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Psalms 103:1-22

  1 H1288 [H8761] Bless H3068 the LORD, H5315 O my breath: H7130 and all that is within H6944 me, bless his holy H8034 name.
  2 H1288 [H8761] Bless H3068 the LORD, H5315 O my breath, H7911 [H8799] and forget H1576 not all his benefits:
  3 H5545 [H8802] Who forgiveth H5771 all thy perversities; H7495 [H8802] who healeth H8463 all thy diseases;
  4 H1350 [H8802] Who redeemeth H2416 thy life H7845 from the pit; H5849 [H8764] who crowneth H2617 thee with mercy H7356 and compassions;
  5 H7646 [H8688] Who satisfieth H5716 thy mouth H2896 with good H5271 things; so that thy youth H2318 [H8691] is renewed H5404 like the eagle's.
  6 H3068 The LORD H6213 [H8802] executeth H6666 righteousness H4941 and judgment H6231 [H8803] for all that are oppressed.
  7 H3045 [H8686] He made known H1870 his ways H4872 to Moses, H5949 his acts H1121 to the sons H3478 of Israel.
  8 H3068 The LORD H7349 is full of compassion H2587 and gracious, H750 slow H639 to anger, H7227 and abundant H2617 in mercy.
  9 H5331 He will not always H7378 [H8799] contend: H5201 [H8799] neither will he keep his anger H5769 to the age.
  10 H6213 [H8804] He hath not dealt H2399 with us according to our sins; H1580 [H8804] nor rewarded H5771 us according to our perversities.
  11 H8064 For as the heaven H1361 [H8800] is high above H776 the earth, H1396 [H8804] so great H2617 is his mercy H3373 toward them that fear him.
  12 H7368 [H8800] As far as H4217 the east H4628 is from the west, H7368 [H8689] so far hath he removed H6588 our revolts from us.
  13 H1 Like as a father H7355 [H8763] fondleth H1121 his sons, H3068 so the LORD H7355 [H8765] fondleth H3373 them that fear him.
  14 H3045 [H8804] For he knoweth H3336 our frame; H2142 [H8803] he remembereth H6083 that we are dust.
  15 H582 As for man, H3117 his days H2682 are as grass: H6731 as a flower H7704 of the field, H6692 [H8686] so he flourisheth.
  16 H7307 For the wind H5674 [H8804] passeth over H4725 it, and it is gone; and its place H5234 [H8686] shall know it no more.
  17 H2617 But the mercy H3068 of the LORD H5769 is from everlasting H5704 to H5769 everlasting H3373 upon them that fear H6666 him, and his righteousness H1121 to son's H1121 sons;
  18 H8104 [H8802] To such as keep H1285 his covenant, H2142 [H8802] and to those that remember H6490 his precepts H6213 [H8800] to do them.
  19 H3068 The LORD H3559 [H8689] hath prepared H3678 his throne H8064 in the heavens; H4438 and his kingdom H4910 [H8804] ruleth over all.
  20 H1288 [H8761] Bless H3068 the LORD, H4397 ye his messengers, H1368 that excel H3581 in strength, H6213 [H8802] that do H1697 his commandments, H8085 [H8800] hearkening H6963 to the voice H1697 of his word.
  21 H1288 [H8761] Bless H3068 ye the LORD, H6635 all ye his hosts; H8334 [H8764] ye ministers H6213 [H8802] of his, that do H7522 his pleasure.
  22 H1288 [H8761] Bless H3068 the LORD, H4639 all his works H4725 in all places H4475 of his dominion: H1288 [H8761] bless H3068 the LORD, H5315 O my breath.

Matthew 6:10

  10 G4675 { Thy G932 kingdom G2064 [G5628] come. G4675 Thy G2307 will G1096 [G5676] be done G1909 on G1093 earth, G2532 G5613 as G1722 it is in G3772 heaven.}

John 3:16

  16 G1063 { For G3779 thus G2316 God G25 [G5656] loved G3588 the G2889 world, G5620 that G1325 [G5656] he gave G846 his G3439 only begotten G5207 Son, G2443 that G3956 every G3588 one G4100 [G5723] believing G1519 in G846 him G622 0 should G3361 not G622 [G5643] be lost, G235 but G2192 [G5725] have G166 age-during G2222 life.}

