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Dig, Dig down

[ 1,,G3736, orusso ]
to dig, dig up soil, dig a pit," is said of a place for a winepress, Matthew 21:33; Mark 12:1; of "digging" a pit for hiding something, Matthew 25:18.


(1) Diorusso, lit., "to dig through" (dia, "through"), is translated "to break through (or up)" in Matthew 6:19,20; Matthew 24:43; Luke 12:39. See BREAK.

(2) Exorusso, lit., "to dig out," is translated "to break up" in Mark 2:4; "to pluck out (the eyes)" in Galatians 4:15. See BREAK, PLUCK.

[ 2,,G4626, skapto ]
primarily, "to dig, by way of hollowing out," hence, denotes "to dig." The root skap is seen in skapane, "a spade," skapetos, "a ditch," skaphe, "a boat," and in Eng., "scoop, skiff, and ship" (i.e., something hollowed out). The verb is found in Luke 6:48; Luke 13:8; Luke 16:3.

[ 3,,G2679, kataskapto ]
"to dig down" (kata, "down," and No. 2), is found in Romans 11:3; of altars, and in some mss. in Acts 15:16, "ruins," lit., "the things dug down." Here the best texts have katastrepho, "to overthrow, overturn."

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