Bible verses about "conformity" | Wycliffe

Psalms 1:1-119:176

1 Blessid is the man, that yede not in the councel of wickid men; and stood not in the weie of synneris, and sat not in the chaier of pestilence. 2 But his wille is in the lawe of the Lord; and he schal bithenke in the lawe of hym dai and nyyt. 3 And he schal be as a tree, which is plauntid bisidis the rennyngis of watris; which tre schal yyue his fruyt in his tyme. And his leef schal not falle doun; and alle thingis which euere he schal do schulen haue prosperite. 4 Not so wickid men, not so; but thei ben as dust, which the wynd castith awei fro the face of erthe. 5 Therfor wickid men risen not ayen in doom; nethir synneres in the councel of iust men. 6 For the Lord knowith the weie of iust men; and the weie of wickid men schal perische.

Psalms 2:1-119:176

1 Whi gnastiden with teeth hethene men; and puplis thouyten veyn thingis? 2 The kyngis of erthe stoden togidere; and princes camen togidere ayens the Lord, and ayens his Crist? 3 Breke we the bondis of hem; and cast we awei the yok of hem fro vs. 4 He that dwellith in heuenes schal scorne hem; and the Lord schal bimowe hem. 5 Thanne he schal speke to hem in his ire; and he schal disturble hem in his stronge veniaunce. 6 Forsothe Y am maad of hym a kyng on Syon, his hooli hil; prechynge his comaundement. 7 The Lord seide to me, Thou art my sone; Y haue gendrid thee to dai. 8 Axe thou of me, and Y schal yyue to thee hethene men thin eritage; and thi possessioun the termes of erthe. 9 Thou schalt gouerne hem in an yrun yerde; and thou schalt breke hem as the vessel of a pottere. 10 And now, ye kyngis, vndurstonde; ye that demen the erthe, be lerud. 11 Serue ye the Lord with drede; and make ye ful ioye to hym with tremblyng. 12 Take ye lore; lest the Lord be wrooth sumtyme, and lest ye perischen fro iust waie. 13 Whanne his `ire brenneth out in schort tyme; blessed ben alle thei, that tristen in hym.

Psalms 3:1-119:176

1 The title of the thridde salm. `The salm of Dauid, whanne he fledde fro the face of Absolon, his sone. 2 Lord, whi ben thei multiplied that disturblen me? 3 many men rysen ayens me. Many men seien of my soule, Noon helthe is to hym in his God. 4 But thou, Lord, art myn vptakere; my glorye, and enhaunsyng myn heed. 5 With my vois Y criede to the Lord; and he herde me fro his hooli hil. 6 I slepte, and `was quenchid, and Y roos vp; for the Lord resseyuede me. 7 I schal not drede thousyndis of puple cumpassynge me; Lord, rise thou vp; my God, make thou me saaf. 8 For thou hast smyte alle men beynge aduersaries to me with out cause; thou hast al to-broke the teeth of synneris. 9 Helthe is of the Lord; and thi blessyng, Lord, is on thi puple.

Psalms 4:1-119:176

1 The title of the fourthe salm. `To the victorie in orguns; the salm of Dauid. 2 Whanne Y inwardli clepid, God of my riytwisnesse herde me; in tribulacioun thou hast alargid to me. 3 Haue thou mercy on me; and here thou my preier. Sones of men, hou long ben ye of heuy herte? whi louen ye vanite, and seken a leesyng? 4 And wite ye, that the Lord hath maad merueilous his hooli man; the Lord schal here me, whanne Y schal crye to hym. 5 Be ye wrothe, and nyle ye do synne; `and for tho thingis whiche ye seien in youre hertis and in youre beddis, be ye compunct. 6 Sacrifie ye `the sacrifice of riytfulnesse, and hope ye in the Lord; many seien, Who schewide goodis to vs? 7 Lord, the liyt of thi cheer is markid on vs; thou hast youe gladnesse in myn herte. 8 Thei ben multiplied of the fruit of whete, and of wyn; and of her oile. 9 In pees in the same thing; Y schal slepe, and take reste. 10 For thou, Lord; hast set me syngulerli in hope.

Psalms 5:1-119:176

1 The title of the fyuethe salm. To the ouercomere on the eritagis, the song of Dauid. 2 Lord, perseyue thou my wordis with eeris; vndurstonde thou my cry. 3 Mi kyng, and my God; yyue thou tent to the vois of my preier. 4 For, Lord, Y schal preie to thee; here thou eerly my vois. 5 Eerli Y schal stonde nyy thee, and Y schal se; for thou art God not willynge wickidnesse. 6 Nethir an yuel willid man schal dwelle bisidis thee; nethir vniust men schulen dwelle bifor thin iyen. 7 Thou hatist alle that worchen wickidnesse; thou schalt leese alle that speken leesyng. The Lord schal holde abhomynable a manquellere, and gileful man. 8 But, Lord, in the multitude of thi merci Y schal entre in to thin hows; Y schal worschipe to thin hooli temple in thi drede. 9 Lord, lede thou forth me in thi riytfulnesse for myn enemyes; dresse thou my weie in thi siyt. 10 For whi treuthe is not in her mouth; her herte is veyn. 11 Her throte is an opyn sepulcre, thei diden gilefuli with her tungis; God, deme thou hem. Falle thei doun fro her thouytis, vp the multitude of her wickidnessis caste thou hem doun; for, Lord, thei han terrid thee to ire. And alle that hopen in thee, be glad; thei schulen make fulli ioye with outen ende, and thou schalt dwelle in hem. 12 And alle that louen thi name schulen haue glorie in thee; 13 for thou schalt blesse a iust man. Lord, thou hast corouned vs, as with the scheeld of thi good wille.

Psalms 6:1-119:176

1 The title of the sixte salm. To the ouercomere in salmes, the salm of Dauid, `on the eiythe. 2 Lord, repreue thou not me in thi stronge veniaunce; nether chastice thou me in thin ire. 3 Lord, haue thou merci on me, for Y am sijk; Lord, make thou me hool, for alle my boonys ben troblid. 4 And my soule is troblid greetli; but thou, Lord, hou long? 5 Lord, be thou conuertid, and delyuere my soule; make thou me saaf, for thi merci. 6 For noon is in deeth, which is myndful of thee; but in helle who schal knouleche to thee? 7 I traueilide in my weilyng, Y schal waische my bed bi ech nyyt; Y schal moiste, `ether make weet, my bedstre with my teeris. 8 Myn iye is disturblid of woodnesse; Y waxe eld among alle myn enemyes. 9 Alle ye that worchen wickidnesse, departe fro me; for the Lord hath herd the vois of my wepyng. 10 The Lord hath herd my bisechyng; the Lord hath resseyued my preier. 11 Alle my enemyes be aschamed, and be disturblid greetli; be thei turned togidere, and be thei aschamed ful swiftli.

Psalms 7:1-119:176

1 The title of the seuenthe salm. For the ignoraunce of Dauid, which he songe to the Lord on the wordis of Ethiopien, the sone of Gemyny. 2 Mi Lord God, Y haue hopid in thee; make thou me saaf fro alle that pursuen me, and delyuere thou me. 3 Lest ony tyme he as a lioun rauysche my soule; the while noon is that ayenbieth, nether that makith saaf. 4 Mi Lord God, if Y dide this thing, if wickidnesse is in myn hondis; 5 if Y `yeldide to men yeldynge to me yuels, falle Y `bi disseruyng voide fro myn enemyes; 6 myn enemy pursue my soule, and take, and defoule my lijf in erthe; and brynge my glorie in to dust. 7 Lord, rise thou vp in thin ire; and be thou reysid in the coostis of myn enemyes. 8 And, my Lord God, rise thou in the comaundement, which thou `hast comaundid; and the synagoge of puplis schal cumpasse thee. 9 And for this go thou ayen an hiy; the Lord demeth puplis. Lord, deme thou me bi my riytfulnesse; and bi myn innocence on me. 10 The wickidnesse of synneris be endid; and thou, God, sekyng the hertis and reynes, schalt dresse a iust man. 11 Mi iust help is of the Lord; that makith saaf riytful men in herte. 12 The Lord is a iust iuge, stronge and pacient; whether he is wrooth bi alle daies? 13 If ye ben `not conuertid, he schal florische his swerd; he hath bent his bouwe, and made it redi. 14 And therynne he hath maad redi the vessels of deth; he hath fulli maad his arewis with brennynge thingis. 15 Lo! he conseyuede sorewe; he peynfuli brouyte forth vnriytfulnesse, and childide wickidnesse. 16 He openide a lake, and diggide it out; and he felde in to the dich which he made. 17 His sorewe schal be turned in to his heed; and his wickidnesse schal come doun in to his necke. 18 I schal knouleche to the Lord bi his riytfulnesse; and Y schal synge to the name of the hiyeste Lord.

Psalms 8:1-119:176

1 The title of the eiythe salm. To the ouercomere, for pressours, the salm of Dauid. 2 Lord, thou art oure Lord; thi name is ful wonderful in al erthe. For thi greet doyng is reisid, aboue heuenes. 3 Of the mouth of yonge children, not spekynge and soukynge mylk, thou madist perfitli heriyng, for thin enemyes; that thou destrie the enemy and avengere. 4 For Y schal se thin heuenes, the werkis of thi fyngris; the moone and sterris, whiche thou hast foundid. 5 What is a man, that thou art myndeful of hym; ethir the sone of a virgyn, for thou visitist hym? 6 Thou hast maad hym a litil lesse than aungels; thou hast corouned hym with glorie and onour, 7 and hast ordeyned hym aboue the werkis of thin hondis. 8 Thou hast maad suget alle thingis vndur hise feet; alle scheep and oxis, ferthermore and the beestis of the feeld; 9 the briddis of the eir, and the fischis of the see; that passen bi the pathis of the see. 10 Lord, `thou art oure Lord; thi name `is wondurful in al erthe.

Psalms 8:9-119:176


Psalms 8:1-119:176

1 The title of the nynthe salm. In to the ende, for the pryuytees of the sone, the salm of Dauid. 2 Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee in al myn herte; Y schal telle alle thi merueils. 3 Thou hiyeste, Y schal be glad, and Y schal be fulli ioieful in thee; Y schal synge to thi name. 4 For thou turnest myn enemy abac; thei schulen be maad feble, and schulen perische fro thi face. 5 For thou hast maad my doom and my cause; thou, that demest riytfulnesse, `hast set on the trone. 6 Thou blamedist hethene men, and the wickid perischide; thou hast do awei the name of hem in to the world, and in to the world of world. 7 The swerdis of the enemy failiden in to the ende; and thou hast distried the citees of hem. The mynde of hem perischide with sown; 8 and the Lord dwellith with outen ende. He made redi his trone in doom; and he schal deme the world in equite, 9 he schal deme puplis in riytfulnesse. 10 And the Lord is maad refuyt, `ether help, `to a pore man; an helpere in couenable tymes in tribulacioun. 11 And thei, that knowen thi name, haue hope in thee; for thou, Lord, hast not forsake hem that seken thee. 12 Synge ye to the Lord, that dwellith in Syon; telle ye hise studyes among hethene men. 13 God foryetith not the cry of pore men; for he hath mynde, and sekith the blood of hem. 14 Lord, haue thou merci on me; se thou my mekenesse of myn enemyes. 15 Which enhaunsist me fro the yatis of deeth; that Y telle alle thi preisyngis in the yatis of the douyter of Syon. 16 Y schal `be fulli ioyeful in thin helthe; hethene men ben fast set in the perisching, which thei maden. In this snare, which thei hidden, the foot of hem is kauyt. 17 The Lord makynge domes schal be knowun; the synnere is takun in the werkis of hise hondis. 18 Synneris be turned togidere in to helle; alle folkis, that foryeten God. 19 For the foryetyng of a pore man schal not be in to the ende; the pacience of pore men schal not perische in to the ende. 20 Lord, rise thou vp, a man be not coumfortid; folkis be demyd in thi siyt. 21 Lord, ordeine thou a lawe makere on hem; wite folkis, that thei ben men.

Psalms 8:1-119:176

1 Lord, whi hast thou go fer awei? thou dispisist `in couenable tymes in tribulacioun. 2 While the wickid is proud, the pore man is brent; thei ben taken in the counsels, bi whiche thei thenken. 3 Forwhi the synnere is preisid in the desiris of his soule; and the wickid is blessid. 4 The synnere `wraththide the Lord; vp the multitude of his ire he schal not seke. 5 God is not in his siyt; hise weies ben defoulid in al tyme. God, thi domes ben takun awei fro his face; he schal be lord of alle hise enemyes. 6 For he seide in his herte, Y schal not be moued, fro generacioun in to generacioun without yuel. 7 `Whos mouth is ful of cursyng, and of bitternesse, and of gyle; trauel and sorewe is vndur his tunge. 8 He sittith in aspies with ryche men in priuytees; to sle the innocent man. 9 Hise iyen biholden on a pore man; he settith aspies in hid place, as a lioun in his denne. He settith aspies, for to rauysche a pore man; for to rauysche a pore man, while he drawith the pore man. 10 In his snare he schal make meke the pore man; he schal bowe hym silf, and schal falle doun, whanne he hath be lord of pore men. 11 For he seide in his herte, God hath foryete; he hath turned awei his face, that he se not in to the ende. 12 Lord God, rise thou vp, and thin hond be enhaunsid; foryete thou not pore men. 13 For what thing terride the wickid man God to wraththe? for he seide in his herte, God schal not seke. 14 Thou seest, for thou biholdist trauel and sorewe; that thou take hem in to thin hondis. The pore man is left to thee; thou schalt be an helpere to the fadirles and modirles. 15 Al to-breke thou the arme of the synnere, and yuel willid; his synne schal be souyt, and it schal not be foundun. 16 The Lord schal regne with outen ende, and in to the world of world; folkis, ye schulen perische fro the lond of hym. 17 The Lord hath herd the desir of pore men; thin eere hath herd the makyng redi of her herte. 18 To deme for the modirles `and meke; that a man `leie to no more to `magnyfie hym silf on erthe.

Psalms 10:1-119:176

1 The title of the tenthe salm. To the victorie of Dauid. 2 I triste in the Lord; hou seien ye to my soule, Passe thou ouere in to an hil, as a sparowe doith? 3 For lo! synneris han bent a bouwe; thei han maad redi her arowis in an arowe caas; `for to schete in derknesse riytful men in herte. 4 For thei han distryed, whom thou hast maad perfit; but what dide the riytful man? 5 The Lord is in his hooli temple; he is Lord, his seete is in heuene. Hise iyen biholden on a pore man; hise iyelidis axen the sones of men. 6 The Lord axith a iust man, and vnfeithful man; but he, that loueth wickidnesse, hatith his soule. 7 He schal reyne snaris on `synful men; fier, brymston, and the spirit of tempestis ben the part of the cuppe of hem. 8 For the Lord is riytful, and louede riytfulnessis; his cheer siy equite, `ethir euennesse.

Psalms 11:1-119:176

1 The title of the eleuenthe salm. To the victorie on the eiyte, the song of Dauid. 2 Lord, make thou me saaf, for the hooli failide; for treuthis ben maad litle fro the sones of men. 3 Thei spaken veyn thingis, ech man to hys neiybore; thei han gileful lippis, thei spaken in herte and herte. 4 The Lord destrie alle gileful lippis; and the greet spekynge tunge. 5 Whiche seiden, We schulen magnyfie oure tunge, our lippis ben of vs; who is oure lord? 6 For the wretchednesse of nedy men, and for the weilyng of pore men; now Y schal ryse vp, seith the Lord. I schal sette inhelt he; Y schal do tristili in hym. 7 The spechis of the Lord ben chast spechis; siluer examynyd bi fier, preued fro erthe, purgid seuen fold. 8 Thou, Lord, schalt kepe vs; and thou `schalt kepe vs fro this generacioun with outen ende. 9 Wickid men goen in cumpas; bi thin hiynesse thou hast multiplied the sones of men.

Psalms 12:1-119:176

1 The title of the twelfthe salm. To the victorie of Dauid. 2 Hou long schal Y sette counsels in my soule; sorewe in my herte bi dai? 3 Hou long schal myn enemy be reisid on me? 4 My Lord God, biholde thou, and here thou me. Liytne thou myn iyen, lest ony tyme Y slepe in deth; 5 lest ony tyme myn enemye seie, Y hadde the maistri ayens hym. Thei, that troblen me, schulen haue ioie, if Y schal be stirid; forsothe Y hopide in thi merci. 6 Myn herte schal fulli haue ioie in thin helthe; Y schal synge to the Lord, that yyueth goodis to me, and Y schal seie salm to the name of the hiyeste Lord.

Psalms 13:1-119:176

1 The `title of the threttenthe salm. To the victorie of Dauid. 2 The Lord bihelde fro heuene on the sones of men; that he se, if ony is vndurstondynge, ethir sekynge God. 3 Alle bowiden awei, togidere thei ben maad vnprofitable; noon is that doth good, noon is `til to oon. The throte of hem is an open sepulcre, thei diden gilefuli with her tungis; the venym of snakis is vndur her lippis. Whos mouth is ful of cursyng and bittirnesse; her feet ben swift to schede out blood. Sorewe and cursidnesse is in the weies of hem, and thei knewen not the weie of pees; the drede of God is not bifor her iyen. 4 Whether alle men that worchen wickidnesse schulen not knowe; that deuowren my puple, as mete of breed? 5 Thei clepeden not the Lord; thei trembliden there for dreed, where was no drede; 6 for the Lord is in a riytful generacioun. Thou hast schent the counsel of a pore man; for the Lord is his hope. 7 Who schal yyue fro Syon helthe to Israel? Whanne the Lord hath turned awei the caitifte of his puple; Jacob schal `fulli be ioiful, and Israel schal be glad.

Psalms 14:1-119:176

1 Lord, who schal dwelle in thi tabernacle; ether who schal reste in thin hooli hil? 2 He that entrith with out wem; and worchith riytfulnesse. 3 Which spekith treuthe in his herte; which dide not gile in his tunge. Nethir dide yuel to his neiybore; and took not schenschip ayens hise neiyboris. 4 A wickid man is brouyt to nouyt in his siyt; but he glorifieth hem that dreden the Lord. Which swerith to his neiybore, and disseyueth not; 5 which yaf not his money to vsure; and took not yiftis on the innocent. He, that doith these thingis, schal not be moued with outen ende.

Psalms 15:1-119:176

1 The title of the fiuetenthe salm. `Of the meke and symple, the salm of Dauid. Lord, kepe thou me, for Y haue hopid in thee; 2 Y seide to the Lord, Thou art my God, for thou hast no nede of my goodis. 3 To the seyntis that ben in the lond of hym; he made wondurful alle my willis in hem. 4 The sikenessis of hem ben multiplied; aftirward thei hastiden. I schal not gadire togidere the conuenticulis, `ethir litle couentis, of hem of bloodis; and Y schal not be myndeful of her names bi my lippis. 5 The Lord is part of myn eritage, and of my passion; thou art, that schalt restore myn eritage to me. 6 Coordis felden to me in ful clere thingis; for myn eritage is ful cleer to me. 7 I schal blesse the Lord, that yaf vndurstondyng to me; ferthermore and my reynes blameden me `til to nyyt. 8 I purueide euere the Lord in my siyt; for he is on the riythalf to me, that Y be not moued. 9 For this thing myn herte was glad, and my tunge ioyede fulli; ferthermore and my fleisch schal reste in hope. 10 For thou schalt not forsake my soule in helle; nether thou schalt yyue thin hooli to se corrupcioun. Thou hast maad knowun to me the weies of lijf; thou schalt fille me of gladnesse with thi cheer; delityngis ben in thi riythalf `til in to the ende.

Psalms 16:1-119:176

1 The title of the sixtenthe salm. The preier of Dauid. Lord, here thou my riytfulnesse; biholde thou my preier. Perseuye thou with eeris my preier; not maad in gileful lippis. 2 Mi doom come `forth of thi cheer; thin iyen se equite. 3 Thou hast preued myn herte, and hast visitid in niyt; thou hast examynyd me bi fier, and wickidnesse is not foundun in me. 4 That my mouth speke not the werkis of men; for the wordis of thi lippis Y haue kept harde weies. 5 Make thou perfit my goyngis in thi pathis; that my steppis be not moued. 6 I criede, for thou, God, herdist me; bowe doun thin eere to me, and here thou my wordis. 7 Make wondurful thi mercies; that makist saaf `men hopynge in thee. 8 Kepe thou me as the appil of the iye; fro `men ayenstondynge thi riyt hond. Keuere thou me vndur the schadewe of thi wyngis; 9 fro the face of vnpitouse men, that han turmentid me. Myn enemyes han cumpassid my soule; 10 thei han closide togidere her fatnesse; the mouth of hem spak pride. 11 Thei castiden me forth, and han cumpassid me now; thei ordeyneden to bowe doun her iyen in to erthe. 12 Thei, as a lioun maad redi to prey, han take me; and as the whelp of a lioun dwellynge in hid places. 13 Lord, rise thou vp, bifor come thou hym, and disseyue thou hym; delyuere thou my lijf fro the `vnpitouse, 14 delyuere thou thi swerd fro the enemyes of thin hond. Lord, departe thou hem fro a fewe men of `the lond in the lijf of hem; her wombe is fillid of thin hid thingis. Thei ben fillid with sones; and thei leften her relifis to her litle children. 15 But Y in riytfulnesse schal appere to thi siyt; Y schal be fillid, whanne thi glorie schal appere.

Psalms 17:1-119:176

1 The title of the seuenetenthe salm. To victorie, the word of the Lord to Dauid; which spak the wordis of this song, in the dai in which the Lord delyuerede hym fro the hond of alle hise enemyes, and fro the hond of Saul; and he seide: 2 Lord, my strengthe, Y schal loue thee; the Lord is my stidfastnesse, and my refuyt, and mi deliuerere. 3 Mi God is myn helpere; and Y schal hope in to hym. My defendere, and the horn of myn helthe; and myn vptakere. 4 I schal preise, and ynwardli clepe the Lord; and Y schal be saaf fro myn enemyes. 5 The sorewis of deth cumpassiden me; and the strondis of wickidnesse disturbliden me. 6 The sorewis of helle cumpassiden me; the snaris of deeth `bifor ocupieden me. 7 In my tribulacioun Y inwardli clepide the Lord; and Y criede to my God. And he herde my vois fro his hooli temple; and my cry in his siyt entride in to hise eeris. 8 The erthe was mouede togidere, and tremblede togidere; the foundementis of hillis weren troblid togidere, and weren moued togidere; for he was wrooth to hem. 9 Smoke stiede in the ire of hym, and fier brente out fro his face; coolis weren kyndlid of hym. 10 He bowide doun heuenes, and cam doun; and derknesse was vndur hise feet. 11 And he stiede on cherubym, and flei; he fley ouer the pennes of wyndis. 12 And he settide derknesses his hidyng place, his tabernacle `in his cumpas; derk water was in the cloudes of the lowere eir. 13 Ful cleer cloudis passiden in his siyt; hail and the coolis of fier. 14 And the Lord thundrid fro heuene; and the hiyeste yaf his vois, hail and the coolis of fier `camen doun. 15 And he sente hise arowis, and distriede tho men; he multipliede leytis, and disturblide tho men. 16 And the wellis of watris apperiden; and the foundementis of the erthe weren schewid. Lord, of thi blamyng; of the brething of the spirit of thin ire. 17 He sente fro the hiyeste place, and took me; and he took me fro many watris. 18 He delyuerede me fro my strongeste enemyes; and fro hem that hatiden me, fro thei weren coumfortid on me. 19 Thei camen bifor me in the dai of my turment; and the Lord was maad my defendere. 20 And he ledde out me in to breede; he maad me saaf, for he wolde me. 21 And the Lord schal yelde to me bi my riytfulnesse; and he schal yelde to me bi the clennesse of myn hondis. 22 For Y kepte the weies of the Lord; and Y dide not vnfeithfuli fro my God. 23 For alle hise domes ben in my siyt; and Y puttide not awei fro me hise riytfulnessis. 24 And Y schal be vnwemmed with hym; and Y schal kepe me fro my wickidnesse. 25 And the Lord schal yelde to me bi my riytfulnesse; and bi the clennesse of myn hondis in the siyt of hise iyen. 26 With the hooli, thou schalt be hooli; and with `a man innocent, thou schalt be innocent. 27 And with a chosun man, thou schalt be chosun; and with a weiward man, thou schalt be weiward. 28 For thou schalt make saaf a meke puple; and thou schalt make meke the iyen of proude men. 29 For thou, Lord, liytnest my lanterne; my God, liytne thou my derknessis. 30 For bi thee Y schal be delyuered fro temptacioun; and in my God Y schal `go ouer the wal. 31 Mi God, his weie is vndefoulid, the speches of the Lord ben examyned bi fier; he is defendere of alle men hopynge in hym. 32 For whi, who is God out takun the Lord? ethir who is God outakun oure God? 33 God that hath gird me with vertu; and hath set my weie vnwemmed. 34 Which made perfit my feet as of hertis; and ordeynynge me on hiye thingis. 35 Which techith myn hondis to batel; and thou hast set myn armys as a brasun bouwe. 36 And thou hast youe to me the kyueryng of thin helthe; and thi riythond hath vptake me. And thi chastisyng amendide me in to the ende; and thilke chastisyng of thee schal teche me. 37 Thou alargidist my paaces vndur me; and my steppis ben not maad vnstidefast. 38 Y schal pursue myn enemyes, and Y schal take hem; and Y schal not turne til thei failen. 39 I schal al to-breke hem, and thei schulen not mowe stonde; thei schulen falle vndur my feet. 40 And thou hast gird me with vertu to batel; and thou hast `supplauntid, ether disseyued, vndur me men risynge ayens me. 41 And thou hast youe myn enemyes abac to me; and thou hast distried `men hatynge me. 42 Thei crieden, and noon was that maad hem saaf; `thei crieden to the Lord, and he herde not hem. 43 And Y schal al to-breke hem, as dust bifor the face of wynd; Y schal do hem awei, as the cley of stretis. 44 Thou schalt delyuere me fro ayenseiyngis of the puple; thou schalt sette me in to the heed of folkis. 45 The puple, which Y knewe not, seruede me; in the herynge of eere it obeiede to me. 46 Alien sones lieden to me, alien sones wexiden elde; and crokiden fro thi pathis. 47 The Lord lyueth, and my God be blessid; and the God of myn helthe be enhaunsid. 48 God, that yauest veniaunces to me, and makist suget puplis vndur me; my delyuerere fro my wrathful enemyes. 49 And thou schalt enhaunse me fro hem, that risen ayens me; thou schalt delyuere me fro a wickid man. 50 Therfor, Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee among naciouns; and Y schal seie salm to thi name. 51 Magnyfiynge the helthis of his kyng; and doynge merci to his crist Dauid, and to his seed til in to the world.

Psalms 18:1-119:176

1 The title of the eiytenthe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid. 2 Heuenes tellen out the glorie of God; and the firmament tellith the werkis of hise hondis. 3 The dai tellith out to the dai a word; and the nyyt schewith kunnyng to the nyyt. 4 No langagis ben, nether wordis; of whiche the voices of hem ben not herd. 5 The soun of hem yede out in to al erthe; and the wordis of hem `yeden out in to the endis of the world. 6 In the sunne he hath set his tabernacle; and he as a spouse comynge forth of his chaumbre. He fulli ioyede, as a giaunt, to renne his weie; 7 his goynge out was fro hiyeste heuene. And his goyng ayen was to the hiyeste therof; and noon is that hidith hym silf fro his heet. 8 The lawe of the Lord is with out wem, and conuertith soulis; the witnessyng of the Lord is feithful, and yyueth wisdom to litle children. 9 The riytfulnessis of the Lord ben riytful, gladdynge hertis; the comaundement of the Lord is cleere, liytnynge iyen. 10 The hooli drede of the Lord dwellith in to world of world; the domes of the Lord ben trewe, iustified in to hem silf. 11 Desirable more than gold, and a stoon myche preciouse; and swettere than hony and honycoomb. 12 `Forwhi thi seruaunt kepith thoo; myche yeldyng is in tho to be kept. 13 Who vndurstondith trespassis? make thou me cleene fro my priuy synnes; 14 and of alien synnes spare thi seruaunt. `If the forseid defautis ben not, Lord, of me, than Y schal be with out wem; and Y schal be clensid of the mooste synne. 15 And the spechis of my mouth schulen be, that tho plese; and the thenkynge of myn herte euere in thi siyt. Lord, myn helpere; and myn ayenbiere.

