BDB9173 [H8525 H8510]

תֶּ֫לֶם noun masculineJob 31:38 furrow; — absolute ׳ת Job 39:10 (other conjectures Du PerlesAnal. 53); plural construct תַּלְמֵי שָׂדָ֑י Hos 10:4; Hos 12:12 suffix תְּלָמֶיהָ Job 31:38; Ps 65:11. — On ploughing in Palestine see HoggEncy. Bib. AGRICULTURE VogelstLandwirthsch. 25 ff., on depth of furrow (not more than 8-10 centimeters) Idib.36 AnderlindZPV ix. 25, 29; also Benz Archaeology under the word — תִּלָּם see תֵּל above

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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Source: provided by Tim Morton, the developer of Bible Analyzer