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Hundred, Hundredfold

[ 1,,G1540, hekaton ]
an indeclinable numeral, denotes a hundred," e.g., Matthew 18:12, Matthew 18:28; it also signifies "a hundredfold," Matthew 13:8, Matthew 13:23, and the RV in the corresponding passage, Mark 4:8, Mark 4:20 (for AV, "hundred"), signifying the complete productiveness of sown seed. In the passage in Mark the phrase is, lit., "in thirty and in sixty and in a hundred." In Mark 6:40 it is used with the preposition kata, in the phrase "by hundreds." It is followed by other numerals in John 21:11; Acts 1:15; Revelation 7:4; Revelation 14:1, Revelation 14:3; Revelation 21:17.

[ 2,,G1542, hekatontaplasion ]
an adjective, denotes "a hundredfold," Mark 10:30; Luke 8:8; the best mss. have it in Matthew 19:29 for pollaplasion, "many times more." See the RV margin.

For multiples of a hundred, See under the numerals TWO, THREE, etc. For "a hundred years," See YEARS.

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