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Slay, Slain, Slew

[ 1,,G615, apokteino ]
the usual word for to kill," is so translated in the RV wherever possible (e.g., for AV, "to slay," in Luke 11:49; Acts 7:52; Revelation 2:13; Revelation 9:15; Revelation 11:13; Revelation 19:21); in the following the verb "to kill" would not be appropriate, Romans 7:11, "slew," metaphorically of sin, as using the commandment; Ephesians 2:16, "having slain," said metaphorically of the enmity between Jew and Gentile. See KILL, No. 1.

Note: Some mss. have it in John 5:16 (AV, "to slay").

[ 2,,G337, anaireo ]
"to take away, destroy, kill," is rendered "to slay" in Matthew 2:16; Acts 2:23; Acts 5:33, Acts 5:36; Acts 9:29, AV (RV, "to kill"); Acts 10:39; Acts 13:28; Acts 22:20; Acts 23:15, RV; in 2 Thessalonians 2:8 the best texts have this verb (for analisko, "to consume," AV and RV marg.); hence the RV, "shall slay," of the destruction of the man of sin See KILL, No. 2.

[ 3,,G4969,sphazo / sphatto ] "to slay," especially of victims for sacrifice (akin to sphage: See SLAUGHTER), is used
(a) of taking human life, 1 John 3:12 (twice); Revelation 6:4, RV, "slay" (AV, "kill"); in Revelation 13:3, probably of assination, RV, "smitten (unto death)," AV, "wounded (to death)," RV marg., "slain;" Revelation 18:24;
(b) of Christ, as the Lamb of sacrifice, Revelation 5:6, Revelation 5:9, Revelation 5:12; Revelation 6:9; Revelation 13:8. See KILL, No. 7.

[ 4,,G2695, katasphazo ]
"to kill off" (kata, used intensively, and No. 3), is used in Luke 19:27. In the Sept., Ezekiel 16:40; Zechariah 11:5.

[ 5,,G1315, diacheirizo ]
"to lay hands on, kill," is translated "slew" in Acts 5:30. See KILL, No. 6.

[ 6,,G5407, phoneuo ]
"to kill, to murder," is rendered "ye slew" in Matthew 23:35. See KILL, No. 4. Note: For thuo, Acts 11:7, AV, "slay" (RV, "kill"), See KILL, No. 3.

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