BDB5492 [H5454]

סַבְתָּה, סַבְתָּא proper name, of a people 3rd 'son' of Cush according to Gen 10:7 (הָ֯), = 1Chr 1:9 (אָ֯); identification with Σαββαθα [Periplus maris Erythr.27], Σαυβαθα Ptolvi. 7, 38, or Σαβατα [Straboxvi. 42], Sabota [PlinNH vi. § 155, xii. 63], old commercial city of South Arabia, by Tu Ku, but this = Sabean שבות (not ׳ס) Levy-OsZMG xix (1865), 253; xx (1866), 273, compare HalJAS 7, iv. 525; GlaserSkizze ii. 252 f. proposes Σαφθα (Ptolvi. 7, 30), near west shore of Persian Gulf; ᵐ5 Σαβαθα, Σαβατα, Σεβαθα. All uncertain conjectures.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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Source: provided by Tim Morton, the developer of Bible Analyzer