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Jude 1:13

  13 G66 Wild G2949 waves G2281 of the sea, G1890 [G5723] foaming out G1438 their own G152 shame; G4107 wandering G792 stars, G3739 to whom G5083 [G5769] is reserved G2217 the gloom G4655 of darkness G1519 into G3588 the G165 age.

Psalms 147:4

  4 H4487 [H8802] He telleth H4557 the number H3556 of the stars; H7121 [H8799] he calleth H8034 them all by their names.

Psalms 8:3

  3 H7200 [H8799] When I see H8064 thy heavens, H4639 the work H676 of thy fingers, H3394 the moon H3556 and the stars, H3559 [H8790] which thou hast ordained;

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