John 14:1-31

  1 G5015 0 { Let G3361 not G5216 your G2588 heart G5015 [G5744] be disturbed: G4100 [G5719] ye believe G1519 in G2316 God, G4100 [G5719] believe G2532 also G1519 in G1691 me.}
  2 G1722 { In G3450 my G3962 Father's G3614 house G1526 [G5748] are G4183 many G3438 abodes: G1490 if it were not G302 G2036 [G5627] so, I would have told G5213 you. G4198 [G5736] I go G2090 [G5658] to prepare G5117 a place G5213 for you.}
  3 G2532 { And G1437 if G4198 [G5680] I go G2532 and G2090 [G5661] prepare G5117 a place G5213 for you, G2064 [G5736] I will come G3825 again, G2532 and G3880 [G5695] receive G5209 you G4314 to G1683 myself; G2443 that G3699 where G1473 I G1510 [G5748] am, G5210 there ye G5600 [G5753] may be G2532 also.}
  4 G2532 { And G3699 where G1473 I G5217 [G5719] go G1492 [G5758] ye know, G2532 and G3598 the way G1492 [G5758] ye know.}
  5 G2381 Thomas G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to him, G2962 Lord, G1492 [G5758] we know G3756 not G4226 where G5217 [G5719] thou goest; G2532 and G4459 how G1410 [G5736] can we G1492 [G5760] know G3598 the way?
  6 G2424 Jesus G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to him, G1473 { I G1510 [G5748] am G3598 the way, G2532 and G225 the truth, G2532 and G2222 the life: G3762 no man G2064 [G5736] cometh G4314 to G3962 the Father, G1508 but G1223 by G1700 me.}
  7 G1487 { If G1097 [G5715] ye had known G3165 me, G302   G1097 [G5715] ye should have known G3450 my G3962 Father G2532 also: G2532 and G575 from G737 henceforth G1097 [G5719] ye know G846 him, G2532 and G3708 [G5758] have seen G846 him.}
  8 G5376 Philip G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to him, G2962 Lord, G1166 [G5657] show G2254 us G3962 the Father, G2532 and G714 [G5719] it sufficeth G2254 us.
  9 G2424 Jesus G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to him, G1510 [G5748] { Have I been G5118 so long G5550 time G3326 with G5216 you, G2532 and yet G1097 0 hast thou G3756 not G1097 [G5758] known G3165 me, G5376 Philip? G3708 [G5761] he that hath seen G1691 me G3708 [G5758] hath seen G3962 the Father; G2532 and G4459 how G3004 [G5719] sayest G4771 thou G1166 [G5657] then, Show G2254 us G3962 the Father?}
  10 G4100 [G5719] { Believest thou G3756 not G3754 that G1473 I G2076 [G5748] am G1722 in G3962 the Father, G2532 and G3962 the Father G1722 in G1698 me? G4487 the utterances G3739 that G1473 I G2980 [G5719] speak G5213 to you G2980 [G5719] I speak G3756 not G575 from G1683 myself: G1161 but G3962 the Father G3306 [G5723] that dwelleth G1722 in G1698 me, G846 he G4160 [G5719] doeth G2041 the works.}
  11 G4100 [G5720] { Believe G3427 me G3754 that G1473 I G1722 am in G3962 the Father, G2532 and G3962 the Father G1722 in G1698 me: G1490 or else G4100 [G5720] believe G3427 me G1223 for G846 0 the very G2041 works' G846 sake.}
  12 G281 { Verily, G281 verily, G3004 [G5719] I say G5213 to you, G4100 [G5723] He that believeth G1519 on G1691 me, G2041 the works G3739 that G1473 I G4160 [G5719] do G4160 [G5692] shall he do G2548 also; G2532 and G3187 greater works than G5130 these G4160 [G5692] shall he do; G3754 because G1473 I G4198 [G5736] go G4314 to G3450 my G3962 Father.}
  13 G3739 G2532 { And G3748 G302 whatever G154 [G5661] ye shall ask G1722 in G3450 my G3686 name, G5124 that G4160 [G5692] will I do, G2443 that G3962 the Father G1392 [G5686] may be glorified G1722 in G5207 the Son.}
  14 G1437 { If G154 [G5661] ye shall ask G5100 any thing G1722 in G3450 my G3686 name, G1473 I G4160 [G5692] will do it.}
  15 G1437 { If G25 [G5725] ye love G3165 me, G5083 [G5657] keep G1699 my G1785 commandments.}
  16 G2532 { And G1473 I G2065 [G5692] will pray G3962 the Father, G2532 and G1325 [G5692] he shall give G5213 you G243 another G3875 Comforter, G2443 that G3306 [G5725] he may abide G3326 with G5216 you G1519 to G3588 the G165 age;}
