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Micah 5:2

  2 H1035 But thou, Bethlehem H672 Ephratah, H6810 though thou art little H505 among the thousands H3063 of Judah, H3318 [H8799] yet out of thee shall he come forth H4910 [H8802] to me that is to be ruler H3478 in Israel; H4163 whose goings forth H6924 have been from of old, H3117 H5769 from everlasting.

Matthew 2:1-12

  1 G1161 Now G2424 after Jesus G1080 [G5685] was born G1722 in G965 Bethlehem G2449 of Judaea G1722 in G2250 the days G2264 of Herod G935 the king, G2400 [G5628] behold, G3854 [G5633] there came G3097 wise men G575 from G395 the east G1519 to G2414 Jerusalem,
  2 G3004 [G5723] Saying, G4226 Where G2076 [G5748] is G5088 [G5685] he that is born G935 King G2453 of the Judeans? G1063 for G1492 [G5627] we have seen G846 his G792 star G1722 in G395 the east, G2532 and G2064 [G5627] have come G4352 [G5658] to bow before G846 him.
  3 G1161 When G2264 Herod G935 the king G191 [G5660] had heard G5015 [G5681] these things, he was disturbed, G2532 and G3956 all G2414 Jerusalem G3326 with G846 him.
  4 G2532 And G4863 0 when he had gathered G3956 all G749 the chief priests G2532 and G1122 scribes G2992 of the people G4863 [G5631] together, G4441 [G5711] he enquired G3844 of G846 them G4226 where G5547 the Anointed G1080 [G5743] should be born.
  5 G1161 And G2036 [G5627] they said G846 to him, G1722 In G965 Bethlehem G2449 of Judaea: G1063 for G3779 thus G1125 [G5769] it is written G1223 by G4396 the prophet,
  6 G2532 And G4771 thou G965 Bethlehem, G1093 in the land G2448 of Judah, G1488 [G5748] art G3760 not G1646 the least G1722 among G2232 the princes G2448 of Judah: G1063 for G1537 out of G4675 thee G1831 [G5695] shall come G2233 [G5740] a Governor, G3748 that G4165 [G5692] shall rule G3450 my G2992 people G2474 Israel.
  7 G5119 Then G2264 Herod, G2977 when he had secretly G2564 [G5660] called G3097 the wise men, G198 0 enquired G3844 of G846 them G198 [G5656] diligently G5550 what time G792 the star G5316 [G5730] appeared.
  8 G2532 And G3992 [G5660] having sent G846 them G1519 to G965 Bethlehem, G2036 [G5627] he said, G4198 [G5679] Having gone G1833 [G5657] inquire G199 exactly G4012 concerning G3588 the G3813 young child; G1161 and G1875 when G2147 [G5632] ye have found him, G518 [G5657] report G3427 to me, G3704 that G2064 [G5631] I may come G4352 [G5661] bow before G846 him G2504 also.
  9 G1161 When G191 [G5660] they had heard G935 the king, G4198 [G5675] they departed; G2532 and, G2400 [G5628] behold, G792 the star, G3739 which G1492 [G5627] they saw G1722 in G395 the east, G4254 [G5707] went before G846 them, G2193 till G2064 [G5631] it came G2476 [G5627] and stood G1883 over G3757 where G3813 the young child G2258 [G5713] was.
  10 G1161 When G1492 [G5631] they saw G792 the star, G5463 [G5644] they rejoiced G4970 with exceeding G3173 great G5479 joy.
  11 G2532 And G2064 [G5631] having come G1519 into G3614 the house, G2147 G1492 [G5627] they saw G3588 the G3813 young child G3326 with G3137 Mary G3588   G846 his G3384 mother, G2532 and G4098 [G5631] having fallen, G4352 [G5656] bowed before G846 him: G2532 and G455 [G5660] having opened G3588   G846 their G2344 treasures, G4374 [G5656] they presented G846 to him G1435 gifts; G5557 gold, G2532 and G3030 frankincense, G2532 and G4666 myrrh.
  12 G2532 And G5537 [G5685] having received a divine message G2596 in G3677 a dream G344 0 that they should G3361 not G344 [G5658] return G4314 to G2264 Herod, G402 [G5656] they departed G1519 into G846 their own G5561 region G1223 G243 another G3598 way.

