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Genesis 1:10

  10 H430 God H7121 called H3004 the dry H776 land "earth," H4723 and the gathering together H4325 of the waters H7121 he called H3220 "seas." H430 God H7200 saw H2896 that it was good.

Genesis 9:11-15

  11 H6965 I will establish H1285 my covenant H1320 with you: all flesh H3772 will not be cut off H4325 any more by the waters H3999 of the flood, H3999 neither will there ever again be a flood H7843 to destroy H776 the earth."
  12 H430 God H559 said, H226 "This is the token H1285 of the covenant H589 which I H5414 make H2416 between me and you and every living H5315 creature H5769 that is with you, for perpetual H1755 generations:
  13 H5414 I set H7198 my rainbow H6051 in the cloud, H226 and it will be for a sign H1285 of a covenant H776 between me and the earth.
  14 H6049 It will happen, when I bring H6051 a cloud H776 over the earth, H7198 that the rainbow H7200 will be seen H6051 in the cloud,
  15 H2142 and I will remember H1285 my covenant, H2416 which is between me and you and every living H5315 creature H1320 of all flesh, H4325 and the waters H5750 will no more H3999 become a flood H7843 to destroy H1320 all flesh.

Leviticus 26:19-20

  19 H7665 I will break H1347 the pride H5797 of your power, H5414 and I will make H8064 your sky H1270 like iron, H776 and your soil H5154 like brass;
  20 H3581 and your strength H8552 will be spent H7385 in vain; H776 for your land H5414 won't yield H2981 its increase, H6086 neither will the trees H776 of the land H5414 yield H6529 their fruit.

Leviticus 25:23-24

  23 H776 "‘The land H4376 shall not be sold H6783 in perpetuity, H776 for the land H1616 is mine; for you are strangers H8453 and live as foreigners with me.
  24 H776 In all the land H272 of your possession H5414 you shall grant H1353 a redemption H776 for the land.

Deuteronomy 11:16-17

  16 H8104 Take heed H3824 to yourselves, lest your heart H6601 be deceived, H5493 and you turn aside, H5647 and serve H312 other H430 gods, H7812 and worship them;
  17 H639 and the anger H3068 of Yahweh H2734 be kindled H6113 against you, and he shut up H8064 the sky, H4306 so that there shall be no rain, H127 and the land H5414 shall not yield H2981 its fruit; H6 and you perish H4120 quickly H2896 from off the good H776 land H3068 which Yahweh H5414 gives you.

Luke 16:2

  2 G2532 He G5455 called G846 him, G2532 and G2036 said G846 to him, G5124 ‘What is this G191 that I hear G4012 about G4675 you? G591 Give G3056 an accounting G4675 of your G3622 management, G1063 for G3756 you can no G2089 longer G1410 be G3621 manager.'

Revelation 11:18

  18 G2532   G1484 The nations G3710 were angry, G2532 and G4675 your G3709 wrath G2064 came, G2532 as G2540 did the time G3498 for the dead G2919 to be judged, G2532 and G1325 to give G4675 your G1401 bondservants G4396 the prophets, G3408 their reward, G2532 as well as G40 to the saints, G2532 and G3588 those G5399 who fear G4675 your G3686 name, G3398 to the small G2532 and G3173 the great; G2532 and G1311 to destroy G3588 those G1311 who destroy G1093 the earth."

Psalms 102:25-26

  25 H6440 Of old, H3245 you laid the foundation H776 of the earth. H8064 The heavens H4639 are the work H3027 of your hands.
  26 H6 They will perish, H5975 but you will endure. H1086 Yes, all of them will wear out H899 like a garment. H2498 You will change H3830 them like a cloak, H2498 and they will be changed.

Ezekiel 34:2-4

  2 H1121 Son H120 of man, H5012 prophesy H7462 against the shepherds H3478 of Israel, H5012 prophesy, H559 and tell H7462 them, even to the shepherds, H559 Thus says H136 the Lord H136 Yahweh: H1945 Woe H7462 to the shepherds H3478 of Israel H7462 who feed H7462 themselves! Shouldn't the shepherds H7462 feed H6629 the sheep?
  3 H398 You eat H2459 the fat, H3847 and you clothe H6785 yourself with the wool, H2076 you kill H1277 the fatlings; H1277 but you don't feed H6629 the sheep.
  4 H2388 You haven't strengthened H2470 the diseased, H7495 neither have you healed H2470 that which was sick, H2280 neither have you bound up H7665 that which was broken, H7725 neither have you brought back H5080 that which was driven away, H1245 neither have you sought H6 that which was lost; H2394 but with force H6531 and with rigor H7287 you have ruled over them.

Matthew 24:7

  7 G1063 For G1484 nation G1453 will rise G1909 against G1484 nation, G2532 and G932 kingdom G1909 against G932 kingdom; G2532 and G2071 there will be G3042 famines, G3061 plagues, G2532 and G4578 earthquakes G2596 in various G5117 places.

Luke 21:11

  11 G5037 There G2071 will be G3173 great G4578 earthquakes, G2532   G3042 famines, G5037 and G3061 plagues G2596 in G5117 various places. G5037 There G2071 will be G5400 terrors G2532 and G3173 great G4592 signs G575 from G3772 heaven.

