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Ezra 6:5 (KJV_Strongs)
  5 H638 And also H1722 let the golden H3702 and silver H3984 vessels H1005 of the house H426 of God H5020 , which Nebuchadnezzar H5312 took forth [H8684]   H4481 out of H1965 the temple H3390 which is at Jerusalem H2987 , and brought [H8684]   H895 unto Babylon H8421 , be restored [H8681]   H1946 , and brought again [H8748]   H1965 unto the temple H3390 which is at Jerusalem H870 , every one to his place H5182 , and place [H8681]   H1005 them in the house H426 of God.
Daniel 4:23 (KJV_Strongs)
  23 H4430 And whereas the king H2370 saw [H8754]   H5894 a watcher H6922 and an holy one H5182 coming down [H8750]   H4481 from H8065 heaven H560 , and saying [H8750]   H1414 , Hew H363 the tree H1414 down H2255 , and destroy [H8740]   H1297 it; yet H7662 leave [H8747]   H6136 the stump H8330 of the roots H772 thereof in the earth H613 , even with a band H6523 of iron H5174 and brass H1883 , in the tender grass H1251 of the field H6647 ; and let it be wet [H8721]   H2920 with the dew H8065 of heaven H2508 , and let his portion H5974 be with H2423 the beasts H1251 of the field H5705 , till H7655 seven H5732 times H2499 pass H5922 over him;