Psalms 19:1-119:176

1 The title of the nyntenthe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid. 2 The Lord here thee in the dai of tribulacioun; the name of God of Jacob defende thee. 3 Sende he helpe to thee fro the hooli place; and fro Syon defende he thee. 4 Be he myndeful of al thi sacrifice; and thi brent sacrifice be maad fat. 5 Yyue he to thee aftir thin herte; and conferme he al thi counsel. 6 We schulen be glad in thin helthe; and we schulen be magnyfied in the name of oure God. 7 The Lord fille alle thin axyngis; nowe Y haue knowe, that the Lord hath maad saaf his crist. He schal here hym fro his hooly heuene; the helthe of his riyt hond is in poweris. 8 Thes in charis, and these in horsis; but we schulen inwardli clepe in the name of oure Lord God. 9 Thei ben boundun, and felden doun; but we han rise, and ben reisid. 10 Lord, make thou saaf the kyng; and here thou vs in the dai in which we inwardli clepen thee.

Psalms 20:1-119:176

1 The title of the twentithe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid. 2 Lord, the kyng schal be glad in thi vertu; and he schal ful out haue ioye greetli on thin helthe. 3 Thou hast youe to hym the desire of his herte; and thou hast not defraudid hym of the wille of hise lippis. 4 For thou hast bifor come hym in the blessyngis of swetnesse; thou hast set on his heed a coroun of preciouse stoon. 5 He axide of thee lijf, and thou yauest to hym; the lengthe of daies in to the world, `and in to the world of world. 6 His glorie is greet in thin helthe; thou schalt putte glorie, and greet fayrnesse on hym. 7 For thou schalt yyue hym in to blessing in to the world of world; thou schalt make hym glad in ioye with thi cheer. 8 For the kyng hopith in the Lord; and in the merci of the hiyeste he schal not be moued. 9 Thyn hond be foundun to alle thin enemyes; thi riythond fynde alle hem that haten thee. 10 Thou schalt putte hem as a furneis of fier in the tyme of thi cheer; the Lord schal disturble hem in his ire, and fier schal deuoure hem. 11 Thou schalt leese the fruyt of hem fro erthe; and `thou schalt leese the seed of hem fro the sones of men. 12 For thei bowiden yuels ayens thee; thei thouyten counseils, whiche thei myyten not stablische. 13 For thou schalt putte hem abac; in thi relifs thou schalt make redi the cheer of hem. 14 Lord, be thou enhaunsid in thi vertu; we schulen synge, and seie opinly thi vertues.

Psalms 21:1-119:176

1 The `title of the oon and twentithe salm. To ouercome, for `the morewtid hynd; the salm of Dauid. 2 God, my God, biholde thou on me, whi hast thou forsake me? the wordis of my trespassis ben fer fro myn helthe. 3 Mi God, Y schal crye bi dai, and thou schalt not here; and bi nyyt, and not to vnwisdom to me. 4 Forsothe thou, the preisyng of Israel, dwellist in holynesse; 5 oure fadris hopiden in thee, thei hopiden, and thou delyueridist hem. 6 Thei crieden to thee, and thei weren maad saaf; thei hopiden in thee, and thei weren not schent. 7 But Y am a worm, and not man; the schenschip of men, and the outcastyng of the puple. 8 Alle men seynge me scorneden me; thei spaken with lippis, and stiriden the heed. 9 He hopide in the Lord, delyuere he hym; make he hym saaf, for he wole hym. 10 For thou it art that drowist me out of the wombe, thou art myn hope fro the tetis of my modir; 11 in to thee Y am cast forth fro the wombe. Fro the wombe of my modir thou art my God; departe thou not fro me. 12 For tribulacioun is next; for noon is that helpith. 13 Many calues cumpassiden me; fatte bolis bisegiden me. 14 Thei openyden her mouth on me; as doith a lioun rauyschynge and rorynge. 15 I am sched out as watir; and alle my boonys ben scaterid. Myn herte is maad, as wex fletynge abrood; in the myddis of my wombe. 16 Mi vertu driede as a tiyl stoon, and my tunge cleuede to my chekis; and thou hast brouyt forth me in to the dust of deth. 17 For many doggis cumpassiden me; the counsel of wickid men bisegide me. Thei delueden myn hondis and my feet; 18 thei noumbriden alle my boonys. Sotheli thei lokiden, and bihelden me; 19 thei departiden my clothis to hem silf, and thei senten lot on my cloth. 20 But thou, Lord, delaie not thin help fro me; biholde thou to my defence. 21 God, delyuere thou my lijf fro swerd; and delyuere thou myn oon aloone fro the hond of the dogge. 22 Make thou me saaf fro the mouth of a lioun; and my mekenesse fro the hornes of vnycornes. 23 I schal telle thi name to my britheren; Y schal preise thee in the myddis of the chirche. 24 Ye that dreden the Lord, herie hym; alle the seed of Jacob, glorifie ye hym. 25 Al the seed of Israel drede hym; for he forsook not, nethir dispiside the preier of a pore man. Nethir he turnede awei his face fro me; and whanne Y criede to hym, he herde me. 26 Mi preisyng is at thee in a greet chirche; Y schal yelde my vowis in the siyt of men dredynge hym. 27 Pore men schulen ete, and schulen be fillid, and thei schulen herie the Lord, that seken hym; the hertis of hem schulen lyue in to the world of world. 28 Alle the endis of erthe schulen bithenke; and schulen be conuertid to the Lord. And alle the meynees of hethene men; schulen worschipe in his siyt. 29 For the rewme is the Lordis; and he schal be Lord of hethene men. 30 Alle the fatte men of erthe eeten and worschipiden; alle men, that goen doun in to erthe, schulen falle doun in his siyt. 31 And my soule schal lyue to hym; and my seed schal serue him. 32 A generacioun to comyng schal be teld to the Lord; and heuenes schulen telle his riytfulnesse to the puple that schal be borun, whom the Lord made.

Psalms 22:1-119:176

1 The title of the two and twentithe salm. `The salm, ether the song of Dauid. The Lord gouerneth me, and no thing schal faile to me; 2 in the place of pasture there he hath set me. He nurschide me on the watir of refreischyng; 3 he conuertide my soule. He ledde me forth on the pathis of riytfulnesse; for his name. 4 For whi thouy Y schal go in the myddis of schadewe of deeth; Y schal not drede yuels, for thou art with me. Thi yerde and thi staf; tho han coumfortid me. 5 Thou hast maad redi a boord in my siyt; ayens hem that troblen me. Thou hast maad fat myn heed with oyle; and my cuppe, `fillinge greetli, is ful cleer. 6 And thi merci schal sue me; in alle the daies of my lijf. And that Y dwelle in the hows of the Lord; in to the lengthe of daies.

Psalms 23:1-119:176

1 The title of the `thre and twentithe salm. The song of Dauid. The erthe and the fulnesse therof is `the Lordis; the world, and alle that dwellen therynne `is the Lordis. 2 For he foundide it on the sees; and made it redi on floodis. 3 Who schal stie in to the hil of the Lord; ethir who schal stonde in the hooli place of hym? 4 The innocent in hondis, and in cleene herte; whiche took not his soule in veyn, nether swoor in gile to his neiybore. 5 `This man schal take blessyng of the Lord; and mercy of God his helthe. 6 This is the generacioun of men sekynge hym; of men sekynge the face of God of Jacob. 7 Ye princes, take vp youre yatis, and ye euerelastynge yatis, be reisid; and the kyng of glorie schal entre. 8 Who is this kyng of glorie? the Lord strong and myyti, the Lord myyti in batel. 9 Ye princes, take vp youre yatis, and ye euerlastynge yatis, be reisid; and the kyng of glorie schal entre. 10 Who is this kyng of glorie? the Lord of vertues, he is the kyng of glorie.

Psalms 24:1-119:176

1 The title of the foure and twentithe salm. To Dauid. 2 Lord, to thee Y haue reisid my soule; my God, Y truste in thee, be Y not aschamed. 3 Nethir myn enemyes scorne me; for alle men that suffren thee schulen not be schent. 4 Alle men doynge wickyd thingis superfluli; be schent. Lord, schewe thou thi weies to me; and teche thou me thi pathis. 5 Dresse thou me in thi treuthe, and teche thou me, for thou art God my sauyour; and Y suffride thee al dai. 6 Lord, haue thou mynde of thi merciful doyngis; and of thi mercies that ben fro the world. 7 Haue thou not mynde on the trespassis of my yongthe; and on myn vnkunnyngis. Thou, Lord, haue mynde on me bi thi merci; for thi goodnesse. 8 The Lord is swete and riytful; for this he schal yyue a lawe to men trespassynge in the weie. 9 He schal dresse deboner men in doom; he schal teche mylde men hise weies. 10 Alle the weies of the Lord ben mercy and treuthe; to men sekynge his testament, and hise witnessyngis. 11 Lord, for thi name thou schalt do merci to my synne; for it is myche. 12 Who is a man, that dredith the Lord? he ordeyneth to hym a lawe in the weie which he chees. 13 His soule schal dwelle in goodis; and his seed schal enerite the lond. 14 The Lord is a sadnesse to men dredynge hym; and his testament is, that it be schewid to hem. 15 Myn iyen ben euere to the Lord; for he schal breide awey my feet fro the snare. 16 Biholde thou on me, and haue thou mercy on me; for Y am 17 oon aloone and pore The tribulaciouns of myn herte ben multiplied; delyuere thou me of my nedis. 18 Se thou my mekenesse and my trauel; and foryyue thou alle my trespassis. 19 Bihold thou myn enemyes, for thei ben multiplied; and thei haten me bi wickid hatrede. 20 Kepe thou my soule, and delyuere thou me; be Y not aschamed, for Y hopide in thee. 21 Innocent men and riytful cleuyden to me; for Y suffride thee. 22 God, delyuere thou Israel; fro alle hise tribulaciouns.

Psalms 25:1-119:176

1 The title of the fyue and twentithe salm. `To Dauid. 2 Lord, preue thou me, and asaie me; brenne thou my reynes, and myn herte. 3 For whi thi merci is bifor myn iyen; and Y pleside in thi treuthe. 4 I sat not with the counsel of vanyte; and Y schal not entre with men doynge wickid thingis. 5 I hatide the chirche of yuele men; and Y schal not sitte with wickid men. 6 I schal waische myn hondis among innocentis; and, Lord, Y schal cumpasse thin auter. 7 That Y here the vois of heriyng; and that Y telle out alle thi merueils. 8 Lord, Y haue loued the fairnesse of thin hows; and the place of the dwellyng of thi glorie. 9 God, leese thou not my soule with vnfeithful men; and my lijf with men of bloodis. 10 In whose hondis wyckidnessis ben; the riythond of hem is fillid with yiftis. 11 But Y entride in myn innocens; ayenbie thou me, and haue merci on me. 12 Mi foot stood in riytfulnesse; Lord, Y schal blesse thee in chirchis.

Psalms 26:1-119:176

1 The title of the sixe and twentithe salm. To Dauid. The Lord is my liytnyng, and myn helthe; whom schal Y drede? The Lord is defendere of my lijf; for whom schal Y tremble? 2 The while noiful men neiyen on me; for to ete my fleischis. Myn enemyes, that trobliden me; thei weren maad sijk and felden doun. 3 Thouy castels stonden togidere ayens me; myn herte schal not drede. Thouy batel risith ayens me; in this thing Y schal haue hope. 4 I axide of the Lord o thing; Y schal seke this thing; that Y dwelle in the hows of the Lord alle the daies of my lijf. That Y se the wille of the Lord; and that Y visite his temple. 5 For he hidde me in his tabernacle in the dai of yuelis; he defendide me in the hid place of his tabernacle. 6 He enhaunside me in a stoon; and now he enhaunside myn heed ouer myn enemyes. I cumpasside, and offride in his tabernacle a sacrifice of criyng; Y schal synge, and Y schal seie salm to the Lord. 7 Lord, here thou my vois, bi which Y criede to thee; haue thou merci on me, and here me. 8 Myn herte seide to thee, My face souyte thee; Lord, Y schal seke eft thi face. 9 Turne thou not awei thi face fro me; bouwe thou not awei in ire fro thi seruaunt. Lord, be thou myn helpere, forsake thou not me; and, God, myn helthe, dispise thou not me. 10 For my fadir and my modir han forsake me; but the Lord hath take me. 11 Lord, sette thou a lawe to me in thi weie; and dresse thou me in thi path for myn enemyes. 12 Bitake thou not me in to the soules of hem, that troblen me; for wickid witnessis han rise ayens me, and wickydnesse liede to it silf. 13 I bileue to see the goodis of the Lord; in the lond of `hem that lyuen. 14 Abide thou the Lord, do thou manli; and thin herte be coumfortid, and suffre thou the Lord.

Psalms 27:1-119:176

1 The title of the seuen and twentithe salm. To Dauid. Lord, Y schal crye to thee; my God, be thou not stille fro me, be thou not stille `ony tyme fro me; and Y schal be maad lijk to hem, that goen doun in to the lake. 2 Lord, here thou the vois of my bisechyng, while Y preie to thee; whyle Y reise myn hondis to thin hooli temple. 3 Bitake thou not me togidere with synneris; and leese thou not me with hem that worchen wickidnesse. Whyche speken pees with her neiybore; but yuels ben in her hertis. 4 Yyue thou to hem vpe the werkis of hem; and vpe the wickidnesse of her fyndyngis. Yyue thou to hem vpe the werkis of her hondis; yelde thou her yeldyng to hem. 5 For thei vndurstoden not the werkis of the Lord, and bi the werkis of hise hondis thou schalt destrie hem; and thou schalt not bilde hem. 6 Blissid be the Lord; for he herde the vois of my bisechyng. 7 The Lord is myn helpere and my defendere; and myn herte hopide in hym, and Y am helpid. And my fleisch flouride ayen; and of my wille Y schal knowleche to hym. 8 The Lord is the strengthe of his puple; and he is defendere of the sauyngis of his crist. 9 Lord, make thou saaf thi puple, and blesse thou thin eritage; and reule thou hem, and enhaunse thou hem til in to with outen ende.

Psalms 28:1-119:176

1 The title of the eiyt and twentithe salm. The salm, ethir song of Dauid. Ye sones of God, brynge to the Lord; brynge ye to the Lord the sones of rammes. 2 Brynge ye to the Lord glorie and onour; brynge ye to the Lord glorie to his name; herie ye the Lord in his hooli large place. 3 The vois of the Lord on watris, God of mageste thundride; the Lord on many watris. 4 The vois of the Lord in vertu; the vois of the Lord in greet doyng. 5 The vois of the Lord brekynge cedris; and the Lord schal breke the cedris of the Liban. 6 And he schal al to-breke hem to dust as a calf of the Liban; and the derling was as the sone of an vnycorn. 7 The vois of the Lord departynge the flawme of fier; 8 the vois of the Lord schakynge desert; and the Lord schal stire togidere the desert of Cades. 9 The vois of the Lord makynge redi hertis, and he schal schewe thicke thingis; and in his temple alle men schulen seie glorie. 10 The Lord makith to enhabite the greet flood; and the Lord schal sitte kyng with outen ende. 11 The Lord schal yyue vertu to his puple; the Lord schal blesse his puple in pees.

Psalms 29:1-119:176

1 The title of the nyne and twentithe salm. The salm of song, for the halewyng of the hows of Dauid. 2 Lord, Y schal enhaunse thee, for thou hast vp take me; and thou delitidist not myn enemyes on me. 3 Mi Lord God, Y criede to thee; and thou madist me hool. 4 Lord, thou leddist out my soule fro helle; thou sauedist me fro hem that goen doun into the lake. 5 Ye seyntis of the Lord, synge to the Lord; and knowleche ye to the mynde of his hoolynesse. 6 For ire is in his indignacioun; and lijf is in his wille. Wepyng schal dwelle at euentid; and gladnesse at the morewtid. 7 Forsothe Y seide in my plentee; Y schal not be moued with outen ende. 8 Lord, in thi wille; thou hast youe vertu to my fairnesse. Thou turnedist awei thi face fro me; and Y am maad disturblid. 9 Lord, Y schal crye to thee; and Y schal preye to my God. 10 What profit is in my blood; while Y go doun in to corrupcioun? Whether dust schal knouleche to thee; ethir schal telle thi treuthe? 11 The Lord herde, and hadde merci on me; the Lord is maad myn helpere. 12 Thou hast turned my weilyng in to ioye to me; thou hast to-rent my sak, and hast cumpassid me with gladnesse. 13 That my glorie synge to thee, and Y be not compunct; my Lord God, Y schal knouleche to thee with outen ende.

Psalms 30:1-119:176

1 The title of the thrittithe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid. 2 Lord, Y hopide in thee, be Y not schent with outen ende; delyuere thou me in thi riytfulnesse. 3 Bouwe doun thin eere to me; haaste thou to delyuere me. Be thou to me in to God defendere, and in to an hows of refuyt; that thou make me saaf. 4 For thou art my strengthe and my refuyt; and for thi name thou schalt lede me forth, and schalt nurische me. 5 Thou schalt lede me out of the snare, which thei hidden to me; for thou art my defendere. 6 I bitake my spirit in to thin hondis; Lord God of treuthe, thou hast ayen bouyt me. 7 Thou hatist hem that kepen vanytees superfluli. 8 Forsothe Y hopide in the Lord; Y schal haue fulli ioie, and schal be glad in thi merci. For thou byheldist my mekenesse; thou sauedist my lijf fro nedis. 9 And thou closidist not me togidere withynne the hondis of the enemy; thou hast sett my feet in a large place. 10 Lord, haue thou merci on me, for Y am troblid; myn iye is troblid in ire, my soule and my wombe `ben troblid. 11 For whi my lijf failide in sorewe; and my yeeris in weilynges. Mi vertu is maad feble in pouert; and my boonys ben disturblid. 12 Ouer alle myn enemyes Y am maad schenship greetli to my neiyboris; and drede to my knowun. Thei that sien me with outforth, fledden fro me; Y am youun to foryetyng, 13 as a deed man fro herte. I am maad as a lorun vessel; 14 for Y herde dispisyng of many men dwellynge in cumpas. In that thing the while thei camen togidere ayens me; thei counceliden to take my lijf. 15 But, Lord, Y hopide in thee; Y seide, Thou art my God; my tymes ben in thin hondis. 16 Delyuer thou me fro the hondis of mynen enemyes; and fro hem that pursuen me. 17 Make thou cleer thi face on thi seruaunt; Lord, make thou me saaf in thi merci; 18 be Y not schent, for Y inwardli clepide thee. Unpitouse men be aschamed, and be led forth in to helle; 19 gileful lippys be maad doumbe. That speken wickidnesse ayens a iust man; in pride, and in mysusyng. 20 Lord, the multitude of thi swetnesse is ful greet; which thou hast hid to men dredynge thee. Thou hast maad a perfit thing to hem, that hopen in thee; in the siyt of the sones of men. 21 Thou schalt hide hem in the priuyte of thi face; fro disturblyng of men. Thou schalt defende hem in thi tabernacle; fro ayenseiyng of tungis. 22 Blessid be the Lord; for he hath maad wondurful his merci to me in a strengthid citee. 23 Forsothe Y seide in the passyng of my soule; Y am cast out fro the face of thin iyen. Therfor thou herdist the vois of my preier; while Y criede to thee. 24 Alle ye hooli men of the Lord, loue hym; for the Lord schal seke treuthe, and he schal yelde plenteuousli to hem that doen pride. 25 Alle ye that hopen in the Lord, do manli; and youre herte be coumfortid.

Psalms 31:1-119:176

1 The title of the oon and thrittithe salm. Lernyng to Dauid. Blessid ben thei, whose wickidnessis ben foryouun; and whose synnes ben hilid. 2 Blessid is the man, to whom the Lord arrettide not synne; nethir gile is in his spirit. 3 For Y was stille, my boonys wexiden elde; while Y criede al dai. 4 For bi dai and nyyt thin `hond was maad greuouse on me; Y am turned in my wretchednesse, while the thorn is set in. 5 I made my synne knowun to thee; and Y hidde not my vnriytfulnesse. I seide, Y schal knouleche ayens me myn vnriytfulnesse to the Lord; and thou hast foryoue the wickidnesse of my synne. 6 For this thing ech hooli man schal preye to thee; in couenable tyme. Netheles in the greet flood of many watris; tho schulen not neiye to thee. 7 Thou art my refuyt fro tribulacioun, that cumpasside me; thou, my fulli ioiyng, delyuere me fro hem that cumpassen me. 8 Y schal yyue vnderstondyng to thee, and Y schal teche thee; in this weie in which thou schalt go, Y schal make stidefast myn iyen on thee. 9 Nile ye be maad as an hors and mule; to whiche is noon vndurstondyng. Lord, constreyne thou the chekis of hem with a bernacle and bridil; that neiyen not to thee. 10 Many betyngis ben of the synnere; but merci schal cumpasse hym that hopith in the Lord. 11 Ye iust men, be glad, and make fulli ioie in the Lord; and alle ye riytful of herte, haue glorie.

Psalms 32:1-119:176

1 The two and threttithe salm hath no title. Ye iust men, haue fulli ioye in the Lord; presyng togidere bicometh riytful men. 2 Knouleche ye to the Lord in an harpe; synge ye to hym in a sautre of ten strengis. 3 Synge ye to hym a newe song; seie ye wel salm to hym in criyng. 4 For the word of the Lord is riytful; and alle hise werkis ben in feithfulnesse. 5 He loueth merci and doom; the erthe is ful of the merci of the Lord. 6 Heuenes ben maad stidfast bi the word of the Lord; and `al the vertu of tho bi the spirit of his mouth. 7 And he gaderith togidere the watris of the see as in a bowge; and settith depe watris in tresours. 8 Al erthe drede the Lord; sotheli alle men enhabitynge the world ben mouyd of hym. 9 For he seide, and thingis weren maad; he comaundide, and thingis weren maad of nouyt. 10 The Lord distrieth the counsels of folkis, forsothe he repreueth the thouytis of puplis; and he repreueth the counsels of prynces. 11 But the counsel of the Lord dwellith with outen ende; the thouytis of his herte dwellen in generacioun and into generacioun. 12 Blessid is the folk, whose Lord is his God; the puple which he chees into eritage to hym silf. 13 The Lord bihelde fro heuene; he siy alle the sones of men. 14 Fro his dwellyng place maad redi bifor; he bihelde on alle men, that enhabiten the erthe. 15 Which made syngulerli the soules of hem; which vndurstondith all the werkis of hem. 16 A kyng is not sauyd bi myche vertu; and a giaunt schal not be sauyd in the mychilnesse of his vertu. 17 An hors is false to helthe; forsothe he schal not be sauyd in the habundaunce, `ether plentee, of his vertu. 18 Lo! the iyen of the Lord ben on men dredynge hym; and in hem that hopen on his merci. 19 That he delyuere her soules fro deth; and feede hem in hungur. 20 Oure soule suffreth the Lord; for he is oure helpere and defendere. 21 For oure herte schal be glad in him; and we schulen haue hope in his hooli name. 22 Lord, thi merci be maad on vs; as we hopiden in thee.

Psalms 33:1-119:176

1 The title of the thre and thrittithe salm. To Dauid, whanne he chaungide his mouth bifor Abymalech, and he `droof out Dauid, `and he yede forth. 2 I schal blesse the Lord in al tyme; euere his heriyng is in my mouth. 3 Mi soule schal be preisid in the Lord; mylde men here, and be glad. 4 Magnyfie ye the Lord with me; and enhaunse we his name into it silf. 5 I souyte the Lord, and he herde me; and he delyueride me fro alle my tribulaciouns. 6 Neiye ye to him, and be ye liytned; and youre faces schulen not be schent. 7 This pore man criede, and the Lord herde hym; and sauyde hym fro alle hise tribulaciouns. 8 The aungel of the Lord sendith in the cumpas of men dredynge hym; and he schal delyuere hem. 9 Taaste ye, and se, for the Lord is swete; blessid is the man, that hopith in hym. 10 Alle ye hooli men of the Lord, drede hym; for no nedynesse is to men dredynge hym. 11 Riche men weren nedi, and weren hungri; but men that seken the Lord schulen not faile of al good. 12 Come, ye sones, here ye me; Y schal teche you the drede of the Lord. 13 Who is a man, that wole lijf; loueth to se good daies? 14 Forbede thi tunge fro yuel; and thi lippis speke not gile. 15 Turne thou awei fro yuel, and do good; seke thou pees, and perfitli sue thou it. 16 The iyen of the Lord ben on iust men; and hise eeren ben to her preiers. 17 But the cheer of the Lord is on men doynge yuels; that he leese the mynde of hem fro erthe. 18 Just men cryeden, and the Lord herde hem; and delyueride hem fro alle her tribulaciouns. 19 The Lord is nyy hem that ben of troblid herte; and he schal saue meke men in spirit. 20 Many tribulaciouns ben of iust men; and the Lord schal delyuere hem fro alle these. 21 The Lord kepith alle the boonys of hem; oon of tho schal not be brokun. 22 The deth of synneris is werst; and thei that haten a iust man schulen trespasse. 23 The Lord schal ayenbie the soulis of hise seruauntis; and alle, that hopen in him, schulen not trespasse.

Psalms 34:1-119:176

1 The title of the foure and thrittithe salm. `To Dauid. Lord, deme thou hem, that anoien me; ouercome thou hem, that fiyten ayens me. 2 Take thou armeris and scheeld; and rise vp into help to me. 3 Schede out the swerd, and close togidere ayens hem that pursuen me; seie thou to my soule, Y am thin helthe. 4 Thei that seken my lijf; be schent, and aschamed. Thei that thenken yuels to me; be turned awei bacward, and be schent. 5 Be thei maad as dust bifor the face of the wynd; and the aungel of the Lord make hem streit. 6 Her weie be maad derknesse, and slydirnesse; and the aungel of the Lord pursue hem. 7 For with out cause thei hidden to me the deth of her snare; in veyn thei dispisiden my soule. 8 The snare which he knoweth not come to hym, and the takyng which he hidde take hym; and fall he in to the snare in that thing. 9 But my soule schal fulli haue ioye in the Lord; and schal delite on his helthe. 10 Alle my boonys schulen seie, Lord, who is lijk thee? Thou delyuerist a pore man fro the hond of his strengere; a nedi man and pore fro hem that diuersely rauischen hym. 11 Wickid witnessis risynge axiden me thingis, whiche Y knewe not. 12 Thei yeldiden to me yuels for goodis; bareynnesse to my soule. 13 But whanne thei weren diseseful to me; Y was clothid in an heire. I mekide my soule in fastyng; and my preier schal be turned `with ynne my bosum. 14 I pleside so as oure neiybore, as oure brother; Y was `maad meke so as morenynge and sorewful. 15 And thei weren glad, and camen togidere ayens me; turmentis weren gaderid on me, and Y knew not. 16 Thei weren scaterid, and not compunct, thei temptiden me, thei scornyden me with mowyng; thei gnastiden on me with her teeth. 17 Lord, whanne thou schalt biholde, restore thou my soule fro the wickidnesse of hem; `restore thou myn oon aloone fro liouns. 18 I schal knowleche to thee in a greet chirche; Y schal herie thee in a sad puple. 19 Thei that ben aduersaries wickidli to me, haue not ioye on me; that haten me with out cause, and bikenen with iyen. 20 For sotheli thei spaken pesibli to me; and thei spekynge in wrathfulnesse of erthe thouyten giles. 21 And thei maden large her mouth on me; thei seiden, Wel, wel! oure iyen han sien. 22 Lord, thou hast seen, be thou not stille; Lord, departe thou not fro me. 23 Rise vp, and yyue tent to my doom; my God and my Lord, biholde in to my cause. 24 Mi Lord God, deme thou me bi thi riytfulnesse; and haue thei not ioye on me. 25 Seie thei not in her hertis, Wel, wel, to oure soule; nether seie thei, We schulen deuoure hym. 26 Shame thei, and drede thei togidere; that thanken for myn yuels. Be thei clothid with schame and drede; that speken yuele thingis on me. 27 Haue thei ful ioie, and be thei glad that wolen my riytfulnesse; and seie thei euere, The Lord be magnyfied, whiche wolen the pees of his seruaunt. 28 And my tunge schal bithenke thi riytfulnesse; al day thin heriyng.

Psalms 35:1-119:176

1 `The title of the fyue and thrittithe salm. `To victorie, to Dauid, `the seruaunt of the Lord. 2 The vniust man seide, that he trespasse in hym silf; the drede of God is not bifor hise iyen. 3 For he dide gilefuli in the siyt of God; that his wickidnesse be foundun to hatrede. 4 The wordis of his mouth ben wickidnesse and gile, he nolde vndirstonde to do wel. 5 He thouyte wickidnesse in his bed, he stood nyy al weie not good; forsothe he hatide not malice. 6 Lord, thi merci is in heuene; and thi treuthe is `til to cloudis. 7 Thi riytfulnesse is as the hillis of God; thi domes ben myche depthe of watris. Lord, thou schalt saue men and beestis; 8 as thou, God, hast multiplied thi merci. But the sones of men; schulen hope in the hilyng of thi wyngis. 9 Thei schulen be fillid gretli of the plentee of thin hows; and thou schalt yyue drynke to hem with the steef streem of thi likyng. 10 For the wel of life is at thee; and in thi liyt we schulen se liyt. 11 Lord, sette forth thi mercy to hem, that knowen thee; and thi ryytfulnesse to hem that ben of riytful herte. 12 The foot of pryde come not to me; and the hond of the synnere moue me not. 13 There thei felden doun, that worchen wickidnesse; thei ben cast out, and myyten not stonde.

