Psalms 65:5-8

  5 H3372 [H8737] By terrible things H6664 in righteousness H6030 [H8799] wilt thou answer H430 us, O God H3468 of our salvation; H4009 who art the confidence H7099 of all the ends H776 of the earth, H7350 and of them that are afar off H3220 upon the sea:
  6 H3581 Who by his strength H3559 [H8688] setteth fast H2022 the mountains; H247 [H8737] being girded H1369 with power:
  7 H7623 [H8688] Who stilleth H7588 the noise H3220 of the seas, H7588 the noise H1530 of their waves, H1995 and the tumult H3816 of the folk.
  8 H3427 [H8802] They also that dwell H7099 in the uttermost parts H3372 [H8799] are afraid H226 at thy signs: H4161 thou makest the outgoings H1242 of the morning H6153 and evening H7442 [H8686] to shout for joy.