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Craft, Craftsman

[ 1,,G5078, techne ]
craft," Revelation 18:22; See ART.

[ 2,,G5079, technites ]
akin to No. 1, "an artificer, artisan, craftsman," is translated "craftsman" in Acts 19:24, Acts 19:38 and Revelation 18:22. It is found elsewhere in Hebrews 11:10 "builder;" but this is practically the same as "maker" (demiourgos, the next noun in the verse; See No. 5, Note). Trench, Syn. cv., suggests that technites brings out the artistic side of creation, viewing God as "moulding and fashioning ... the materials which He called into existence." This agrees with the usage of the word in the Sept. See BUILDER.

[ 3,,G2039, ergasia ]

[ 4,,G3673, homotechnos ]
"one of the same trade" (from homos, "same," and techne, See No. 1), is used in Acts 18:3 (RV, "trade"). Cp. architekton, "master-builder," 1 Corinthians 3:10.

[ 5,,G3313, meros ]
"a part, portion," is translated "craft" in Acts 19:27, AV; "trade," RV (cp. ergasia in Acts 19:25). See BEHALF, COAST, PART, PIECE, PORTION, RESPECT, SORT.

Note: Demiourgos, "a maker," properly signifies one who works for the people, or whose work stands forth to the public gaze (demos, "people," ergon, "work"), but this idea has been lost in the use of the word, which came to signify "a maker," Hebrews 11:10. This has reference to the structure, No. 2 to the design. Cp. ktistes, "a creator."

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