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Second, Secondarily, Secondly

[ 1,,G1208, deuteros ]
denotes second in order" with or without the idea of time, e.g., Matthew 22:26, Matthew 22:39; 2 Corinthians 1:15; Revelation 2:11; in Revelation 14:8, RV only ("a second angel"); it is used in the neuter, deuteron, adverbially, signifying a "second" time, e.g., John 3:4; John 21:16; Acts 7:13; Revelation 19:3, RV (AV, "again"); Jude 1:5, "afterward" (RV, marg., "the second time"); used with ek ("of") idiomatically, the preposition signifying "for (the second time)," Mark 14:72; John 9:24 and Acts 11:9, RV (AV, "again"); Hebrews 9:28; in 1 Corinthians 12:28, AV, "secondarily," RV, "secondly."

Note: In Acts 13:33 some mss. have protos, "(in the) first (psalm);" the 1st and 2nd Psalms were originally one, forming a prologue to the whole book; hence the numbering in the Sept.

[ 2,,G1206, deuteraios ]
an adjective with an adverbial sense (from No. 1), is used in Acts 28:13, RV, "on the second day" (AV, "the next day"), lit., "second day (persons we came)."

Note: In Luke 6:1, the AV translates those mss. which have deuteroprotos, lit., "second-first," said of a sabbath (See RV marg.).

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