H8081 שׁמן - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H8080; grease, especially liquid (as from the olive, often perfumed); figuratively richness

KJV Usage: anointing, X fat (things), X fruitful, oil ([-ed]), ointment, olive, + pine.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. fat, oil
a. fat, fatness
b. oil, olive oil
1. as staple, medicament or unguent
2. for anointing
c. fat (of fruitful land, valleys) (metaph)
Origin: from H8080
TWOT: 2410c
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) fat, oil
1a) fat, fatness
1b) oil, olive oil
1b1) as staple, medicament or unguent
1b2) for anointing
1c) fat (of fruitful land, valleys) (metaph)

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First 30 of 193 occurrences of H8081 שׁמן

Genesis 28:18 oil
Genesis 35:14 oil
Exodus 25:6 Oil
Exodus 25:6 oil,
Exodus 27:20 oil
Exodus 29:2 with oil,
Exodus 29:2 with oil:
Exodus 29:7 oil,
Exodus 29:21 oil,
Exodus 29:23 of oiled
Exodus 29:40 oil;
Exodus 30:24 and of olive oil
Exodus 30:25 it an oil
Exodus 30:25 oil.
Exodus 30:31 oil
Exodus 31:11 oil,
Exodus 35:8 And oil
Exodus 35:8 oil,
Exodus 35:14 with the oil
Exodus 35:15 oil,
Exodus 35:28 and oil
Exodus 35:28 oil,
Exodus 37:29 oil,
Exodus 39:37 and the oil
Exodus 39:38 oil,
Exodus 40:9 oil,
Leviticus 2:1 oil
Leviticus 2:2 and of its oil,
Leviticus 2:4 with oil,
Leviticus 2:4 with oil.

Distinct usage

19 with oil,
16 oil,
15 oil
15 with oil
9 of oil,
9 of oil
6 And oil
6 of oil.
6 of the oil
5 oil.
5 and oil,
4 with oil.
3 with oil:
3 of olive
2 oil;
2 and the oil
2 and of its oil,
2 no oil
2 the oil
2 ointment,
2 and the oil,
2 of oil;
2 ointment
2 my oil
2 the oil,
2 of oiled
2 of the rich
1 and of olive oil
1 it an oil
1 with the oil
1 and part of its oil,
1 with oil;
1 and all its oil
1 pertaineth the oil
1 thyself with the oil;
1 not thyself with oil,
1 oil:
1 also were of olive
1 more. And the oil
1 and of oil
1 and pine
1 thee with the oil
1 than oil,
1 and oil
1 and like oil
1 of fatness.
1 and the ointment
1 ointment;
1 no ointment.
1 ointments
1 is as ointment
1 of thy ointments
1 with ointment.
1 in a very fruitful
1 of rich things,
1 of rich things
1 and of oil,
1 thee with oil.
1 and oil:
1 and according to the oil.

Corresponding Greek Words

shemen G1637 elaion
shemen G2167 euphrosune
shemen G3464 muron

Related words


H820 אשׁמן 'ashmân
Probably from H8081; a fat field

KJV Usage: desolate place.

G1068 Γεθσημανῆ
Of Chaldee origin (compare [H1660] and [H8081]); oil press; Gethsemane, a garden near Jerusalem

KJV Usage: Gethsemane.

H8080 שׁמן shâman

A primitive root; to shine, that is, (by analogy) be (causatively make) oily or gross

KJV Usage: become (make, wax) fat.

H4924 משׁמן mashmân
From H8080; fat, that is, (literally and abstractly) fatness; but usually (figuratively and concretely) a rich dish, a fertile field, a robust man

KJV Usage: fat (one, -ness, -test, -test place).

H4925 משׁמנּה mishmannâh
From H8080; fatness; Mashmannah, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Mishmannah.

H8082 שׁמן shâmên
From H8080; greasy, that is, gross; figuratively rich

KJV Usage: fat, lusty, plenteous.