H929 בּהמה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

be hêmâh
From an unused root (probably meaning to be mute); properly a dumb beast; especially any large quadruped or animal (often collectively)

KJV Usage: beast, cattle.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. beast, cattle, animal
a. beasts (coll of all animals)
b. cattle, livestock (of domestic animals)
c. wild beasts
Origin: from an unused root (probably meaning to be mute)
TWOT: 208a
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) beast, cattle, animal
1a) beasts (coll of all animals)
1b) cattle, livestock (of domestic animals)
1c) wild beasts

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First 30 of 189 occurrences of H929 בּהמה

Genesis 1:24 cattle,
Genesis 1:25 and cattle
Genesis 1:26 and over the cattle,
Genesis 2:20 to all cattle,
Genesis 3:14 above all cattle,
Genesis 6:7 beast,
Genesis 6:20 and of cattle
Genesis 7:2 beast
Genesis 7:2 and of beasts
Genesis 7:8 beasts,
Genesis 7:8 and of beasts
Genesis 7:14 and all the cattle
Genesis 7:21 and of cattle,
Genesis 7:23 and cattle,
Genesis 8:1 and all the cattle
Genesis 8:17 and of cattle,
Genesis 8:20 beast,
Genesis 9:10 of the cattle,
Genesis 34:23 and every beast
Genesis 36:6 and all his beasts,
Genesis 47:18 of cattle;
Exodus 8:17 and in beast;
Exodus 8:18 and upon beast.
Exodus 9:9 and upon beast,
Exodus 9:10 and upon beast.
Exodus 9:19 and beast
Exodus 9:22 and upon beast,
Exodus 9:25 and beast;
Exodus 11:5 of beasts.
Exodus 11:7 or beast:

Distinct usage

6 and beast
5 beast,
4 and beast;
4 and beast:
4 and to the beasts
4 of thy cattle,
3 and upon beast,
3 and beast.
3 and for the beasts
3 and without beast,
3 the beasts
2 beast
2 and of beasts
2 and all the cattle
2 and of cattle,
2 of the cattle,
2 and every beast
2 and upon beast.
2 among the beasts,
2 of the beasts,
2 a beast
2 Only the cattle
2 and the cattle,
2 and with beasts,
2 and the beast
2 of beasts
2 nor beast,
2 cattle,
2 and of beast,
2 and beast?
2 and cattle
2 beasts,
2 and the cattle
2 beasts
1 above all cattle,
1 and in beast;
1 of beasts.
1 of cattle.
1 of a beast
1 with a beast
1 or of beast,
1 The carcases of every beast
1 And if any beast,
1 Thou shalt not let thy cattle
1 with a beast,
1 the beast.
1 to any beast,
1 and the beast:
1 a beast,
1 And for thy cattle,
1 And if it shall be a beast,
1 for beast,
1 and of beasts.
1 and all our cattle,
1 of them shall be for their cattle,
1 But all the cattle,
1 among you, or among your cattle.
1 for thy cattle,
1 These are the beasts
1 with any manner of beast.

Corresponding Greek Words

behemah G2342 therion
behemah G2934 ktenos
behemah G5074 tetra pous

Related words


H930 בּהמות be hêmôth
be hêmôth
In form a plural of H929, but really a singular of Egyptian derivation: a water ox, that is, the hippopotamus or Nile horse

KJV Usage: Behemoth.