Matthew(i) 1 Iudas the seruaunte of Iesus Christ, the brother of Iames. To them whyche are called & sanctyfied in God the father, and preserued in Iesu Christe. 2 Mercye vnto you, and peace, and loue be multiplyed. 3 Beloued, when I gaue all dylygence to wryte vnto you of the commen saluacyon: it was nedefull for me to wryte vnto you, to exhorte you, that ye should contynuallye labour in the faythe whiche was ones geuen vnto the saynctes. 4 For there are certayne craftely crept in, of which it was wrytten afore tyme vnto suche iudgement. They are vngodlye & turne the grace of oure God vnto wantonnes, and denye God the onelye Lorde, and oure Lord Iesus Christe. 5 My mynd is therfore to put you in remembraunce, for as muche as ye ones knowe this, how that the Lord (after that he had deliuered the people out of Egypt) destroyed them which afterwarde beleued not. 6 The aungels also whiche kepte not theyr fyrste estate: but lefte theyr habytacyon, he hath reserued in euerlastyng chaynes vnder darkenes vnto the iudgement of the greate daye: 7 euen as Sodome and Gomor, and the cytyes about them (which in lyke maner defyled them selues with fornicacyon, and folowed straunge fleshe) are sette forth for an ensample, and suffer the vengeaunce of eternal fyre. 8 Likewyse these dremers defyle the flesh, despyse rulars and spake euil of them that are in authorytye. 9 Yet Michael the Archangel when he stroue agaynst the deuyl, and dysputed aboute the bodye of Moyses, durste not geue raylyug sentence, but sayed: the Lorde rebuke the. 10 But these speake euyl of those thynges they know not, and what thynges they knowe naturally as beastes which are wythout reason, in those thynges they corrupte them selues. 11 Wo be vnto them, for they haue folowed the waye of Cayn, and are vtterlye geuen to the errour of Balam for lukers sake, and peryshe in the treason of Core. 12 These are spottes which of youre kyndnes feast together, wythoute feare, fedyng themselues. Cloudes they are wythout water, caryed aboute of wyndes, and trees wythout frute at gatherynge tyme, twyse dead & plucked vp by rotes. 13 They are the ragynge waues of the sea, fomyng out theyr owne shame. They are wandryng starres to whome is reserued the myste of darcknes for euer. 14 Enoch the seuenth from Adam, prophesyed fore of suche, saying: Beholde, the Lorde shall come wt thousandes of saynctes, 15 to geue iudgemente agaynst al men, & to rebuke al that are vngodly among them, of all theyr vngodly dedes, whiche they haue vngodlye commytted and of all theyr cruell speakynges; whiche vngodly synners haue spoken agaynste him. 16 These are murmurers, complayners, walkyng after theyr owne iustes, whose mouthes speake proud thinges. They haue men in great reuerence because of vauntage. 17 But ye beloued, remembre the wordes whiche were spoken before of the Apostles of oure Lord Iesu Christe, 18 howe that they tolde you that there shoulde be begylers in the laste tyme whiche shoulde walke after theyr owne vngodlye lustes. 19 These are makers of sectes fleshlye, hauynge no spyryte. 20 But ye dearely beloued, edifye your selues in your moste holy faythe, praying in the holye ghost, 21 and kepe your selues in the loue of God, lokynge for the mercye of oure Lorde Iesus Christe, vnto eternall lyfe. 22 And haue compassyon of some, separatynge them: 23 and other saue wyth feare, pullynge them oute of the fyre, and hate the fylthy vesture of the flesh. 24 Vnto hym that is able to kepe you, that ye fal not, and to preserue you fautles before the presence of hys glorye wyth ioye, 25 that is to saye, to God oure sauyoure whiche onelye is wise be glorye maiestye, dominion and power, now and for euer. Amen.