Luke 1:26-38

  26 G1161 And G1722 in G1623 the sixth G3376 month G32 the messenger G1043 Gabriel G649 [G5648] was sent G5259 by G2316 God G1519 to G4172 a city G1056 of Galilee, G3739 G3686 named G3478 Nazareth,
  27 G4314 To G3933 a virgin G3423 [G5772] espoused G435 to a man G3739 whose G3686 name G2501 was Joseph, G1537 of G3624 the house G1138 of David; G2532 and G3933 the virgin's G3686 name G3137 was Mary.
  28 G2532 And G32 the messenger G1525 [G5631] came G4314 to G846 her, G2036 [G5627] and said, G5463 [G5720] Hail, G5487 [G5772] thou that art highly favoured, G2962 the Lord G3326 is with G4675 thee: G2127 [G5772] blessed G4771 art thou G1722 among G1135 women.
  29 G3588   G1161 And G1492 [G5631] she seeing him, G1298 [G5681] was disturbed G1909 over G846 his G3056 word, G2532 and G1260 [G5711] considered in her mind G4217 what manner G783 of greeting G3778 this G1498 [G5751] may be.
  30 G2532 And G32 the messenger G2036 [G5627] said G846 to her, G5399 [G5737] Fear G3361 not, G3137 Mary: G1063 for G2147 [G5627] thou hast found G5485 favour G3844 with G2316 God.
  31 G2532 And, G2400 [G5628] behold, G4815 [G5695] thou shalt conceive G1722 in G1064 thy womb, G2532 and G5088 [G5695] bring forth G5207 a son, G2532 and G2564 [G5692] shalt call G846 his G3686 name G2424 JESUS.
  32 G3778 He G2071 [G5704] shall be G3173 great, G2532 and G2564 [G5701] shall be called G5207 the Son G5310 of the Highest: G2532 and G2962 the Lord G2316 God G1325 [G5692] shall give G846 to him G2362 the throne G846 of his G3962 father G1138 David:
  33 G2532 And G936 [G5692] he shall reign G1909 over G3624 the house G2384 of Jacob G1519 to G3588 the G165 ages; G2532 and G846 of his G932 kingdom G2071 [G5704] there shall be G3756 no G5056 end.
  34 G1161 Then G2036 [G5627] said G3137 Mary G4314 to G32 the messenger, G4459 How G2071 0 shall G5124 this G2071 [G5704] be, G1893 seeing G1097 [G5719] I know G3756 not G435 a man?
  35 G2532 And G32 the messenger G611 [G5679] answered G2036 [G5627] and said G846 to her, G40 The Holy G4151 Spirit G1904 [G5695] shall come G1909 upon G4571 thee, G2532 and G1411 the power G5310 of the Highest G1982 [G5692] shall overshadow G4671 thee: G1352 therefore G2532 also G40 that holy thing G1080 [G5746] who shall be born G1537 of G4675 thee G2564 [G5701] shall be called G5207 the Son G2316 of God.
  36 G2532 And, G2400 [G5628] behold, G4675 thy G4773 cousin G1665 Elisabeth, G846   G4815 0 hath G2532 also G4815 [G5761] conceived G5207 a son G1722 in G846 her G1094 old age: G2532 and G3778 this G2076 [G5748] is G1623 the sixth G3376 month G846 with her, G3588 who G2564 [G5746] was called G4723 barren.
  37 G3754 For G3844 with G2316 God, G3956 any G4487 utterance G101 0 shall G3756 not G101 [G5692] be impossible.
  38 G1161 And G3137 Mary G2036 [G5627] said, G2400 [G5628] Behold G1399 the handmaid G2962 of the Lord; G1096 [G5636] be it G3427 to me G2596 according G4675 to thy G4487 utterance. G2532 And G32 the messenger G565 [G5627] departed G575 from G846 her.

John 1:14

  14 G2532 And G3588 the G3056 Word G1096 [G5633] became G4561 flesh, G2532 and G4637 [G5656] encamped G1722 among G2254 us, G2532 (and G2300 [G5662] we beheld G3588   G846 his G1391 glory, G1391 the glory G5613 as G3439 of the only begotten G3844 of G3962 the Father,) G4134 full G5485 of grace G2532 and G225 truth.