Psalms 36:1-119:176

1 The title of the sixe and thrittithe salm. To Dauith. Nile thou sue wickid men; nether loue thou men doynge wickidnesse. 2 For thei schulen wexe drie swiftli as hey; and thei schulen falle doun soone as the wortis of eerbis. 3 Hope thou in the Lord, and do thou goodnesse; and enhabite thou the lond, and thou schalt be fed with hise richessis. 4 Delite thou in the Lord; and he schal yyue to thee the axyngis of thin herte. 5 Schewe thi weie to the Lord; and hope thou in hym, and he schal do. 6 And he schal lede out thi riytfulnesse as liyt, and thi doom as myddai; 7 be thou suget to the Lord, and preye thou hym. Nile thou sue hym, that hath prosperite in his weie; a man doynge vnriytfulnessis. 8 Ceese thou of ire, and forsake woodnesse; nyle thou sue, that thou do wickidli. 9 For thei, that doen wickidli, schulen be distried; but thei that suffren the Lord, schulen enerite the lond. 10 And yit a litil, and a synnere schal not be; and thou schalt seke his place, and schalt not fynde. 11 But mylde men schulen enerite the lond; and schulen delite in the multitude of pees. 12 A synnere schal aspie a riytful man; and he schal gnaste with hise teeth on hym. 13 But the Lord schal scorne the synnere; for he biholdith that his day cometh. 14 Synners drowen out swerd; thei benten her bouwe. To disseyue a pore man and nedi; to strangle riytful men of herte. 15 Her swerd entre in to the herte of hem silf; and her bouwe be brokun. 16 Betere is a litil thing to a iust man; than many richessis of synneris. 17 For the armes of synneris schal be al to-brokun; but the Lord confermeth iust men. 18 The Lord knowith the daies of vnwemmed; and her heritage schal be withouten ende. 19 Thei schulen not be schent in the yuel tyme, and thei schulen be fillid in the dayes of hungur; 20 for synneris schulen perische. Forsothe anoon as the enemyes of the Lord ben onourid, and enhaunsid; thei failynge schulen faile as smoke. 21 A synnere schal borewe, and schal not paie; but a iust man hath merci, and schal yyue. 22 For thei that blessen the Lord schulen enerite the lond; but thei that cursen hym schulen perische. 23 The goyng of a man schal be dressid anentis the Lord; and he schal wilne his weie. 24 Whanne he fallith, he schal not be hurtlid doun; for the Lord vndursettith his hond. 25 I was yongere, and sotheli Y wexide eld, and Y siy not a iust man forsakun; nethir his seed sekynge breed. 26 Al dai he hath merci, and leeneth; and his seed schal be in blessyng. 27 Bouwe thou awei fro yuel, and do good; and dwelle thou in to the world of world. 28 For the Lord loueth doom, and schal not forsake hise seyntis; thei schulen be kept with outen ende. Vniust men schulen be punyschid; and the seed of wickid men schal perische. 29 But iust men schulen enerite the lond; and schulen enabite theronne in to the world of world. 30 The mouth of a iust man schal bithenke wisdom; and his tunge schal speke doom. 31 The lawe of his God is in his herte; and hise steppis schulen not be disseyued. 32 A synnere biholdith a iust man; and sekith to sle hym. 33 But the Lord schal not forsake hym in hise hondis; nethir schal dampne hym, whanne it schal be demed ayens hym. 34 Abide thou the Lord, and kepe thou his weie, and he schal enhaunse thee, that bi eritage thou take the lond; whanne synneris schulen perische, thou schalt se. 35 I siy a wickid man enhaunsid aboue; and reisid vp as the cedris of Liban. 36 And Y passide, and lo! he was not; Y souyte hym, and his place is not foundun. 37 Kepe thou innocence, and se equite; for tho ben relikis to a pesible man. 38 Forsothe vniust men schulen perische; the relifs of wickid men schulen perische togidere. 39 But the helthe of iust men is of the Lord; and he is her defendere in the tyme of tribulacioun. 40 And the Lord schal helpe hem, and schal make hem fre, and he schal delyuere hem fro synneris; and he schal saue hem, for thei hopiden in hym.

Psalms 37:1-119:176

1 The title of the seuene and thrittithe salm. `The salm of Dauid, to bythenke on the sabat. 2 Lord, repreue thou not me in thi strong veniaunce; nether chastice thou me in thin ire. 3 For thin arowis ben fitchid in me; and thou hast confermed thin hond on me. 4 Noon helthe is in my fleisch fro the face of thin ire; no pees is to my boonys fro the face of my synnes. 5 For my wickidnessis ben goon ouer myn heed; as an heuy birthun, tho ben maad heuy on me. 6 Myn heelid woundis weren rotun, and ben brokun; fro the face of myn vnwisdom. 7 I am maad a wretche, and Y am bowid doun til in to the ende; al dai Y entride sorewful. 8 For my leendis ben fillid with scornyngis; and helthe is not in my fleisch. 9 I am turmentid, and maad low ful greetli; Y roride for the weilyng of myn herte. 10 Lord, al my desire is bifor thee; and my weilyng is not hid fro thee. 11 Myn herte is disturblid in me, my vertu forsook me; and the liyt of myn iyen `forsook me, and it is not with me. 12 My frendis and my neiyboris neiyiden; and stoden ayens me. And thei that weren bisidis me stoden afer; 13 and thei diden violence, that souyten my lijf. And thei that souyten yuels to me, spaken vanytees; and thouyten gilis al dai. 14 But Y as a deef man herde not; and as a doumb man not openynge his mouth. 15 And Y am maad as a man not herynge; and not hauynge repreuyngis in his mouth. 16 For, Lord, Y hopide in thee; my Lord God, thou schalt here me. 17 For Y seide, Lest ony tyme myn enemyes haue ioye on me; and the while my feet ben mouyd, thei spaken grete thingis on me. 18 For Y am redi to betyngis; and my sorewe is euere in my siyt. 19 For Y schal telle my wickidnesse; and Y schal thenke for my synne. 20 But myn enemyes lyuen, and ben confermed on me; and thei ben multiplyed, that haten me wickidli. 21 Thei that yelden yuels for goodis, backbitiden me; for Y suede goodnesse. 22 My Lord God, forsake thou not me; go thou not awei fro me. 23 Lord God of myn helthe; biholde thou in to myn help.

Psalms 38:1-119:176

1 The title of the eiyte and threttithe salm. For victorie, to Iditum, the song of Dauid. 2 I seide, Y schal kepe my weies; that Y trespasse not in my tunge. I settide kepyng to my mouth; whanne a synnere stood ayens me. 3 I was doumb, and was mekid ful gretli, and was stille fro goodis; and my sorewe was renulid. 4 Myn herte was hoot with ynne me; and fier schal brenne out in my thenkyng. 5 I spak in my tunge; Lord, make thou myn eende knowun to me. And the noumbre of my daies what it is; that Y wite, what failith to me. 6 Lo! thou hast set my daies mesurable; and my substaunce is as nouyt bifor thee. Netheles al vanytee; ech man lyuynge. 7 Netheles a man passith in ymage; but also he is disturblid veynli. He tresorith; and he noot, to whom he `schal gadere tho thingis. 8 And now which is myn abiding? whether not the Lord? and my substaunce is at thee. 9 Delyuere thou me fro alle my wickidnessis; thou hast youe me schenschip to the vnkunnynge. 10 I was doumbe, and openyde not my mouth; for thou hast maad, 11 remoue thou thi woundis fro me. 12 Fro the strengthe of thin hond Y failide in blamyngis; for wickidnesse thou hast chastisid man. And thou madist his lijf to faile as an yreyne; netheles ech man is disturblid in veyn. 13 Lord, here thou my preier and my bisechyng; perseyue thou with eeris my teeris. 14 Be thou not stille, for Y am a comelyng at thee; and a pilgrime, as alle my fadris. 15 Foryyue thou to me, that Y be refreischid, bifor that Y go; and Y schal no more be.

Psalms 39:1-119:176

1 The title of the nyne and threttithe salm. For victorie, the song of Dauid. 2 Y abidynge abood the Lord; and he yaf tent to me. 3 And he herde my preieris; and he ledde out me fro the lake of wretchidnesse, and fro the filthe of draft. And he ordeynede my feet on a stoon; and he dresside my goyngis. 4 And he sente in to my mouth a newe song; a song to oure God. Many men schulen se, and schulen drede; and schulen haue hope in the Lord. 5 Blessid is the man, of whom the name of the Lord is his hope; and he bihelde not in to vanitees, and in to false woodnesses. 6 Mi Lord God, thou hast maad thi merueils manye; and in thi thouytis noon is, that is lijk thee. I teld, and Y spak; and thei ben multiplied aboue noumbre. 7 Thou noldist sacrifice and offryng; but thou madist perfitli eeris to me. Thou axidist not brent sacrifice, and sacrifice for synne; 8 thanne Y seide, Lo! Y come. In the heed of the book it is writun of me, 9 that Y schulde do thi wille; my God, Y wolde; and thi lawe in the myddis of myn herte. 10 I telde thi riytfulnesse in a greet chirche; lo! Y schal not refreine my lippis, Lord, thou wistist. 11 I hidde not thi riytfulnesse in myn herte; Y seide thi treuthe and thin helthe. I hidde not thi mercy and thi treuthe; fro a myche counsel. 12 But thou, Lord, make not fer thi merciful doyngis fro me; thi mercy and treuthe euere token me vp. 13 For whi yuels, of whiche is no noumbre, cumpassiden me; my wickidnessis token me, and y myyte not, that Y schulde se. Tho ben multiplied aboue the heeris of myn heed; and myn herte forsook me. 14 Lord, plese it to thee, that thou delyuere me; Lord, biholde thou to helpe me. 15 Be thei schent, and aschamed togidere; that seken my lijf, to take awei it. Be thei turned abac, and be thei schamed; that wolen yuels to me. 16 Bere thei her confusioun anoon; that seien to me, Wel! wel! `that is, in scorn. 17 Alle men that seken thee, be fulli ioyful, and be glad on thee; and seie thei, that louen thin helthe, The Lord be magnyfied euere. 18 Forsothe Y am a beggere and pore; the Lord is bisi of me. Thou arte myn helpere and my defendere; my God, tarie thou not.

Psalms 40:1-119:176

1 The title of the fourtithe salm. For victorie, the song of Dauid. 2 Blessid is he that vndurstondith `on a nedi man and pore; the Lord schal delyuere hym in the yuel dai. 3 The Lord kepe hym, and quykene hym, and make hym blesful in the lond; and bitake not hym in to the wille of his enemyes. 4 The Lord bere help to hym on the bed of his sorewe; thou hast ofte turned al his bed stre in his sijknesse. 5 I seide, Lord, haue thou mercy on me; heele thou my soule, for Y synnede ayens thee. 6 Myn enemyes seiden yuels to me; Whanne schal he die, and his name schal perische? 7 And if he entride for to se, he spak veyn thingis; his herte gaderide wickidnesse to hym silf. 8 He yede with out forth; and spak to the same thing. Alle myn enemyes bacbitiden pryuyli ayens me; ayens me thei thouyten yuels to me. 9 Thei ordeineden an yuel word ayens me; Whether he that slepith, schal not leie to, that he rise ayen? 10 For whi the man of my pees, in whom Y hopide, he that eet my looues; made greet disseit on me. 11 But thou, Lord, haue merci on me, and reise me ayen; and Y schal yelde to hem. 12 In this thing Y knew, that thou woldist me; for myn enemye schal not haue ioye on me. 13 Forsothe thou hast take me vp for ynnocence; and hast confermed me in thi siyt with outen ende. 14 Blessid be the Lord God of Israel, fro the world and in to the world; be it doon, be it doon.

Psalms 41:1-119:176

1 The title of the oon and fourtithe salm. To victorie, to the sones of Chore. 2 As an hert desirith to the wellis of watris; so thou, God, my soule desirith to thee. 3 Mi soule thirstide to God, `that is a `quik welle; whanne schal Y come, and appere bifor the face of God? 4 Mi teeris weren looues to me bi dai and nyyt; while it is seid to me ech dai, Where is thi God? 5 I bithouyte of these thingis, and Y schedde out in me my soule; for Y schal passe in to the place of the wondurful tabernacle, til to the hows of God. In the vois of ful out ioiyng and knoulechyng; is the sown of the etere. 6 Mi soule, whi art thou sory; and whi disturblist thou me? Hope thou in God, for yit Y schal knouleche to hym; he is the helthe of my cheer, 7 and my God. My soule is disturblid at my silf; therfor, God, Y schal be myndeful of thee fro the lond of Jordan, and fro the litil hil Hermonyim. 8 Depthe clepith depthe; in the vois of thi wyndows. Alle thin hiye thingis and thi wawis; passiden ouer me. 9 The Lord sente his merci in the dai; and his song in the nyyt. 10 At me is a preier to the God of my lijf; Y schal seie to God, Thou art my `takere vp. Whi foryetist thou me; and whi go Y sorewful, while the enemy turmentith me? 11 While my boonys ben brokun togidere; myn enemyes, that troblen me, dispiseden me. While thei seien to me, bi alle daies; Where is thi God? 12 Mi soule, whi art thou sori; and whi disturblist thou me? Hope thou in God, for yit Y schal knouleche to hym; `he is the helthe of my cheer, and my God.

Psalms 42:1-119:176

1 `The two and fourtithe salm. God, deme thou me, and departe thou my cause fro a folc not hooli; delyuere thou me fro a wickid man, and gileful. 2 For thou art God, my strengthe; whi hast thou put me abac, and whi go Y soreuful, while the enemy turmentith me? 3 Sende out thi liyt, and thi treuthe; tho ledden me forth, and brouyten in to thin hooli hil, and in to thi tabernaclis. 4 And Y schal entre to the auter of God; to God, that gladith my yongthe. God, my God, Y schal knowleche to thee in an harpe; my soule, 5 whi art thou sory, and whi troblist thou me? Hope thou in God, for yit Y schal knouleche to hym; he is the helthe of my cheer, and my God.

Psalms 43:1-119:176

1 The title of the thre and fourtithe salm. `To victorie, lernyng to the sones of Chore. 2 God, we herden with oure eeris; oure fadris telden to vs. The werk, which thou wrouytist in the daies of hem; and in elde daies. 3 Thin hond lost hethene men, and thou plauntidist hem; thou turmentidist puplis, and castidist hem out. 4 For the children of Israel weldiden the lond not bi her swerd; and the arm of hem sauyde not hem. But thi riyt hond, and thin arm, and the liytnyng of thi cheer; for thou were plesid in hem. 5 Thou art thi silf, my kyng and my God; that sendist helthis to Jacob. 6 Bi thee we schulen wyndewe oure enemyes with horn; and in thi name we schulen dispise hem, that risen ayen vs. 7 For Y schal not hope in my bouwe; and my swerd schal not saue me. 8 For thou hast saued vs fro men turmentinge vs; and thou hast schent men hatinge vs. 9 We schulen be preisid in God al dai; and in thi name we schulen knouleche to thee in to the world. 10 But now thou hast put vs abac, and hast schent vs; and thou, God, schalt not go out in oure vertues. 11 Thou hast turned vs awei bihynde aftir oure enemyes; and thei, that hatiden vs, rauyschiden dyuerseli to hem silf. 12 Thou hast youe vs as scheep of meetis; and among hethene men thou hast scaterid vs. 13 Thou hast seeld thi puple with out prijs; and multitude was not in the chaungyngis of hem. 14 Thou hast set vs schenschip to oure neiyboris; mouwyng and scorn to hem that ben in oure cumpas. 15 Thou hast set vs into licnesse to hethene me; stiryng of heed among puplis. 16 Al dai my schame is ayens me; and the schenschipe of my face hilide me. 17 Fro the vois of dispisere, and yuele spekere; fro the face of enemy, and pursuere. 18 Alle these thingis camen on vs, and we han not foryete thee; and we diden not wickidli in thi testament. 19 And oure herte yede not awei bihynde; and thou hast bowid awei oure pathis fro thi weie. 20 For thou hast maad vs lowe in the place of turment; and the schadewe of deth hilide vs. 21 If we foryaten the name of oure God; and if we helden forth oure hondis to an alien God. 22 Whether God schal not seke these thingis? for he knowith the hid thingis of herte. For whi we ben slayn al dai for thee; we ben demed as scheep of sleyng. 23 Lord, rise vp, whi slepist thou? rise vp, and putte not awei in to the ende. 24 Whi turnest thou awei thi face? thou foryetist oure pouert, and oure tribulacioun. 25 For oure lijf is maad low in dust; oure wombe is glued togidere in the erthe. 26 Lord, rise vp thou, and helpe vs; and ayenbie vs for thi name.

Psalms 44:1-119:176

1 The title of the foure and fourtithe salm. To the ouercomere for the lilies, the most loued song of lernyng of the sones of Chore. 2 Myn herte hath teld out a good word; Y seie my workis `to the kyng. Mi tunge is `a penne of a writere; writynge swiftli. 3 Crist, thou art fairer in schap than the sones of men; grace is spred abrood in thi lippis; therfor God blessid thee withouten ende. 4 Be thou gird with thi swerd; on thi hipe most myytili. 5 Biholde thou in thi schaplynesse and thi fairnesse; come thou forth with prosperite, and regne thou. For treuthe, and myldenesse, and riytfulnesse; and thi riyt hond schal lede forth thee wondurfuli. 6 Thi scharpe arowis schulen falle in to the hertis of the enemyes of the kyng; puplis schulen be vndur thee. 7 God, thi seete is in to the world of world; the yerde of thi rewme is a yerde of riyt reulyng, `ethir of equite. 8 Thou louedist riytfulnesse, and hatidist wickidnesse; therfor thou, God, thi God, anoyntide thee with the oile of gladnesse, more than thi felowis. 9 Mirre, and gumme, and cassia, of thi clothis, of the `housis yuer; 10 of whiche the douytris of kyngis delitiden thee. A queen stood nyy on thi riyt side in clothing ouergildid; cumpassid with dyuersitee. 11 Douyter, here thou, and se, and bowe doun thin eere; and foryete thi puple, and the hows of thi fadir. 12 And the kyng schal coueyte thi fairnesse; for he is thi Lord God, and thei schulen worschipe hym. 13 And the douytris of Tire in yiftis; alle the riche men of the puple schulen biseche thi cheer. 14 Al the glorye of that douyter of the kyng is with ynne in goldun hemmes; 15 sche is clothid aboute with dyuersitees. Virgyns schulen be brouyt to the kyng aftir hir; hir neiyboressis schulen be brouyt to thee. 16 Thei schulen be brouyt in gladnesse, and ful out ioiyng; thei schulen be brouyt in to the temple of the kyng. 17 Sones ben borun to thee, for thi fadris; thou schalt ordeyne hem princes on al erthe. 18 Lord, thei schulen be myndeful of thi name; in ech generacioun, and in to generacioun. Therfor puplis schulen knouleche to thee withouten ende; and in to the world of world.

Psalms 45:1-119:176

1 The title of the five and fourtithe salm. To the ouercomere, the song of the sones `of Chore, `for yongthis. 2 Oure God, thou art refuyt, and vertu; helpere in tribulacions, that han founde vs greetly. 3 Therfor we schulen not drede, while the erthe schal be troblid; and the hillis schulen be borun ouer in to the herte of the see. 4 The watris of hem sowneden, and weren troblid; hillis weren troblid togidere in the strengthe of hym. 5 The feersnesse of flood makith glad the citee of God; the hiyeste God hath halewid his tabernacle. 6 God in the myddis therof schal not be moued; God schal helpe it eerli in the grey morewtid. 7 Hethene men weren disturblid togidere, and rewmes weren bowid doun; God yaf his vois, the erthe was moued. 8 The Lord of vertues is with vs; God of Jacob is oure vptakere. 9 Come ye, and se the werkis of the Lord; whiche wondris he hath set on the erthe. 10 He doynge awei batels til to the ende of the lond; schal al to-brese bouwe, and schal breke togidere armuris, and schal brenne scheldis bi fier. 11 Yyue ye tent, and se ye, that Y am God; Y schal be enhaunsid among hethene men; and Y schal be enhaunsid in erthe. 12 The Lord of vertues is with vs; God of Jacob is oure vptakere.

Psalms 46:1-119:176

1 The title of the sixte and fourtithe salm. To victorie, a salm to the sones of Chore. 2 Alle ye folkis, make ioie with hondis; synge ye hertli to God in the vois of ful out ioiyng. 3 For the Lord is hiy and ferdful; a greet kyng on al erthe. 4 He made puplis suget to vs; and hethene men vndur oure feet. 5 He chees his eritage to vs; the fairnesse of Jacob, whom he louyde. 6 God stiede in hertli song; and the Lord in the vois of a trumpe. 7 Synge ye to oure God, synge ye; synge ye to oure kyng, synge ye. 8 For God is kyng of al erthe; synge ye wiseli. 9 God schal regne on hethene men; God sittith on his hooli seete. 10 The princes of puplis ben gaderid togidere with God of Abraham; for the stronge goddis of erthe ben reisid greetli.

Psalms 47:1-119:176

1 The title of the seuene and fourtithe salm. The song of salm, of the sones of Chore. 2 The Lord is greet, and worthi to be preisid ful myche; in the citee of oure God, in the hooli hil of hym. 3 It is foundid in the ful out ioiyng of al erthe; the hil of Syon; the sidis of the north, the citee of the greet kyng. 4 God schal be knowun in the housis therof; whanne he schal take it. 5 For lo! the kyngis of erthe weren gaderid togidere; thei camen into o place. 6 Thei seynge so wondriden; thei weren disturblid, thei weren mouyd togidere, tremblyng took hem. 7 There sorewis as of a womman trauelynge of child; 8 in a greet spirit thou schalt al to-breke the schippis of Tharsis. 9 As we herden, so we sien, in the citee of the Lord of vertues, in the citee of oure God; God hath foundid that citee with outen ende. 10 God, we han resseyued thi mercy; in the myddis of thi temple. 11 Aftir thi name, God, so thin heriyng is spred abrood in to the endis of erthe; thi riyt hond is ful of riytfulnesse. 12 The hil of Sion be glad, and the douytris of Judee be fulli ioiful; for thi domes, Lord. 13 Cumpasse ye Syon, and biclippe ye it; telle ye in the touris therof. 14 Sette ye youre hertis in the vertu of him; and departe ye the housis of hym, that ye telle out in an other generacioun. 15 For this is God, oure God, in to withouten ende, and in to the world of world; he schal gouerne vs in to worldis.

Psalms 48:1-119:176

1 The title of the eiyte and fourtithe salm. To victorie, a salm to the sones of Chore. 2 Alle ye folkis, here these thingis; alle ye that dwellen in the world, perseyue with eeris. 3 Alle the sones of erthe and the sones of men; togidere the riche man and the pore in to oon. 4 Mi mouth schal speke wisdom; and the thenkyng of myn herte schal speke prudence. 5 I schal bouwe doun myn eere in to a parable; Y schal opene my resoun set forth in a sautree. 6 Whi schal Y drede in the yuel dai? the wickidnesse of myn heele schal cumpasse me. 7 Whiche tristen in her owne vertu; and han glorie in the multitude of her richessis. 8 A brother ayenbieth not, schal a man ayenbie? and he schal not yyue to God his plesyng. 9 And he schal not yyue the prijs of raunsum of his soule; and he schal trauele with outen ende, 10 and he schal lyue yit in to the ende. 11 He schal not se perischyng, whanne he schal se wise men diynge; the vnwise man and fool schulen perische togidere. And thei schulen leeue her richessis to aliens; 12 and the sepulcris of hem ben the housis of hem with outen ende. The tabernaclis of hem ben in generacioun and generacioun; thei clepiden her names in her londis. 13 A man, whanne he was in honour, vndurstood not; he is comparisound to vnwise beestis, and he is maad lijk to tho. 14 This weie of hem is sclaundir to hem; and aftirward thei schulen plese togidere in her mouth. 15 As scheep thei ben set in helle; deth schal gnawe hem. And iust men schulen be lordis of hem in the morewtid; and the helpe of hem schal wexe eld in helle, for the glorie of hem. 16 Netheles God schal ayenbie my soule from the power of helle; whanne he schal take me. 17 Drede thou not, whanne a man is maad riche; and the glorie of his hows is multiplied. 18 For whanne he schal die, he schal not take alle thingis; and his glorie schal not go doun with him. 19 For his soule schal be blessid in his lijf; he schal knouleche to thee, whanne thou hast do wel to hym. 20 He schal entre til in to the generaciouns of hise fadris; and til in to with outen ende he schal not se liyt. 21 A man, whanne he was in honour, vndurstood not; he is comparisound to vnwise beestis, and is maad lijk to tho.

Psalms 49:1-119:176

1 The title of the nyne and fourtithe salm. The salm of Asaph. God, the Lord of goddis, spak; and clepide the erthe, 2 fro the risynge of the sunne til to the goyng doun. The schap of his fairnesse fro Syon, 3 God schal come opynli; oure God, and he schal not be stille. Fier schal brenne an hiye in his siyt; and a strong tempest in his cumpas. 4 He clepide heuene aboue; and the erthe, to deme his puple. 5 Gadere ye to hym hise seyntis; that ordeynen his testament aboue sacrifices. 6 `And heuenes schulen schewe his riytfulnesse; for God is the iuge. 7 Mi puple, here thou, and Y schal speke to Israel; and Y schal witnesse to thee, Y am God, thi God. 8 I schal not repreue thee in thi sacrifices; and thi brent sacrifices ben euere bifor me. 9 I schal not take calues of thin hows; nethir geet buckis of thi flockis. 10 For alle the wyelde beestis of wodis ben myne; werk beestis, and oxis in hillis. 11 I haue knowe alle the volatils of heuene; and the fairnesse of the feeld is with me. 12 If Y schal be hungry, Y schal not seie to thee; for the world and the fulnesse therof is myn. 13 Whether Y schal eete the fleischis of boolis? ethir schal Y drynke the blood of geet buckis? 14 Offre thou to God the sacrifice of heriyng; and yelde thin avowis to the hiyeste God. 15 And inwardli clepe thou me in the dai of tribulacioun; and Y schal delyuere thee, and thou schalt onoure me. 16 But God seide to the synnere, Whi tellist thou out my riytfulnessis; and takist my testament bi thi mouth? 17 Sotheli thou hatidist lore; and hast cast awey my wordis bihynde. 18 If thou siyest a theef, thou `hast runne with hym; and thou settidist thi part with avowtreris. 19 Thi mouth was plenteuouse of malice; and thi tunge medlide togidere giles. 20 Thou sittynge spakist ayens thi brother, and thou settidist sclaundir ayens the sone of thi modir; 21 thou didist these thingis, and Y was stille. Thou gessidist wickidli, that Y schal be lijk thee; Y schal repreue thee, and Y schal sette ayens thi face. 22 Ye that foryeten God, vndurstonde these thingis; lest sum tyme he rauysche, and noon be that schal delyuere. 23 The sacrifice of heriyng schal onoure me; and there is the weie, where ynne Y schal schewe to hym the helthe of God.

Psalms 50:1-119:176

1 The title of the fiftithe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid; 2 `whanne Nathan the prophete cam to hym, whanne he entride to Bersabee. 3 God, haue thou merci on me; bi thi greet merci. And bi the mychilnesse of thi merciful doyngis; do thou awei my wickidnesse. 4 More waische thou me fro my wickidnesse; and clense thou me fro my synne. 5 For Y knouleche my wickidnesse; and my synne is euere ayens me. 6 I haue synned to thee aloone, and Y haue do yuel bifor thee; that thou be iustified in thi wordis, and ouercome whanne thou art demed. For lo! 7 Y was conseyued in wickednessis; and my modir conceyuede me in synnes. 8 For lo! thou louedist treuthe; thou hast schewid to me the vncerteyn thingis, and pryuy thingis of thi wisdom. 9 Lord, sprenge thou me with ysope, and Y schal be clensid; waische thou me, and Y schal be maad whijt more than snow. 10 Yyue thou ioie, and gladnesse to myn heryng; and boonys maad meke schulen ful out make ioye. 11 Turne awei thi face fro my synnes; and do awei alle my wickidnesses. 12 God, make thou a clene herte in me; and make thou newe a riytful spirit in my entrailis. 13 Caste thou me not awei fro thi face; and take thou not awei fro me thin hooli spirit. 14 Yiue thou to me the gladnesse of thyn helthe; and conferme thou me with the principal spirit. 15 I schal teche wickid men thi weies; and vnfeithful men schulen be conuertid to thee. 16 God, the God of myn helthe, delyuere thou me fro bloodis; and my tunge schal ioyfuli synge thi riytfulnesse. 17 Lord, `opene thou my lippis; and my mouth schal telle thi preysyng. 18 For if thou haddist wold sacrifice, Y hadde youe; treuli thou schalt not delite in brent sacrifices. 19 A sacrifice to God is a spirit troblid; God, thou schalt not dispise a contrit herte and `maad meke. 20 Lord, do thou benygneli in thi good wille to Syon; that the wallis of Jerusalem be bildid. 21 Thanne thou schalt take plesauntli the sacrifice of riytfulnesse, offryngis, and brent sacrifices; thanne thei schulen putte calues on thin auter.

