H3915 לילה ליל ליל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

לילה ליל ליל
layil lêyl laye lâh
lah'-yil, lale, lah'-yel-aw
From the same as H3883; properly a twist (away of the light), that is, night; figuratively adversity

KJV Usage: ([mid-]) night (season).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


לילה ליל ליל

1. night
a. night (as opposed to day)
b. of gloom, protective shadow (fig.)
Origin: from the same as H3883
TWOT: 1111
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) night
1a) night (as opposed to day)
1b) of gloom, protective shadow (fig.)

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First 30 of 233 occurrences of H3915 לילה ליל ליל

Genesis 1:5 Night.
Genesis 1:14 from the night;
Genesis 1:16 the night:
Genesis 1:18 and over the night,
Genesis 7:4 nights;
Genesis 7:12 nights.
Genesis 8:22 and night
Genesis 14:15 by night,
Genesis 19:5 to thee this night?
Genesis 19:33 that night:
Genesis 19:34 this night
Genesis 19:35 night
Genesis 20:3 by night,
Genesis 26:24 to him the same night,
Genesis 30:15 with thee to night
Genesis 30:16 with her that night.
Genesis 31:24 by night,
Genesis 31:39 by night.
Genesis 31:40 by night;
Genesis 32:13 there that same night;
Genesis 32:21 that night
Genesis 32:22 that night,
Genesis 40:5 night,
Genesis 41:11 night,
Genesis 46:2 of the night,
Exodus 10:13 and all that night;
Exodus 11:4 About midnight
Exodus 12:8 in that night,
Exodus 12:12 this night,
Exodus 12:29 And it came to pass, that at midnight

Distinct usage

19 by night,
8 by night.
8 and night,
7 and night
7 in the night,
5 night
5 by night:
5 in the night.
4 nights.
4 of the night,
4 by night
4 nights,
4 and in the night
3 that night
3 nights;
3 all night.
3 And it came to pass the same night,
3 at midnight,
3 that night.
2 by night;
2 that night,
2 night,
2 this night,
2 all night,
2 And it came to pass that night,
2 in the night;
2 nights
2 and night.
2 In that night
2 of the night.
2 to night
2 in the night:
2 Because in the night
2 what of the night?
2 even to night
2 nor night:
2 and night:
1 Night.
1 from the night;
1 the night:
1 and over the night,
1 to thee this night?
1 that night:
1 this night
1 to him the same night,
1 with thee to night
1 with her that night.
1 there that same night;
1 and all that night;
1 About midnight
1 in that night,
1 And it came to pass, that at midnight
1 all the night.
1 all that night,
1 all night
1 or by night
1 and all that night,
1 here this night,
1 ye also here this night,
1 at night,

Corresponding Greek Words

layil G3571 nux *

Related words


H3916 ליליא lêyle yâ'
lêyle yâ'
(Chaldee); corresponding to H3915

KJV Usage: night.

H3917 לילית lı̂ylı̂yth
From H3915; a night spectre

KJV Usage: screech owl.

H3883 לוּל lûl

From an unused root meaning to fold back; a spiral step

KJV Usage: winding stair.

Compare H3924.

H3924 ללאה lûlâ'âh
From the same as H3883; a loop

KJV Usage: loop.