  17 G4151 { Even the Spirit G225 of truth; G3739 whom G2889 the world G3756 G1410 [G5736] cannot G2983 [G5629] receive, G3754 because G2334 [G5719] it seeth G846 him G3756 not, G3761 neither G1097 [G5719] knoweth G846 him: G1161 but G5210 ye G1097 [G5719] know G846 him; G3754 for G3306 [G5719] he dwelleth G3844 with G5213 you, G2532 and G2071 [G5704] shall be G1722 in G5213 you.}
  18 G863 0 { I will G3756 not G863 [G5692] leave G5209 you G3737 comfortless: G2064 [G5736] I will come G4314 to G5209 you.}
  19 G2089 { Yet G3397 a little while, G2532 and G2889 the world G2334 [G5719] seeth G3165 me G3765 no more; G1161 but G5210 ye G2334 [G5719] see G3165 me: G3754 because G1473 I G2198 [G5719] live, G5210 ye G2198 [G5695] shall live G2532 also.}
  20 G1722 { At G1565 that G2250 day G5210 ye G1097 [G5695] shall know G3754 that G1473 I G1722 am in G3450 my G3962 Father, G2532 and G5210 ye G1722 in G1698 me, G2504 and I G1722 in G5213 you.}
  21 G2192 [G5723] { He that hath G3450 my G1785 commandments, G2532 and G5083 [G5723] keepeth G846 them, G1565 he G2076 [G5748] it is G25 [G5723] that loveth G3165 me: G1161 and G25 [G5723] he that loveth G3165 me G25 [G5701] shall be loved G5259 by G3450 my G3962 Father, G2532 and G1473 I G25 [G5692] will love G846 him, G2532 and G1718 [G5692] will reveal G1683 myself G846 to him.}
  22 G2455 Judas, G3756 not G2469 Iscariot, G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to him, G2962 Lord, G5101 how G1096 [G5754] is it G3754 that G3195 [G5719] thou wilt G1718 [G5721] reveal G4572 thyself G2254 to us, G2532 and G3780 not G2889 to the world?
  23 G2424 Jesus G611 [G5662] answered G2532 and G2036 [G5627] said G846 to him, G1437 { If G5100 a man G25 [G5725] loveth G3165 me, G5083 [G5692] he will keep G3450 my G3056 words: G2532 and G3450 my G3962 Father G25 [G5692] will love G846 him, G2532 and G2064 [G5695] we will come G4314 to G846 him, G2532 and G4160 [G5692] make G3438 our abode G3844 with G846 him.}
  24 G25 [G5723] { He that loveth G3165 me G3361 not G5083 [G5719] keepeth G3756 not G3450 my G3056 sayings: G2532 and G3056 the word G3739 which G191 [G5719] ye hear G2076 [G5748] is G3756 not G1699 mine, G235 but G3962 that of the Father G3588 who G3992 [G5660] sent G3165 me.}
  25 G5023 { These things G2980 [G5758] have I spoken G5213 to you, G3306 [G5723] being yet present G3844 with G5213 you.}
  26 G1161 { But G3875 the Comforter, G40 who is the Holy G4151 Spirit, G3739 whom G3962 the Father G3992 [G5692] will send G1722 in G3450 my G3686 name, G1565 he G1321 [G5692] shall teach G5209 you G3956 all things, G2532 and G5279 0 bring G3956 all things G5279 0 to G5209 your G5279 [G5692] remembrance, G3739 whatever G2036 [G5627] I have said G5213 to you.}
  27 G1515 { Peace G863 [G5719] I leave G5213 with you, G1699 my G1515 peace G1325 [G5719] I give G5213 to you: G3756 not G2531 as G2889 the world G1325 [G5719] giveth, G1325 [G5719] give G1473 I G5213 to you. G5015 0 Let G3361 not G5216 your G2588 heart G5015 [G5744] be disturbed, G3366 neither G1168 [G5720] let it be timid.}
  28 G191 [G5656] { Ye have heard G3754 that G1473 I G2036 [G5627] said G5213 to you, G5217 [G5719] I go away, G2532 and G2064 [G5736] come G4314 again to G5209 you. G1487 If G25 [G5707] ye loved G3165 me, G302   G5463 [G5644] ye would rejoice, G3754 because G2036 [G5627] I said, G4198 [G5736] I go G4314 to G3962 the Father: G3754 for G3450 my G3962 Father G2076 [G5748] is G3187 greater than G3450 I.}
  29 G2532 { And G3568 now G2046 [G5758] I have told G5213 you G4250 before G1096 [G5635] it cometh to pass, G2443 that, G3752 when G1096 [G5638] it hath come to pass, G4100 [G5661] ye may believe.}
  30 G3765 0 { After this G2980 0 I will G3765 not G2980 [G5692] talk G4183 much G3326 with G5216 you: G1063 for G758 the ruler G3588   G5127 of this G2889 world G2064 [G5736] cometh, G2532 and G2192 G3756 [G5719] hath G3762 nothing G1722 in G1698 me.}
  31 G235 { But G2443 that G2889 the world G1097 [G5632] may know G3754 that G25 [G5719] I love G3962 the Father; G2532 and G2531 as G3962 the Father G1781 0 gave G3427 me G1781 [G5662] commandment, G3779 even so G4160 [G5719] I do. G1453 [G5728] Arise, G71 [G5725] let us go G1782 from here.}