Psalms 51:1-119:176

1 The title of the oon and fiftithe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid, 2 `whanne Doech Idumei cam, and telde to Saul, and seide to him, Dauid cam in to the hows of Abymelech. 3 What hast thou glorie in malice; which art miyti in wickidnesse? 4 Al dai thi tunge thouyte vnriytfulnesse; as a scharp rasour thou hast do gile. 5 Thou louedist malice more than benygnite; `thou louedist wickidnesse more than to speke equite. 6 Thou louedist alle wordis of casting doun; with a gileful tunge. 7 Therfor God schal distrie thee in to the ende, he schal drawe thee out bi the roote, and he schal make thee to passe awei fro thi tabernacle; and thi roote fro the lond of lyuynge men. 8 Iust men schulen se, and schulen drede; and thei schulen leiye on hym, and thei schulen seie, Lo! 9 the man that settide not God his helpere. But he hopide in the multitude of his richessis; and hadde maistrie in his vanite. 10 Forsothe Y, as a fruytful olyue tre in the hous of God; hopide in the merci of God with outen ende, and in to the world of world. 11 Y schal knowleche to thee in to the world, for thou hast do mercy to me; and Y schal abide thi name, for it is good in the siyt of thi seyntis.

Psalms 52:1-119:176

1 The title of the two and fiftithe salm. To the ouercomer bi the quere, the lernyng of Dauid. The vnwise man seide in his herte; God is not. 2 Thei ben `corrupt, and maad abhomynable in her wickidnessis; noon is that doith good. 3 God bihelde fro heuene on the sones of men; that he se, if `ony is vndurstondynge, ether sekynge God. 4 Alle boweden awei, thei ben maad vnprofitable togidre; noon is that doith good, ther is not til to oon. 5 Whether alle men, that worchen wickidnesse, schulen not wite; whiche deuouren my puple as the mete of breed? 6 Thei clepiden not God; there thei trembliden for drede, where no drede was. For God hath scaterid the boones of hem, that plesen men; thei ben schent, for God hath forsake hem. 7 Who schal yyue fro Syon helthe to Israel? whanne the Lord hath turned the caitifte of his puple, Jacob schal `ful out make ioie, and Israel schal be glad.

Psalms 53:1-119:176

1 The title of the thre and fiftithe salm. To victorie in orguns, ether in salmes, the lernyng of Dauid, 2 `whanne Zyfeys camen, and seiden to Saul, Whethir Dauid is not hid at vs? 3 God, in thi name make thou me saaf; and in thi vertu deme thou me. 4 God, here thou my preier; with eeris perseyue thou the wordis of my mouth. 5 For aliens han rise ayens me, and stronge men souyten my lijf; and thei settiden not God bifor her siyt. 6 For, lo! God helpith me; and the Lord is vptaker of my soule. 7 Turne thou awei yuelis to myn enemyes; and leese thou hem in thi treuthe. 8 Wilfuli Y schal make sacrifice to thee; and, Lord, Y schal knouleche to thi name, for it is good. 9 For thou delyueridist me fro al tribulacioun; and myn iye dispiside on myn enemyes.

Psalms 54:1-119:176

1 The title of the foure and fiftithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To victorie in orguns, the lernyng of Dauid. `In Jeroms translacioun thus, To the ouercomer in salmes of Dauid lernid. 2 God, here thou my preier, and dispise thou not my biseching; 3 yyue thou tent to me, and here thou me. I am sorewful in myn exercising; and Y am disturblid of the face of the enemye, 4 and of the tribulacioun of the synner. For thei bowiden wickidnessis in to me; and in ire thei weren diseseful to me. 5 Myn herte was disturblid in me; and the drede of deth felde on me. 6 Drede and trembling camen on me; and derknessis hiliden me. 7 And Y seide, Who schal yyue to me fetheris, as of a culuer; and Y schal fle, and schal take rest? 8 Lo! Y yede fer awei, and fledde; and Y dwellide in wildirnesse. 9 I abood hym, that made me saaf fro the litilnesse, `ether drede, of spirit; and fro tempest. 10 Lord, caste thou doun, departe thou the tungis of hem; for Y siy wickidnesse and ayenseiyng in the citee. 11 Bi dai and nyyt wickidnesse schal cumpasse it on the wallis therof; 12 and trauel and vnriytfulnesse ben in the myddis therof. And vsure and gile failide not; fro the stretis therof. 13 For if myn enemye hadde cursid me; sotheli Y hadde suffride. And if he, that hatide me, hadde spoke greet thingis on me; in hap Y hadde hid me fro hym. 14 But thou art a man of o wille; my leeder, and my knowun. 15 Which tokist togidere swete meetis with me; we yeden with consent in the hous of God. 16 Deth come on hem; and go thei doun quyk in to helle. For weiwardnessis ben in the dwelling places of hem; in the myddis of hem. 17 But Y criede to thee, Lord; and the Lord sauede me. 18 In the euentid and morewtid and in myddai Y schal telle, and schewe; and he schal here my vois. 19 He schal ayenbie my soule in pees fro hem, that neiyen to me; for among manye thei weren with me. 20 God schal here; and he that is bifore the worldis schal make hem low. For chaungyng is not to hem, and thei dredden not God; 21 he holdith forth his hoond in yelding. Thei defouliden his testament, 22 the cheris therof weren departid fro ire; and his herte neiyede. The wordis therof weren softer than oyle; and tho ben dartis. 23 Caste thi cure on the Lord, and he schal fulli nurische thee; and he schal not yyue with outen ende flotering to a iust man. 24 But thou, God, schalt lede hem forth; in to the pit of deth. Menquelleris and gilours schulen not haue half her daies; but, Lord, Y schal hope in thee.

Psalms 55:1-119:176

1 The title of the fyue and fiftithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To the ouercomyng on the doumb culuer of fer drawing awei, the comely song of Dauid, whanne Filisteis helden hym in Geth. `In Jeroms translacioun thus, To the ouercomer for the doumb culuer, for it yede awei fer. Dauid meke and symple made this salm, whanne Palesteyns helden hym in Geth. 2 God, haue thou merci on me, for a man hath defoulid me; al dai he impugnyde, and troublide me. 3 Myn enemyes defouliden me al dai; for manye fiyteris weren ayens me. 4 Of the hiynesse of dai Y schal drede; but God Y schal hope in thee. 5 In God Y schal preise my wordis; Y hopide in God, Y schal not drede what thing fleisch schal do to me. 6 Al dai thei cursiden my wordis; ayens me alle her thouytis weren in to yuel. 7 Thei schulen dwelle, and schulen hide; thei schulen aspie myn heele. 8 As thei abiden my lijf, for nouyt schalt thou make hem saaf; in ire thou schalt breke togidre puplis. 9 God, Y schewide my lijf to thee; thou hast set my teeris in thi siyt. As and in thi biheest, Lord; 10 thanne myn enemyes schulen be turned abak. In what euere dai Y schal inwardli clepe thee; lo! Y haue knowe, that thou art my God. 11 In God Y schal preise a word; in the Lord Y schal preyse a word. Y schal hope in God; Y schal not drede what thing a man schal do to me. 12 God, thin auowis ben in me; whiche Y schal yelde heriyngis to thee. 13 For thou hast delyuerid my lijf fro deth, and my feet fro slidyng; that Y pleese bifore God in the liyt of hem that lyuen.

Psalms 56:1-119:176

1 The title of the sixte and fiftithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To the victorie, lese thou not the semeli song, `ether the `swete song of Dauid, `whanne he fledde fro the face of Saul in to the denne. `In Jeroms translacioun thus, For victorie, that thou lese not Dauid, meke and simple, whanne he fledde fro the face of Saul in to the denne. 2 God, haue thou merci on me, haue thou merci on me; for my soule tristith in thee. And Y schal hope in the schadewe of thi wyngis; til wickidnesse passe. 3 I schal crye to God altherhiyeste; to God that dide wel to me. 4 He sente fro heuene, and delyuerede me; he yaf in to schenschip hem that defoulen me. God sente his merci and his treuthe, 5 and delyuerede my soule fro the myddis of whelpis of liouns; Y slepte disturblid. The sones of men, the teeth of hem ben armuris and arowis; and her tunge is a scharp swerd. 6 God, be thou enhaunsid aboue heuenes; and thi glorie aboue al erthe. 7 Thei maden redi a snare to my feet; and thei greetly boweden my lijf. Thei delueden a diche bifore my face; and thei felden doun in to it. 8 God, myn herte is redi, myn herte is redi; Y schal singe, and Y schal seie salm. 9 Mi glorie, rise thou vp; sautrie and harpe, rise thou vp; Y schal rise vp eerli. 10 Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee among puplis; and Y schal seie salm among hethene men. 11 For thi merci is magnified til to heuenes; and thi treuthe til to cloudis. 12 God, be thou enhaunsid aboue heuenes; and thi glorie ouer al erthe.

Psalms 57:1-119:176

1 The title of the seuene and fiftithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To victorie; `lese thou not the swete song, ether the semely salm, of Dauid. `In Jeroms translacioun thus, To the ouercomere, that thou lese not Dauid, meke and simple. 2 Forsothe if ye speken riytfulnesse verili; ye sones of men, deme riytfuli. 3 For in herte ye worchen wickidnesse in erthe; youre hondis maken redi vnriytfulnessis. 4 Synneris weren maad aliens fro the wombe; thei erriden fro the wombe, thei spaken false thingis. 5 Woodnesse is to hem, bi the licnesse of a serpent; as of a deef snake, and stoppynge hise eeris. 6 Which schal not here the vois of charmeris; and of a venym makere charmynge wiseli. 7 God schal al to-breke the teeth of hem in her mouth; the Lord schal breke togidere the greet teeth of liouns. 8 Thei schulen come to nouyt, as water rennynge awei; he bente his bouwe, til thei ben maad sijk. 9 As wexe that fletith awei, thei schulen be takun awei; fier felle aboue, and thei siyen not the sunne. 10 Bifore that youre thornes vndurstoden the ramne; he swolewith hem so in ire, as lyuynge men. 11 The iust man schal be glad, whanne he schal se veniaunce; he schal waische hise hondis in the blood of a synner. 12 And a man schal seie treuli, For fruyt is to a iust man; treuli God is demynge hem in erthe.

Psalms 58:1-119:176

1 The title of the eiyte and fiftithe salm. `In Jeroms translacioun thus, To the ouercomer, that thou lese not Dauid, meke and simple, `whanne Saul sente and kepte the hous, to slee hym. `In Ebreu thus, To the ouercomyng, leese thou not the semeli song of Dauid, and so forth. 2 Mi God, delyuer thou me fro myn enemyes; and delyuer thou me fro hem that risen ayens me. 3 Delyuer thou me fro hem that worchen wickidnesse; and saue thou me fro menquelleris. 4 For lo! thei han take my soule; stronge men fellen in on me. 5 Nethir my wickidnesse, nether my synne; Lord, Y ran with out wickidnesse, and dresside `my werkis. 6 Rise vp thou in to my meetyng, and se; and thou, Lord God of vertues, art God of Israel. Yyue thou tent to visite alle folkis; do thou not merci to alle that worchen wickidnesse. 7 Thei schulen be turned at euentid, and thei as doggis schulen suffre hungir; and thei schulen cumpas the citee. 8 Lo! thei schulen speke in her mouth, and a swerd in her lippis; for who herde? 9 And thou, Lord, schalt scorne hem; thou schalt bringe alle folkis to nouyt. 10 I schal kepe my strengthe to thee; 11 for God is myn vptaker, my God, his mercy schal come byfore me. 12 God schewide to me on myn enemyes, slee thou not hem; lest ony tyme my puples foryete. Scatere thou hem in thi vertu; and, Lord, my defender, putte thou hem doun. 13 Putte thou doun the trespas of her mouth, and the word of her lippis; and be thei takun in her pride. And of cursyng and of leesyng; thei schulen be schewid in the endyng. 14 In the ire of ending, and thei schulen not be; and thei schulen wite, that the Lord schal be Lord of Jacob, and of the endis of erthe. 15 Thei schulen be turned at euentid, and thei as doggis schulen suffre hungur; and thei schulen cumpas the citee. 16 Thei schulen be scaterid abrood, for to eete; sotheli if thei ben not fillid, and thei schulen grutche. 17 But Y schal synge thi strengthe; and eerli Y schal enhaunse thi merci. For thou art maad myn vptaker; and my refuyt, in the dai of my tribulacioun. 18 Myn helper, Y schal synge to thee; for thou art God, myn vptaker, my God, my mercy.

Psalms 59:1-119:176

1 The title of the nyne and fiftithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To victorie, on the witnessyng of roose, the swete song of Dauid, to teche, `whanne he fauyte ayens Aram of floodis, and Sirie of Soba; and Joab turnede ayen, and smoot Edom in the `valei of salt pittis, twelue thousynde. `In Jeroms translacioun thus, 2 To the ouercomer for lilies, the witnessing of meke and parfit Dauid, to teche, whanne he fauyte ayens Sirie of Mesopotamye, and Soba, and so forth. 3 God, thou hast put awei vs, and thou hast distried vs; thou were wrooth, and thou hast do merci to vs. 4 Thou mouedist the erthe, and thou disturblidist it; make thou hool the sorewis therof, for it is moued. 5 Thou schewidist harde thingis to thi puple; thou yauest drynk to vs with the wyn of compunccioun. 6 Thou hast youe a signefiyng to hem that dreden thee; that thei fle fro the face of the bouwe. That thi derlyngis be delyuered; 7 make thou saaf with thi riyt hond `the puple of Israel, and here thou me. 8 God spak bi his hooli; Y schal be glad, and Y schal departe Siccimam, and Y schal meete the greet valei of tabernaclis. 9 Galaad is myn, and Manasses is myn; and Effraym is the strengthe of myn heed. 10 Juda is my king; Moab is the pot of myn hope. In to Idumee Y schal stretche forth my scho; aliens ben maad suget to me. 11 Who schal lede me in to a citee maad strong; who schal leede me til in to Ydumee? 12 Whether not thou, God, that hast put awei vs; and schalt thou not, God, go out in oure vertues? 13 Lord, yyue thou to vs help of tribulacioun; for the heelthe of man is veyn. 14 In God we schulen make vertu; and he schal bringe to nouyt hem that disturblen vs.

Psalms 60:1-119:176

1 The titil of the sixtithe salm. To the victorie on orgun, to Dauid hym silf. 2 God, here thou my biseching; yyue thou tent to my preyer. 3 Fro the endis of the lond Y criede to thee; the while myn herte was angwischid, thou enhaunsidist me in a stoon. 4 Thou laddest me forth, for thou art maad myn hope; a tour of strengthe fro the face of the enemye. 5 I schal dwelle in thi tabernacle in to worldis; Y schal be keuered in the hilyng of thi wengis. 6 For thou, my God, hast herd my preier; thou hast youe eritage to hem that dreden thi name. 7 Thou schalt adde daies on the daies of the king; hise yeeris til in to the dai of generacioun and of generacioun. 8 He dwellith with outen ende in the siyt of God; who schal seke the merci and treuthe of hym? 9 So Y schal seie salm to thi name in to the world of world; that Y yelde my vowis fro dai in to dai.

Psalms 61:1-119:176

1 The titil of the oon and sixtithe salm. To the victorie on Iditum, the salm of Dauid. 2 Whether my soule schal not be suget to God; for myn heelthe is of hym. 3 For whi he is bothe my God, and myn heelthe; my `taker vp, Y schal no more be moued. 4 Hou longe fallen ye on a man? alle ye sleen; as to a wal bowid, and a wal of stoon with out morter cast doun. 5 Netheles thei thouyten to putte awei my prijs, Y ran in thirst; with her mouth thei blessiden, and in her herte thei cursiden. 6 Netheles, my soule, be thou suget to God; for my pacience is of hym. 7 For he is my God, and my saueour; myn helpere, Y schal not passe out. 8 Myn helthe, and my glorie is in God; God is the yyuer of myn help, and myn hope is in God. 9 Al the gaderyng togidere of the puple, hope ye in God, schede ye out youre hertis bifore hym; God is oure helpere with outen ende. 10 Netheles the sones of men ben veyne; the sones of men ben liers in balauncis, that thei disseyue of vanytee in to the same thing. 11 Nile ye haue hope in wickidnesse, and nyle ye coueyte raueyns; if ritchessis be plenteuouse, nyle ye sette the herte therto. 12 God spak onys, Y herde these twei thingis, that power is of God, and, thou Lord, mercy is to thee; 13 for thou schalt yelde to ech man bi hise werkis.

Psalms 62:1-119:176

1 The titil of the two and sixtithe salm. `The salm of Dauid, `whanne he was in the desert of Judee. 2 God, my God, Y wake to thee ful eerli. Mi soule thirstide to thee; my fleisch thirstide to thee ful many foold. 3 In a lond forsakun with out wei, and with out water, so Y apperide to thee in hooli; that Y schulde se thi vertu, and thi glorie. 4 For thi merci is betere than lyues; my lippis schulen herie thee. 5 So Y schal blesse thee in my lijf; and in thi name Y schal reise myn hondis. 6 Mi soule be fillid as with inner fatnesse and vttermere fatnesse; and my mouth schal herie with lippis of ful out ioiyng. 7 So Y hadde mynde on thee on my bed, in morewtidis Y shal thenke of thee; 8 for thou were myn helpere. And in the keueryng of thi wyngis Y schal make `ful out ioye, my soule cleuede after thee; 9 thi riythond took me vp. 10 Forsothe thei souyten in veyn my lijf, thei schulen entre in to the lower thingis of erthe; 11 thei schulen be bitakun in to the hondis of swerd, thei schulen be maad the partis of foxis. 12 But the king schal be glad in God; and alle men schulen be preysid that sweren in hym, for the mouth of hem, that speken wickid thingis, is stoppid.

Psalms 63:1-119:176

1 The titil of the thre and sixtithe salm. `In Ebrewe thus, To the victorie, the salm of Dauid. `In Jerom `thus, To the ouercomer, the song of Dauid. 2 God, here thou my preier, whanne Y biseche; delyuere thou my soule fro the drede of the enemy. 3 Thou hast defendid me fro the couent of yuele doers; fro the multitude of hem that worchen wickidnesse. 4 For thei scharpiden her tungis as a swerd, thei benten a bowe, a bittir thing; 5 for to schete in priuetees hym that is vnwemmed. 6 Sodeynli thei schulen schete hym, and thei schulen not drede; thei maden stidefast to hem silf a wickid word. Thei telden, that thei schulden hide snaris; thei seiden, Who schal se hem? 7 Thei souyten wickidnessis; thei souyten, and failiden in sekinge. A man neiyhe to deep herte; 8 and God schal be enhaunsid. The arowis of `litle men ben maad the woundis of hem; 9 and the tungis of hem ben maad sijk ayens hem. Alle men ben disturblid, that sien hem; 10 and ech man dredde. And thei telden the werkis of God; and vndurstoden the dedis of God. 11 The iust man schal be glad in the Lord, and schal hope in hym; and alle men of riytful herte schulen be preisid.

Psalms 64:1-119:176

1 The titil of the foure and sixtithe salm. `To victorie, `the salm of the song of Dauid. 2 God, heriyng bicometh thee in Syon; and a vow schal be yolden to thee in Jerusalem. 3 Here thou my preier; ech man schal come to thee. 4 The wordis of wickid men hadden the maistrye ouer vs; and thou schalt do merci to oure wickidnessis. 5 Blessid is he, whom thou hast chose, and hast take; he schal dwelle in thin hallis. We schulen be fillid with the goodis of thin hous; 6 thi temple is hooli, wondurful in equite. God, oure heelthe, here thou vs; thou art hope of alle coostis of erthe, and in the see afer. 7 And thou makest redi hillis in thi vertu, and art gird with power; 8 which disturblist the depthe of the see, the soun of the wawis therof. 9 Folkis schulen be disturblid, and thei that dwellen in the endis schulen drede of thi signes; thou schalt delite the outgoingis of the morewtid and euentid. 10 Thou hast visitid the lond, and hast greetli fillid it; thou hast multiplied to make it riche. The flood of God was fillid with watris; thou madist redi the mete of hem, for the makyng redi therof is so. 11 Thou fillynge greetli the stremes therof, multiplie the fruytis therof; the lond bringinge forth fruytis schal be glad in goteris of it. 12 Thou schalt blesse the coroun of the yeer of thi good wille; and thi feeldis schulen be fillid with plentee of fruytis. 13 The feire thingis of desert schulen wexe fatte; and litle hillis schulen be cumpassid with ful out ioiyng. 14 The wetheris of scheep ben clothid, and valeis schulen be plenteuouse of wheete; thei schulen crye, and sotheli thei schulen seye salm.

Psalms 65:1-119:176

1 The titil of the fyue and sixtithe salm. To the victorie, the song of salm. 2 Al the erthe, make ye ioie hertli to God, seie ye salm to his name; yyue ye glorie to his heriyng. 3 Seie ye to God, Lord, thi werkis ben dredeful; in the multitude of thi vertu thin enemyes schulen lie to thee. 4 God, al the erthe worschipe thee, and synge to thee; seie it salm to thi name. 5 Come ye and se ye the werkis of God; ferdful in counseils on the sones of men. 6 Which turnede the see in to drie lond; in the flood thei schulen passe with foot, there we schulen be glad in hym. 7 Which is Lord in his vertu withouten ende, hise iyen biholden on folkis; thei that maken scharp be not enhaunsid in hem silf. 8 Ye hethen men, blesse oure God; and make ye herd the vois of his preising. 9 That hath set my soule to lijf, and yaf not my feet in to stiryng. 10 For thou, God, hast preued vs; thou hast examyned vs bi fier, as siluer is examyned. 11 Thou leddist vs in to a snare, thou puttidist tribulaciouns in oure bak; 12 thou settidist men on oure heedis. We passiden bi fier and water; and thou leddist vs out in to refreschyng. 13 I schal entre in to thin hous in brent sacrifices; Y schal yelde to thee my vowis, 14 which my lippis spaken distinctly. And my mouth spake in my tribulacioun; 15 Y shal offre to thee brent sacrificis ful of merowy, with the brennyng of rammes; Y schal offre to thee oxis with buckis of geet. 16 Alle ye that dreden God, come and here, and Y schal telle; hou grete thingis he hath do to my soule. 17 I criede to hym with my mouth; and Y ioyede fulli vndir my tunge. 18 If Y bihelde wickidnesse in myn herte; the Lord schal not here. 19 Therfor God herde; and perseyuede the vois of my bisechyng. 20 Blessid be God; that remeued not my preyer, and `took not awei his merci fro me.

Psalms 66:1-119:176

1 The titil of the sixe and sixtithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To the victorie in orguns, the salm of the song. `In Jerom `thus, To the ouercomer in salmes, the song of writing of a delitable thing with metre. 2 God haue merci on vs, and blesse vs; liytne he his cheer on vs, and haue merci on vs. 3 That we knowe thi weie on erthe; thin heelthe in alle folkis. 4 God, puplis knowleche to thee; alle puplis knouleche to thee. 5 Hethen men be glad, and make fulli ioye, for thou demest puplis in equite; and dressist hethene men in erthe. 6 God, puplis knouleche to thee, alle puplis knouleche to thee; 7 the erthe yaf his fruyt. God, oure God blesse vs, God blesse vs; and alle the coostis of erthe drede hym.

Psalms 67:1-119:176

1 The titil of the seuene and sixtithe salm. To the victorie, the salm `of the song `of Dauid. 2 God rise vp, and hise enemyes be scaterid; and thei that haten hym fle fro his face. 3 As smoke failith, faile thei; as wax fletith fro the face of fier, so perische synneris fro the face of God. 4 And iust men eete, and make fulli ioye in the siyt of God; and delite thei in gladnesse. 5 Synge ye to God, seie ye salm to his name; make ye weie to hym, that stieth on the goyng doun, the Lord is name to hym. Make ye fulli ioye in his siyt, enemyes schulen be disturblid fro the face of hym, 6 which is the fadir of fadirles and modirles children; and the iuge of widewis. 7 God is in his hooli place; God that makith men of o wille to dwelle in the hous. Which leedith out bi strengthe hem that ben boundun; in lijk maner hem that maken scharp, that dwellen in sepulcris. 8 God, whanne thou yedist out in the siyt of thi puple; whanne thou passidist forth in the desert. 9 The erthe was moued, for heuenes droppiden doun fro the face of God of Synay; fro the face of God of Israel. 10 God, thou schalt departe wilful reyn to thin eritage, and it was sijk; but thou madist it parfit. 11 Thi beestis schulen dwelle therynne; God, thou hast maad redi in thi swetnesse to the pore man. 12 The Lord schal yyue a word; to hem that prechen the gospel with myche vertu. 13 The kyngis of vertues ben maad loued of the derlyng; and to the fairnesse of the hous to departe spuylis. 14 If ye slepen among the myddil of eritagis, the fetheris of the culuer ben of siluer; and the hyndrere thingis of the bak therof ben in the shynyng of gold. 15 While the king of heuene demeth kyngis theronne, thei schulen be maad whitter then snow in Selmon; 16 the hille of God is a fat hille. The cruddid hil is a fat hil; 17 wherto bileuen ye falsli, cruddid hillis? The hil in which it plesith wel God to dwelle ther ynne; for the Lord schal dwelle `in to the ende. 18 The chare of God is manyfoold with ten thousynde, a thousynde of hem that ben glad; the Lord was in hem, in Syna, in the hooli. 19 Thou stiedist an hiy, thou tokist caitiftee; thou resseyuedist yiftis among men. For whi thou tokist hem that bileueden not; for to dwelle in the Lord God. 20 Blessid be the Lord ech dai; the God of oure heelthis schal make an eesie wei to vs. 21 Oure God is God to make men saaf; and outgoyng fro deeth is of the Lord God. 22 Netheles God schal breke the heedis of hise enemyes; the cop of the heere of hem that goen in her trespassis. 23 The Lord seide, Y schal turne fro Basan; Y schal turne in to the depthe of the see. 24 That thi foot be deppid in blood; the tunge of thi doggis be dippid in blood of the enemyes of hym. 25 God, thei sien thi goyngis yn; the goyngis yn of my God, of my king, which is in the hooli. 26 Prynces ioyned with syngeris camen bifore; in the myddil of yonge dameselis syngynge in tympans. 27 In chirchis blesse ye God; blesse ye the Lord fro the wellis of Israel. 28 There Beniamyn, a yonge man; in the rauyschyng of mynde. The princis of Juda weren the duykis of hem; the princis of Zabulon, the princis of Neptalym. 29 God, comaunde thou to thi vertu; God, conferme thou this thing, which thou hast wrouyt in vs. 30 Fro thi temple, which is in Jerusalem; kyngis schulen offre yiftis to thee. 31 Blame thou the wielde beestis of the reheed, the gaderyng togidere of bolis is among the kien of puplis; that thei exclude hem that ben preuyd bi siluer. Distrie thou folkis that wolen batels, 32 legatis schulen come fro Egipt; Ethiopie schal come bifore the hondis therof to God. 33 Rewmes of the erthe, synge ye to God; seie ye salm to the Lord. 34 Singe ye to God; that stiede on the heuene of heuene at the eest. Lo! he schal yyue to his vois the vois of vertu, yyue ye glorie to God on Israel; 35 his greet doyng and his vertu is in the cloudis. 36 God is wondirful in hise seyntis; God of Israel, he schal yyue vertu, and strengthe to his puple; blessid be God.

