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Buy, Bought

[ 1,,G59, agorazo ]
primarily, to frequent the market-place," the agora, hence "to do business there, to buy or sell," is used lit., e.g., in Matthew 14:15. Figuratively Christ is spoken of as having bought His redeemed, making them His property at the price of His blood (i.e., His death through the shedding of His blood in expiation for their sins), 1 Corinthians 6:20; 1 Corinthians 7:23; 2 Peter 2:1; See also Revelation 5:9; Revelation 14:3-Revelation 14:4 (not as AV, "redeemed"). Agorazo does not mean "to redeem." See REDEEM.

[ 2,,G5608, oneomai ]
"to buy, in contradistinction to selling," is used in Acts 7:16, of the purchase by Abraham of a burying place.

Note: In James 4:13 (AV) the verb emporeuomai (Eng., "emporium") is rendered "buy and sell." Its meaning is to trade, traffic, RV. It primarily denotes to travel, to go on a journey, then, to do so for traffic purposes; hence to trade; in 2 Peter 2:3, "make merchandise of." See MERCHANDISE.

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