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Numbers 7:85

  85 H259 Each H7086 platter H3701 of silver H3967 weighing an hundred H7970 and thirty H259 shekels, each H4219 bowl H7657 seventy: H3701 all the silver H3627 vessels H505 weighed two thousand H702 and four H3967 hundred H8255 shekels, after the shekel H6944 of the sanctuary:

Ezra 8:26

  26 H8254 [H8799] I even weighed H3027 to their hand H8337 six H3967 hundred H2572 and fifty H3603 talents H3701 of silver, H3701 and silver H3627 vessels H3967 an hundred H3603 talents, H2091 and of gold H3967 an hundred H3603 talents;

Ezra 6:5

  5 H638 And also H1722 let the golden H3702 and silver H3984 vessels H1005 of the house H426 of God, H5020 which Nebuchadnezzar H5312 [H8684] took H4481 out of H1965 the temple H3390 which is at Jerusalem, H2987 [H8684] and brought H895 to Babylon, H8421 [H8681] be restored, H1946 [H8748] and brought again H1965 to the temple H3390 which is at Jerusalem, H870 every one to its place, H5182 [H8681] and place H1005 them in the house H426 of God.

Job 22:25

  25 H7706 Yea, the Almighty H1220 shall be thy defence, H8443 and thou shalt have plenty H3701 of silver.

Proverbs 25:11

  11 H1697 A word H212 H655 [H8675] fitly H1696 [H8803] spoken H8598 is like apples H2091 of gold H4906 in pictures H3701 of silver.

Jeremiah 6:30

  30 H3988 [H8737] Rejected H3701 silver H7121 [H8804] shall men call H3068 them, because the LORD H3988 [H8804] hath rejected them.

Jeremiah 6:29

  29 H4647 The bellows H2787 [H8738] are burned, H5777 the lead H8552 [H8804] is consumed H800 H784 by the fire; H6884 [H8800] the founder H6884 [H8804] smelteth H7723 in vain: H7451 for the wicked H5423 [H8738] are not plucked away.

Acts 19:19

  19 G1161 And G2425 a sufficient amount G4238 [G5660] of them who practised G4021 magic G4851 0 brought G976 their books G4851 [G5631] together, G2618 [G5707] and burned them G1799 before G3956 all G2532 men: and G4860 [G5656] they counted G5092 the price G846 of them, G2532 and G2147 [G5627] found G4002 it fifty G3461 thousand G694 pieces of silver.

Numbers 7:49

  49 H7133 His offering H259 was one H3701 silver H7086 platter, H4948 the weight H3967 of which was an hundred H7970 and thirty H259 shekels, one H3701 silver H4219 bowl H7657 of seventy H8255 shekels, H8255 after the shekel H6944 of the sanctuary; H8147 both H4392 of them full H5560 of fine flour H1101 [H8803] mixed H8081 with oil H4503 for a meat offering:

Zechariah 13:9

  9 H935 [H8689] And I will bring H7992 the third part H784 through the fire, H6884 [H8804] and will refine H3701 them as silver H6884 [H8800] is refined, H974 [H8804] and will try H2091 them as gold H974 [H8800] is tried: H7121 [H8799] they shall call H8034 on my name, H6030 [H8799] and I will hear H559 [H8804] them: I will say, H5971 It is my people: H559 [H8799] and they shall say, H3068 The LORD H430 is my God.

Proverbs 25:4

  4 H1898 [H8800] Take away H5509 the dross H3701 from the silver, H3318 [H8799] and there shall come forth H3627 a vessel H6884 [H8802] for the refiner.

Psalms 12:6

  6 H565 The words H3068 of the LORD H2889 are pure H565 words: H3701 as silver H6884 [H8803] refined H5948 in a furnace H776 of earth, H2212 [H8794] purified H7659 seven times.

Hosea 13:2

  2 H2398 [H8800] And now they sin H3254 [H8686] more and more, H6213 [H8799] and have made H4541 them molten images H3701 of their silver, H6091 and idols H8394 according to their own understanding, H4639 all of it the work H2796 of the craftsmen: H559 [H8802] they say H120 of them, Let the men H2076 [H8802] that sacrifice H5401 [H8799] kiss H5695 the calves.

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