Psalms 68:1-119:176

1 The title of the eiyte and sixtithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To the victorie, on the roosis of Dauid. `In Jerom thus, To the ouercomer, for the sones of Dauid. 2 God, make thou me saaf; for watris `entriden til to my soule. 3 I am set in the sliym of the depthe; and `substaunce is not. I cam in to the depthe of the see; and the tempest drenchide me. 4 I traueilide criynge, my cheekis weren maad hoose; myn iyen failiden, the while Y hope in to my God. 5 Thei that hatiden me with out cause; weren multiplied aboue the heeris of myn heed. Myn enemyes that pursueden me vniustli weren coumfortid; Y paiede thanne tho thingis, whiche Y rauischide not. 6 God, thou knowist myn vnkunnyng; and my trespassis ben not hid fro thee. 7 Lord, Lord of vertues; thei, that abiden thee, be not aschamed in me. God of Israel; thei, that seken thee, be not schent on me. 8 For Y suffride schenschipe for thee; schame hilide my face. 9 I am maad a straunger to my britheren; and a pilgryme to the sones of my modir. 10 For the feruent loue of thin hous eet me; and the schenschipis of men seiynge schenschipis to thee fellen on me. 11 And Y hilide my soule with fastyng; and it was maad in to schenschip to me. 12 And Y puttide my cloth an heire; and Y am maad to hem in to a parable. 13 Thei, that saten in the yate, spaken ayens me; and thei, that drunken wien, sungen of me. 14 But Lord, Y dresse my preier to thee; God, Y abide the tyme of good plesaunce. Here thou me in the multitude of thi mercy; in the treuthe of thin heelthe. 15 Delyuer thou me fro the cley, that Y be not faste set in; delyuere thou me fro hem that haten me, and fro depthe of watris. 16 The tempest of watir drenche not me, nethir the depthe swolowe me; nethir the pit make streit his mouth on me. 17 Lord, here thou me, for thi merci is benygne; vp the multitude of thi merciful doyngis biholde thou in to me. 18 And turne not awei thi face fro thi child; for Y am in tribulacioun, here thou me swiftli. 19 Yyue thou tente to my soule, and delyuer thou it; for myn enemyes delyuere thou me. 20 Thou knowist my schenschip, and my dispysyng; and my schame. 21 Alle that troblen me ben in thi siyt; myn herte abood schendschipe, and wretchidnesse. And Y abood hym, that was sory togidere, and noon was; and that schulde coumforte, and Y foond not. 22 And thei yauen galle in to my meete; and in my thirst thei yauen `to me drinke with vynegre. 23 The boord of hem be maad bifore hem in to a snare; and in to yeldyngis, and in to sclaundir. 24 Her iyen be maad derk, that thei se not; and euere bouwe doun the bak of hem. 25 Schede out thin ire on hem; and the strong veniaunce of thin ire take hem. 26 The habitacioun of hem be maad forsakun; and `noon be that dwelle in the tabernaclis of hem. 27 For thei pursueden hym, whom thou hast smyte; and thei addiden on the sorewe of my woundis. 28 Adde thou wickidnesse on the wickidnesse of hem; and entre thei not in to thi riytwisnesse. 29 Be thei don awei fro the book of lyuynge men; and be thei not writun with iust men. 30 I am pore and sorewful; God, thin heelthe took me vp. 31 I schal herye the name of God with song; and Y schal magnefye hym in heriyng. 32 And it schal plese God more than a newe calf; bryngynge forth hornes and clees. 33 Pore men se, and be glad; seke ye God, and youre soule schal lyue. 34 For the Lord herde pore men; and dispiside not hise boundun men. 35 Heuenes and erthe, herye hym; the se, and alle crepynge bestis in tho, herye hym. 36 For God schal make saaf Syon; and the citees of Juda schulen be bildid. And thei schulen dwelle there; and thei schulen gete it bi eritage. 37 And the seed of hise seruauntis schal haue it in possessioun; and thei that louen his name, schulen dwelle ther ynne.

Psalms 69:1-119:176

1 The titil of the nyne and sixtithe salm. To the victorie `of Dauid, `to haue mynde. 2 God, biholde thou in to myn heelp; Lord, hast thou to helpe me. 3 Be thei schent, and aschamed; that seken my lijf. Be thei turned a bak; and schame thei, that wolen yuels to me. 4 Be thei turned awei anoon, and schame thei; that seien to me, Wel! wel! 5 Alle men that seken thee, make fulli ioie, and be glad in thee; and thei that louen thin heelthe, seie euere, The Lord be magnyfied. 6 Forsothe Y am a nedi man, and pore; God, helpe thou me. Thou art myn helper and my delyuerere; Lord, tarye thou not.

Psalms 70:1-119:176

1 The seuentithe salm hath no title. Lord, Y hopide in thee, be Y not schent with outen ende; 2 in thi riytwisnesse delyuere thou me, and rauysche me out. Bowe doun thin eere to me; and make me saaf. 3 Be thou to me in to God a defendere; and in to a strengthid place, that thou make me saaf. For thou art my stidefastnesse; and my refuit. 4 My God, delyuere thou me fro the hoond of the synner; and fro the hoond of a man doynge ayens the lawe, and of the wickid man. 5 For thou, Lord, art my pacience; Lord, thou art myn hope fro my yongthe. 6 In thee Y am confermyd fro the wombe; thou art my defendere fro the wombe of my modir. 7 My syngyng is euere in thee; Y am maad as a greet wonder to many men; and thou art a strong helpere. 8 My mouth be fillid with heriyng; that Y synge thi glorie, al dai thi greetnesse. 9 Caste thou not awei me in the tyme of eldnesse; whanne my vertu failith, forsake thou not me. 10 For myn enemyes seiden of me; and thei that kepten my lijf maden counsel togidere. 11 Seiynge, God hath forsake hym; pursue ye, and take hym; for noon is that schal delyuere. 12 God, be thou not maad afer fro me; my God, biholde thou in to myn help. 13 Men that bacbiten my soule, be schent, and faile thei; and be thei hilid with schenschip and schame, that seken yuels to me. 14 But Y schal hope euere; and Y schal adde euere ouer al thi preising. 15 Mi mouth schal telle thi riytfulnesse; al dai thin helthe. For Y knewe not lettrure, Y schal entre in to the poweres of the Lord; 16 Lord, Y schal bithenke on thi riytfulnesse aloone. 17 God, thou hast tauyt me fro my yongthe, and `til to now; Y schal telle out thi merueilis. 18 And til in to `the eldnesse and the laste age; God, forsake thou not me. Til Y telle thin arm; to eche generacioun, that schal come. Til Y telle thi myyt, 19 and thi riytfulnesse, God, til in to the hiyeste grete dedis which thou hast do; God, who is lijk thee? 20 Hou grete tribulaciouns many and yuele hast thou schewid to me; and thou conuertid hast quykenyd me, and hast eft brouyt me ayen fro the depthis of erthe. 21 Thou hast multiplied thi greet doyng; and thou conuertid hast coumfortid me. 22 For whi and Y schal knowleche to thee, thou God, thi treuthe in the instrumentis of salm; Y schal synge in an harpe to thee, that art the hooli of Israel. 23 Mi lippis schulen make fulli ioye, whanne Y schal synge to thee; and my soule, which thou ayen bouytist. 24 But and my tunge schal thenke al dai on thi riytfulnesse; whanne thei schulen be schent and aschamed, that seken yuelis to me.

Psalms 71:1-119:176

1 The title of the oon and seuentithe salm. `To Salomon. 2 God, yyue thi doom to the king; and thi riytfulnesse to the sone of a king. To deme thi puple in riytfulnesse; and thi pore men in doom. 3 Mounteyns resseyue pees to the puple; and litle hillis resseyue riytfulnesse. 4 He schal deme the pore men of the puple, and he schal make saaf the sones of pore men; and he schal make low the false chalengere. 5 And he schal dwelle with the sunne, and bifore the moone; in generacioun and in to generacioun. 6 He schal come doun as reyn in to a flees; and as goteris droppinge on the erthe. 7 Riytfulnesse schal come forth in hise dayes, and the aboundaunce of pees; til the moone be takun awei. 8 And he schal be lord fro the-see `til to the see; and fro the flood til to the endis of the world. 9 Ethiopiens schulen falle doun bifore hym; and hise enemyes schulen licke the erthe. 10 The kyngis of Tarsis and ilis schulen offre yiftis; the kyngis of Arabie and of Saba schulen brynge yiftis. 11 And alle kyngis schulen worschipe hym; alle folkis schulen serue hym. 12 For he schal delyuer a pore man fro the miyti; and a pore man to whom was noon helpere. 13 He schal spare a pore man and nedi; and he schal make saaf the soulis of pore men. 14 He schal ayen bie the soulis of hem fro vsuris, and wickidnesse; and the name of hem is onourable bifor hym. 15 And he schal lyue, and me schal yyue to hym of the gold of Arabie; and thei schulen euere worschipe of hym, al dai thei schulen blesse hym. 16 Stidefastnesse schal be in the erthe, in the hiyeste places of mounteyns; the fruyt therof schal be enhaunsid aboue the Liban; and thei schulen blosme fro the citee, as the hey of erthe doith. 17 His name be blessid in to worldis; his name dwelle bifore the sunne. And all the lynagis of erthe schulen be blessid in hym; alle folkis schulen magnyfie hym. 18 Blessid be the Lord God of Israel; which aloone makith merueiylis. 19 Blessid be the name of his maieste with outen ende; and al erthe schal be fillid with his maieste; be it doon, be it doon. 20 `The preieris of Dauid, the sone of Ysay, ben endid.

Psalms 72:1-119:176

1 The `title of the two and seuentithe salm. `The salm of Asaph. God of Israel is ful good; to hem that ben of riytful herte. 2 But my feet weren moued almeest; my steppis weren sched out almeest. 3 For Y louede feruentli on wickid men; seynge the pees of synneris. 4 For biholdyng is not to the deth of hem; and stidefastnesse in the sikenesse of hem. 5 Thei ben not in the trauel of men; and thei schulen not be betun with men. 6 Therfore pride helde hem; thei weren hilid with her wickidnesse and vnfeithfulnesse. 7 The wickidnesse of hem cam forth as of fatnesse; thei yeden in to desire of herte. 8 Thei thouyten and spaken weiwardnesse; thei spaken wickidnesse an hiy. 9 Thei puttiden her mouth in to heuene; and her tunge passide in erthe. 10 Therfor my puple schal be conuertid here; and fulle daies schulen be foundun in hem. 11 And thei seiden, How woot God; and whether kunnyng is an heiye, `that is, in heuene? 12 Lo! thilke synneris and hauynge aboundance in the world; helden richessis. 13 And Y seide, Therfor without cause Y iustifiede myn herte; and waischide myn hoondis among innocentis. 14 And Y was betun al dai; and my chastisyng was in morutidis. 15 If Y seide, Y schal telle thus; lo! Y repreuede the nacioun of thi sones. 16 I gesside, that Y schulde knowe this; trauel is bifore me. 17 Til Y entre in to the seyntuarie of God; and vndurstonde in the last thingis of hem. 18 Netheles for gilis thou hast put to hem; thou castidist hem doun, while thei weren reisid. 19 Hou ben thei maad into desolacioun; thei failiden sodeynli, thei perischiden for her wickidnesse. 20 As the dreem of men that risen; Lord, thou schalt dryue her ymage to nouyt in thi citee. 21 For myn herte is enflaumed, and my reynes ben chaungid; 22 and Y am dryuun to nouyt, and Y wiste not. 23 As a werk beeste Y am maad at thee; and Y am euere with thee. 24 Thou heldist my riythond, and in thi wille thou leddist me forth; and with glorie thou tokist me vp. 25 For whi what is to me in heuene; and what wolde Y of thee on erthe? 26 Mi fleische and myn herte failide; God of myn herte, and my part is God withouten ende. 27 For lo! thei that drawen awei fer hem silf fro thee, `bi deedli synne, schulen perische; thou hast lost alle men that doen fornycacioun fro thee. 28 But it is good to me to cleue to God; and to sette myn hope in the Lord God. That Y telle alle thi prechyngis; in the yatis of the douyter of Syon.

Psalms 73:1-119:176

1 The title of the thre and seuentithe salm. The lernyng of Asaph. God, whi hast thou put awei in to the ende; thi strong veniaunce is wrooth on the scheep of thi leesewe? 2 Be thou myndeful of thi gadering togidere; which thou haddist in possessioun fro the bigynnyng. Thou ayenbouytist the yerde of thin eritage; the hille of Syon in which thou dwellidist ther ynne. 3 Reise thin hondis in to the prides of hem; hou grete thingis the enemy dide wickidli in the hooli. 4 And thei that hatiden thee; hadden glorie in the myddis of thi solempnete. 5 Thei settiden her signes, `ethir baneris, signes on the hiyeste, as in the outgoing; and thei knewen not. 6 As in a wode of trees thei heweden doun with axis the yatis therof in to it silf; thei castiden doun it with an ax, and a brood fallinge ax. 7 Thei brenten with fier thi seyntuarie; thei defouliden the tabernacle of thi name in erthe. 8 The kynrede of hem seiden togidere in her herte; Make we alle the feest daies of God to ceesse fro the erthe. 9 We han not seyn oure signes, now `no profete is; and he schal no more knowe vs. 10 God, hou long schal the enemye seie dispit? the aduersarie territh to ire thi name in to the ende. 11 Whi turnest thou awei thin hoond, and `to drawe out thi riythond fro the myddis of thi bosum, til in to the ende? 12 Forsothe God oure kyng bifore worldis; wrouyte heelthe in the mydis of erthe. 13 Thou madist sad the see bi thi vertu; thou hast troblid the heedis of dragouns in watris. 14 Thou hast broke the heedis of `the dragoun; thou hast youe hym to mete to the puplis of Ethiopiens. 15 Thou hast broke wellis, and strondis; thou madist drie the flodis of Ethan. 16 The dai is thin, and the niyt is thin; thou madist the moreutid and the sunne. 17 Thou madist alle the endis of erthe; somer and veer tyme, thou fourmedist tho. 18 Be thou myndeful of this thing, the enemye hath seid schenschip to the Lord; and the vnwijs puple hath excitid to ire thi name. 19 Bitake thou not to beestis men knoulechenge to thee; and foryete thou not in to the ende the soulis of thi pore men. 20 Biholde in to thi testament; for thei that ben maad derk of erthe, ben fillid with the housis of wickidnessis. 21 A meke man be not turned awei maad aschamed; a pore man and nedi schulen herie thi name. 22 God, rise vp, deme thou thi cause; be thou myndeful of thin vpbreidyngis, of tho that ben al dai of the vnwise man. 23 Foryete thou not the voices of thin enemyes; the pride of hem that haten thee, stieth euere.

Psalms 74:1-119:176

1 The title of the foure and seuentithe salm. `To the ouercomere; leese thou not the salm of the song of Asaph. 2 God, we schulen knouleche to thee, `we schulen knouleche; and we schulen inwardli clepe thi name. 3 We schulen telle thi merueilis; whanne Y schal take tyme, Y schal deme riytfulnesses. 4 The erthe is meltid, and alle that duellen ther ynne; Y confermede the pileris therof. 5 I seide to wickid men, Nyle ye do wickidli; and to trespassouris, Nyle ye enhaunce the horn. 6 Nyle ye reise an hiy youre horn; nyle ye speke wickidnesse ayens God. 7 For nether fro the eest, nethir fro the west, nethir fro desert hillis; for God is the iuge. 8 He mekith this man, and enhaunsith hym; for a cuppe of cleene wyn ful of meddling is in the hoond of the Lord. 9 And he bowide of this in to that; netheles the drast therof is not anyntischid; alle synneris of erthe schulen drinke therof. 10 Forsothe Y schal telle in to the world; Y schal synge to God of Jacob. 11 And Y schal breke alle the hornes of synneris; and the hornes of the iust man schulen be enhaunsid.

Psalms 75:1-119:176

1 The title of the fyue and seuentithe salm. To the victorie in orguns, `the salm of the song of Asaph. 2 God is knowun in Judee; his name is greet in Israel. 3 And his place is maad in pees; and his dwellyng is in Syon. 4 Ther he brak poweris; bowe, scheeld, swerd, and batel. 5 And thou, God, liytnest wondirfuli fro euerlastynge hillis; 6 alle vnwise men of herte weren troblid. Thei slepten her sleep; and alle men founden no thing of richessis in her hondis. 7 Thei that stieden on horsis; slepten for thi blamyng, thou God of Jacob. 8 Thou art feerful, and who schal ayenstonde thee? fro that tyme thin ire. 9 Fro heuene thou madist doom herd; the erthe tremblide, and restide. 10 Whanne God roos vp in to doom; to make saaf al the mylde men of erthe. 11 For the thouyt of man schal knouleche to thee; and the relifs of thouyt schulen make a feeste dai to thee. 12 Make ye a vow, and yelde ye to youre Lord God; alle that bringen yiftis in the cumpas of it. 13 To God ferdful, and to him that takith awei the spirit of prynces; to the ferdful at the kyngis of erthe.

Psalms 76:1-119:176

1 The `title of the sixte and seuentithe salm. `To the ouercomere on Yditum, `the salm of Asaph. 2 With my vois Y criede to the Lord; with my vois to God, and he yaf tent to me. 3 In the dai of my tribulacioun Y souyte God with myn hondis; in the nyyt `to fore hym, and Y am not disseyued. Mi soule forsook to be coumfortid; 4 Y was myndeful of God, and Y delitide, and Y was exercisid; and my spirit failide. 5 Myn iyen bifore took wakyngis; Y was disturblid, and Y spak not. 6 I thouyte elde daies; and Y hadde in mynde euerlastinge yeeris. 7 And Y thouyte in the nyyt with myn herte; and Y was exercisid, and Y clensid my spirit. 8 Whether God schal caste awei with outen ende; ether schal he not lei to, that he be more plesid yit? 9 Ethir schal he kitte awei his merci into the ende; fro generacioun in to generacioun? 10 Ethir schal God foryete to do mercy; ethir schal he withholde his mercies in his ire? 11 And Y seide, Now Y bigan; this is the chaunging of the riythond of `the hiye God. 12 I hadde mynde on the werkis of the Lord; for Y schal haue mynde fro the bigynnyng of thi merueilis. 13 And Y schal thenke in alle thi werkis; and Y schal be occupied in thi fyndyngis. 14 God, thi weie was in the hooli; what God is greet as oure God? 15 thou art God, that doist merueilis. Thou madist thi vertu knowun among puplis; 16 thou ayenbouytist in thi arm thi puple, the sones of Jacob and of Joseph. 17 God, watris sien thee, watris sien thee, and dredden; and depthis of watris weren disturblid. 18 The multitude of the soun of watris; cloudis yauen vois. 19 For whi thin arewis passen; the vois of thi thundir was in a wheel. Thi liytnyngis schyneden to the world; the erthe was moued, and tremblid. 20 Thi weie in the see, and thi pathis in many watris; and thi steppis schulen not be knowun. 21 Thou leddist forth thi puple as scheep; in the hond of Moyses and of Aaron.

Psalms 77:1-119:176

1 The `title of the seuene and seuentithe salm. The lernyng of Asaph. Mi puple, perseyue ye my lawe; bowe youre eere in to the wordis of my mouth. 2 I schal opene my mouth in parablis; Y schal speke perfite resouns fro the bigynnyng. 3 Hou grete thingis han we herd, aud we han knowe tho; and oure fadris. telden to vs. 4 Tho ben not hid fro the sones of hem; in anothir generacioun. And thei telden the heriyngis of the Lord, and the vertues of hym; and hise merueilis, whyche he dide. 5 And he reiside witnessyng in Jacob; and he settide lawe in Israel. Hou grete thingis comaundide he to oure fadris, to make tho knowun to her sones; 6 that another generacioun knowe. Sones, that schulen be born, and schulen rise vp; schulen telle out to her sones. 7 That thei sette her hope in God, and foryete not the werkis of God; and that thei seke hise comaundementis. 8 Lest thei be maad a schrewid generacioun; and terrynge to wraththe, as the fadris of hem. A generacioun that dresside not his herte; and his spirit was not bileued with God. 9 The sones of Effraym, bendinge a bouwe and sendynge arowis; weren turned in the dai of batel. 10 Thei kepten not the testament of God; and thei nolden go in his lawe. 11 And thei foryaten hise benefices; and hise merueils, whiche he schewide to hem. 12 He dide merueils bifore the fadris of hem in the loond of Egipt; in the feeld of Taphneos. 13 He brak the see, and ledde hem thorou; and he ordeynede the watris as in a bouge. 14 And he ledde hem forth in a cloude of the dai; and al niyt in the liytnyng of fier. 15 He brak a stoon in deseert; and he yaf watir to hem as in a myche depthe. 16 And he ledde watir out of the stoon; and he ledde forth watris as floodis. 17 And thei `leiden to yit to do synne ayens hym; thei excitiden hiye God in to ire, in a place with out water. 18 And thei temptiden God in her hertis; that thei axiden meetis to her lyues. 19 And thei spaken yuel of God; thei seiden, Whether God may make redi a bord in desert? 20 For he smoot a stoon, and watris flowiden; and streemys yeden out in aboundaunce. Whether also he may yyue breed; ether make redi a bord to his puple? 21 Therfor the Lord herde, and delaiede; and fier was kindelid in Jacob, and the ire of God stiede on Israel. 22 For thei bileueden not in God; nether hopiden in his heelthe. 23 And he comaundide to the cloudis aboue; and he openyde the yatis of heuene. 24 And he reynede to hem manna for to eete; and he yaf to hem breed of heuene. 25 Man eet the breed of aungels; he sent to hem meetis in aboundance. 26 He turnede ouere the south wynde fro heuene; and he brouyte in bi his vertu the weste wynde. 27 And he reynede fleischis as dust on hem; and `he reinede volatils fethered, as the grauel of the see. 28 And tho felden doun in the myddis of her castels; aboute the tabernaclis of hem. 29 And thei eeten, and weren fillid greetli, and he brouyte her desire to hem; 30 thei weren not defraudid of her desier. Yit her metis weren in her mouth; 31 and the ire of God stiede on hem. And he killide the fatte men of hem; and he lettide the chosene men of Israel. 32 In alle these thingis thei synneden yit; and bileuede not in the merueils of God. 33 And the daies of hem failiden in vanytee; and the yeeris of hem faileden with haste. 34 Whanne he killide hem, thei souyten hym; and turneden ayen, and eerli thei camen to hym. 35 And thei bithouyten, that God is the helper of hem; and `the hiy God is the ayenbier of hem. 36 And thei loueden hym in her mouth; and with her tunge thei lieden to hym. 37 Forsothe the herte of hem was not riytful with hym; nethir thei weren had feithful in his testament. 38 But he is merciful, and he schal be maad merciful to the synnes of hem; and he schal not destrie hem. And he dide greetli, to turne awei his yre; and he kyndelide not al his ire. 39 And he bithouyte, that thei ben fleische; a spirit goynge, and not turnynge ayen. 40 Hou oft maden thei hym wrooth in desert; thei stireden hym in to ire in a place with out watir. 41 And thei weren turned, and temptiden God; and thei wraththiden the hooli of Israel. 42 Thei bithouyten not on his hond; in the dai in the which he ayen bouyte hem fro the hond of the trobler. 43 As he settide hise signes in Egipt; and hise grete wondris in the feeld of Taphneos. 44 And he turnede the flodis of hem and the reynes of hem in to blood; that thei schulden not drynke. 45 He sente a fleisch flie in to hem, and it eet hem; and he sente a paddok, and it loste hem. 46 And he yaf the fruytis of hem to rust; and he yaf the trauels of hem to locustis. 47 And he killide the vynes of hem bi hail; and the moore trees of hem bi a frost. 48 And he bitook the beestis of hem to hail; and the possessioun of hem to fier. 49 He sente in to hem the ire of his indignacioun; indignacioun, and ire, and tribulacioun, sendingis in bi iuel aungels. 50 He made weie to the path of his ire, and he sparide not fro the deth of her lyues; and he closide togidere in deth the beestis of hem. 51 And he smoot al the first gendrid thing in the lond of Egipt; the first fruytis of alle the trauel of hem in the tabernaclis of Cham. 52 And he took awei his puple as scheep; and he ledde hem forth as a flok in desert. 53 And he ledde hem forth in hope, and thei dredden not; and the see hilide the enemyes of hem. 54 And he brouyte hem in to the hil of his halewyng; in to the hil which his riythond gat. And he castide out hethene men fro the face of hem; and bi lot he departide to hem the lond in a cord of delyng. 55 And he made the lynagis of Israel to dwelle in the tabernaclis of hem. 56 And thei temptiden, and wraththiden heiy God; and thei kepten not hise witnessyngis. 57 And thei turneden awei hem silf, and thei kepten not couenaunt; as her fadris weren turned in to a schrewid bouwe. 58 Thei stiriden him in to ire in her litle hillis; and thei terriden hym to indignacioun of her grauen ymagis. 59 God herde, and forsook; and brouyte to nouyt Israel greetli. 60 And he puttide awei the tabernacle of Sylo; his tabernacle where he dwellide among men. 61 And he bitook the vertu of hem in to caitiftee; and the fairnesse of hem in to the hondis of the enemye. 62 And he closide togidere his puple in swerd; and he dispiside his erytage. 63 Fier eet the yonge men of hem; and the virgyns of hem weren not biweilid. 64 The prestis of hem fellen doun bi swerd; and the widewis of hem weren not biwept. 65 And the Lord was reisid, as slepynge; as miyti greetli fillid of wiyn. 66 And he smoot hise enemyes on the hynderere partis; he yaf to hem euerlastyng schenschipe. 67 And he puttide awei the tabernacle of Joseph; and he chees not the lynage of Effraym. 68 But he chees the lynage of Juda; he chees the hil of Syon, which he louede. 69 And he as an vnicorn bildide his hooli place; in the lond, which he foundide in to worldis. 70 And he chees Dauid his seruaunt, and took hym vp fro the flockis of scheep; he took hym fro bihynde scheep with lambren. 71 To feed Jacob his seruaunt; and Israel his eritage. 72 And he fedde hem in the innocens of his herte; and he ledde hem forth in the vndurstondyngis of his hondis.

Psalms 78:1-119:176

1 The `title of the eiyte and seuentithe salm. Of Asaph. 2 Thei settiden the slayn bodies of thi seruauntis, meetis to the volatilis of heuenes; the fleischis of thi seyntis to the beestis of the erthe. 3 Thei schedden out the blood of hem, as watir in the cumpas of Jerusalem; and noon was that biriede. 4 We ben maad schenschipe to oure neiyboris; mowynge and scornynge to hem, that ben in oure cumpas. 5 Lord, hou longe schalt thou be wrooth in to the ende? schal thi veniaunce be kyndelid as fier? 6 Schede out thin ire in to hethene men, that knowen not thee; and in to rewmes, that clepiden not thi name. 7 For thei eeten Jacob; and maden desolat his place. 8 Haue thou not mynde on oure elde wickidnesses; thi mercies bifore take vs soone, for we ben maad pore greetli. 9 God, oure heelthe, helpe thou vs, and, Lord, for the glorie of thi name delyuer thou vs; and be thou merciful to oure synnes for thi name. 10 Lest perauenture thei seie among hethene men, Where is the God of hem? and be he knowun among naciouns bifore oure iyen. The veniaunce of the blood of thi seruauntis, which is sched out; the weilyng of feterid men entre in thi siyt. 11 Vpe the greetnesse of thin arm; welde thou the sones of slayn men. 12 And yelde thou to oure neiyboris seuenfoold in the bosum of hem; the schenschip of hem, which thei diden schenschipfuli to thee, thou Lord. 13 But we that ben thi puple, and the scheep of thi leesewe; schulen knouleche to thee in to the world. In generacioun and in to generacioun; we schulen telle thin heriyng.

Psalms 79:1-119:176

1 The title of the nyne and seuentithe salm. To victorie; this salm is witnessing of Asaph for lilies. 2 Thou that gouernest Israel, yyue tent; that leedist forth Joseph as a scheep. Thou that sittist on cherubym; be schewid bifore Effraym, 3 Beniamyn, and Manasses. Stire thi power, and come thou; that thou make vs saaf. 4 God of vertues, turne thou vs; and schewe thi face, and we schulen be saaf. 5 Lord God of vertues; hou longe schalt thou be wrooth on the preier of thi seruaunt? 6 Hou longe schalt thou feede vs with the breed of teeris; and schalt yyue drynke to vs with teeris in mesure? 7 Thou hast set vs in to ayenseiyng to oure neiyboris; and oure enemyes han scornyde vs. 8 God of vertues, turne thou vs; and schewe thi face, and we schulen be saaf. 9 Thou translatidist a vyne fro Egipt; thou castidist out hethene men, and plauntidist it. 10 Thou were leeder of the weie in the siyt therof; and thou plauntidist the rootis therof, and it fillide the lond. 11 The schadewe therof hilide hillis; and the braunchis therof filliden the cedris of God. 12 It streiyte forth hise siouns til to the see, and the generacioun ther of `til to the flood. 13 Whi hast thou destried the wal therof; and alle men that goen forth bi the weie gaderiden awei the grapis therof? 14 A boor of the wode distriede it; and a singuler wielde beeste deuouride it. 15 God of vertues, be thou turned; biholde thou fro heuene, and se, and visite this vyne. 16 And make thou it perfit, which thi riythond plauntide; and biholde thou on the sone of man, which thou hast confermyd to thee. 17 Thingis brent with fier, and vndurmyned; schulen perische for the blamyng of thi cheer. 18 Thin hond be maad on the man of thi riythond; and on the sone of man, whom thou hast confermed to thee. 19 And we departiden not fro thee; thou schalt quykene vs, and we schulen inwardli clepe thi name. 20 Lord God of vertues, turne thou vs; and schewe thi face, and we schulen be saaf.

