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Joshua 1:4

  4 H4057 From the wilderness H3844 and this Lebanon H1419 even to the great H5104 river, H5104 the river H6578 Euphrates, H776 all the land H2850 of the Hittites, H1419 and to the great H3220 sea H3996 toward the setting H8121 of the sun, H1366 shall be your land.

Joshua 9:1

  1 H4428 And it came to pass, when all the kings H5676 who were on this side H3383 Jordan, H2022 in the mountains, H8219 and in the valleys, H2348 and in all the coasts H1419 of the great H3220 sea H4136 opposite H3844 Lebanon, H2850 the Hittite, H567 and the Amorite, H3669 the Canaanite, H6522 the Perizzite, H2340 the Hivite, H2983 and the Jebusite, H8085 [H8800] heard these things;

Joshua 12:7

  7 H4428 And these are the kings H776 of the land H3091 whom Joshua H1121 and the sons H3478 of Israel H5221 [H8689] smote H5676 on this side H3383 of Jordan H3220 on the west, H1171 from Baalgad H1237 in the valley H3844 of Lebanon H2022 even to the mount H2510 Halak, H5927 [H8802] that goeth up H8165 to Seir; H3091 which Joshua H5414 [H8799] gave H7626 to the tribes H3478 of Israel H3425 for a possession H4256 according to their divisions;

Judges 9:15

  15 H329 And the bramble H559 [H8799] said H6086 to the trees, H571 If in truth H4886 [H8802] ye anoint H4428 me king H935 [H8798] over you, then come H2620 [H8798] and put your trust H6738 in my shadow: H784 and if not, let fire H3318 [H8799] come out H329 of the bramble, H398 [H8799] and devour H730 the cedars H3844 of Lebanon.

2 Chronicles 2:8

  8 H7971 [H8798] Send H730 me also cedar H6086 trees, H1265 fir trees, H418 and algum trees, H3844 out of Lebanon: H3045 [H8804] for I know H5650 that thy servants H3045 [H8802] have skill H3772 [H8800] to cut H6086 timber H3844 in Lebanon; H5650 and, behold, my servants H5650 shall be with thy servants,

Isaiah 14:8

  8 H1265 Yea, the fir trees H8055 [H8804] rejoice H730 at thee, and the cedars H3844 of Lebanon, H7901 [H8804] saying, Since thou art laid down, H3772 [H8802] no woodsman H5927 [H8799] is come up against us.

Song of Songs 4:15

  15 H4599 A fountain H1588 of gardens, H875 a well H2416 of living H4325 waters, H5140 [H8802] and streams H3844 from Lebanon.

Song of Songs 5:15

  15 H7785 His legs H5982 are as pillars H8336 of marble, H3245 [H8794] set H134 upon sockets H6337 of fine gold: H4758 his countenance H3844 is as Lebanon, H977 [H8803] excellent H730 as the cedars.

Isaiah 40:16

  16 H3844 And Lebanon H369 is not H1767 sufficient H1197 [H8763] to burn, H2416 nor its beasts H1767 sufficient H5930 for a burnt offering.

Jeremiah 22:6

  6 H559 [H8804] For thus saith H3068 the LORD H4428 to the king's H1004 house H3063 of Judah; H1568 Thou art Gilead H7218 to me, and the head H3844 of Lebanon: H7896 [H8799] yet surely I will make H4057 thee a wilderness, H5892 and cities H3427 H3427 [H8738] which are not inhabited.

Jeremiah 22:23

  23 H3427 [H8802] O inhabitant H3844 of Lebanon, H7077 [H8794] that makest thy nest H730 in the cedars, H2603 [H8738] how gracious H2256 shalt thou be when pangs H935 [H8800] come H2427 upon thee, the pain H3205 [H8802] as of a woman in travail!

2 Kings 19:23

  23 H3027 By H4397 thy messengers H2778 [H8765] thou hast reproached H136 the Lord, H559 [H8799] and hast said, H7230 With the abundance H7393 H7393 [H8675] of my chariots H5927 [H8804] I am come up H4791 to the height H2022 of the mountains, H3411 to the sides H3844 of Lebanon, H3772 [H8799] and will cut down H6967 its tall H730 cedar trees, H4004 and its choice H1265 fir trees: H935 [H8799] and I will enter H4411 into the lodgings H7093 of his borders, H3293 and into the forest H3760 of his Carmel.

Psalms 29:5

  5 H6963 The voice H3068 of the LORD H7665 [H8799] breaketh H730 the cedars; H3068 yea, the LORD H7665 [H8762] breaketh H730 the cedars H3844 of Lebanon.

Isaiah 2:13

  13 H730 And upon all the cedars H3844 of Lebanon, H7311 [H8802] that are high H5375 [H8737] and lifted up, H437 and upon all the oaks H1316 of Bashan,

Jeremiah 18:14

  14 H5800 [H8799] Will a man leave H7950 the snow H3844 of Lebanon H6697 which cometh from the rock H7704 of the field? H7119 or shall the cold H5140 [H8802] flowing H4325 waters H2114 [H8801] that come from a strange place H5428 [H8735] be plucked up?

Psalms 92:12

  12 H6662 The righteous H6524 [H8799] shall flourish H8558 like the palm tree: H7685 [H8799] he shall grow H730 like a cedar H3844 in Lebanon.

Psalms 104:16

  16 H6086 The trees H3068 of the LORD H7646 [H8799] are full H730 of sap; the cedars H3844 of Lebanon, H5193 [H8804] which he hath planted;

Hosea 14:5-7

  5 H2919 I will be as the dew H3478 to Israel: H6524 [H8799] he shall grow H7799 as the lily, H5221 [H8686] and cast forth H8328 his roots H3844 as Lebanon.
  6 H3127 His branches H3212 [H8799] shall spread, H1935 and his beauty H2132 shall be as the olive tree, H7381 and his fragrance H3844 like Lebanon.
  7 H3427 [H8802] They that dwell H6738 under his shadow H7725 [H8799] shall return; H2421 [H8762] they shall revive H1715 as the grain, H6524 [H8799] and grow H1612 as the vine: H2143 the scent H3196 of it shall be as the wine H3844 of Lebanon.

Isaiah 29:17

  17 H4213 Is it not yet a very H4592 little while, H3844 and Lebanon H7725 [H8804] shall be turned H3759 into a fruitful field, H3759 and the fruitful field H2803 [H8735] shall be esteemed H3293 as a forest?

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