Matthew 18:10

  10 G3708 [G5720] { Take heed G2706 [G5661] that ye despise G3361 not G1520 one G5130 of these G3398 little ones; G1063 for G3004 [G5719] I say G5213 to you, G3754 That G1722 in G3772 heaven G846 their G32 messengers G1223 G3956 do always G991 [G5719] behold G4383 the face G3450 of my G3962 Father G3588 who G1722 is in G3772 heaven.}

Luke 18:1

  1 G1161 And G3004 G2532 [G5707] he spoke G3850 a parable G846 G4314 to them G1163 [G5750] to this end, that men ought G3842 always G4336 [G5738] to pray, G2532 and G3361 not G1573 [G5721] to faint;

John 17:3

  3 G1161 { And G3778 this G2076 [G5748] is G2222 life G166 age-during, G2443 that G1097 [G5725] they may know G4571 thee G3441 the only G228 true G2316 God, G2532 and G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed, G3739 whom G649 [G5656] thou hast sent.}

James 5:16

  16 G1843 [G5732] Acknowledge G3900 your fallings aside G240 one to another, G2532 and G2172 [G5737] make a vow G240 0 one G5228 for G240 another, G3704 that G2390 [G5686] ye may be healed. G1162 The supplication G1754 [G5734] being energized G1342 by a righteous man G2480 [G5719] availeth G4183 much.

1 John 3:2

  2 G27 Beloved, G3568 now G2070 [G5748] are we G5043 the children G2316 of God, G2532 and G5319 0 it doth G3768 not yet G5319 [G5681] appear G5101 what G2071 [G5704] we shall be: G1161 but G1492 [G5758] we know G3754 that, G1437 when G5319 [G5686] he shall appear, G2071 [G5704] we shall be G3664 like G846 him; G3754 for G3700 [G5695] we shall see G846 him G2531 as G2076 [G5748] he is.

Psalms 41:3

  3 H3068 The LORD H5582 [H8799] will strengthen H6210 him upon the bed H1741 of languishing: H2015 [H8804] thou wilt make H4904 all his bed H2483 in his sickness.

1 Corinthians 1:9

  9 G2316 God G4103 is faithful, G1223 by G3739 whom G2564 [G5681] ye were called G1519 to G2842 the fellowship G846 of his G5207 Son G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed G2257 our G2962 Lord.

2 John 1:3

  3 G5485 Grace G2071 [G5704] be G3326 with G5216 you, G1656 mercy, G1515 and peace, G3844 from G2316 God G3962 the Father, G2532 and G3844 from G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed, G5207 the Son G3962 of the Father, G1722 in G225 truth G2532 and G26 love.

Psalms 103:3

  3 H5545 [H8802] Who forgiveth H5771 all thy perversities; H7495 [H8802] who healeth H8463 all thy diseases;

Ephesians 3:20

  20 G1161 Now G1410 [G5740] to him that is able G4160 [G5658] to do G5228 exceeding G1537 G4053 abundantly G5228 above G3956 all G3739 that G154 [G5731] we ask G2228 or G3539 [G5719] comprehend, G2596 according to G1411 the power G1754 [G5734] that worketh G1722 in G2254 us,

Isaiah 53:5

  5 H2490 [H8775] But he was wounded H6588 for our revolts, H1792 [H8794] he was bruised H5771 for our perversities: H4148 the chastisement H7965 for our peace H2250 was upon him; and with his stripes H7495 [H8738] we are healed.

Psalms 62:2

  2 H6697 He only is my rock H3444 and my salvation; H4869 he is my defence; H7227 I shall not be greatly H4131 [H8735] moved.

Isaiah 41:10

  10 H3372 [H8799] Fear H408 thou not; H3588 for H589 I am H5973 with H9031 thee: H408 do not H8159 [H8691] gaze about; H3588 for H589 I am H9021 thy H430 God: H553 [H8765] I will strengthen H9031 thee; H637 yea, H5826 [H8804] I will help H9031 thee; H637 yea, H8551 [H8804] I will uphold H9031 thee H9003 with H3225 the right hand H9020 of my H6664 righteousness.

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