Psalms 80:1-119:176

1 The title of the eiytetithe salm. To the ouercomer in the pressours of Asaph. 2 Make ye fulli ioye to God, oure helpere; synge ye hertli to God of Jacob. 3 Take ye a salm, and yyue ye a tympan; a myrie sautere with an harpe. 4 Blowe ye with a trumpe in Neomenye; in the noble dai of youre solempnite. 5 For whi comaundement is in Israel; and doom is to God of Jacob. 6 He settide that witnessing in Joseph; whanne he yede out of the lond of Egipt, he herde a langage, which he knew not. 7 He turnede a wei his bak fro birthens; hise hondis serueden in a coffyn. 8 In tribulacioun thou inwardli clepidist me, and Y delyuerede thee; Y herde thee in the hid place of tempest, Y preuede thee at the water of ayenseiyng. 9 My puple, here thou, and Y schal be witnesse ayens thee; 10 Israel, if thou herist me, a fresche God schal not be in thee, and thou schalt not worschipe an alien god. 11 For Y am thi Lord God, that ladde thee out of the lond of Egipt; make large thi mouth, and Y schal fille it. 12 And my puple herde not my vois; and Israel yaue not tente to me. 13 And Y lefte hem aftir the desiris of her herte; thei schulen go in her fyndyngis. 14 If my puple hadde herde me; if Israel hadde go in my weies. 15 For nouyt in hap Y hadde maad low her enemyes; and Y hadde send myn hond on men doynge tribulacioun to hem. 16 The enemyes of the Lord lieden to hym; and her tyme schal be in to worldis. 17 And he fedde hem of the fatnesse of whete; and he fillide hem with hony of the stoon.

Psalms 81:1-119:176

1 The title of the oon and eiytetithe salm. Of Asaph. God stood in the synagoge of goddis; forsothe he demeth goddis in the myddil. 2 Hou longe demen ye wickidnesse; and taken the faces of synneris? 3 Deme ye to the nedi man, and to the modirles child; iustifie ye the meke man and pore. 4 Raueische ye out a pore man; and delyuere ye the nedi man fro the hond of the synner. 5 Thei knewen not, nether vndirstoden, thei goen in derknessis; alle the foundementis of erthe schulen be moued. 6 I seide, Ye ben goddis; and alle ye ben the sones of hiy God. 7 But ye schulen die as men; and ye schulen falle doun as oon of the princis. 8 Ryse, thou God, deme thou the erthe; for thou schalt haue eritage in alle folkis.

Psalms 82:1-119:176

1 The title of the two and eiytetithe salm. The song of the salm of Asaph. 2 God, who schal be lijk thee? God, be thou not stille, nether be thou peesid. 3 For lo! thin enemyes sowneden; and thei that haten thee reisiden the heed. 4 Thei maden a wickid counsel on thi puple; and thei thouyten ayens thi seyntis. 5 Thei seiden, Come ye, and leese we hem fro the folk; and the name of Israel be no more hadde in mynde. 6 For thei thouyten with oon acord; 7 the tabernaclis of Ydumeys, and men of Ismael disposiden a testament togidere ayens thee. Moab, and Agarenus, Jebal, and Amon, and Amalech; 8 alienys with hem that dwellen in Tyre. 9 For Assur cometh with hem; thei ben maad in to help to the sones of Loth. 10 Make thou to hem as to Madian, and Sisara; as to Jabyn in the stronde of Sison. 11 Thei perischiden in Endor; thei weren maad as a toord of erthe. 12 Putte thou the prynces of hem as Oreb and Zeb; and Zebee and Salmana. Alle the princis of hem, that seiden; 13 Holde we bi eritage the seyntuarie of God. 14 My God, putte thou hem as a whele; and as stobil bifor the face of the wynde. 15 As fier that brenneth a wode; and as flawme brynnynge hillis. 16 So thou schalt pursue hem in thi tempeste; and thou schalt disturble hem in thin ire. 17 Lord, fille thou the faces of hem with schenschipe; and thei schulen seke thi name. 18 Be thei aschamed, and be thei disturblid in to world of world; and be thei schent and perische thei. 19 And knowe thei, that the Lord is name to thee; thou aloone art the hiyeste in ech lond.

Psalms 83:1-119:176

1 The title of the thre and eiytetithe salm. The salm of the sones of Chore. 2 Lord of vertues, thi tabernaclis ben greetli loued; 3 my soule coueitith, and failith in to the porchis of the Lord. Myn herte and my fleische; ful out ioyeden in to quyk God. 4 For whi a sparewe fyndith an hous to it silf; and a turtle fyndith a neste to it silf, where it `schal kepe hise bryddis. Lord of vertues, thin auteris; my king, and my God. 5 Lord, blessid ben thei that dwellen in thin hous; thei schulen preise thee in to the worldis of worldis. 6 Blessid is the man, whos help is of thee; he hath disposid stiyngis in his herte, 7 in the valei of teeris, in the place which he hath set. 8 For the yyuer of the lawe schal yyue blessyng, thei schulen go fro vertu in to vertu; God of goddis schal be seyn in Sion. 9 Lord God of vertues, here thou my preier; God of Jacob, perseyue thou with eeris. 10 God, oure defender, biholde thou; and biholde in to the face of thi crist. 11 For whi o dai in thin hallis is bettere; than a thousynde. I chees to be `an out cast in the hous of my God; more than to dwelle in the tabernaclis of synneris. 12 For God loueth merci and treuthe; the Lord schal yyue grace and glorie. 13 He schal not depriue hem fro goodis, that gon in innocence; Lord of vertues, blessid is the man, that hopith in thee.

Psalms 84:1-119:176

1 The title of the foure and eiytetithe salm. Of the sones of Chore. 2 Lord, thou hast blessid thi lond; thou hast turned awei the caitifte of Jacob. 3 Thou hast foryoue the wickidnesse of thi puple; thou hast hilid alle the synnes of hem. 4 Thou hast aswagid al thin ire; thou hast turned awei fro the ire of thin indignacioun. 5 God, oure helthe, conuerte thou vs; and turne awei thin ire fro vs. 6 Whether thou schalt be wrooth to vs withouten ende; ether schalt thou holde forth thin ire fro generacioun in to generacioun? 7 God, thou conuertid schalt quykene vs; and thi puple schal be glad in thee. 8 Lord, schewe thi merci to vs; and yyue thin helthe to vs. 9 I schal here what the Lord God schal speke in me; for he schal speke pees on his puple. And on hise hooli men; and on hem that ben turned to herte. 10 Netheles his helthe is niy men dredynge him; that glorie dwelle in oure lond. 11 Merci and treuthe metten hem silf; riytwisnesse and pees weren kissid. 12 Treuthe cam forth of erthe; and riytfulnesse bihelde fro heuene. 13 For the Lord schal yyue benignyte; and oure erthe schal yyue his fruyt. 14 Riytfulnesse schal go bifore him; and schal sette hise steppis in the weie.

Psalms 85:1-119:176

1 The `title of the fyue and eiytetithe salm. The preier of Dauid. Lord, bowe doun thin eere, and here me; for Y am nedi and pore. 2 Kepe thou my lijf, for Y am holi; my God, make thou saaf thi seruaunt hopynge in thee. 3 Lord, haue thou merci on me, for Y criede al day to thee; 4 make thou glad the soule of thi seruaunt, for whi, Lord, Y haue reisid my soule to thee. 5 For thou, Lord, art swete and mylde; and of myche merci to alle men inwardli clepynge thee. 6 Lord, perseyue thou my preier with eeris; and yyue thou tente to the vois of my bisechyng. 7 In the dai of my tribulacioun Y criede to thee; for thou herdist me. 8 Lord, noon among goddis is lijk thee; and noon is euene to thi werkis. 9 Lord, alle folkis, whiche euere thou madist, schulen come, and worschipe bifore thee; and thei schulen glorifie thi name. 10 For thou art ful greet, and makinge merueils; thou art God aloone. 11 Lord, lede thou me forth in thi weie, and Y schal entre in thi treuthe; myn herte be glad, that it drede thi name. 12 Mi Lord God, Y schal knouleche to thee in al myn herte; and Y schal glorifie thi name withouten ende. 13 For thi merci is greet on me; and thou deliueridist my soule fro the lower helle. 14 God, wickid men han rise vp on me; and the synagoge of myyti men han souyt my lijf; and thei han not set forth thee in her siyt. 15 And thou, Lord God, doynge merci, and merciful; pacient, and of myche merci, and sothefast. 16 Biholde on me, and haue mercy on me, yyue thou the empire to thi child; and make thou saaf the sone of thin handmayden. 17 Make thou with me a signe in good, that thei se, that haten me, and be aschamed; for thou, Lord, hast helpid me, and hast coumfortid me.

Psalms 86:1-119:176

1 The title of the sixte and eiytetithe salm. `The salm of the song of the sones of Chore. 2 the Lord loueth the yatis of Sion, more than alle the tabernaclis of Jacob. 3 Thou citee of God, with outen ende; gloriouse thingis ben seide of thee. 4 I schal be myndeful of Raab, and Babiloyne; knowynge me. Lo! aliens, and Tyre, and the puple of Ethiopiens; thei weren there. 5 Whether a man schal seie to Sion, And a man is born ther ynne; and that man altherhiyeste foundide it? 6 The Lord schal telle in the scripturis of puplis; and of these princis, that weren ther ynne. 7 As the dwellyng `of alle that ben glad; is in thee.

Psalms 87:1-119:176

1 The title of the seuene and eiytetithe salm. The song of salm, to the sones of Chore, to victorie on Mahalat, for to answere, the lernyng of Heman Ezraite. 2 Lord God of myn helthe; Y criede in dai and nyyt bifore thee. 3 Mi preier entre bifore thi siyt; bowe doun thin eere to my preier. 4 For my soule is fillid with yuels; and my lijf neiyede to helle. 5 I am gessid with hem that goon doun in to the lake; Y am maad as a man with outen help, 6 and fre among deed men. As men woundid slepinge in sepulcris, of whiche men noon is myndeful aftir; and thei ben put awei fro thin hond. 7 Thei han put me in the lower lake; in derke places, and in the schadewe of deth. 8 Thi strong veniaunce is confermed on me; and thou hast brouyt in alle thi wawis on me. 9 Thou hast maad fer fro me my knowun; thei han set me abhomynacioun to hem silf. I am takun, and Y yede not out; 10 myn iyen weren sijk for pouert. Lord, Y criede to thee; al dai Y spredde abrood myn hondis to thee. 11 Whethir thou schalt do merueils to deed men; ether leechis schulen reise, and thei schulen knouleche to thee? 12 Whether ony man in sepulcre schal telle thi merci; and thi treuthe in perdicioun? 13 Whether thi merueilis schulen be knowun in derknessis; and thi riytfulnesse in the lond of foryetyng? 14 And, Lord, Y criede to thee; and erli my preier schal bifor come to thee. 15 Lord, whi puttist thou awei my preier; turnest awei thi face fro me? 16 I am pore, and in traueils fro my yongthe; sotheli Y am enhaunsid, and Y am maad low, and disturblid. 17 Thi wraththis passiden on me; and thi dredis disturbliden me. 18 Thei cumpassiden me as watir al dai; thei cumpassiden me togidere. 19 Thou madist fer fro me a frend and neiybore; and my knowun fro wretchidnesse.

Psalms 88:1-119:176

1 The title of the eiyte and eiytetithe salm. The lernyng of Ethan, Ezraite. 2 I schal synge with outen ende; the mercies of the Lord. In generacioun and in to generacioun; Y schal telle thi treuthe with my mouth. 3 For thou seidist, With outen ende merci schal be bildid in heuenes; thi treuthe schal be maad redi in tho. 4 I disposide a testament to my chosun men; Y swoor to Dauid, my seruaunt, 5 Til in to with outen ende I schal make redi thi seed. And Y schal bilde thi seete; in generacioun, and in to generacioun. 6 Lord, heuenes schulen knouleche thi merueilis; and thi treuthe in the chirche of seyntis. 7 For who in the cloudis schal be maad euene to the Lord; schal be lijk God among the sones of God? 8 God, which is glorified in the counsel of seyntis; is greet, and dreedful ouere alle that ben in his cumpas. 9 Lord God of vertues, who is lijk thee? Lord, thou art miyti, and thi treuthe is in thi cumpas. 10 Thou art Lord of the power of the see; forsothe thou aswagist the stiryng of the wawis therof. 11 Thou madist lowe the proude, as woundid; in the arm of thi vertu thou hast scaterid thin enemyes. 12 Heuenes ben thin, and erthe is thin; thou hast foundid the world, and the fulnesse therof; 13 thou madist of nouyt the north and the see. Thabor and Hermon schulen make ful out ioye in thi name; 14 thin arm with power. Thin hond be maad stidefast, and thi riythond be enhaunsid; 15 riytfulnesse and doom is the makyng redy of thi seete. Merci and treuthe schulen go bifore thi face; 16 blessid is the puple that kan hertli song. Lord, thei schulen go in the liyt of thi cheer; 17 and in thi name thei schulen make ful out ioye al dai; and thei schulen be enhaunsid in thi riytfulnesse. 18 For thou art the glorie of the vertu of hem; and in thi good plesaunce oure horn schal be enhaunsid. 19 For oure takyng vp is of the Lord; and of the hooli of Israel oure kyng. 20 Thanne thou spakist in reuelacioun to thi seyntis, and seidist, Y haue set help in the myyti; and Y haue enhaunsid the chosun man of my puple. 21 I foond Dauid, my seruaunt; Y anoyntide hym with myn hooli oile. 22 For myn hond schal helpe him; and myn arm schal conferme hym. 23 The enemye schal no thing profite in him; and the sone of wickidnesse schal not `ley to, for to anoye him. 24 And Y schal sle hise enemyes fro his face; and Y schal turne in to fliyt hem that haten hym. 25 And my treuthe and mercy schal be with him; and his horn schal be enhaunsid in my name. 26 And Y schal sette his hond in the see; and his riyt hoond in flodis. 27 He schal inwardli clepe me, Thou art my fadir; my God, and the vptaker of myn heelthe. 28 And Y schal sette him the firste gendrid sone; hiyer than the kyngis of erthe. 29 With outen ende Y schal kepe my merci to hym; and my testament feithful to him. 30 And Y schal sette his seed in to the world of world; and his trone as the daies of heuene. 31 Forsothe if hise sones forsaken my lawe; and goen not in my domes. 32 If thei maken vnhooli my riytfulnessis; and kepen not my comaundementis. 33 I schal visite in a yerde the wickidnessis of hem; and in betyngis the synnes of hem. 34 But Y schal not scatere my mercy fro hym; and in my treuthe Y schal not anoye hym. 35 Nethir Y schal make vnhooli my testament; and Y schal not make voide tho thingis that comen forth of my lippis. 36 Onys Y swoor in myn hooli; 37 Y schal not lie to Dauid, his seed schal dwelle with outen ende. 38 And his trone as sunne in my siyt, and as a perfit mone with outen ende; and a feithful witnesse in heuene. 39 But thou hast put awei, and hast dispisid; and hast dilaied thi crist. 40 Thou hast turned awei the testament of thi seruaunt; thou madist vnhooli his seyntuarie in erthe. 41 Thou distriedist alle the heggis therof; thou hast set the stidefastnesse therof drede. 42 Alle men passynge bi the weie rauyschiden him; he is maad schenschipe to hise neiyboris. 43 Thou hast enhaunsid the riythond of men oppressinge him; thou hast gladid alle hise enemyes. 44 Thou hast turned awei the help of his swerd; and thou helpidist not hym in batel. 45 Thou destriedist him fro clensing; and thou hast hurtlid doun his seete in erthe. 46 Thou hast maad lesse the daies of his time; thou hast bisched him with schenschip. 47 Lord, hou longe turnest thou awei in to the ende; schal thin ire brenne out as fier? 48 Bithenke thou what is my substaunce; for whether thou hast ordeyned veynli alle the sones of men? 49 Who is a man, that schal lyue, and schal not se deth; schal delyuere his soule fro the hond of helle? 50 Lord, where ben thin elde mercies; as thou hast swore to Dauid in thi treuthe? 51 Lord, be thou myndeful of the schenschipe of thi seruauntis, of many hethene men; whiche Y helde togidere in my bosum. 52 Whiche thin enemyes, Lord, diden schenschipfuli; for thei dispisiden the chaungyng of thi crist. 53 Blessid be the Lord with outen ende; be it don, be it don.

Psalms 89:1-119:176

1 The title of the nyne and eiytetithe salm. The preier of Moises, the man of God. Lord, thou art maad help to vs; fro generacioun in to generacioun. 2 Bifore that hillis weren maad, ether the erthe and the world was formed; fro the world and in to the world thou art God. 3 Turne thou not awei a man in to lownesse; and thou seidist, Ye sones of men, be conuertid. 4 For a thousynde yeer ben bifore thin iyen; as yistirdai, which is passid, and as keping in the niyt. 5 The yeeris of hem schulen be; that ben had for nouyt. 6 Eerli passe he, as an eerbe, eerli florische he, and passe; in the euentid falle he doun, be he hard, and wexe drie. 7 For we han failid in thin ire; and we ben disturblid in thi strong veniaunce. 8 Thou hast set oure wickidnessis in thi siyt; oure world in the liytning of thi cheer. 9 For alle oure daies han failid; and we han failid in thin ire. Oure yeris schulen bithenke, as an yreyn; 10 the daies of oure yeeris ben in tho seuenti yeeris. Forsothe, if fourescoor yeer ben in myyti men; and the more tyme of hem is trauel and sorewe. For myldenesse cam aboue; and we schulen be chastisid. 11 Who knew the power of thin ire; and durste noumbre thin ire for thi drede? 12 Make thi riythond so knowun; and make men lerned in herte bi wisdom. 13 Lord, be thou conuertid sumdeel; and be thou able to be preied on thi seruauntis. 14 We weren fillid eerli with thi merci; we maden ful out ioye, and we delitiden in alle oure daies. 15 We weren glad for the daies in whiche thou madist vs meke; for the yeeris in whiche we siyen yuels. 16 Lord, biholde thou into thi seruauntis, and in to thi werkis; and dresse thou the sones of hem. 17 And the schynyng of oure Lord God be on vs; and dresse thou the werkis of oure hondis on vs, and dresse thou the werk of oure hondis.

Psalms 90:1-119:176

1 `The nyntithe salm. He that dwellith in the help of the hiyeste God; schal dwelle in the proteccioun of God of heuene. 2 He schal seie to the Lord, Thou art myn vptaker, and my refuit; my God, Y schal hope in him. 3 For he delyuered me fro the snare of hunteris; and fro a scharp word. 4 With hise schuldris he schal make schadowe to thee; and thou schalt haue hope vnder hise fetheris. 5 His treuthe schal cumpasse thee with a scheld; thou schalt not drede of nyytis drede. 6 Of an arowe fliynge in the dai, of a gobelyn goynge in derknessis; of asailing, and a myddai feend. 7 A thousynde schulen falle doun fro thi side, and ten thousynde fro thi riytside; forsothe it schal not neiye to thee. 8 Netheles thou schalt biholde with thin iyen; and thou schalt se the yelding of synneris. 9 For thou, Lord, art myn hope; thou hast set thin help altherhiyeste. 10 Yuel schal not come to thee; and a scourge schal not neiye to thi tabernacle. 11 For God hath comaundid to hise aungels of thee; that thei kepe thee in alle thi weies. 12 Thei schulen beere thee in the hondis; leste perauenture thou hirte thi foot at a stoon. 13 Thou schalt go on a snake, and a cocatrice; and thou schalt defoule a lioun and a dragoun. 14 For he hopide in me, Y schal delyuere hym; Y schal defende him, for he knew my name. 15 He criede to me, and Y schal here him, Y am with him in tribulacioun; Y schal delyuere him, and Y schal glorifie hym. 16 I schal fille hym with the lengthe of daies; and Y schal schewe myn helthe to him.

Psalms 91:1-119:176

1 The `title of the oon and nyntithe salm. `The salm of `song, in the dai of sabath. 2 It is good to knouleche to the Lord; and to synge to thi name, thou hiyeste. 3 To schewe eerli thi merci; and thi treuthe bi nyyt. 4 In a sautrie of ten cordis; with song in harpe. 5 For thou, Lord, hast delitid me in thi makyng; and Y schal make ful out ioye in the werkis of thin hondis. 6 Lord, thi werkis ben magnefied greetli; thi thouytis ben maad ful depe. 7 An vnwise man schal not knowe; and a fool schal not vndirstonde these thingis. 8 Whanne synneris comen forth, as hey; and alle thei apperen, that worchen wickidnesse. 9 That thei perische in to the world of world; forsothe thou, Lord, art the hiyest, withouten ende. For lo! 10 Lord, thin enemyes, for lo! thin enemyes schulen perische; and alle schulen be scaterid that worchen wickidnesse. 11 And myn horn schal be reisid as an vnicorn; and myn eelde in plenteuouse merci. 12 And myn iye dispiside myn enemyes; and whanne wickid men rysen ayens me, myn eere schal here. 13 A iust man schal floure as a palm tree; he schal be multiplied as a cedre of Liban. 14 Men plauntid in the hous of the Lord; schulen floure in the porchis of the hous of oure God. 15 Yit thei schulen be multiplied in plenteuouse elde; and thei schulen be suffryng wel. That thei telle, that oure Lord God is riytful; and no wickidnesse is in hym.

Psalms 92:1-119:176

1 The two and nyntithe salm. The Lord hath regned, he is clothid with fairnesse; the Lord is clothid with strengthe, and hath gird hym silf. 2 For he made stidefast the world; that schal not be moued. 3 God, thi seete was maad redi fro that tyme; thou art fro the world. Lord, the flodis han reisid; the flodis han reisid her vois. Flodis reisiden her wawis; of the voicis of many watris. 4 The reisyngis of the see ben wondurful; the Lord is wondurful in hiye thingis. 5 Thi witnessingis ben maad able to be bileued greetli; Lord, holynesse bicometh thin hous, in to the lengthe of daies.

Psalms 93:1-119:176

1 The thre and nyntithe salm. God is Lord of veniauncis; God of veniauncis dide freli. 2 Be thou enhaunsid that demest the erthe; yelde thou yeldinge to proude men. 3 Lord, hou longe synneris; hou longe schulen synneris haue glorie? 4 Thei schulen telle out, and schulen speke wickidnesse; alle men schulen speke that worchen vnriytfulnesse. 5 Lord, thei han maad lowe thi puple; and thei han disesid thin eritage. 6 Thei killiden a widowe and a comelyng; and thei han slayn fadirles children and modirles. 7 And thei seiden, The Lord schal not se; and God of Jacob schal not vndurstonde. 8 Ye vnwise men in the puple, vndirstonde; and, ye foolis, lerne sum tyme. 9 Schal not he here, that plauntide the eere; ethere biholdith not he, that made the iye? 10 Schal not he repreue, that chastisith folkis; which techith man kunnyng? 11 The Lord knowith the thouytis of men; that tho ben veyne. 12 Blessid is the man, whom thou, Lord, hast lerned; and hast tauyt him of thi lawe. 13 That thou aswage hym fro yuele daies; til a diche be diggid to the synner. 14 For the Lord schal not putte awei his puple; and he schal not forsake his eritage. 15 Til riytfulnesse be turned in to dom; and who ben niy it, alle that ben of riytful herte. 16 Who schal rise with me ayens mysdoeris; ether who schal stonde with me ayens hem that worchen wickidnesse? 17 No but for the Lord helpide me; almest my soule hadde dwellid in helle. 18 If Y seide, My foot was stirid; Lord, thi merci helpide me. 19 Aftir the multitude of my sorewis in myn herte; thi coumfortis maden glad my soule. 20 Whether the seete of wickidnesse cleueth to thee; that makist trauel in comaundement? 21 Thei schulen take ayens the soule of a iust man; and thei schulen condempne innocent blood. 22 And the Lord was maad to me in to refuyt; and my God was maad in to the help of myn hope. 23 And he schal yelde to hem the wickidnesse of hem; and in the malice of hem he schal lese hem, oure Lord God schal lese hem.

Psalms 94:1-119:176

1 The foure and nyntithe salm. Come ye, make we ful out ioie to the Lord; hertli synge we to God, oure heelthe. 2 Bifore ocupie we his face in knowleching; and hertli synge we to him in salmes. 3 For God is a greet Lord, and a greet king aboue alle goddis; for the Lord schal not putte awei his puple. 4 For alle the endis of erthe ben in his hond; and the hiynesses of hillis ben hise. 5 For the see is his, and he made it; and hise hondis formeden the drie lond. 6 Come ye, herie we, and falle we doun bifore God, wepe we bifore the Lord that made vs; 7 for he is oure Lord God. And we ben the puple of his lesewe; and the scheep of his hond. 8 If ye han herd his vois to dai; nyle ye make hard youre hertis. 9 As in the terryng to wraththe; bi the dai of temptacioun in desert. Where youre fadris temptiden me; thei preueden and sien my werkis. 10 Fourti yeer I was offendid to this generacioun; and Y seide, Euere thei erren in herte. 11 And these men knewen not my weies; to whiche Y swoor in myn ire, thei schulen not entre in to my reste.

Psalms 95:1-119:176

1 The fyue and nyntithe salm hath no title. Singe ye a newe song to the Lord; al erthe, synge ye to the Lord. 2 Synge ye to the Lord, and blesse ye his name; telle ye his heelthe fro dai in to dai. 3 Telle ye his glorie among hethene men; hise merueilis among alle puplis. 4 For the Lord is greet, and worthi to be preisid ful myche; he is ferdful aboue alle goddis. 5 For alle the goddis of hethene men ben feendis; but the Lord made heuenes. 6 Knouleching and fairnesse is in his siyt; hoolynesse and worthi doyng is in his halewing. 7 Ye cuntrees of hethene men, brynge to the Lord, bringe ye glorye and onour to the Lord; 8 bringe ye to the Lord glorie to hys name. Take ye sacrificis, and entre ye in to the hallis of hym; 9 herie ye the Lord in his hooli halle. Al erthe be moued of his face; 10 seie ye among hethene men, that the Lord hath regned. And he hath amendid the world, that schal not be moued; he schal deme puplis in equite. 11 Heuenes be glad, and the erthe make ful out ioye, the see and the fulnesse therof be moued togidere; feeldis schulen make ioye, 12 and alle thingis that ben in tho. Thanne alle the trees of wodis schulen make ful out ioye, for the face of the Lord, for he cometh; 13 for he cometh to deme the erthe. He schal deme the world in equite; and puplis in his treuthe.

Psalms 96:1-119:176

1 The sixe and nyntithe salm. The Lord hath regned, the erthe make ful out ioye; many ilis be glad. 2 Cloude and derknesse in his cumpas; riytfulnesse and doom is amending of his seete. 3 Fier schal go bifore him; and schal enflawme hise enemyes in cumpas. 4 Hise leitis schyneden to the world; the erthe siy, and was moued. 5 Hillis as wax fletiden doun fro the face of the Lord; al erthe fro the face of the Lord. 6 Heuenes telden his riytfulnesse; and alle puplis sien his glorie. 7 Alle that worschipen sculptilis be schent, and thei that han glorie in her symelacris; alle ye aungels of the Lord, worschipe him. 8 Sion herde, and was glad, and the douytris of Juda maden ful out ioye; for `thi domes, Lord. 9 For thou, Lord, art the hiyeste on al erthe; thou art greetli enhaunsid ouere alle goddis. 10 Ye that louen the Lord, hate yuel; the Lord kepith the soulis of hise seyntis; he schal delyuer hem fro the hond of the synner. 11 Liyt is risun to the riytful man; and gladnesse to riytful men of herte. 12 Juste men, be ye glad in the Lord; and knouleche ye to the mynde of his halewyng.

Psalms 97:1-119:176

1 The seuen and nyntithe salm hath no title. Singe ye a newe song to the Lord; for he hath do merueils. His riyt hond and his hooli arm; hath maad heelthe to hym. 2 The Lord hath maad knowun his heelthe; in the siyt of hethene men he hath schewid his riytfulnesse. 3 He bithouyte on his merci; and on his treuthe, to the hous of Israel. Alle the endis of erthe; sien the heelthe of oure God. 4 Al erthe, make ye hertli ioye to God; synge ye, and make ye ful out ioye, and seie ye salm. 5 Singe ye to the Lord in an harpe, in harpe and vois of salm; 6 in trumpis betun out with hamer, and in vois of a trumpe of horn. Hertli synge ye in the siyt of the Lord, the king; the see and the fulnesse therof be moued; 7 the world, and thei that dwellen therynne. 8 Flodis schulen make ioie with hond, togidere hillis schulen make ful out ioye, for siyt of the Lord; 9 for he cometh to deme the erthe. He schal deme the world in riytfulnesse; and puplis in equite.

