H805 אשּׁוּרי אשׁוּרי - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

אשּׁוּרי אשׁוּרי
'ăshûrı̂y 'ashshûrı̂y
ash-oo-ree', ash-shoo-ree'
From a patrial word of the same form as H804; an Ashurite (collectively) or inhabitant of Ashur, a district in Palestine

KJV Usage: Asshurim, Ashurites.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


אשּׁוּרי אשׁוּרי
Ashurites = "guided: blessed"
1. a tribe inhabiting the plain of Esdraelon n pr m Asshuri = "steps"
2. a tribe descended from Abraham and Keturah
Origin: from a patrial word of the same form as H804
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Adjective

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2 occurrences of H805 אשּׁוּרי אשׁוּרי

Genesis 25:3 were Asshurim,
2 Samuel 2:9 and over the Ashurites,

Distinct usage

1 were Asshurim,
1 and over the Ashurites,

Related words


H804 אשּׁר אשּׁוּר 'ashshûr 'ashshûr

אשּׁר אשּׁוּר
'ashshûr 'ashshûr
ash-shoor', ash-shoor'
Apparently from H833 (in the sense of successful); Ashshur, the second son of Shem; also his descendants and the country occupied by them (that is, Assyria), its region and its empire

KJV Usage: Asshur, Assur, Assyria, Assyrians. See H838.