BDB7616 [H7135 H3368]

קָרָה noun feminine id.; — absolute ׳בְּיוֺם ק Nah 3:17 a day of coldness, cold day, so Prov 25:20 ׳ק alone, cold of night Job 24:7 in general, due to winds Job 37:9 (מִמְּזָרִים see זרה Pi`el; yet Voigt Bu, attractively, מִמְּזָוִים (compare Ps 144:13) out of storehouses [|| חֶדֶר]); לִפְנֵי קָרָתוֺ מִי יַעֲמֹד Ps 147:17, + plural Zech 14:6 (read וְקָרוֺת, see יָקָר).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
License: Public domain document; formatting developed for use in by Eliran Wong.
Source: provided by Tim Morton, the developer of Bible Analyzer