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Daniel 7:1-19

  1 H2298 In the first H8140 year H1113 of Belshazzar H4430 king H895 of Babylon H1841 Daniel H2370 [H8754] had H2493 a dream H2376 and visions H7217 of his head H5922 upon H4903 his bed: H116 then H3790 [H8754] he wrote H2493 the dream, H560 [H8754] and told H7217 the sum H4406 of the matters.
  2 H1841 Daniel H6032 [H8750] spoke H560 [H8750] and said, H2370 H1934 [H8751] I saw H2376 in my vision H5974 by H3916 night, H718 and, behold, H703 the four H7308 winds H8065 of heaven H1519 [H8683] strove H7229 upon the great H3221 sea.
  3 H703 And four H7260 great H2423 beasts H5559 [H8751] came up H4481 from H3221 the sea, H8133 [H8750] different H1668 one H4481 from H1668 another.
  4 H6933 The first H744 was like a lion, H5403 and had eagle's H1611 wings: H1934 H2370 [H8754] I beheld H5705 till H1611 its wings H4804 [H8760] were plucked, H5191 [H8760] and it was lifted up H4481 from H772 the earth, H6966 [H8717] and made to stand H5922 upon H7271 the feet H606 as a man, H606 and a man's H3825 heart H3052 [H8753] was given to it.
  5 H718 And behold H317 another H2423 beast, H8578 a second, H1821 [H8751] like H1678 a bear, H6966 [H8684] and it raised H2298 itself on one H7859 side, H8532 and it had three H5967 ribs H6433 in the mouth H997 of it between H8128 the teeth H560 [H8750] of it: and they said H3652 thus H6966 [H8747] to it, Arise, H399 [H8747] devour H7690 much H1321 flesh.
  6 H870 After H1836 this H1934 H2370 [H8754] I beheld, H718 and lo H317 another, H5245 like a leopard, H5922 which had upon H1355 the back H703 of it four H1611 wings H5776 of a fowl; H2423 the beast H703 had also four H7217 heads; H7985 and dominion H3052 [H8753] was given to it.
  7 H870 After H1836 this H1934 H2370 [H8754] I saw H3916 in the night H2376 visions, H718 and behold H7244 a fourth H2423 beast, H1763 [H8753] dreadful H574 and terrible, H8624 and strong H3493 exceedingly; H7260 and it had great H6523 iron H8128 teeth: H399 [H8750] it devoured H1855 [H8683] and broke in pieces, H7512 [H8751] and stamped H7606 the remainder H7271 with its feet: H1932 and it H8133 [H8743] was different H4481 from H3606 all H2423 the beasts H6925 that were before H6236 it; and it had ten H7162 horns.
  8 H1934 H7920 [H8754] I considered H7162 the horns, H431 and, behold, H5559 [H8754] there came up H997 among H317 them another H2192 little H7162 horn, H6925 H4481 before H8532 whom there were three H4481 of H6933 the first H7162 horns H6132 [H8725] plucked up by the roots: H431 and, behold, H1668 in this H7162 horn H5870 were eyes H5870 like the eyes H606 of a man, H6433 and a mouth H4449 [H8743] speaking H7260 great things.
  9 H1934 H2370 [H8754] I beheld H5705 till H3764 the thrones H7412 [H8752] were cast down, H6268 and the Ancient H3118 of days H3488 [H8754] did sit, H3831 whose garment H2358 was white H8517 as snow, H8177 and the hair H7217 of his head H5343 like the pure H6015 wool: H3764 his throne H5135 was like the fiery H7631 flame, H1535 and his wheels H1815 [H8751] as burning H5135 fire.
  10 H5135 A fiery H5103 stream H5047 [H8743] issued H5312 [H8750] and came forth H4481 from H6925 before H506 him: thousand H506 thousands H8120 [H8741] ministered H7240 to him, and ten thousand H7240 times ten thousand H6966 [H8748] stood H6925 before H1780 him: the judgment H3488 [H8754] was set, H5609 and the books H6606 [H8760] were opened.
  11 H1934 H2370 [H8754] I beheld H116 then H4481 because H7032 of the voice H7260 of the great H4406 words H7162 which the horn H4449 [H8743] spoke: H1934 H2370 [H8754] I beheld H5705 even till H2423 the beast H6992 [H8752] was slain, H1655 and his body H7 [H8717] made lost, H3052 [H8753] and given H3346 to the burning H785 flame.
  12 H7606 As concerning the rest H2423 of the beasts, H7985 they had their dominion H5709 [H8684] taken away: H2417 yet their lives H3052 [H8753] were prolonged H5705 for H2166 a season H5732 and time.
  13 H1934 H2370 [H8754] I saw H3916 in the night H2376 visions, H718 and, behold, H1247 one like the Son H606 of man H858 [H8750] came H5974 with H6050 the clouds H8065 of heaven, H4291 [H8754] and came H5705 to H6268 the Ancient H3118 of days, H7127 [H8684] and they brought him near H6925 before him.
  14 H3052 [H8753] And there was given H7985 him dominion, H3367 and honour, H4437 and a kingdom, H3606 that all H5972 people, H524 nations, H3961 and languages, H6399 [H8748] should serve H7985 him: his dominion H5957 is an everlasting H7985 dominion, H3809 which shall not H5709 [H8748] pass away, H4437 and his kingdom H3809 that which shall not H2255 [H8721] be ruined.
  15 H576 I H1841 Daniel H3735 [H8730] was grieved H7308 in my spirit H1459 in the midst H5085 of my body, H2376 and the visions H7217 of my head H927 [H8792] troubled me.
  16 H7127 [H8754] I came near H5922 to H2298 one H4481 of H6966 [H8750] them that stood by, H1156 [H8748] and asked H4481 him H3330 the truth H3606 of all H1836 this. H560 [H8754] So he told H3046 [H8681] me, and made me know H6591 the interpretation H4406 of the things.
  17 H459 These H7260 great H2423 beasts, H581 which H703 are four, H703 are four H4430 kings, H6966 [H8748] which shall arise H4481 out of H772 the earth.
  18 H6922 But the saints H5946 of the most High H6902 [H8741] shall take H4437 the kingdom, H2631 [H8681] and possess H4437 the kingdom H5705 for H5957 ever, H5705 even for H5957 ever H5957 and ever.
  19 H116 Then H6634 [H8754] I would H3321 [H8742] know the truth H5922 of H7244 the fourth H2423 beast, H1934 [H8754] which was H8133 [H8750] different H4481 from H3606 all H3493 the others, exceeding H1763 [H8753] dreadful, H8128 whose teeth H6523 were of iron, H2953 and his nails H5174 of brass; H399 [H8750] which devoured, H1855 [H8683] broke in pieces, H7512 [H8751] and stamped H7606 the remainder H7271 with his feet;

