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Isaiah 18:2 (KJV_Strongs)
  2 H7971 That sendeth [H8802]   H6735 ambassadors H3220 by the sea H3627 , even in vessels H1573 of bulrushes H6440 upon H4325 the waters H3212 , saying, Go [H8798]   H7031 , ye swift H4397 messengers H1471 , to a nation H4900 scattered [H8794]   H4178 and peeled [H8794]   H5971 , to a people H3372 terrible [H8737]   H1973 from their beginning hitherto H1471 ; a nation H6978 meted out H4001 and trodden down H776 , whose land H5104 the rivers H958 have spoiled [H8804]  !