H4496 מנחה מנוּחה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

מנחה מנוּחה
me nûchâh me nûchâh
men-oo-khaw', men-oo-khaw'
Feminine of H4495; repose or (adverbially) peacefully; figuratively consolation (specifically matrimony); hence (concretely) an abode

KJV Usage: comfortable, ease, quiet, rest (-ing place), still.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


מנחה מנוּחה

1. resting place, rest
a. resting place
b. rest, quietness
Origin: from H4495
TWOT: 1323f
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) resting place, rest
1a) resting place
1b) rest, quietness

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21 occurrences of H4496 מנחה מנוּחה

Genesis 49:15 that rest
Numbers 10:33 a resting place
Deuteronomy 12:9 to the rest
Judges 20:43 with ease
Ruth 1:9 rest,
2 Samuel 14:17 shall now be comforting:
1 Kings 8:56 rest
1 Chronicles 22:9 of rest;
1 Chronicles 28:2 of rest
Psalms 23:2 me beside the still
Psalms 95:11 into my rest.
Psalms 132:8 into thy rest;
Psalms 132:14 This is my rest
Isaiah 11:10 and his rest
Isaiah 28:12 This is the rest
Isaiah 32:18 resting places;
Isaiah 66:1 of my rest?
Jeremiah 45:3 no rest.
Jeremiah 51:59 was a quiet
Micah 2:10 for this is not your rest:
Zechariah 9:1 shall be the rest

Distinct usage

1 that rest
1 to the rest
1 with ease
1 rest
1 of rest;
1 of rest
1 me beside the still
1 into thy rest;
1 This is my rest
1 and his rest
1 resting places;
1 of my rest?
1 was a quiet
1 shall be the rest
1 for this is not your rest:
1 a resting place
1 into my rest.
1 no rest.
1 This is the rest
1 rest,
1 shall now be comforting:

Corresponding Greek Words

menuchah G2663 kata pausis

Related words


H2679 חצי המּנחות chătsı̂y hamnûchôth
חצי המּנחות
chătsı̂y hamnûchôth
khat-tsee' ham-men-oo-khoth'
From H2677 and the plural of H4496, with the article interposed; midst of the resting places; Chatsi ham-Menuchoth, an Israelite

KJV Usage: half of the Manahethites.

H4495 מנוח mânôach

The same as H4494; rest; Manoach, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Manoah.