Revelation 13:2

  2 G2532 And G2342 the beast G3739 which G1492 [G5627] I saw G2258 [G5713] was G3664 like G3917 a leopard, G2532 and G846 his G4228 feet G5613 were as G715 the feet of a bear, G2532 and G846 his G4750 mouth G5613 as G4750 the mouth G3023 of a lion: G2532 and G1404 the dragon G1325 [G5656] gave G846 him G846 his G1411 power, G2532 and G846 his G2362 throne, G2532 and G3173 great G1849 authority.

Proverbs 17:12

  12 H1677 Let a bear H7909 robbed H6298 [H8800] of her whelps meet H376 a man, H408 rather than H3684 a fool H200 in his folly.

2 Kings 2:23-24

  23 H5927 [H8799] And he went up H1008 from there to Bethel: H5927 [H8802] and as he was going up H1870 by the way, H3318 [H8804] there came forth H6996 H5288 youths H5892 out of the city, H7046 [H8691] and mocked H559 [H8799] him, and said H5927 [H8798] to him, Go up, H7142 thou bald head; H5927 [H8798] go up, H7142 thou bald head.
  24 H6437 [H8799] And he turned H310 back, H7200 [H8799] and looked H7043 [H8762] on them, and cursed H8034 them in the name H3068 of the LORD. H3318 [H8799] And there came forth H8147 two H1677 she bears H3293 out of the wood, H1234 [H8762] and tore H705 forty H8147 and two H3206 youths of them.

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