Isaiah 10:7-11

  7 H1819 [H8762] Yet he meaneth H3824 not so, neither doth his heart H2803 [H8799] think H3824 so; but it is in his heart H8045 [H8687] to desolate H3772 [H8687] and cut off H1471 nations H4592 not a few.
  8 H559 [H8799] For he saith, H8269 Are not my princes H3162 altogether H4428 kings?
  9 H3641 Is not Calno H3751 as Carchemish? H2574 is not Hamath H774 as Arpad? H8111 is not Samaria H1834 as Damascus?
  10 H3027 As my hand H4672 [H8804] hath found H4467 the kingdoms H457 of the idols, H6456 and whose graven images H3389 excelled them of Jerusalem H8111 and of Samaria;
  11 H6213 [H8804] Shall I not, as I have done H8111 to Samaria H457 and her idols, H6213 [H8799] so do H3389 to Jerusalem H6091 and her idols?