Psalms 98:1-119:176

1 The eiyte and nyntithe salm. The Lord hath regned, puplis ben wrooth; thou that sittist on cherubyn, the erthe be moued. 2 The Lord is greet in Sion; and hiy aboue alle puplis. 3 Knouleche thei to thi greet name, for it is ferdful and hooli; 4 and the onour of the king loueth doom. Thou hast maad redi dressyngis; thou hast maad doom and riytfulnesse in Jacob. 5 Enhaunse ye oure Lord God; and worschipe ye the stool of hise feet, for it is hooli. 6 Moises and Aaron weren among hise preestis; and Samuel was among hem that inwardli clepen his name. Thei inwardli clepiden the Lord, and he herde hem; 7 in a piler of cloude he spak to hem. Thei kepten hise witnessyngis; and the comaundement which he yaf to hem. 8 Oure Lord God, thou herdist hem; God, thou were merciful to hem, and thou tokist veniaunce on al her fyndyngis. 9 Enhaunse ye oure Lord God, and worschipe ye in his hooli hil; for oure Lord God is hooli.

Psalms 99:1-119:176

1 The titil of the nyne and nyntithe salm. `A salm to knouleche; `in Ebrew `thus, A salm for knouleching. 2 Al erthe, singe ye hertli to God; serue ye the Lord in gladnesse. Entre ye in his siyt; in ful out ioiyng. 3 Wite ye, that the Lord hym silf is God; he made vs, and not we maden vs. His puple, and the scheep of his lesewe, 4 entre ye in to hise yatis in knoulechyng; entre ye in to hise porchis, `knouleche ye to him in ympnes. 5 Herye ye his name, for the Lord is swete, his merci is with outen ende; and his treuthe is in generacioun and in to generacioun.

Psalms 100:1-119:176

1 The titil of the hundrid salm. `The salm of Dauid. Lord, Y schal synge to thee; merci and doom. 2 I schal synge, and Y schal vndurstonde in a weie with out wem; whanne thou schalt come to me. I yede perfitli in the innocence of myn herte; in the myddil of myn hous. 3 I settide not forth bifore myn iyen an vniust thing; Y hatide hem that maden trespassyngis. 4 A schrewide herte cleuede not to me; Y knewe not a wickid man bowynge awei fro me. 5 I pursuede hym; that bacbitide priueli his neiybore. With the proude iye and an herte vnable to be fillid; Y eet not with this. 6 Myn iyen weren to the feithful men of erthe, that thei sitte with me; he that yede in a weie with out wem, mynystride to me. 7 He that doith pride, schal not dwelle in the myddil of myn hous; he that spekith wickid thingis, seruede not in the siyt of myn iyen. 8 In the morutid Y killide alle the synners of erthe; that Y schulde leese fro the citee of the Lord alle men worchynge wickidnesse.

Psalms 101:1-119:176

1 The title of the `hundrid and o salm. The preier of a pore man, whanne he was angwishid, and schedde out his speche bifore the Lord. 2 Lord, here thou my preier; and my crie come to thee. 3 Turne not awei thi face fro me; in what euere dai Y am troblid, bowe doun thin eere to me. In what euere day Y schal inwardli clepe thee; here thou me swiftli. 4 For my daies han failid as smoke; and my boonus han dried vp as critouns. 5 I am smytun as hei, and myn herte dried vp; for Y haue foryete to eete my breed. 6 Of the vois of my weilyng; my boon cleuede to my fleische. 7 I am maad lijk a pellican of wildirnesse; Y am maad as a niyt crowe in an hous. 8 I wakide; and Y am maad as a solitarie sparowe in the roof. 9 Al dai myn enemyes dispisiden me; and thei that preisiden me sworen ayens me. 10 For Y eet aschis as breed; and Y meddlide my drinke with weping. 11 Fro the face of the ire of thin indignacioun; for thou reisinge me hast hurtlid me doun. 12 Mi daies boweden awei as a schadewe; and Y wexede drie as hei. 13 But, Lord, thou dwellist with outen ende; and thi memorial in generacioun and in to generacioun. 14 Lord, thou risinge vp schalt haue merci on Sion; for the tyme `to haue merci therof cometh, for the tyme cometh. 15 For the stones therof plesiden thi seruauntis; and thei schulen haue merci on the lond therof. 16 And, Lord, hethen men schulen drede thi name; and alle kingis of erthe schulen drede thi glori. 17 For the Lord hath bildid Sion; and he schal be seen in his glorie. 18 He bihelde on the preier of meke men; and he dispiside not the preier of hem. 19 Be these thingis writun in an othere generacioun; and the puple that schal be maad schal preise the Lord. 20 For he bihelde fro his hiye hooli place; the Lord lokide fro heuene in to erthe. 21 For to here the weilingis of feterid men; and for to vnbynde the sones of slayn men. 22 That thei telle in Sion the name of the Lord; and his preising in Jerusalem. 23 In gaderinge togidere puplis in to oon; and kingis, that thei serue the Lord. 24 It answeride to hym in the weie of his vertu; Telle thou to me the fewnesse of my daies. 25 Ayenclepe thou not me in the myddil of my daies; thi yeris ben in generacioun and in to generacioun. 26 Lord, thou foundidist the erthe in the bigynnyng; and heuenes ben the werkis of thin hondis. 27 Tho schulen perische, but thou dwellist perfitli; and alle schulen wexe eelde as a clooth. And thou schalt chaunge hem as an hiling, and tho schulen be chaungid; 28 but thou art the same thi silf, and thi yeeris schulen not faile. 29 The sones of thi seruauntis schulen dwelle; and the seed of hem schal be dressid in to the world.

Psalms 102:1-119:176

1 The title of `hundred and secounde salm. `Of Dauid. Mi soule, blesse thou the Lord; and alle thingis that ben with ynne me, blesse his hooli name. 2 Mi soule, blesse thou the Lord; and nyle thou foryete alle the yeldyngis of him. 3 Which doith merci to alle thi wickidnessis; which heelith alle thi sijknessis. 4 Which ayenbieth thi lijf fro deth; which corowneth thee in merci and merciful doyngis. 5 Which fillith thi desijr in goodis; thi yongthe schal be renulid as the yongthe of an egle. 6 The Lord doynge mercies; and doom to alle men suffringe wrong. 7 He made hise weies knowun to Moises; hise willis to the sones of Israel. 8 The Lord is merciful doer, and merciful in wille; longe abidinge, and myche merciful. 9 He schal not be wrooth with outen ende; and he schal not thretne with outen ende. 10 He dide not to vs aftir oure synnes; nether he yeldide to vs aftir oure wickidnessis. 11 For bi the hiynesse of heuene fro erthe; he made strong his merci on men dredynge hym. 12 As myche as the eest is fer fro the west; he made fer oure wickidnessis fro vs. 13 As a fadir hath merci on sones, the Lord hadde merci on men dredynge him; 14 for he knewe oure makyng. 15 He bithouyte that we ben dust, a man is as hey; his dai schal flowre out so as a flour of the feeld. 16 For the spirit schal passe in hym, and schal not abide; and schal no more knowe his place. 17 But the merci of the Lord is fro with out bigynnyng, and til in to with outen ende; on men dredinge hym. And his riytfulnesse is in to the sones of sones; 18 to hem that kepen his testament. And ben myndeful of hise comaundementis; to do tho. 19 The Lord hath maad redi his seete in heuene; and his rewme schal be lord of alle. 20 Aungels of the Lord, blesse ye the Lord; ye myyti in vertu, doynge his word, to here the vois of hise wordis. 21 Alle vertues of the Lord, blesse ye the Lord; ye mynystris of hym that doen his wille. 22 Alle werkis of the Lord, blesse ye the Lord, in ech place of his lordschipe; my soule, blesse thou the Lord.

Psalms 103:1-119:176

1 The hundrid and thridde salm. Mi soule, blesse thou the Lord; my Lord God, thou art magnyfied greetli. Thou hast clothid knouleching and fairnesse; and thou art clothid with liyt, 2 as with a cloth. And thou stretchist forth heuene as a skyn; 3 and thou hilist with watris the hiyer partis therof. Which settist a cloude thi stiyng; which goest on the fetheris of wyndis. 4 Which makist spiritis thin aungels; and thi mynystris brennynge fier. 5 Which hast foundid the erthe on his stablenesse; it schal not be bowid in to the world of world. 6 The depthe of watris as a cloth is the clothing therof; watris schulen stonde on hillis. 7 Tho schulen fle fro thi blamyng; men schulen be aferd of the vois of thi thundur. 8 Hillis stien vp, and feeldis goen doun; in to the place which thou hast foundid to tho. 9 Thou hast set a terme, which tho schulen not passe; nether tho schulen be turned, for to hile the erthe. 10 And thou sendist out wellis in grete valeis; watris schulen passe bitwix the myddil of hillis. 11 Alle the beestis of the feeld schulen drynke; wielde assis schulen abide in her thirst. 12 Briddis of the eir schulen dwelle on tho; fro the myddis of stoonys thei schulen yyue voices. 13 And thou moistist hillis of her hiyer thingis; the erthe schal be fillid of the fruyt of thi werkis. 14 And thou bringist forth hei to beestis; and eerbe to the seruyce of men. That thou bringe forth breed of the erthe; 15 and that wiyn make glad the herte of men. That he make glad the face with oile; and that breed make stidefast the herte of man. 16 The trees of the feeld schulen be fillid, and the cedris of the Liban, whiche he plauntide; 17 sparewis schulen make nest there. The hous of the gerfaukun is the leeder of tho; 18 hiye hillis ben refute to hertis; a stoon is refutt to irchouns. 19 He made the moone in to tymes; the sunne knewe his goyng doun. 20 Thou hast set derknessis, and nyyt is maad; alle beestis of the wode schulen go ther ynne. 21 Liouns whelpis rorynge for to rauysche; and to seke of God meete to hem silf. 22 The sunne is risun, and tho ben gaderid togidere; and tho schulen be set in her couchis. 23 A man schal go out to his werk; and to his worching, til to the euentid. 24 Lord, thi werkis ben magnefiede ful myche, thou hast maad alle thingis in wisdom; the erthe is fillid with thi possessioun. 25 This see is greet and large to hondis; there ben crepinge beestis, of which is noon noumbre. Litil beestis with grete; 26 schippis schulen passe there. This dragoun which thou hast formyd; for to scorne hym. 27 Alle thingis abiden of thee; that thou yyue to hem meete in tyme. 28 Whanne thou schalt yyue to hem, thei schulen gadere; whanne thou schalt opene thin hond, alle thingis schulen be fillid with goodnesse. 29 But whanne thou schalt turne awey the face, thei schulen be disturblid; thou schalt take awei the spirit of them, and thei schulen faile; and thei schulen turne ayen in to her dust. 30 Sende out thi spirit, and thei schulen be formed of the newe; and thou schalt renule the face of the erthe. 31 The glorie of the Lord be in to the world; the Lord schal be glad in hise werkis. 32 Which biholdith the erthe, and makith it to tremble; which touchith hillis, and tho smoken. 33 I schal singe to the Lord in my lijf; Y schal seie salm to my God, as longe as Y am. 34 Mi speche be myrie to him; forsothe Y schal delite in the Lord. 35 Synneris faile fro the erthe, and wickid men faile, so that thei be not; my soule, blesse thou the Lord.

Psalms 104:1-119:176

1 The title of the hundrid and fourthe salm. Alleluya. Knouleche ye to the Lord, and inwardli clepe ye his name; telle ye hise werkis among hethen men. 2 Synge ye to hym, and seie ye salm to him, and telle ye alle hise merueylis; 3 be ye preisid in his hooli name. The herte of men sekynge the Lord be glad; 4 seke ye the Lord, and be ye confermed; seke ye euere his face. 5 Haue ye mynde on hise merueilis, whiche he dide; on his grete wondris, and domes of his mouth. 6 The seed of Abraham, his seruaunt; the sones of Jacob, his chosun man. 7 He is oure Lord God; hise domes ben in al the erthe. 8 He was myndeful of his testament in to the world; of the word which he comaundide in to a thousynde generaciouns. 9 Which he disposide to Abraham; and of his ooth to Isaac. 10 And he ordeynede it to Jacob in to a comaundement; and to Israel in to euerlastinge testament. 11 And he seide, I shal yiue to thee the lond of Canaan; the cord of youre eritage. 12 Whanne thei weren in a litil noumbre; and the comelingis of hem weren ful fewe. 13 And thei passiden fro folk in to folk; and fro a rewme in to another puple. 14 He lefte not a man to anoye hem; and he chastiside kyngis for hem. 15 Nile ye touche my cristis; and nyle ye do wickidli among my prophetis. 16 And God clepide hungir on erthe; and he wastide al the stidefastnesse of breed. 17 He sente a man bifore hem; Joseph was seeld in to a seruaunt. 18 Thei maden lowe hise feet in stockis, irun passide by his soule; til the word of him cam. 19 The speche of the Lord enflawmede him; 20 the king sente and vnbond hym; the prince of puplis sente and delyuerede him. 21 He ordeynede him the lord of his hous; and the prince of al his possessioun. 22 That he schulde lerne hise princis as him silf; and that he schulde teche hise elde men prudence. 23 And Israel entride in to Egipt; and Jacob was a comeling in the lond of Cham. 24 And God encreesside his puple greetli; and made hym stidefast on hise enemyes. 25 He turnede the herte of hem, that thei hatiden his puple; and diden gile ayens hise seruauntis. 26 He sent Moises, his seruaunt; thilke Aaron, whom he chees. 27 He puttide in hem the wordis of hise myraclis; and of hise grete wondris in the lond of Cham. 28 He sente derknessis, and made derk; and he made not bitter hise wordis. 29 He turnede the watris of hem in to blood; and he killide the fischis of hem. 30 And the lond of hem yaf paddoks; in the priue places of the kyngis of hem. 31 God seide, and a fleische flie cam; and gnattis in alle the coostis of hem. 32 He settide her reynes hail; fier brennynge in the lond of hem. 33 And he smoot the vynes of hem, and the fige trees of hem; and al to-brak the tree of the coostis of hem. 34 He seide, and a locuste cam; and a bruk of which was noon noumbre. 35 And it eet al the hey in the lond of hem; and it eet al the fruyt of the lond of hem. 36 And he killide ech the firste gendrid thing in the lond of hem; the firste fruitis of alle the trauel of hem. 37 And he ledde out hem with siluer and gold; and noon was sijk in the lynagis of hem. 38 Egipt was glad in the goyng forth of hem; for the drede of hem lai on Egipcians. 39 He spredde abrood a cloude, in to the hiling of hem; and fier, that it schynede to hem bi nyyt. 40 Thei axiden, and a curlew cam; and he fillide hem with the breed of heuene. 41 He brak a stoon, and watris flowiden; floodis yeden forth in the drye place. 42 For he was myndeful of his hooli word; which he hadde to Abraham, his child. 43 And he ledde out his puple in ful out ioiyng; and hise chosun men in gladnesse. 44 And he yaf to hem the cuntreis of hethen men; and thei hadden in possessioun the trauels of puplis. 45 That thei kepe hise iustifiyngis; and seke his lawe.

Psalms 105:1-119:176

1 The `title of the hundrid and fifthe salm. Alleluya. Kouleche ye to the Lord, for he is good; for his mercy is with outen ende. 2 Who schal speke the powers of the Lord; schal make knowun alle hise preisyngis? 3 Blessid ben thei that kepen dom; and doon riytfulnesse in al tyme. 4 Lord, haue thou mynde on vs in the good plesaunce of thi puple; visite thou vs in thin heelthe. 5 To se in the goodnesse of thi chosun men, to be glad in the gladnes of thi folk; that thou be heried with thin eritage. 6 We han synned with oure fadris; we han do vniustli, we han do wickidnesse. 7 Oure fadris in Egipt vndirstoden not thi merueils; thei weren not myndeful of the multitude of thi merci. And thei stiynge in to the see, in to the reed see, terreden to wraththe; 8 and he sauede hem for his name, that `he schulde make knowun his power. 9 And he departide the reed see, and it was dried; and he lede forth hem in the depthis of watris as in deseert. 10 And he sauede hem fro the hond of hateris; and he ayen bouyte hem fro the hond of the enemye. 11 And the watir hilide men troublynge hem; oon of hem abood not. 12 And thei bileueden to hise wordis; and thei preisiden the heriynge of hym. 13 Thei hadden `soone do, thei foryaten hise werkis; and thei abididen not his councel. 14 And thei coueitiden coueitise in deseert; and temptiden God in a place with out watir. 15 And he yaf to hem the axyng of hem; and he sente fulnesse in to the soulis of hem. 16 And thei wraththiden Moyses in the castels; Aaron, the hooli of the Lord. 17 The erthe was opened, and swolewid Datan; and hilide on the congregacioun of Abiron. 18 And fier brente an hiye in the synagoge of hem; flawme brente synneris. 19 And thei maden a calf in Oreb; and worschipiden a yotun ymage. 20 And thei chaungiden her glorie; in to the liknesse of a calf etynge hei. 21 Thei foryaten God, that sauede hem, that dide grete werkis in Egipt, 22 merueils in the lond of Cham; feerdful thingis in the reed see. 23 And God seide, that he wolde leese hem; if Moises, his chosun man, hadde not stonde in the brekyng of his siyt. That he schulde turne awei his ire; lest he loste hem. 24 And thei hadden the desirable lond for nouyt, thei bileueden not to his word, and thei grutchiden in her tabernaclis; 25 thei herden not the vois of the Lord. 26 And he reiside his hond on hem; to caste doun hem in desert. 27 And to caste awei her seed in naciouns; and to leese hem in cuntreis. 28 And thei maden sacrifice to Belfagor; and thei eeten the sacrificis of deed beestis. 29 And thei wraththiden God in her fyndyngis; and fallyng was multiplied in hem. 30 And Fynees stood, and pleeside God; and the veniaunce ceesside. 31 And it was arrettid to hym to riytfulnesse; in generacioun and in to generacioun, til in to with outen ende. 32 And thei wraththiden God at the watris of ayenseiyng; and Moises was trauelid for hem, for thei maden bittere his spirit, 33 and he departide in his lippis. 34 Thei losten not hethen men; whiche the Lord seide to hem. 35 And thei weren meddlid among hethene men, and lerneden the werkis of hem, 36 and serueden the grauen ymagis of hem; and it was maad to hem in to sclaundre. 37 And thei offriden her sones; and her douytris to feendis. 38 And thei schedden out innocent blood, the blood of her sones and of her douytris; whiche thei sacrificiden to the grauun ymagis of Chanaan. 39 And the erthe was slayn in bloodis, and was defoulid in the werkis of hem; and thei diden fornicacioun in her fyndyngis. 40 And the Lord was wrooth bi strong veniaunce ayens his puple; and hadde abhominacioun of his eritage. 41 And he bitook hem in to the hondis of hethene men; and thei that hatiden hem, weren lordis of hem. 42 And her enemyes diden tribulacioun to hem, and thei weren mekid vndir the hondis of enemyes; 43 ofte he delyuerede hem. But thei wraththiden hym in her counsel; and thei weren maad low in her wickidnessis. 44 And he siye, whanne thei weren set in tribulacioun; and he herde the preyer of hem. 45 And he was myndeful of his testament; and it repentide hym bi the multitude of his merci. 46 And he yaf hem in to mercies; in the siyt of alle men, that hadden take hem. 47 Oure Lord God, make thou vs saaf; and gadere togidere vs fro naciouns. That we knouleche to thin hooli name; and haue glorie in thi preisyng. 48 Blessid be the Lord God of Israel fro the world and til in to the world; and al the puple schal seye, Be it don, be it don.

Psalms 106:1-119:176

1 The `title of the hundrid and sixte salm. Alleluya. Knouleche ye to the Lord, for he is good; for his merci is in to the world. 2 Sei thei, that ben ayen bouyt of the Lord; whiche he ayen bouyte fro the hond of the enemye, fro cuntreis he gaderide hem togidere. 3 Fro the risyng of the sunne, and fro the goyng doun; fro the north, and fro the see. 4 Thei erriden in wildirnesse, in a place with out watir; thei founden not weie of the citee of dwellyng place. 5 Thei weren hungri and thirsti; her soule failide in hem. 6 And thei crieden to the Lord, whanne thei weren set in tribulacioun; and he delyuerede hem fro her nedynesses. 7 And he ledde forth hem in to the riyt weie; that thei schulden go in to the citee of dwelling. 8 The mercies of the Lord knouleche to hym; and hise merueilis knouleche to the sones of men. 9 For he fillide a voide man; and he fillide with goodis an hungry man. 10 God delyuerede men sittynge in derknessis, and in the schadowe of deth; and men prisoned in beggerye and in yrun. 11 For thei maden bitter the spechis of God; and wraththiden the councel of the hiyeste. 12 And the herte of hem was maad meke in trauelis; and thei weren sijk, and noon was that helpide. 13 And thei crieden to the Lord, whanne thei weren set in tribulacioun; and he delyuerede hem from her nedynessis. 14 And he ledde hem out of derknessis, and schadowe of deth; and brak the boondis of hem. 15 The mercies of the Lord knouleche to hym; and hise merueils knouleche to the sones of men. 16 For he al to-brak brasun yatis; and he brak yrun barris. 17 He vptook hem fro the weie of her wickidnesse; for thei weren maad lowe for her vnriytfulnesses. 18 The soule of hem wlatide al mete; and thei neiyeden `til to the yatis of deth. 19 And thei crieden to the Lord, whanne thei weren set in tribulacioun; and he delyuerede hem fro her nedynessis. 20 He sente his word, and heelide hem; and delyuerede hem fro the perischingis of hem. 21 The mercies of the Lord knouleche to hym; and hise merueils to the sones of men. 22 And offre thei the sacrifice of heriyng; and telle thei hise werkis in ful out ioiyng. 23 Thei that gon doun in to the see in schippis; and maken worching in many watris. 24 Thei sien the werkis of the Lord; and hise merueilis in the depthe. 25 He seide, and the spirit of tempest stood; and the wawis therof weren arerid. 26 Thei stien til to heuenes, and goen doun `til to the depthis; the soule of hem failide in yuelis. 27 Thei weren troblid, and thei weren moued as a drunkun man; and al the wisdom of hem was deuourid. 28 And thei crieden to the Lord, whanne thei weren set in tribulacioun; and he ledde hem out of her nedynessis. 29 And he ordeynede the tempest therof in to a soft wynde; and the wawis therof weren stille. 30 And thei weren glad, for tho weren stille; and he ladde hem forth in to the hauene of her wille. 31 The mercies of the Lord knouleche to hym; and hise merueilis to the sones of men. 32 And enhaunse thei him in the chirche of the puple; and preise thei him in the chaier of eldre men. 33 He hath set floodis in to deseert; and the out goingis of watris in to thirst. 34 He hath set fruytful lond in to saltnesse; for the malice of men dwellyng ther ynne. 35 He hath set deseert in to pondis of watris; and erthe with out watir in to outgoyngis of watris. 36 And he settide there hungri men; and thei maden a citee of dwelling. 37 And thei sowiden feeldis, and plauntiden vynes; and maden fruyt of birthe. 38 And he blesside hem, and thei weren multiplied greetli; and he made not lesse her werk beestis. 39 And thei weren maad fewe; and thei weren trauelid of tribulacioun of yuelis and of sorewis. 40 Strijf was sched out on princes; and he made hem for to erre without the weie, and not in the weie. 41 And he helpide the pore man fro pouert; and settide meynees as a scheep bringynge forth lambren. 42 Riytful men schulen se, and schulen be glad; and al wickidnesse schal stoppe his mouth. 43 Who is wijs, and schal kepe these thingis; and schal vndirstonde the mercies of the Lord?

Psalms 107:1-119:176

1 The `title of the hundrid and seuenthe salm. The song of `the salm of Dauid. 2 Min herte is redi, God, myn herte is redi; Y schal singe, and Y schal seie salm in my glorie. 3 My glorie, ryse thou vp, sautrie and harp, rise thou vp; Y schal rise vp eerli. 4 Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee among puplis; and Y schal seie salm to thee among naciouns. 5 For whi, God, thi merci is greet on heuenes; and thi treuthe is til to the cloudis. 6 God, be thou enhaunsid aboue heuenes; and thi glorie ouer al erthe. 7 That thi derlingis be delyuerid, make thou saaf with thi riythond, and here me; God spak in his hooli. 8 I schal make ful out ioye, and Y schal departe Siccimam; and Y schal mete the grete valei of tabernaclis. 9 Galaad is myn, and Manasses is myn; and Effraym is the vptaking of myn heed. Juda is my king; Moab is the caudron of myn hope. 10 In to Ydume Y schal stretche forth my scho; aliens ben maad frendis to me. 11 Who schal lede me forth in to a stronge citee; who schal lede me forth til in to Idume? 12 Whether not thou, God, that hast put vs awei; and, God, schalt thou not go out in oure vertues? 13 Yyue thou help to vs of tribulacioun; for the heelthe of man is veyn. 14 We schulen make vertu in God; and he schal bringe oure enemyes to nouyt.

Psalms 108:1-119:176

1 The title of the hundrid and eiytthe salm. To victorye, the salm of Dauid. 2 God, holde thou not stille my preisyng; for the mouth of the synner, and the mouth of the gileful man is openyd on me. 3 Thei spaken ayens me with a gileful tunge, and thei cumpassiden me with wordis of hatrede; and fouyten ayens me with out cause. 4 For that thing that thei schulden loue me, thei bacbitiden me; but Y preiede. 5 And thei settiden ayens me yuelis for goodis; and hatrede for my loue. 6 Ordeyne thou a synner on him; and the deuel stonde on his riyt half. 7 Whanne he is demed, go he out condempned; and his preier `be maad in to synne. 8 Hise daies be maad fewe; and another take his bischopriche. 9 Hise sones be maad faderles; and his wijf a widewe. 10 Hise sones tremblinge be born ouer, and begge; and be cast out of her habitaciouns. 11 An vsurere seke al his catel; and aliens rauysche hise trauelis. 12 Noon helpere be to him; nether ony be that haue mercy on hise modirles children. 13 Hise sones be maad in to perisching; the name of him be don awei in oon generacioun. 14 The wickidnesse of hise fadris come ayen in to mynde in the siyt of the Lord; and the synne of his modir be not don awei. 15 Be thei maad euere ayens the Lord; and the mynde of hem perische fro erthe. 16 For that thing that he thouyte not to do merci, 17 and he pursuede a pore man and beggere; and to slee a man compunct in herte. 18 And he louede cursing, and it schal come to hym; and he nolde blessing, and it schal be maad fer fro him. And he clothide cursing as a cloth, and it entride as water in to hise ynnere thingis; and as oile in hise boonus. 19 Be it maad to him as a cloth, with which he is hilyd; and as a girdil, with which he is euere gird. 20 This is the werk of hem that bacbiten me anentis the Lord; and that speke yuels ayens my lijf. 21 And thou, Lord, Lord, do with me for thi name; for thi merci is swete. 22 Delyuere thou me, for Y am nedi and pore; and myn herte is disturblid with ynne me. 23 I am takun awei as a schadowe, whanne it bowith awei; and Y am schakun awei as locustis. 24 Mi knees ben maad feble of fasting; and my fleische was chaungid for oile. 25 And Y am maad schenschipe to hem; thei sien me, and moueden her heedis. 26 Mi Lord God, helpe thou me; make thou me saaf bi thi merci. 27 And thei schulen wite, that this is thin hond; and thou, Lord, hast do it. 28 Thei schulen curse, and thou schalt blesse, thei that risen ayens me, be schent; but thi seruaunt schal be glad. 29 Thei that bacbiten me, be clothid with schame; and be thei hilid with her schenschipe as with a double cloth. 30 I schal knouleche to the Lord greetli with my mouth; and Y schal herie hym in the myddil of many men. 31 Which stood nyy on the riyt half of a pore man; to make saaf my soule fro pursueris.

Psalms 109:1-119:176

1 The `title of the hundrid and nynthe salm. `The salm of Dauith. The Lord seide to my Lord; Sitte thou on my riyt side. Til Y putte thin enemyes; a stool of thi feet. 2 The Lord schal sende out fro Syon the yerde of thi vertu; be thou lord in the myddis of thin enemyes. 3 The bigynnyng is with thee in the dai of thi vertu, in the briytnessis of seyntis; Y gendride thee of the wombe before the dai sterre. 4 The Lord swoor, and it schal not repente him; Thou art a preest with outen ende, bi the ordre of Melchisedech. 5 The Lord on thi riyt side; hath broke kyngis in the dai of his veniaunce. 6 He schal deme among naciouns, he schal fille fallyngis; he schal schake heedis in the lond of many men. 7 He dranke of the stronde in the weie; therfor he enhaunside the heed.

Psalms 110:1-119:176

1 The `title of the hundrid and tenthe salm. Alleluya. Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee in al myn herte; in the counsel and congregacioun of iust men. 2 The werkis of the Lord ben greete; souyt out in to alle hise willis. 3 His werk is knoulechyng and grete doyng; and his riytfulnesse dwellith in to the world of world. 4 The Lord merciful in wille, and a merciful doere, hath maad a mynde of hise merueilis; 5 he hath youe meete to men dredynge hym. He schal be myndeful of his testament in to the world; 6 he schal telle to his puple the vertu of hise werkis. 7 That he yyue to hem the eritage of folkis; the werkis of hise hondis ben treuthe and doom. 8 Alle hise comaundementis ben feithful, confermed in to the world of world; maad in treuthe and equite. 9 The Lord sente redempcioun to hys puple; he comaundide his testament with outen ende. His name is hooli and dreedful; 10 the bigynnyng of wisdom is the drede of the Lord. Good vndirstondyng is to alle that doen it; his preising dwellith in to the world of world.

