BDB1376 [H1316]

בָּשָׁן60 proper name, of a territory, masculineDeut 3:3 (smooth (& fertile) land) Bashan, first mentioned as kingdom of Og, east of Jordan, stretching from stream Jabbok (thus including northern Gilead) northward to Hermon, between Gennesaret (west) and mountains of Hauran (east); compare Di Num 21:33 WetzstHauran 82; later a type of fertility; — usually with article ׳הַבּ Num 21:33 (twice in verse); Num 32:33; Deut 1:4 + 30 t. Deuteronomy, Joshua; 1Kgs 4:13; 1Kgs 4:19; 2Kgs 10:33; 1Chr 5:11; 1Chr 5:12; 1Chr 5:16; 1Chr 5:23; 1Chr 6:47; 1Chr 6:56; Neh 9:22; Ps 68:23; Ps 135:11; Ps 136:20; Jer 22:20; Jer 50:19 (|| הַכַּרְמֶל), Mic 7:14 (|| id.), Nah 1:4 (|| id.; personified, subject of אֻמְלַל), Isa 33:9 (|| id.; personified subject of נֹעֵר); הַרבָּֿשָׁן (i.e. range of Hauran) Ps 68:16 (twice in verse) (called הַראֿלהים, — from a sanctuary there? — & הַרגַּֿבְנֻנִּים many-peaked mountain); of stately trees ׳אַלּוֺנֵי הַבּ Isa 2:13 (still seen on western slope of mountains of Hauran, WetzstHauran 88); ׳אַלּוֺנֵי ב Zech 11:2 (figurative of prominent men); ׳אַלּוֺנִים מִבּ Ezek 27:6 of bulls ׳אַבִּידֵי ב Ps 22:13 (|| פָּרִים figurative); so ׳בְּנֵיבֿ Deut 32:14 (+ כָּרִים וְאֵילִים also עַתּוּדִים, compare בָּקָר & צאֹן va; see בֵּן

1. j. (ν)); apparently more general is ׳מְרִיאֵי ב Ezek 39:18 (reference to אֵילִים כָּרִים וְעַתּוּדִים פָּרִים ֗֗֗ כֻּלָּם); once of kine (feminine, figurative of luxurious and haughty women of Samaria) Amos 4:1 ׳פָּרוֺת הַבּ.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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