H5518 סרה סירה סיר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

סרה סירה סיר
sı̂yr sı̂yrâh sirâh
seer, see-raw', see-raw'
From a primitive root meaning to boil up; a pot; also a thorn (as springing up rapidly); by implication a hook

KJV Usage: caldron, fishhook, pan, ([wash-]) pot, thorn.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


סרה סירה סיר

1. pot
a. pot (household utensil)
b. pot (of temple)
2. thorn, hook, brier
a. thorns
b. hooks
Origin: from a primitive root meaning to boil up
TWOT: 1489,1490
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 34 occurrences of H5518 סרה סירה סיר

Exodus 16:3 pots,
Exodus 27:3 its pans
Exodus 38:3 the pots,
1 Kings 7:45 And the pots,
2 Kings 4:38 pot,
2 Kings 4:39 them into the pot
2 Kings 4:40 in the pot.
2 Kings 4:41 it into the pot;
2 Kings 4:41 in the pot.
2 Kings 25:14 And the pots,
2 Chronicles 4:11 the pots,
2 Chronicles 4:16 The pots
2 Chronicles 35:13 in pots,
Job 41:31 like a pot:
Psalms 58:9 Before your pots
Psalms 60:8 is my washpot;
Psalms 108:9 is my washpot;
Ecclesiastes 7:6 of thorns
Ecclesiastes 7:6 under a pot,
Isaiah 34:13 And thorns
Jeremiah 1:13 pot;
Jeremiah 52:18 The caldrons
Jeremiah 52:19 and the caldrons,
Ezekiel 11:3 this city is the caldron,
Ezekiel 11:7 and this city is the caldron:
Ezekiel 11:11 This city shall not be your caldron,
Ezekiel 24:3 a pot,
Ezekiel 24:6 to the pot
Hosea 2:6 with thorns,
Amos 4:2 with fishhooks.

Distinct usage

2 the pots,
2 And the pots,
2 in the pot.
2 is my washpot;
1 its pans
1 them into the pot
1 it into the pot;
1 The pots
1 like a pot:
1 of thorns
1 under a pot,
1 And thorns
1 pot;
1 The caldrons
1 and the caldrons,
1 this city is the caldron,
1 This city shall not be your caldron,
1 with thorns,
1 as for the pot,
1 as thorns,
1 Yea, every pot
1 pots,
1 pot,
1 and the pots
1 Before your pots
1 in pots,
1 and this city is the caldron:
1 a pot,
1 to the pot
1 with fishhooks.

Corresponding Greek Words

sir G173 akantha
sir G174 akanthinos
sir G4647 skolops
sir G5473 chalkion

Related words


H5626 סרה sirâh
From H5493; departure; Sirah, a cistern so called

KJV Usage: Sirah. See also H5518.