H833 אשׁר אשׁר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

אשׁר אשׁר
'âshar 'âshêr
aw-shar', aw-share'
A primitive root; to be straight (used in the widest sense, especially to be level, right, happy); figuratively to go forward, be honest, prosper

KJV Usage: (call, be) bless (-ed, happy), go, guide, lead, relieve.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


אשׁר אשׁר

1. to go straight, walk, go on, advance, make progress
a. (Qal) to go straight on, make progress
b. (Piel)
1. to go straight on, advance
2. to lead on (causative)
3. to set right, righten
4. to pronounce happy, call blessed
c. (Pual)
1. to be advanced, be led on
2. to be made happy, be blessed
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 183
Parts of Speech: Verb

to bless
1) to go straight, walk, go on, advance, make progress
1a)(Qal) to go straight on, make progress
1b) (Piel)
1b1) to go straight on, advance
1b2) to lead on (causative)
1b3) to set right, righten
1b4) to pronounce happy, call blessed
1c) (Pual)
1c1) to be advanced, be led on
1c2) to be made happy, be blessed

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17 occurrences of H833 אשׁר אשׁר

Genesis 30:13 will call me blessed:
Job 29:11 me, then it blessed
Psalms 41:2 and he shall be blessed
Psalms 72:17 shall call him blessed.
Proverbs 3:18 upon her: and happy
Proverbs 4:14 and go
Proverbs 9:6 and go
Proverbs 23:19 and guide
Proverbs 31:28 and call her blessed;
Song of Songs 6:9 her, and blessed
Isaiah 1:17 relieve
Isaiah 3:12 they who lead
Isaiah 9:16 For the leaders
Isaiah 9:16 and they that are led
Malachi 3:12 shall call you blessed:
Malachi 3:15 call
Malachi 3:15 happy;

Distinct usage

2 and go
1 will call me blessed:
1 me, then it blessed
1 upon her: and happy
1 her, and blessed
1 relieve
1 shall call you blessed:
1 they who lead
1 For the leaders
1 and they that are led
1 shall call him blessed.
1 and call her blessed;
1 and guide
1 and he shall be blessed
1 call
1 happy;

Corresponding Greek Words

ashar pi. G2206 zeloo
ashar pi. G2720 kat euthuno
ashar pi., pu. G3106 makarizo
ashar pu. G804 asphales
ashar pu. G4105 planao

Related words


H804 אשּׁר אשּׁוּר 'ashshûr 'ashshûr
אשּׁר אשּׁוּר
'ashshûr 'ashshûr
ash-shoor', ash-shoor'
Apparently from H833 (in the sense of successful); Ashshur, the second son of Shem; also his descendants and the country occupied by them (that is, Assyria), its region and its empire

KJV Usage: Asshur, Assur, Assyria, Assyrians. See H838.

H835 אשׁר 'esher
From H833; happiness; only in masculine plural construction as interjection, how happy!

KJV Usage: blessed, happy.

H836 אשׁר 'âshêr
From H833; happy; Asher, a son of Jacob, and the tribe descended from him, with its territory; also a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Asher.

H837 אשׁר 'ôsher
From H833; happiness

KJV Usage: happy.

H838 אשּׁר אשׁר 'âshûr 'ashshûr
אשּׁר אשׁר
'âshûr 'ashshûr
aw-shoor', ash-shoor'
From H833 in the sense of going; a step

KJV Usage: going, step.

H840 אשׂראל 'ăśar'êl
By orthographical variation from H833 and H410; right of God; Asarelah, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Asareel.

H842 אשׁירה אשׁרה 'ăshêrâh 'ăshêyrâh
אשׁירה אשׁרה
'ăshêrâh 'ăshêyrâh
ash-ay-raw', ash-ay-raw'
From H833; happy; asherah (or Astarte) a Phoenician goddess; also an image of the same

KJV Usage: grove.

Compare H6253.

H846 אשּׁרנא 'ûshsharnâ'
(Chaldee); from a root corresponding to H833; a wall (from its uprightness)

KJV Usage: wall.

H8391 תּאשּׁוּר te 'ashshûr
te 'ashshûr
From H833; a species of cedar (from its erectness)

KJV Usage: box (tree).