H6152 ערב ערב - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

ערב ערב
‛ărâb ‛ărab
ar-ab', ar-awb'
From H6150 in the figuratively sense of sterility; Arab (that is, Arabia), a country East of Palestine

KJV Usage: Arabia.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


ערב ערב

1. steppe-dwellers
a. the people inhabiting the country east and south of Canaan, the nomadic desert Bedouins
b. Arabians, Arabs
Origin: from H6150 in the fig. sense of sterility
TWOT: 1688a,1688c
Parts of Speech: Proper Name

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5 occurrences of H6152 ערב ערב

2 Chronicles 9:14 of Arabia
Isaiah 21:13 upon Arabia.
Isaiah 21:13 in Arabia
Jeremiah 25:24 of Arabia,
Ezekiel 27:21 Arabia,

Distinct usage

1 upon Arabia.
1 in Arabia
1 of Arabia,
1 Arabia,
1 of Arabia

Related words


H6163 ערבי ערבי ‛ărâbı̂y ‛arbı̂y
ערבי ערבי
‛ărâbı̂y ‛arbı̂y
ar-aw-bee', ar-bee'
Patrial from H6152; an Arabian or inhabitant of Arab (that is, Arabia)

KJV Usage: Arabian.

G688 Ἀραβία
Of Hebrew origin [H6152]; Arabia, a region of Asia

KJV Usage: Arabia.

H6150 ערב ‛ârab

A primitive root (rather identical with H6148 through the idea of covering with a texture); to grow dusky at sundown

KJV Usage: be darkened, (toward) evening.

H4628 מערבה מערב ma‛ărâb ma‛ărâbâh
מערבה מערב
ma‛ărâb ma‛ărâbâh
mah-ar-awb', mah-ar-aw-baw'
From H6150, in the sense of shading; the west (as the region of the evening sun)

KJV Usage: west.

H6153 ערב ‛ereb
From H6150; dusk

KJV Usage: + day, even (-ing, tide), night.

H6158 עורב ערב ‛ôrêb ‛ôrêb
עורב ערב
‛ôrêb ‛ôrêb
o-rabe', o-rabe'
From H6150; a raven (from its dusky hue)

KJV Usage: raven.

H6160 ערבה ‛ărâbâh
From H6150 (in the sense of sterility); a desert; especially (with the article prefixed) the (generally) sterile valley of the Jordan and its continuation to the Red Sea

KJV Usage: Arabah, champaign, desert, evening, heaven, plain, wilderness. See also H1026.