H5178 נחשׁת - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

ne chôsheth
For H5154; copper; hence, something made of that metal, that is, coin, a fetter; figuratively base (as compared with gold or silver)

KJV Usage: brasen, brass, chain, copper, fetter (of brass), filthiness, steel.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. copper, bronze
a. copper (ore), bronze (as copper alloy)
b. fetters (of copper or bronze)
c. copper (as value)
2. lust, harlotry
a. meaning dubious
Origin: for H5154
TWOT: 1349a,1350a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 141 occurrences of H5178 נחשׁת

Genesis 4:22 in brass
Exodus 25:3 and brass,
Exodus 26:11 of brass,
Exodus 26:37 of brass
Exodus 27:2 it with brass.
Exodus 27:3 of brass.
Exodus 27:4 of brass;
Exodus 27:4 brasen
Exodus 27:6 them with brass.
Exodus 27:10 shall be of brass;
Exodus 27:11 of brass;
Exodus 27:17 of brass.
Exodus 27:18 of brass.
Exodus 27:19 shall be of brass.
Exodus 30:18 of brass,
Exodus 30:18 also of brass,
Exodus 31:4 and in brass,
Exodus 35:5 and brass,
Exodus 35:16 with its brasen
Exodus 35:24 and brass
Exodus 35:32 and in brass,
Exodus 36:18 of brass
Exodus 36:38 were of brass.
Exodus 38:2 it with brass.
Exodus 38:3 of brass.
Exodus 38:4 a brasen
Exodus 38:5 of brass,
Exodus 38:6 them with brass.
Exodus 38:8 of brass,
Exodus 38:8 of it of brass,

Distinct usage

14 of brass
11 of brass,
5 The brasen
5 brass.
5 and the brasen
4 of brass.
4 brasen
4 brass,
3 and brass,
3 and in brass,
3 and brass
3 of brass.
3 of brass:
3 the brass
2 it with brass.
2 of brass;
2 them with brass.
2 of brass
2 were of brass.
2 a brasen
2 And the brass
2 and brasen
2 of brass;
2 of the brass
2 and of brass
2 of brass,
2 because the brasen
1 in brass
1 shall be of brass;
1 shall be of brass.
1 with its brasen
1 and their brasen
1 were of brass;
1 in a brasen
1 the brass,
1 shall be brass,
1 and with brass,
1 him with fetters of brass;
1 shekels of brass
1 in brass:
1 in brass.
1 in their stead brasen
1 from off the brasen
1 him with fetters
1 upon it was brass:
1 all of brass:
1 and brass.
1 and the brass,
1 for things of brass,
1 in brass,
1 of them with brass.
1 with fetters,
1 him in fetters,
1 copper,
1 For brass
1 him with chains,
1 him in chains,
1 all the brass
1 all of brass.
1 he hath made my chain

Corresponding Greek Words

nechoshet G3976 pede
nechoshet G5470 chalkeos
nechoshet G5475 chalkos

Related words


H5179 נחשׁתּא ne chûshtâ'
ne chûshtâ'
From H5178; copper; Nechushta, an Israelitess

KJV Usage: Nehushta.

H5180 נחשׁתּן ne chûshtân
ne chûshtân
From H5178; something made of copper, that is, the copper serpent of the Desert

KJV Usage: Nehushtan.

H5154 נחשׁה נחוּשׁה ne chûshâh ne chûshâh

נחשׁה נחוּשׁה
ne chûshâh ne chûshâh
nekh-oo-shaw', nekh-oo-shaw'
Feminine of H5153; copper

KJV Usage: brass, steel.

Compare H5176.

H5174 נחשׁ ne châsh
ne châsh
(Chaldee); corresponding to H5154; copper

KJV Usage: brass.