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Genesis 21:7

  7 H559 [H8799] And she said, H4448 [H8765] Who would have said H85 to Abraham, H8283 that Sarah H3243 [H8689] shall nurse H1121 sons? H3205 [H8804] for I have borne H1121 him a son H2208 in his old age.

Numbers 11:12

  12 H2029 [H8804] Have I conceived H5971 all this people? H3205 [H8804] have I begotten H559 [H8799] them, that thou shouldest say H5375 [H8798] to me, Carry H2436 them in thy bosom, H539 [H8802] as a nursing father H5375 [H8799] beareth H3243 [H8802] the nursing child, H127 to the soil H7650 [H8738] which thou sworest H1 to their fathers?

Job 3:12

  12 H1290 Why did the knees H6923 [H8765] receive H7699 me? or why the breasts H3243 [H8799] that I should be nursed?

Proverbs 5:18-19

  18 H4726 Let thy fountain H1288 [H8803] be blessed: H8055 [H8798] and rejoice H802 with the wife H5271 of thy youth.
  19 H158 Let her be as the loving H365 hind H2580 and pleasant H3280 roe; H1717 let her breasts H7301 [H8762] satisfy H6256 thee at all times; H7686 [H8799] and be thou led astray H8548 always H160 with her love.

Psalms 131:1-2

  1 H3068 LORD, H3820 my heart H1361 [H8804] is not haughty, H5869 nor my eyes H7311 [H8804] lofty: H1980 [H8765] neither do I exercise H1419 myself in great matters, H6381 [H8737] or in things too high for me.
  2 H7737 [H8765] Surely I have behaved H1826 [H8776] and quieted H5315 myself, H1580 [H8803] as a child that is weaned H517 by his mother: H5315 my breath H1580 [H8803] is even as a weaned child.

Isaiah 49:23

  23 H4428 And kings H539 [H8802] shall be thy nursing fathers, H8282 and their queens H3243 [H8688] thy nursing mothers: H7812 [H8691] they shall bow H639 to thee with their nose H776 toward the earth, H3897 [H8762] and lick up H6083 the dust H7272 of thy feet; H3045 [H8804] and thou shalt know H3068 that I am the LORD: H954 [H8799] for they shall not be pale H6960 [H8802] that wait for me.

Isaiah 40:11

  11 H7462 [H8799] He shall feed H5739 his flock H7462 [H8802] like a shepherd: H6908 [H8762] he shall gather H2922 the lambs H2220 with his arm, H5375 [H8799] and carry H2436 them in his bosom, H5095 [H8762] and shall gently lead H5763 [H8802] those that are with young.

Lamentations 4:4

  4 H3956 The tongue H3243 [H8802] of the nursing child H1692 [H8804] cleaveth H2441 to the roof of his mouth H6772 for thirst: H5768 the young children H7592 [H8804] ask H3899 bread, H6566 [H8802] and no man breaketh it to them.

Luke 23:26-31

  26 G2532 And G5613 as G520 0 they led G846 him G520 [G5627] away, G1949 [G5637] they laid hold upon G5100 one G4613 Simon, G2956 a Cyrenian, G2064 [G5740] coming G575 from G68 the field, G2007 0 and on G846 him G2007 [G5656] they laid G4716 the stake, G5342 [G5721] that he might bear G3693 it after G2424 Jesus.
  27 G1161 And G190 [G5707] there followed G846 him G4128 a multitude G4183 of many G2992 people, G2532 and G1135 of women, G3739 who G2532 also G2875 [G5710] bewailed G2532 and G2354 [G5707] lamented G846 him.
  28 G1161 But G2424 Jesus G4762 [G5651] turning G4314 to G846 them G2036 [G5627] said, G2364 { Daughters G2419 of Jerusalem, G2799 [G5720] weep G3361 not G1909 for G1691 me, G4133 but G2799 [G5720] weep G1909 for G1438 yourselves, G2532 and G1909 for G5216 your G5043 children.}
  29 G3754 { For, G2400 [G5628] behold, G2250 the days G2064 [G5736] are coming, G1722 in G3739 which G2046 [G5692] they shall say, G3107 Blessed G4723 are the barren, G2532 and G2836 the wombs G3739 that G3756 never G1080 [G5656] bore, G2532 and G3149 the breasts G3739 which G3756 never G2337 [G5656] nursed.}
  30 G5119 { Then G756 [G5698] shall they begin G3004 [G5721] to say G3735 to the mountains, G4098 [G5628] Fall G1909 on G2248 us; G2532 and G1015 to the hills, G2572 [G5657] Cover G2248 us.}
  31 G3754 { For G1487 if G4160 [G5719] they do G5023 these things G1722 in G5200 a green G3586 tree, G5101 what G1096 [G5638] shall be done G1722 in G3584 the dry?}