Psalms 111:1-119:176

1 The `title of the hundrid and enleuenthe salm. Alleluya. Blissid is the man that dredith the Lord; he schal wilne ful myche in hise comaundementis. 2 His seed schal be myyti in erthe; the generacioun of riytful men schal be blessid. 3 Glorie and richessis ben in his hous; and his riytfulnesse dwellith in to the world of world. 4 Liyt is risun vp in derknessis to riytful men; the Lord is merciful in wille, and a merciful doere, and riytful. 5 The man is merye, that doith merci, and leeneth; he disposith hise wordis in dom; 6 for he schal not be moued with outen ende. 7 A iust man schal be in euerlastinge mynde; he schal not drede of an yuel heryng. His herte is redi for to hope in the Lord; 8 his herte is confermed, he schal not be moued, til he dispise hise enemyes. 9 He spredde abrood, he yaf to pore men; his riytwisnesse dwellith in to the world of world; his horn schal be reisid in glorie. 10 A synner schal se, and schal be wrooth; he schal gnaste with hise teeth, and schal faile; the desijr of synneris schal perische.

Psalms 112:1-119:176

1 The `title of the hundrid and twelfthe salm. Alleluya. Children, preise ye the Lord; preise ye the name of the Lord. 2 The name of the Lord be blessid; fro this tyme now and til in to the world. 3 Fro the risyng of the sunne til to the goyng doun; the name of the Lord is worthi to be preisid. 4 The Lord is hiy aboue alle folkis; and his glorie is aboue heuenes. 5 Who is as oure Lord God, that dwellith in hiye thingis; 6 and biholdith meke thingis in heuene and in erthe? 7 Reisynge a nedi man fro the erthe; and enhaunsinge a pore man fro drit. 8 That he sette hym with princes; with the princes of his puple. 9 Which makith a bareyn womman dwelle in the hous; a glad modir of sones.

Psalms 113:1-119:176

1 The titil of the hundrid and thrittenthe salm. Alleluya. In the goyng out of Israel fro Egipt; of the hous of Jacob fro the hethene puple. 2 Judee was maad the halewyng of hym; Israel the power of hym. 3 The see siy, and fledde; Jordan was turned abac. 4 Munteyns ful out ioyeden as rammes; and litle hillis as the lambren of scheep. 5 Thou see, what was to thee, for thou fleddist; and thou, Jordan, for thou were turned abak? 6 Munteyns, ye maden ful out ioye as rammes; and litle hillis, as the lambren of scheep. 7 The erthe was moued fro the face of `the Lord; fro the face of God of Jacob. 8 Which turnede a stoon in to pondis of watris; and an hard rooch in to wellis of watris. 9 Lord, not to vs, not to vs; but yyue thou glorie to thi name. 10 On thi merci and thi treuthe; lest ony tyme hethene men seien, Where is the God of hem? 11 Forsothe oure God in heuene; dide alle thingis, whiche euere he wolde. 12 The symulacris of hethene men ben siluer and gold; the werkis of mennus hondis. 13 Tho han mouth, and schulen not speke; tho han iyen, and schulen not se. 14 Tho han eeris, and schulen not here; tho han nose thurls, and schulen not smelle. 15 Tho han hondis, and schulen not grope; tho han feet, and schulen not go; tho schulen not crye in her throte. 16 Thei that maken tho ben maad lijk tho; and alle that triste in tho. 17 The hous of Israel hopide in the Lord; he is the helpere `of hem, and the defendere of hem. 18 The hous of Aaron hopide in the Lord; he is the helpere of hem, and the defendere of hem. 19 Thei that dreden the Lord, hopiden in the Lord; he is the helpere of hem, and the defendere of hem. 20 The Lord was myndeful of vs; and blesside vs. He blesside the hous of Israel; he blesside the hous of Aaron. 21 He blesside alle men that dreden the Lord; `he blesside litle `men with the grettere. 22 The Lord encreesse on you; on you and on youre sones. 23 Blessid be ye of the Lord; that made heuene and erthe. 24 Heuene of `heuene is to the Lord; but he yaf erthe to the sones of men. 25 Lord, not deed men schulen herie thee; nether alle men that goen doun in to helle. 26 But we that lyuen, blessen the Lord; fro this tyme now and til in to the world.

Psalms 114:1-119:176

1 The titil of the hundrid and fourtenthe salm. Alleluia. I louede `the Lord; for the Lord schal here the vois of my preier. 2 For he bowide doun his eere to me; and Y schal inwardli clepe in my daies. 3 The sorewis of deth cumpassiden me; and the perelis of helle founden me. 4 I foond tribulacioun and sorewe; and Y clepide inwardli the name of the Lord. Thou, Lord, delyuere my soule; 5 the Lord is merciful, and iust; and oure God doith merci. 6 And the Lord kepith litle children; Y was mekid, and he delyuerede me. 7 Mi soule, turne thou in to thi reste; for the Lord hath do wel to thee. 8 For he hath delyuered my soule fro deth; myn iyen fro wepingis, my feet fro fallyng doun. 9 I schal plese the Lord; in the cuntrei of hem that lyuen.

Psalms 115:1-119:176

1 I bileuede, for which thing Y spak; forsoth Y was maad low ful myche. 2 I seide in my passing; Ech man is a lier. 3 What schal Y yelde to the Lord; for alle thingis which he yeldide to me? 4 I schal take the cuppe of heelthe; and Y schal inwardli clepe the name of the Lord. 5 I schal yelde my vowis to the Lord bifor al his puple; 6 the deth of seyntis of the Lord is precious in his siyt. 7 O! Lord, for Y am thi seruant; Y am thi seruaunt, and the sone of thi handmaide. Thou hast broke my bondys, 8 to thee Y schal offre a sacrifice of heriyng; and Y schal inwardli clepe the name of the Lord. 9 I schal yelde my vowis to the Lord, in the siyt of al his puple; 10 in the porchis of the hous of the Lord, in the myddil of thee, Jerusalem.

Psalms 116:1-119:176

1 The title of the hundrid and sixtenthe salm. Alleluya. Alle hethen men, herie ye the Lord; alle puplis, herie ye hym. 2 For his merci is confermyd on vs; and the treuthe of the Lord dwellith with outen ende.

Psalms 117:1-119:176

1 The titil of the hundrid and seuententhe salm. Alleluia. Knouleche ye to the Lord, for he is good; for his merci is with outen ende. 2 Israel seie now, for he is good; for his merci is with outen ende. 3 The hous of Aaron seie now; for his merci is with outen ende. 4 Thei that dreden the Lord, seie now; for his merci is withouten ende. 5 Of tribulacioun Y inwardli clepide the Lord; and the Lord herde me in largenesse. 6 The Lord is an helpere to me; Y schal not drede what a man schal do to me. 7 The Lord is an helpere to me; and Y schal dispise myn enemyes. 8 It is betere for to trist in the Lord; than for to triste in man. 9 It is betere for to hope in the Lord; than for to hope in princes. 10 Alle folkis cumpassiden me; and in the name of the Lord it bifelde, for Y am auengide on hem. 11 Thei cumpassinge cumpassiden me; and in the name of the Lord, for Y am auengid on hem. 12 Thei cumpassiden me as been, and thei brenten out as fier doith among thornes; and in the name of the Lord, for Y am avengid on hem. 13 I was hurlid, and turnede vpsedoun, that Y schulde falle doun; and the Lord took me vp. 14 The Lord is my strengthe, and my heryyng; and he is maad to me in to heelthe. 15 The vois of ful out ioiyng and of heelthe; be in the tabernaclis of iust men. 16 The riyt hond of the Lord hath do vertu, the riyt hond of the Lord enhaunside me; the riyt hond of the Lord hath do vertu. 17 I schal not die, but Y schal lyue; and Y schal telle the werkis of the Lord. 18 The Lord chastisinge hath chastisid me; and he yaf not me to deth. 19 Opene ye to me the yatis of riytfulnesse, and Y schal entre bi tho, and Y schal knouleche to the Lord; 20 this yate is of the Lord, and iust men schulen entre bi it. 21 I schal knouleche to thee, for thou herdist me; and art maad to me in to heelthe. 22 The stoon which the bilderis repreueden; this is maad in to the heed of the corner. 23 This thing is maad of the Lord; and it is wonderful bifore oure iyen. 24 This is the dai which the Lord made; make we ful out ioye, and be we glad ther ynne. 25 O! Lord, make thou me saaf, O! Lord, make thou wel prosperite; 26 blessid is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. We blesseden you of the hous of the Lord; 27 God is Lord, and hath youe liyt to vs. Ordeyne ye a solempne dai in thicke puplis; til to the horn of the auter. 28 Thou art my God, and Y schal knouleche to thee; thou art my God, and Y schal enhaunse thee. I schal knouleche to thee, for thou herdist me; and thou art maad to me in to heelthe. 29 Knouleche ye to the Lord, for he is good; for his merci is with outen ende.

Psalms 118:1-119:176

1 `The titil of the hundrid and eiytenthe salm. Alleluia. Blessid ben men with out wem in the weie; that gon in the lawe of the Lord. 2 Blessid ben thei, that seken hise witnessingis; seken him in al the herte. 3 For thei that worchen wickidnesse; yeden not in hise weies. 4 Thou hast comaundid; that thin heestis be kept greetly. 5 I wolde that my weies be dressid; to kepe thi iustifiyngis. 6 Thanne Y schal not be schent; whanne Y schal biholde perfitli in alle thin heestis. 7 I schal knouleche to thee in the dressing of herte; in that that Y lernyde the domes of thi riytfulnesse. 8 I schal kepe thi iustifiyngis; forsake thou not me on ech side. 9 In what thing amendith a yong waxinge man his weie? in keping thi wordis. 10 In al myn herte Y souyte thee; putte thou me not awei fro thin heestis. 11 In myn herte Y hidde thi spechis; that Y do not synne ayens thee. 12 Lord, thou art blessid; teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. 13 In my lippis Y haue pronounsid; alle the domes of thi mouth. 14 I delitide in the weie of thi witnessingis; as in alle richessis. 15 I schal be ocupied in thin heestis; and Y schal biholde thi weies. 16 I schal bithenke in thi iustifiyngis; Y schal not foryete thi wordis. 17 Yelde to thi seruaunt; quiken thou me, and Y schal kepe thi wordis. 18 Liytne thou myn iyen; and Y schal biholde the merueils of thi lawe. 19 I am a comeling in erthe; hide thou not thin heestis fro me. 20 Mi soule coueitide to desire thi iustifiyngis; in al tyme. 21 Thou blamedist the proude; thei ben cursid, that bowen awei fro thin heestis. 22 Do thou awei `fro me schenschipe and dispising; for Y souyte thi witnessingis. 23 For whi princis saten, and spaken ayens me; but thi seruaunt was exercisid in thi iustifiyngis. 24 For whi and thi witnessyngis is my thenkyng; and my counsel is thi iustifiyngis. 25 Mi soule cleuede to the pawment; quykine thou me bi thi word. 26 I telde out my weies, and thou herdist me; teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. 27 Lerne thou me the weie of thi iustifiyngis; and Y schal be exercisid in thi merueils. 28 Mi soule nappide for anoye; conferme thou me in thi wordis. 29 Remoue thou fro me the weie of wickidnesse; and in thi lawe haue thou merci on me. 30 I chees the weie of treuthe; Y foryat not thi domes. 31 Lord, Y cleuede to thi witnessyngis; nyle thou schende me. 32 I ran the weie of thi comaundementis; whanne thou alargidist myn herte. 33 Lord, sette thou to me a lawe, the weie of thi iustifiyngis; and Y schal seke it euere. 34 Yyue thou vndurstonding to me, and Y schal seke thi lawe; and Y schal kepe it in al myn herte. 35 Lede me forth in the path of thin heestis; for Y wolde it. 36 `Bowe thou myn herte in to thi witnessingus; and not in to aueryce. 37 Turne thou awei myn iyen, that `tho seen not vanyte; quykene thou me in thi weie. 38 Ordeyne thi speche to thi seruaunt; in thi drede. 39 Kitte awey my schenschip, which Y supposide; for thi domes ben myrie. 40 Lo! Y coueitide thi comaundementis; quikene thou me in thin equite. 41 And, Lord, thi merci come on me; thin heelthe come bi thi speche. 42 And Y schal answere a word to men seiynge schenschipe to me; for Y hopide in thi wordis. 43 And take thou not awei fro my mouth the word of treuthe outerli; for Y hopide aboue in thi domes. 44 And Y schal kepe thi lawe euere; in to the world, and in to the world of world. 45 And Y yede in largenesse; for Y souyte thi comaundementis. 46 And Y spak of thi witnessyngis in the siyt of kingis; and Y was not schent. 47 And Y bithouyte in thin heestis; whiche Y louede. 48 And Y reiside myn hondis to thi comaundementis, whiche Y louede; and Y schal be excercisid in thi iustifiyngis. 49 Lord, haue thou mynde on thi word to thi seruaunt; in which word thou hast youe hope to me. 50 This coumfortide me in my lownesse; for thi word quikenede me. 51 Proude men diden wickidli bi alle thingis; but Y bowide not awei fro thi lawe. 52 Lord, Y was myndeful on thi domes fro the world; and Y was coumfortid. 53 Failing helde me; for synneris forsakinge thi lawe. 54 Thi iustifiyngis weren delitable to me to be sungun; in the place of my pilgrimage. 55 Lord, Y hadde mynde of thi name bi niyt; and Y kepte thi lawe. 56 This thing was maad to me; for Y souyte thi iustifiyngis. 57 Lord, my part; Y seide to kepe thi lawe. 58 I bisouyte thi face in al myn herte; haue thou merci on me bi thi speche. 59 I bithouyte my weies; and Y turnede my feet in to thi witnessyngis. 60 I am redi, and Y am not disturblid; to kepe thi comaundementis. 61 The coordis of synneris han biclippid me; and Y haue not foryete thi lawe. 62 At mydnyyt Y roos to knouleche to thee; on the domes of thi iustifiyngis. 63 I am parcener of alle that dreden thee; and kepen thin heestis. 64 Lord, the erthe is ful of thi merci; teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. 65 Lord, thou hast do goodnesse with thi seruaunt; bi thi word. 66 Teche thou me goodnesse, and loore, and kunnyng; for Y bileuede to thin heestis. 67 Bifor that Y was maad meke, Y trespasside; therfor Y kepte thi speche. 68 Thou art good; and in thi goodnesse teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. 69 The wickidnesse of hem that ben proude, is multiplied on me; but in al myn herte Y schal seke thin heestis. 70 The herte of hem is cruddid as mylk; but Y bithouyte thi lawe. 71 It is good to me, that thou hast maad me meke; that Y lerne thi iustifiyngis. 72 The lawe of thi mouth is betere to me; than thousyndis of gold and of siluer. 73 Thin hondis maden me, and fourmeden me; yyue thou vndurstondyng to me, that Y lerne thin heestis. 74 Thei that dreden thee schulen se me, and schulen be glad; for Y hopide more on thi wordis. 75 Lord, Y knewe, that thi domes ben equite; and in thi treuth thou hast maad me meke. 76 Thi merci be maad, that it coumforte me; bi thi speche to thi seruaunt. 77 Thi merciful doyngis come to me, and Y schal lyue; for thi lawe is my thenkyng. 78 Thei that ben proude be schent, for vniustli thei diden wickidnesse ayens me; but Y schal be exercisid in thin heestis. 79 Thei that dreden thee be turned to me; and thei that knowen thi witnessyngis. 80 Myn herte be maad vnwemmed in thi iustifiyngis; that Y be not schent. 81 Mi soule failide in to thin helthe; and Y hopide more on thi word. 82 Myn iyen failiden in to thi speche; seiynge, Whanne schalt thou coumforte me? 83 For Y am maad as a bowge in frost; Y haue not foryete thi iustifiyngis. 84 Hou many ben the daies of thi seruaunt; whanne thou schalt make doom of hem that pursuen me? 85 Wickid men telden to me ianglyngis; but not as thi lawe. 86 Alle thi comaundementis ben treuthe; wickid men han pursued me, helpe thou me. 87 Almeest thei endiden me in erthe; but I forsook not thi comaundementis. 88 Bi thi mersi quikene thou me; and Y schal kepe the witnessingis of thi mouth. 89 Lord, thi word dwellith in heuene; with outen ende. 90 Thi treuthe dwellith in generacioun, and in to generacioun; thou hast foundid the erthe, and it dwellith. 91 The dai lastith contynueli bi thi ordynaunce; for alle thingis seruen to thee. 92 No but that thi lawe was my thenking; thanne perauenture Y hadde perischid in my lownesse. 93 With outen ende Y schal not foryete thi iustifiyngis; for in tho thou hast quikened me. 94 I am thin, make thou me saaf; for Y haue souyt thi iustifiyngis. 95 Synneris aboden me, for to leese me; Y vndurstood thi witnessingis. 96 I siy the ende of al ende; thi comaundement is ful large. 97 Lord, hou louede Y thi lawe; al dai it is my thenking. 98 Aboue myn enemyes thou madist me prudent bi thi comaundement; for it is to me with outen ende. 99 I vndurstood aboue alle men techinge me; for thi witnessingis is my thenking. 100 I vndirstood aboue eelde men; for Y souyte thi comaundementis. 101 I forbeed my feet fro al euel weie; that Y kepe thi wordis. 102 I bowide not fro thi domes; for thou hast set lawe to me. 103 Thi spechis ben ful swete to my cheekis; aboue hony to my mouth. 104 I vnderstood of thin heestis; therfor Y hatide al the weie of wickidnesse. 105 Thi word is a lanterne to my feet; and liyt to my pathis. 106 I swoor, and purposide stidefastli; to kepe the domes of thi riytfulnesse. 107 I am maad low bi alle thingis; Lord, quykene thou me bi thi word. 108 Lord, make thou wel plesinge the wilful thingis of my mouth; and teche thou me thi domes. 109 Mi soule is euere in myn hondis; and Y foryat not thi lawe. 110 Synneris settiden a snare to me; and Y erride not fro thi comaundementis. 111 I purchasside thi witnessyngis bi eritage with outen ende; for tho ben the ful ioiyng of myn herte. 112 I bowide myn herte to do thi iustifiyngis with outen ende; for reward. 113 I hatide wickid men; and Y louede thi lawe. 114 Thou art myn helpere, and my `taker vp; and Y hopide more on thi word. 115 Ye wickide men, bowe awei fro me; and Y schal seke the comaundementis of my God. 116 Vp take thou me bi thi word, and Y schal lyue; and schende thou not me fro myn abydyng. 117 Helpe thou me, and Y schal be saaf; and Y schal bithenke euere in thi iustifiyngis. 118 Thou hast forsake alle men goynge awey fro thi domes; for the thouyt of hem is vniust. 119 I arettide alle the synneris of erthe brekeris of the lawe; therfor Y louede thi witnessyngis. 120 Naile thou my fleischis with thi drede; for Y dredde of thi domes. 121 I dide doom and riytwisnesse; bitake thou not me to hem that falsli chalengen me. 122 Take vp thi seruaunt in to goodnesse; thei that ben proude chalenge not me. 123 Myn iyen failiden in to thin helthe; and in to the speche of thi riytfulnesse. 124 Do thou with thi seruaunt bi thi merci; and teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. 125 I am thi seruaunt, yyue thou vndurstondyng to me; that Y kunne thi witnessingis. 126 Lord, it is tyme to do; thei han distried thi lawe. 127 Therfor Y louede thi comaundementis; more than gold and topazion. 128 Therfor Y was dressid to alle thin heestis; Y hatide al wickid weie. 129 Lord, thi witnessingis ben wondirful; therfor my soule souyte tho. 130 Declaring of thi wordis liytneth; and yyueth vnderstonding to meke men. 131 I openede my mouth, and drouy the spirit; for Y desiride thi comaundementis. 132 Biholde thou on me, and haue merci on me; bi the dom of hem that louen thi name. 133 Dresse thou my goyingis bi thi speche; that al vnriytfulnesse haue not lordschip on me. 134 Ayeyn bie thou me fro the false chalengis of men; that Y kepe thin heestis. 135 Liytne thi face on thi seruaunt; and teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. 136 Myn iyen ledden forth the outgoynges of watris; for thei kepten not thi lawe. 137 Lord, thou art iust; and thi dom is riytful. 138 Thou hast comaundid riytfulnesse, thi witnessingis; and thi treuthe greetli to be kept. 139 Mi feruent loue made me to be meltid; for myn enemys foryaten thi wordis. 140 Thi speche is greetli enflawmed; and thi seruaunt louede it. 141 I am yong, and dispisid; Y foryat not thi iustifiyngis. 142 Lord, thi riytfulnesse is riytfulnesse with outen ende; and thi lawe is treuthe. 143 Tribulacioun and angwische founden me; thin heestis is my thenking. 144 Thi witnessyngis is equite with outen ende; yyue thou vndirstondyng to me, and Y schal lyue. 145 I criede in al myn herte, Lord, here thou me; and Y schal seke thi iustifiyngis. 146 I criede to thee, make thou me saaf; that Y kepe thi comaundementis. 147 I bifor cam in ripenesse, and Y criede; Y hopide aboue on thi wordis. 148 Myn iyen bifor camen to thee ful eerli; that Y schulde bithenke thi speches. 149 Lord, here thou my vois bi thi merci; and quykene thou me bi thi doom. 150 Thei that pursuen me neiyden to wickidnesse; forsothe thei ben maad fer fro thi lawe. 151 Lord, thou art nyy; and alle thi weies ben treuthe. 152 In the bigynnyng Y knewe of thi witnessingis; for thou hast foundid tho with outen ende. 153 Se thou my mekenesse, and delyuere thou me; for Y foryat not thi lawe. 154 Deme thou my dom, and ayenbie thou me; quikene thou me for thi speche. 155 Heelthe is fer fro synners; for thei souyten not thi iustifiyngis. 156 Lord, thi mercies ben manye; quykene thou me bi thi dom. 157 Thei ben manye that pursuen me, and doen tribulacioun to me; Y bowide not awei fro thi witnessingis. 158 I siy brekers of the lawe, and Y was meltid; for thei kepten not thi spechis. 159 Lord, se thou, for Y louede thi comaundementis; quikene thou me in thi merci. 160 The bigynnyng of thi wordis is treuthe; alle the domes of thi riytwisnesse ben withouten ende. 161 Princes pursueden me with outen cause; and my herte dredde of thi wordis. 162 I schal be glad on thi spechis; as he that fyndith many spuylis. 163 I hatide and wlatide wickidnesse; forsothe Y louede thi lawe. 164 I seide heriyngis to thee seuene sithis in the dai; on the domes of thi riytfulnesse. 165 Miche pees is to hem that louen thi lawe; and no sclaundir is to hem. 166 Lord, Y abood thin heelthe; and Y louede thin heestis. 167 Mi soule kepte thi witnessyngis; and louede tho greetli. 168 I kepte thi `comaundementis, and thi witnessingis; for alle my weies ben in thi siyt. 169 Lord, my biseching come niy in thi siyt; bi thi speche yyue thou vndurstonding to me. 170 Myn axing entre in thi siyt; bi thi speche delyuere thou me. 171 Mi lippis schulen telle out an ympne; whanne thou hast tauyte me thi iustifiyngis. 172 Mi tunge schal pronounce thi speche; for whi alle thi comaundementis ben equite. 173 Thin hond be maad, that it saue me; for Y haue chose thin heestis. 174 Lord, Y coueitide thin heelthe; and thi lawe is my thenking. 175 Mi soule schal lyue, and schal herie thee; and thi domes schulen helpe me. 176 I erride as a scheep that perischide; Lord, seke thi seruaunt, for Y foryat not thi comaundementis.

Psalms 119:1-176

1 The `title of the hundrid and nyntenthe salm. The song of greces. Whanne Y was set in tribulacioun, Y criede to the Lord; and he herde me. 2 Lord, delyuere thou my soule fro wickid lippis; and fro a gileful tunge. 3 What schal be youun to thee, ether what schal be leid to thee; to a gileful tunge? 4 Scharpe arowis of the myyti; with colis that maken desolat. 5 Allas to me! for my dwelling in an alien lond is maad long, Y dwellide with men dwellinge in Cedar; my soule was myche a comelyng. 6 I was pesible with hem that hatiden pees; 7 whanne Y spak to hem, thei ayenseiden me with outen cause.

Psalms 119:1-176

1 The `title of the hundrid and nyntenthe salm. The song of greces. Whanne Y was set in tribulacioun, Y criede to the Lord; and he herde me. 2 Lord, delyuere thou my soule fro wickid lippis; and fro a gileful tunge. 3 What schal be youun to thee, ether what schal be leid to thee; to a gileful tunge? 4 Scharpe arowis of the myyti; with colis that maken desolat. 5 Allas to me! for my dwelling in an alien lond is maad long, Y dwellide with men dwellinge in Cedar; my soule was myche a comelyng. 6 I was pesible with hem that hatiden pees; 7 whanne Y spak to hem, thei ayenseiden me with outen cause.

Romans 12:1

1 Therfore, britheren, Y biseche you bi the mercy of God, that ye yyue youre bodies a lyuynge sacrifice, hooli, plesynge to God, and youre seruyse resonable. 2 And nyle ye be confourmyd to this world, but be ye reformed in newnesse of youre wit, that ye preue which is the wille of God, good, and wel plesynge, and parfit.

Proverbs 14:15

15 An innocent man bileueth to eche word; a felle man biholdith hise goyngis.

John 15:18-19

18 If the world hatith you, wite ye, that it hadde me in hate rather than you. 19 If ye hadden be of the world, the world schulde loue that thing that was his; but for ye ben not of the world, but Y chees you fro the world, therfor the world hatith you.

James 4:4

4 Auowtreris, witen not ye, that the frenschip of this world is enemye to God? Therfor who euere wole be frend of this world, is maad the enemye of God.

Exodus 23:2

2 Thou schalt not sue the cumpanye to do yuel, nether thou schalt ascente to the sentence of ful many men in doom, that thou go awey fro treuthe.

Leviticus 18:3

3 ye schulen not do by the custom of the lond of Egipt, in which ye dwelliden; ye schulen not do bi the custom of the cuntrei of Canaan, `to which Y schal brynge you yn, nethir ye schulen go in the lawful thingis of hem.

Romans 13:1-5

1 Euery soule be suget to heiyere powers. For ther is no power but of God, and tho thingis that ben of God, ben ordeyned. 2 Therfor he that ayenstondith power, ayenstondith the ordynaunce of God; and thei that ayenstonden, geten to hem silf dampnacioun. 3 For princes ben not to the drede of good work, but of yuel. But wilt thou, that thou drede not power? Do thou good thing, and thou schalt haue preisyng of it; 4 for he is the mynystre of God to thee in to good. But if thou doist yuel, drede thou; for not with outen cause he berith the swerd, for he is the mynystre of God, vengere in to wraththe to hym that doith yuel. 5 And therfor bi nede be ye suget, not oneli for wraththe, but also for conscience.

Psalms 1:1-6

1 Blessid is the man, that yede not in the councel of wickid men; and stood not in the weie of synneris, and sat not in the chaier of pestilence. 2 But his wille is in the lawe of the Lord; and he schal bithenke in the lawe of hym dai and nyyt. 3 And he schal be as a tree, which is plauntid bisidis the rennyngis of watris; which tre schal yyue his fruyt in his tyme. And his leef schal not falle doun; and alle thingis which euere he schal do schulen haue prosperite. 4 Not so wickid men, not so; but thei ben as dust, which the wynd castith awei fro the face of erthe. 5 Therfor wickid men risen not ayen in doom; nethir synneres in the councel of iust men. 6 For the Lord knowith the weie of iust men; and the weie of wickid men schal perische.

1 John 4:1

1 Moost dere britheren, nyle ye bileue to ech spirit, but preue ye spiritis, if thei ben of God; for many false prophetis wenten out in to the world.

1 John 2:15-17

15 Nyle ye loue the world, ne tho thingis that ben in the world. If ony man loueth the world, the charite of the fader is not in hym. 16 For al thing that is in the world, is coueitise of fleisch, and coueitise of iyen, and pride of lijf, which is not of the fadir, but it is of the world. 17 And the world schal passe, and the coueitise of it; but he that doith the wille of God, dwellith with outen ende.

1 Peter 1:14

14 as sones of obedience, not made lijk to the formere desiris of youre vnkunnyngnesse,

Romans 12:1-2

1 Therfore, britheren, Y biseche you bi the mercy of God, that ye yyue youre bodies a lyuynge sacrifice, hooli, plesynge to God, and youre seruyse resonable. 2 And nyle ye be confourmyd to this world, but be ye reformed in newnesse of youre wit, that ye preue which is the wille of God, good, and wel plesynge, and parfit.

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