouths and acted with your hands: "We will certainly carry through on the vows that we vowed to offer sacrifices to the Queen of Heaven and pour out liquid offerings to her!" Go ahead, carry through on your vows, and diligently do what you vowed!' 26 Therefore hear the Word of the LORD, all Judah that lives in the land of Egypt. Behold, I have sworn by My great name, says the LORD, that My name will no more be named in the mouth of any man of Judah in all the land of Egypt, saying, The Sovereign LORD lives. 27 For I have watched over them, to hurt them, and not to do them good. And all the Jews dwelling in the land of Egypt shall perish by sword and by famine, until they are utterly consumed. 28 The ones who escape the sword will return from the land of Egypt to the land of Judah, few in number. Then all the remnant of Judah who have come into the land of Egypt to settle will know whose word will stand, mine or theirs.

Matthew 2:11

11 On coming into the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they fell down and worshipped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, and of frankincense, and of myrrh.

Luke 1:46-55

46 And Mary said: My soul magnifies the Lord; 47 and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior! 48 For He has looked with favor on the humble state of His servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed. 49 For the Mighty One has done great things for me. Holy is His name. 50 His mercy extends to those who fear Him, from generation to generation. 51 He has performed mighty deeds with His arm; He has scattered those who are proud in the thoughts of their hearts. 52 He has brought down rulers from their thrones, but has exalted the humble. 53 He has filled the hungry with good things, but has sent the rich away empty. 54 He has helped His servant Israel, remembering to be merciful, 55 toward Abraham and his offspring for ever, as he spoke to our fathers.

Luke 1:38

38 “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it happen to me according to your word.” Then the angel left her.

Acts 4:12

12 Salvation exists in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”

Acts 1:14

14 They all continued with one accord in prayer, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

1 John 4:1

1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God: because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Matthew 12:46-50

46 While Jesus was still speaking to the crowds, his mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to him. 47 Someone told him, "Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you." 48 but he replied, "Who is my mother and who are my brothers?" 49 Pointing to His disciples, He said, “Here are My mother and My brothers. 50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother."

Revelation 19:10

10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said to me, Do not do that: I am a fellow servant with you and your brethren, who hold to the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Exodus 20:4-5

4 Thou shalt not make for thyself an idol, nor the likeness of any thing, which is in the heaven above, or in the earth below, or in the waters under the earth; 5 You shall not bow down to them in worship or serve them; because I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the iniquity of the parents, to the third and fourth generations of those who hate me,

Psalms 148:13

13 Let them praise the name of the LORD: for his name alone is exalted; his majesty is above the earth and the heavens.

Romans 8:26-27

26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know how we ought to pray, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans too deep for words. 27 And He who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.

Hebrews 7:22-25

22 Because of this oath, Jesus has become the guarantee of a better covenant. 23 Now there have been many other priests, since death prevented them from continuing in office. 24 But because Jesus lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood. 25 Therefore He is able to save completely those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to intercede for them.

1 Timothy 2:5

5 For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,

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