Isaiah 7:14

  14 H136 Therefore the Lord H5414 [H8799] himself shall give H226 you a sign; H5959 Behold, the virgin H2030 shall conceive, H3205 [H8802] and bear H1121 a son, H7121 [H8804] and shall call H8034 his name H6005 H410 Immanuel.

Isaiah 9:6

  6 H3206 For to us a child H3205 [H8795] is born, H1121 to us a son H5414 [H8738] is given: H4951 and the government H7926 shall be upon his shoulder: H8034 and his name H7121 [H8799] shall be called H6382 Wonderful, H3289 [H8802] Counsellor, H1368 The mighty H410 God, H5703 The everlasting H1 Father, H8269 The Prince H7965 of Peace.

Luke 2:7

  7 G2532 And G5088 [G5627] she brought forth G846 her G4416 firstborn G5207 son, G2532 and G4683 0 wrapped G846 him G4683 [G5656] in swaddling clothes, G2532 and G347 [G5656] laid G846 him G1722 in G5336 a manger; G1360 because G2258 [G5713] there was G3756 no G5117 room G846 for them G1722 in G2646 the guestchamber.

Matthew 1:18-25

  18 G1161 Now G1083 the birth G2424 of Jesus G5547 Anointed G2258 [G5713] was G3779 in this manner: G1063 When G846 his G3384 mother G3137 Mary G3423 [G5685] was espoused G2501 to Joseph, G4250 G2228 before G846 they G4905 [G5629] came together, G2147 [G5681] she was found G1722 G1064 G2192 [G5723] with child G1537 by G40 the Holy G4151 Spirit.
  19 G1161 Then G2501 Joseph G846 her G435 husband, G5607 [G5752] being G1342 a just G2532 man, and G3361 not G2309 [G5723] willing G3856 0 to make G846 her G3856 [G5658] a public example, G1014 [G5675] purposed G630 0 to put G846 her G630 [G5658] away G2977 secretly.
  20 G1161 But G846 while G1760 [G5679] pondering G5023 these things, G2400 [G5628] behold, G32 a messenger G2962 of the Lord G5316 [G5648] appeared G846 to him G2596 according to G3677 a dream, G3004 [G5723] saying, G2501 Joseph, G5207 thou son G1138 of David, G5399 [G5680] fear G3361 not G3880 [G5629] to take G4675 to thee G3137 Mary G1135 thy wife: G1063 for G1080 [G5685] that which is conceived G1722 in G846 her G2076 [G5748] is G1537 by G40 the Holy G4151 Spirit.
  21 G1161 And G5088 [G5695] she shall bring forth G5207 a son, G2532 and G2564 [G5692] thou shalt call G846 his G3686 name G2424 JESUS: G1063 for G846 he G4982 [G5692] shall save G846 his G2992 people G575 from G846 their G266 sins.
  22 G1161 Now G3650 all G5124 this G1096 [G5754] was done, G2443 in order that G4137 [G5686] it might be fulfilled G3588 which G4483 [G5685] was spoken G5259 by G2962 the Lord G1223 by G4396 the prophet, G3004 [G5723] saying,
  23 G2400 [G5628] Behold, G3933 a virgin G1722 G1064 G2192 [G5692] shall be with child, G2532 and G5088 [G5695] shall bring forth G5207 a son, G2532 and G2564 [G5692] they shall call G846 his G3686 name G1694 Emmanuel, G3739 which G3177 [G5746] being interpreted G2076 [G5748] is, G2316 God G3326 with G2257 us.
  24 G1161 Then G2501 Joseph G1326 [G5685] being raised G575 from G3588   G5258 sleep G4160 [G5656] did G5613 as G3588 the G32 messenger G2962 of the Lord G4367 [G5656] had bidden G846 him, G2532 and G3880 [G5627] took G3588   G846 to him G1135 his wife:
  25 G2532 And G1097 [G5707] knew G846 her G3756 not G2193 until G3739 that G5088 [G5627] she had brought forth G846 her G3588   G4416 firstborn G3588   G5207 son: G2532 and G2564 [G5656] he called G3588   G846 his G3686 name G2424 JESUS.

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