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Isaiah 60:2

  2 H2822 For, behold, the darkness H3680 [H8762] shall cover H776 the earth, H6205 and gross darkness H3816 the folk: H3068 but the LORD H2224 [H8799] shall arise H3519 upon thee, and his glory H7200 [H8735] shall be seen upon thee.

Job 22:24-25

  24 H7896 [H8800] Then shalt thou lay up H1220 gold H5921 as H6083 dust, H211 and the gold of Ophir H6697 as the rocks H5158 of the brooks.
  25 H7706 Yea, the Almighty H1220 shall be thy defence, H8443 and thou shalt have plenty H3701 of silver.

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