Ruth 4:16

  16 H5281 And Naomi H3947 [H8799] took H3206 the child, H7896 [H8799] and laid H2436 him in her bosom, H539 [H8802] and became his nurse.

Hosea 9:14

  14 H5414 [H8798] Give H3068 them, O LORD: H5414 [H8799] what wilt thou give? H5414 [H8798] give H7921 [H8688] them a miscarrying H7358 womb H6784 [H8802] and dry H7699 breasts.

Hebrews 5:12-14

  12 G1063 For G2532 also G1223 because of G3588 the G5550 time G3784 [G5723] ye ought G1511 [G5750] to be G1320 teachers, G2192 [G5719] ye have G5532 need G1321 [G5721] of one to teach G5209 you G3825 again G5101 what G3588 are the G746 beginning G3588 of the G4747 elements G3588 of the G3051 oracles G2316 of God; G2532 and G1096 [G5754] are become such as G2192 [G5723] have G5532 need G1051 of milk, G2532 and G3756 not G4731 of solid G5160 nourishment.
  13 G1063 For G3956 every one G3348 [G5723] that useth G1051 milk G552 is unskilful G3056 in the word G1343 of righteousness: G1063 for G2076 [G5748] he is G3516 an infant.
  14 G1161 But G4731 solid G5160 nourishment G2076 [G5748] belongeth to them that are G5046 complete, G1223 even those who by reason G1838 of use G2192 [G5723] have G145 their senses G1128 [G5772] exercised G4314 to G1253 discern G5037 both G2570 good G2532 and G2556 bad.

Genesis 21:8

  8 H3206 And the child H1431 [H8799] grew, H1580 [H8735] and was weaned: H85 and Abraham H6213 [H8799] made H1419 a great H4960 feast H3117 the day H3327 that Isaac H1580 [H8736] was weaned.

1 Samuel 1:21-24

  21 H376 And the man H511 Elkanah, H1004 and all his house, H5927 [H8799] went up H2076 [H8800] to offer H3068 to the LORD H3117 the yearly H2077 sacrifice, H5088 and his vow.
  22 H2584 But Hannah H5927 [H8804] went not up; H559 [H8804] for she said H376 to her husband, H5288 I will not go up until the child H1580 [H8735] is weaned, H935 [H8689] and then I will bring H7200 [H8738] him, that he may appear H6440 at the face of H3068 the LORD, H3427 [H8804] and there abide H5704 for H5769 ever.
  23 H511 And Elkanah H376 her husband H559 [H8799] said H6213 [H8798] to her, Do H5869 what seemeth H2896 to thee good; H3427 [H8798] tarry H1580 [H8800] until thou hast weaned H3068 him; only the LORD H6965 [H8686] raise H1697 his word. H802 So the woman H3427 [H8799] abode, H3243 [H8686] and nursed H1121 her son H1580 [H8800] until she weaned him.
  24 H1580 [H8804] And when she had weaned H5927 [H8686] him, she took him up H7969 with her, with three H6499 bulls, H259 and one H374 ephah H7058 of flour, H5035 and a bottle H3196 of wine, H935 [H8686] and brought H1004 him to the house H3068 of the LORD H7887 in Shiloh: H5288 and the child H5288 was young.

