H6099 עצם עצוּם - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

עצם עצוּם
‛âtsûm ‛âtsûm
aw-tsoom', aw-tsoom'
Passive participle of H6105; powerful (specifically a paw); by implication numerous

KJV Usage: + feeble, great, mighty, must, strong.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


עצם עצוּם

1. mighty, vast, numerous
a. mighty, strong (in number)
b. numerous, countless
Origin: pass. part. of H6105
TWOT: 1673d
Parts of Speech: Adjective

1) mighty, vast, numerous
1a) mighty, strong (in number)
1b) numerous, countless

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First 30 of 31 occurrences of H6099 עצם עצוּם

Genesis 18:18 and mighty
Exodus 1:9 and mightier
Numbers 14:12 and mightier
Numbers 22:6 for they are too mighty
Numbers 32:1 great
Deuteronomy 4:38 and mightier
Deuteronomy 7:1 and mightier
Deuteronomy 9:1 and mightier
Deuteronomy 9:14 mightier
Deuteronomy 11:23 and mightier
Deuteronomy 26:5 mighty,
Joshua 23:9 and strong:
Psalms 10:10 by his strong ones.
Psalms 35:18 thee among many
Psalms 135:10 mighty
Proverbs 7:26 yea, many strong
Proverbs 18:18 between the mighty.
Proverbs 30:26 are but a feeble
Isaiah 8:7 strong
Isaiah 53:12 with the strong;
Isaiah 60:22 a strong
Daniel 8:24 the mighty
Daniel 11:25 and mighty
Joel 1:6 strong,
Joel 2:2 and a strong;
Joel 2:5 as a strong
Joel 2:11 for he is strong
Amos 5:12 mighty
Micah 4:3 strong
Micah 4:7 a strong

Distinct usage

6 and mightier
2 and mighty
2 mighty
2 strong
2 a strong
1 for they are too mighty
1 thee among many
1 yea, many strong
1 between the mighty.
1 are but a feeble
1 strong,
1 and a strong;
1 as a strong
1 with the strong;
1 mightier
1 the mighty
1 by his strong ones.
1 great
1 mighty,
1 for he is strong
1 and strong
1 and strong:

Corresponding Greek Words

atsum G926 barus
atsum G1413 dunastes
atsum G1415 dunatos
atsum G2478 ischuros
atsum G3173 megas
atsum G4128 plethos

Related words


H6110 עצּמה ‛atstsûmâh
Feminine of H6099; a bulwark, that is, (figuratively) argument

KJV Usage: strong.

H6105 עצם ‛âtsam

A primitive root; to bind fast, that is, close (the eyes); intransitively to be (causatively make) powerful or numerous; denominatively (from H6106) to craunch the bones

KJV Usage: break the bones, close, be great, be increased, be (wax) mighty (-ier), be more, shut, be (-come, make) strong (-er).

H6106 עצם ‛etsem
From H6105; a bone (as strong); by extension the body; figuratively the substance, that is, (as pronoun) selfsame

KJV Usage: body, bone, X life, (self-) same, strength, X very.

H6108 עצם ‛ôtsem
From H6105; power; hence body

KJV Usage: might, strong, substance.

H8592 תּעצמה ta‛ătsûmâh
From H6105; might (plural collective)

KJV Usage: power.