BDB6838 [H6578]

פְּרָת proper name, masculine, of a river Eupharates, Ευφρατης (Assyrian Purattu DlPa.169 ff., Whence Old Persian, Ufrâtu, SpiegAPK 211); — the greatest river of West Asia; ׳פ Gen 2:14. ׳נְהַר פ Gen 15:18 (both secondary phrases in J), ׳נְהַר פ also 2Sam 8:3 (Qr, see נָהָר), Jer 46:2; Jer 46:6; Jer 46:10; Deut 1:7; Deut 11:24; Josh 1:4 (D), 2Kgs 23:29; 2Kgs 24:7; 1Chr 5:9; 1Chr 18:3 נהר omitted Jer 13:4; Jer 13:5; Jer 13:6; Jer 13:7 (where Ew Hi Marti, after SchickZPV iii. ll, think of some other פְּרָת, but Gf Gie and most defend Euphrates) Jer 51:63; 2Chr 35:20 (compare Gen 2:14 above); name not certainly attested before D Jeremiah; on earlier הַנָּהָר for this river see ׳נ.

פֹּרָת Gen 42:22 see [ פָּרָה].

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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