Jeremiah 13:1-7

Leeser(i) 1 Thus said the Lord unto me, Go and buy thee a linen girdle, and put it around thy loins, and lay it not in water. 2 So I bought the girdle, according to the word of the Lord, and put it around my loins. 3 And the word of the Lord came unto me the second time, saying, 4 Take the girdle that thou hast bought, which is around thy loins; and arise, go to the Euphrates, and hide it there in a cleft of the rock. 5 So I went, and hid it by the Euphrates, as the Lord has commanded me. 6 And it came to pass at the end of many days, that the Lord said unto me, Arise, go to the Euphrates, and take from there the girdle, which I commanded thee to hide there. 7 And I went to the Euphrates, and dug, and took the girdle from the place where I had hidden it: and, behold, the girdle was spoiled, it was useful for nothing.