1 Thessalonians 2:7

  7 G235 But G1096 [G5675] we were G2261 affable G1722 G3319 among G5216 you, G5613 even as G5162 a nurse G302 G2282 [G5725] cherisheth G1438 her G5043 children:

Psalms 22:9

  9 H1518 [H8801] But thou art he that brought H990 me out of the womb: H982 [H8688] thou didst make me hope H517 when I was upon my mother's H7699 breasts.

Genesis 49:25

  25 H410 Even by the God H1 of thy father, H5826 [H8799] who shall help H854 thee; and by H7706 the Almighty, H1288 [H8762] who shall bless H1293 thee with blessings H8064 of heaven H5920 above, H1293 blessings H8415 of the deep H7257 [H8802] that lieth H1293 beneath, blessings H7699 of the breasts, H7356 and of the womb:

Isaiah 49:15

  15 H802 Can a woman H7911 [H8799] forget H5764 her nursing child, H7355 [H8763] that she should not have compassion H1121 on the son H990 of her womb? H7911 [H8799] yea, they may forget, H7911 [H8799] yet I will not forget thee.

1 Peter 2:2

  2 G5613 As G738 newborn G1025 babes, G1971 [G5657] desire G3588 the G3050 rational G97 guileless G1051 milk, G2443 that G837 [G5686] ye may grow G1722 in G846 it:

Lamentations 4:3

  3 H8577 Even the sea monsters H2502 [H8804] draw out H7699 the breast, H3243 [H8689] they nurse H1482 their young ones: H1323 the daughter H5971 of my people H393 is become ferocious, H3283 like the ostriches H4057 in the wilderness.

Joel 2:16

  16 H622 [H8798] Gather H5971 the people, H6942 [H8761] sanctify H6951 the congregation, H6908 [H8798] assemble H2205 the elders, H622 [H8798] gather H5768 the children, H3243 [H8802] and those that nurse at H7699 the breasts: H2860 let the bridegroom H3318 [H8799] go forth H2315 from his chamber, H3618 and the bride H2646 out of her room.

Luke 11:27

  27 G1161 And G1096 [G5633] it came to pass, G1722 as G846 he G3004 [G5721] spoke G5023 these things, G5100 a certain G1135 woman G1537 from out of G3588 the G3793 crowd G1869 [G5660] lifted up G5456 her voice, G2036 [G5627] and said G846 to him, G3107 Blessed G2836 is the womb G941 [G5660] that bore G4571 thee, G2532 and G3149 the breasts G3739 which G2337 [G5656] nourished thee.

Isaiah 66:10-13

  10 H8055 [H8798] Rejoice H3389 ye with Jerusalem, H1523 [H8798] and be glad H157 [H8802] with her, all ye that love H7797 [H8798] her: rejoice H4885 for joy H56 [H8693] with her, all ye that mourn for her:
  11 H3243 [H8799] That ye may nurse, H7646 [H8804] and be satisfied H7699 with the breasts H8575 of her consolations; H4711 [H8799] that ye may draw milk, H6026 [H8694] and be delighted H2123 with the abundance H3519 of her glory.
  12 H559 [H8804] For thus saith H3068 the LORD, H5186 [H8802] Behold, I will extend H7965 peace H5104 to her like a river, H3519 and the glory H1471 of the nations H7857 [H8802] like a flowing H5158 stream: H3243 [H8804] then shall ye be nursed, H5375 [H8735] ye shall be borne H6654 upon her sides, H8173 [H8746] and be dandled H1290 upon her knees.
  13 H376 As one H517 whom his mother H5162 [H8762] comforteth, H5162 [H8762] so will I comfort H5162 [H8792] you; and ye shall be comforted H3389 in Jerusalem.

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