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Hebrews 11:37 (IGNT)
  37 G3034 (G5681) ελιθασθησαν They Were Stoned, G4249 (G5681) επρισθησαν Were Sawn Asunder, G3985 (G5681) επειρασθησαν Were Tempted, G1722 εν By G5408 φονω Slaughter G3162 μαχαιρας Of "the" Sword G599 (G5627) απεθανον They Died; G4022 (G5627) περιηλθον They Wandered G1722 εν In G3374 μηλωταις Sheep Skins, G1722 εν In G122 αιγειοις Goats ' G1192 δερμασιν Skins, G5302 (G5746) υστερουμενοι Being Destitute, G2346 (G5746) θλιβομενοι Being Oppressed, G2558 (G5746) κακουχουμενοι Being Evil Treated,