H6240 עשׂר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

For H6235; ten (only in combination), that is, the “teens” ; also (ordinal) a “teenth”

KJV Usage: [eigh-, fif-, four-, nine-, seven-, six-, thir-] teen (-th), + eleven (-th), + sixscore thousand, + twelve (-th).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. ten, -teen (in combination with other numbers)
a. used only in combination to make the numbers 11-19
Origin: from H6235
TWOT: 1711b
Parts of Speech: Noun

1) ten, -teen (in combination with other numbers)
1a) used only in combination to make the numbers 11-19

View how H6240 עשׂר is used in the Bible

First 30 of 334 occurrences of H6240 עשׂר

Genesis 5:8 and twelve
Genesis 5:10 and fifteen
Genesis 7:11 the seventeenth
Genesis 7:20 Fifteen
Genesis 8:4 on the seventeenth
Genesis 11:25 and nineteen
Genesis 14:4 Twelve
Genesis 14:4 and in the thirteenth
Genesis 14:5 And in the fourteenth
Genesis 14:14 and eighteen,
Genesis 17:20 twelve
Genesis 17:25 was thirteen
Genesis 25:16 twelve
Genesis 31:41 fourteen
Genesis 32:22 and his eleven
Genesis 35:22 were twelve:
Genesis 37:2 being seventeen
Genesis 37:9 and the eleven
Genesis 42:13 are twelve
Genesis 42:32 We are twelve
Genesis 46:18 even sixteen
Genesis 46:22 were fourteen.
Genesis 47:28 seventeen
Genesis 49:28 All these are the twelve
Exodus 12:6 it until the fourteenth
Exodus 12:18 month, on the fourteenth
Exodus 15:27 where were twelve
Exodus 16:1 on the fifteenth
Exodus 24:4 according to the twelve
Exodus 26:7 eleven

Distinct usage

27 Twelve
22 were twelve:
12 and twelve
10 sixteen
10 eleven
7 Fifteen
7 fourteen
7 thirteen
6 eighteen
5 The fourteenth
5 and fourteen
5 In the twelfth
5 and twelve.
5 on the fourteenth
4 the seventeenth
4 twelve,
4 was eighteen
4 The fifteenth
4 on the thirteenth
3 In the fourteenth
3 And on the fifteenth
3 were twelve
3 were thirteen
3 on the fifteenth
3 seventeen
3 Now in the eighteenth
3 In the fifteenth
3 The eleventh
3 the twelfth
3 And it came to pass in the eleventh
3 according to the twelve
2 and the eleven
2 were sixteen
2 And on the fourteenth
2 And sixteen
2 for yourselves twelve
2 nineteen
2 And in the eleventh
2 of twelve
2 upon twelve
2 who was sixteen
2 was twelve
2 to the eleventh
2 The thirteenth
2 the sixteenth
2 the eighteenth
2 The nineteenth
2 In the eighteenth
2 day of the twelfth
2 of the eleventh
2 And it came to pass in the twelfth
2 On the twelfth
2 and seventeen.
1 and fifteen
1 on the seventeenth
1 and nineteen
1 and in the thirteenth
1 And in the fourteenth
1 and eighteen,
1 was thirteen

Related words


H4643 מעשׂרה מעשׂר מעשׂר ma‛ăśêr ma‛ăśar ma‛aśrâh
מעשׂרה מעשׂר מעשׂר
ma‛ăśêr ma‛ăśar ma‛aśrâh
mah-as-ayr', mah-as-ar', mah-as-raw'
From H6240; a tenth; especially a tithe

KJV Usage: tenth (part), tithe (-ing).

H6238 עשׁר ‛âshar
A primitive root; properly to accumulate; chiefly (specifically) to grow (causatively make) rich

KJV Usage: be (-come, en-, make, make self, wax) rich, make [H1 Kings H22 : H48 margin]. See H6240.

H6249 עשׁתּי ‛ashtêy
Apparently masculine plural construction of H6247 in the sense of an after thought; (used only in connection with H6240 in lieu of H259) eleven or (ordinal) eleventh

KJV Usage: + eleven (-th).

H6235 עשׂרה עשׂר ‛eśer ‛ăśârâh

עשׂרה עשׂר
‛eśer ‛ăśârâh
eh'-ser, as-aw-raw'
From H6237; ten (as an accumulation to the extent of the digits)

KJV Usage: ten, [fif-, seven-] teen.

H6218 עשׂר עשׂור ‛âśôr ‛âśôr
עשׂר עשׂור
‛âśôr ‛âśôr
aw-sore', aw-sore'
From H6235; ten; by abbreviation ten strings, and so a decachord

KJV Usage: (instrument of) ten (strings, -th).

H6224 עשׂירי ‛ăśı̂yrı̂y
From H6235; tenth; by abbreviation tenth month or (feminine) part

KJV Usage: tenth (participle).

H6236 עשׂרה עשׂר ‛ăśar ‛ăśrâh
עשׂרה עשׂר
‛ăśar ‛ăśrâh
as-ar', as-raw'
(Chaldee); corresponding to H6235; ten

KJV Usage: ten, + twelve.

H6237 עשׂר ‛âśar
A primitive root (identical with H6238); to accumulate; but used only as denominative from H6235; to tithe, that is, take or give a tenth

KJV Usage: X surely, give (take) the tenth, (have, take) tithe (-ing, -s), X truly.

H6241 עשּׂרן עשּׂרון ‛iśśârôn ‛iśśârôn
עשּׂרן עשּׂרון
‛iśśârôn ‛iśśârôn
is-saw-rone', is-saw-rone'
From H6235; (fractional) a tenth part

KJV Usage: tenth deal.

H6242 עשׂרים ‛eśrı̂ym
From H6235; twenty; also (ordinal) twentieth

KJV Usage: [six-] score, twenty (-ieth).