James 5:5

  5 G5171 You have lived delicately G1909 on G1093 the earth, G2532 and G5171 taken your pleasure. G5142 You have nourished G5216 your G2588 hearts G5613 as G1722 in G2250 a day G4967 of slaughter.

Revelation 16:8-9

  8 G2532   G5067 The fourth G32   G1632 poured out G846 his G5357 bowl G1909 on G2246 the sun, G2532 and G2739 it G1325 was given G846 to him G2739 to scorch G444 men G1722 with G4442 fire.
  9 G2532   G444 People G2739 were scorched G3173 with great G2738 heat, G2532 and G987 people blasphemed G3686 the name G2316 of God G3588 who G2192 has G1849 the power G1909 over G3778 these G4127 plagues. G2532   G3756 They didn't G3340 repent G1325 and give G846 him G1391 glory.

Genesis 2:15

  15 H3068 Yahweh H430 God H3947 took H120 the man, H3240 and put him H1588 into the garden H5731 of Eden H5647 to dress H8104 it and to keep it.

Psalms 46:2-3

  2 H3372 Therefore we won't be afraid, H776 though the earth H4171 changes, H2022 though the mountains H4131 are shaken H3820 into the heart H3220 of the seas;
  3 H4325 though its waters H1993 roar H2560 and are troubled, H2022 though the mountains H7493 tremble H1346 with their swelling. H5542 Selah.

Matthew 6:25-34

  25 G1223 Therefore, G5124 I G3004 tell G5213 you, G3361 don't G3309 be anxious G5590 for G5216 your G5590 life: G5101 what G5315 you will eat, G2532 or G5101 what G4095 you will drink; G3366 nor yet G4983 for G5216 your G4983 body, G5101 what G1746 you will wear. G2076 Isn't G5590 life G4119 more G5160 than food, G2532 and G4983 the body G4119 more G1742 than clothing?
  26 G1689 See G1519 the G4071 birds G1689 of the sky, G3754 that G4687 they don't sow, G3761 neither G2325 do they reap, G3761 nor G4863 gather G1519 into G596 barns. G5216 Your G3770 heavenly G3962 Father G5142 feeds G846 them. G1308 Aren't G3756 you G5210 of G3123 much G1308 more G846 value than they?
  27 G5101 "Which G1537 of G5216 you, G3309 by being anxious, G1410 can G4369 add G1520 one G4083 moment G846 to his G2244 lifespan?
  28 G5101 Why G3309 are you anxious G1742 about clothing? G2648 Consider G2918 the lilies G68 of the field, G4459 how G837 they grow. G3756 They don't G2872 toil, G3761 neither G3514 do they spin,
  29 G1161 yet G3004 I tell G5213 you G3754 that G3761 even G4672 Solomon G1722 in G3956 all G846 his G1391 glory G4016 was G3761 not G4016 dressed G5613 like G1520 one G5130 of these.
  30 G1161 But G1487 if G2316 God G3779 so G294 clothes G5528 the grass G68 of the field, G5607 which G2532 today exists, and G839 tomorrow G5607 is G906 thrown G1519 into G2823 the oven, G3756 won't G4183 he much G3123 more G5209 clothe you, G3640 you of little faith?
  31 G3767 "Therefore G3361 don't G3309 be G3309 anxious, G3004 saying, G5101 "What G5315 will we eat?", G5101 "What G4095 will we drink?" G2228 or, G5101 "With what G4016 will we be clothed?"
  32 G1063 For G1484 the Gentiles G1934 seek G3956 after all G5023 these things; G1063 for G5216 your G3770 heavenly G3962 Father G1492 knows G3754 that G5535 you need G537 all G5130 these things.
  33 G1161 But G4412 seek first G2316 God's G932 Kingdom, G2532 and G846 his G1343 righteousness; G2532 and G3956 all G5023 these things G4369 will be given G5213 to you as well.
  34 G3767 Therefore G3361 don't G3309 be G3309 anxious G1063 for G839 tomorrow, G1063 for G839 tomorrow G3309 will be anxious G1063 for G1438 itself. G2250 Each day's G2549 own evil G713 is sufficient."

Jeremiah 2:7

  7 H935 I brought H3759 you into a plentiful H776 land, H398 to eat H6529 its fruit H2898 and its goodness; H935 but when you entered, H2930 you defiled H776 my land, H7760 and made H5159 my heritage H8441 an abomination.

Isaiah 24:5-6

  5 H776 The earth H2610 also is polluted H3427 under its inhabitants, H5674 because they have transgressed H8451 the laws, H2498 violated H2706 the statutes, H6565 and broken H5769 the everlasting H1285 covenant.
  6 H423 Therefore the curse H398 has devoured H776 the earth, H3427 and those who dwell H816 therein are found guilty. H3427 Therefore the inhabitants H776 of the earth H2787 are burned, H4213 and few H582 men H7604 left.

Genesis 8:22

  22 H776 While the earth H3117 remains, H2233 seed H7105 time and harvest, H7120 and cold H2527 and heat, H7019 and summer H2779 and winter, H3117 and day H3915 and night H7673 shall not cease."

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