Great(i) 1 The vision of Esay the sonne of Amos which he sawe vpon Iuda and Ierusalem: in the dayes of Uzia and Ioatham, Ahaz & Iehezikiah kynges of Iuda. 2 Heare, O heauen, & Herken O earth: For the Lorde hath spoken: I haue norished and promoted children, but they haue done wyckedly against me. 3 The oxe hath knowne his owner & the asse his masters cribb: but Israel hath receaued no knowledge, my people hath no vnderstandyng. 4 Alas for thys synfull nacion, a people of great iniquitie: a seed of vngracious people corruptinge ther wayes. They haue forsaken the Lorde, they haue prouoked the holy one of Israel vnto anger, and are gone backward. 5 Wherby shulde ye be plaged any more for ye are euer fallinge awaye. The whole head is syck, & the hert is heuy. 6 From the sole of the fote vnto the head, there is no whole parte in all your body: but all are woundes, botches, sores, & strypes, whych can nether be helped, bounde vp, molifyed, ner eased wt any oyntment. 7 Your land lyeth waste, your cyties are brent vp, your enemyes deuoure youre lande, & ye must be fayne to stande, & loke vpon it: & it is desolate, as they were subuerted that were alienate from the Lorde. 8 Moreouer, the daughter of Syon ys left alone lyke a cotage in a vineyard, lyke a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, lyke a wasted cytie. 9 And excepte the Lorde of Hostes had left vs a fewe alyue: we shuld haue bene as Sodoma, and lyke vnto Gomorra. 10 Heare the worde of the lorde ye Lordes of Sodoma: & herken vnto the lawe of our God, thou people of Gomorra. 11 Why offre ye so many sacrifices vnto me saith Lorde? I am full of the brentoffrynges of wethers, and of the fatnesse of fedbeastes. I haue no pleasure in the bloud of bullokes, lambes and goates. 12 When ye come to apeare before me, who requireth this of you to treade within my porches? 13 Therfore offre me no mo oblacions, for it is but lost laboure. Incense is an abhominable thinge vnto me. I Maye not awaye with youre newe moones, your Sabbathes & gatheringe togyther at the solempne dayes. 14 I hate your newe mone dayes & solempne feastes, euen fro my very hert. I can not awaye wt suche vanitie & holdinge in of the people. 15 They lye vpon me as a burthen, and I am wery of beringe them. Whan ye holde out your handes, I will turne myne eyes from you. And though ye make many prayers, yet wil I heare nothynge at all, seyng your handes are ful of bloude. 16 Wash you therfore, and make you cleane, put awaye your euell ententes out of my syght, cease from doynge of euell. 17 Lerne to do ryght, applye your selues to equite, delyuer the oppressed, helpe the fatherles to his ryght, let the widowes complainte come before you. 18 Come I praye ye (sayeth the Lorde) let vs reason oure matter together. Though youre sinnes be as read as scarlet, thei shalbe as white as snowe. And though they were lyke purple, they shalbe as whit as wolle. 19 If ye be louynge & obedient, ye shal enioye the best thyng that groweth in the land. 20 But yf ye be obstinate & rebellyous, ye shalbe deuoured wt the swerde: for thus the Lorde hath promised wt his awne mouth. 21 How happepeneth it then that the ryghteous cytie (which was full of equite) is become vnfaythfull as an whore? ryghtuousnes dwelt in it, but now murtherers. 22 Thy syluer is turned to drosse, & thy wyne myxte with water. 23 Thy prices are wicked & companyons of theues. They loue gyftes altogether, and gape for rewardes. As for the fatherles, they helpe him not to his ryght, nether wyll they lett the wydowes causes come before them. 24 Therfore, sayeth the lorde God of Hostes, the myghty gouerner of Israel, Oute vpon ye, I wyll ease me of myne enemyes, & I will auenge me of myne aduersaryes, 25 I shall laye my hand vpon the, & burne out thy drosse from the fynest & purest, & put out all thy tynne, 26 & set thy iudges agayne as they were somtyme & thy Senatours as they were from the beginynge. Then shalt thou be called the ryghteous cytie, the faythfull cytie. 27 Sion shalbe redemed wt equite, & they shal turne againe vnto her in ryghteousnesse. 28 For the transgressours & vngodly, and soch as are be come vnfaythfull vnto the Lord, must altogether be vtterly destroyed. 29 For they shall be ashamed of the goddes that you longed for. And ye shall be put to shame for the Idols grouegardens that ye haue chosen: 30 ye shalbe as a tree whose leaues are fallen awaye, & as a garden that hath no moystnesse. 31 And as for the glory of your graued Images, it shalbe turned to drye strawe, and he that made them to a sparke. And they shal both burne together, so that no man shalbe able to quench them.