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This is version 1.0 of the cKJV, the updated language version of the KJV for the Crossword Project. In addition, many Strong's number errors were fixed, but it is expected that about half of the errors originally in the KJV files received still exists. please email any errors in text or strong's to '' Some well known KJV translation issues have been fixed, and several more will be addressed with the next release. The work was done for the Crossword Project by Wade Maxfield, and is released for any purpose.

Original copyright notice: This is the King James Version of the Holy Bible (also known as the Authorized Version) with embedded Strong's Numbers. The rights to the base text are held by the Crown of England. The Strong's numbers in the OT were obtained from The Bible Foundation: The NT Strong's data was obtained from The KJV2003 Project at CrossWire: These mechanisms provide a useful means for looking up the exact original language word in a lexicon that is keyed to Strong's numbers.

Special thanks to the volunteers at Bible Foundation for keying the Hebrew/English data and of Project KJV2003 for working toward the completion of synchronizing the English phrases to the Stephanas Textus Receptus, and to Dr. Maurice Robinson for providing the base Greek text with Strong's and Morphology. We are also appreciative of formatting markup that was provided by Michael Paul Johnson at Their time and generosity to contribute such for the free use of the Body of Christ is a great blessing and this derivitive work could not have been possible without these efforts of so many individuals. It is in this spirit that we in turn offer the KJV2003 Project text freely for any purpose. Any copyright that might be obtained for this effort is held by CrossWire Bible Society (c) 2003 and CrossWire Bible Society hereby grants a general public license to use this text for any purpose. Inquiries and comments may be directed to: CrossWire Bible Society

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