BDB7957 [H7417 H5871 H5884]

IV. רִמּוֺן

proper name, of a location 1. in סֶלַע הָרִמּוֺן cliff of R. Judg 20:45; Judg 20:47, רִמּוֺן ׳ס vJudg 20:47; Judg 21:13 Ρεμμων; = modern cliff Rammôn, east from Bethel, BuhlG 100, compare GFMJudg 2 0, 45.
2. in southern Judah, ׳עַיִן וְר Josh 15:32 ׳עַיִן ר Josh 19:7 (both P), 1Chr 4:32 = ׳ר Zech 14:10 Ρεμμων[θ], etc.; see עַיִן 2, p. 745, and עֵין רִמּוֺן.
3. in Zebulun Josh 19:13 (Ρεμμωνα(μ)), = רִמּוֺנוֺ 1Chr 6:62 (Ρεμμων); + Josh 21:35 (read רִמֹּנָה for דִּמְנָה Di Benn Steuern); modern Rummâne, approximately 6 miles east of north from Nazareth (BuhlG 221).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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