1 Kings

Matthew(i) 1 When Kynge Dauid was waxen olde and stryken in yeares, thoughe they couered him with clothes yet he caught no heate. 2 Wherfore hys seruauntes sayde vnto him: let there be sought for my lord the kynge a young mayden to wayt vpon him, and to cheryshe hym. And let her lye in thy bosome, that my Lorde the kynge maye get heate. 3 And so they sought for a fayre damosell thorow all the coastes of Israel and founde one Abisag a Sunamite and brought her to the kynge. 4 And the Damosel was excedynge fayre, and cheryshed the kynge and ministred to hym. But the kynge knewe her not. 5 But Adoniah the sonne of Hagith exalted hym selfe sayinge. I wylbe kynge. And he gat hym a charet and horsmen and fyfty men to runne before hym. 6 And hys father rebuked hym not at anye tyme nor sayde so muche to him, as why doest thou so? And he was therto a goodly man, and hys mother bare him next after Absalom. 7 And he communed wyth Ioab the sonne of Zaruiah and with Abiathar the prieste. And they holpe Adoniah. 8 But Sadock the pryeste, Bahaiah the sonne of Iehoiada, Nathan the prophet, Semei and Rei and the men of myght whyche were with Dauid fauered not Adoniah. 9 And Adoniah sacrificed shepe and oxen and fatlynges at the stone of Zoheleth, whyche is fast by the well of Rogel, and bad all his brethren the kynges sonnes and all the men of Iuda the kynges seruauntes. 10 But Nathan the prophet and Banaiah and the myghtye men and Salomon hys brother he bad not. 11 Whervpon Nathan spake vnto Bethsabe the mother of Salomon sayinge: haste thou not hearde how that Adoniah the sonne of Hagith doth raygne vnwetinge vnto our mayster Dauid? 12 Nowe therfore come that I may geue the counsel, how to saue thyne own lyfe and the life of thy sonne Salomon. 13 Hence and get the vnto kyng Dauid and saye vnto him: diddest not thou my Lorde kynge swere vnto thy handmayde sayinge? Salomon thy sonne shall raigne after me, and he shall syt vpon my seate, why is then Adoniah made kynge? 14 & se, whyle thou yet talkest there with the king, I wyll come in after the and wyll ende thy wordes. 15 And Bethsabe went in vnto the kinge into the chambre: And the kinge was verye olde and Abisag the Sunamite ministred vnto hym. 16 And Bethsabe stouped and made obeysaunce vnto the kynge. And the kynge sayde: what is thy matter? 17 And she answered and sayde: My Lorde thou swarest by the Lorde thy God vnto thyne handmaide: Salomon thy sonne shall raygne after me and he shall syt vpon my seate. 18 But nowe se, Adoniah is kinge and thou my Lord kinge wottest it not. 19 And he hath offered oxen, fatlynges & shepe aboundantly, and hath called all the sonnes of the kynge, and Abiathar the priest, and Ioab the captayne of the hoste. But Salomon thy seruaunt hath he not bydden. 20 And nowe my lord king the eyes of all Israel wayte on the, to tell them who shal sytte on the seate of my Lorde the king after him. 21 For elles when my Lorde the Kinge is layd to rest with his fathers, I & my sonne Salomon shalbe synners. 22 And behold, while she yet talketh with the kinge, Nathan the prophet was come. 23 And they tolde the kinge sayinge: here cometh Nathan the prophet. And when he was come before the kynge, he made obeysaunce vnto the kynge vpon hys face vnto the grounde, 24 and sayde: My Lorde kinge, hast thou sayde Adoniah shall raygne after me, and he shall sytte vpon my seate? 25 For he is gone doune this day and hath offered, oxen, fatlynges and shepe aboundantlye, and hath called al the Kynges sonnes and the captaynes of the hoste, and Abiathar the priest. And se, they eate and drinck before hym, and saye: God saue kynge Adoniah. 26 But me thy seruaunt and Sadock the pryest and Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada, & thy seruaunt Salomon he hath not called. 27 Is thys thynge done of my Lorde the kinge and yet wouldest not shewe me thy seruaunt, who shoulde sit on the seate of my Lorde the kinge after hym? 28 Then kynge Dauid answered and sayde: call me Bethsabe. And she came in and stode before him. 29 And the kinge sware sayinge: As sure as the Lorde (that had ryd my soule oute of all aduersyte) lyueth, 30 euen as I sware vnto the by the Lorde God of Israel sayinge: Salomon shall raygne after me, and he shall sytte vpon my seate for me, so wyl I do this daye. 31 And Bethsabe bowed on her face to the earth, and dyd obeysaunce vnto the kynge and said: I praye God my Lorde kynge Dauid maye lyue euer. 32 Then sayde kynge Dauid: call me Sadock the priest and Nathan the prophet & Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada. And when they came before the kynge, 33 the kinge sayde vnto them: take with you the seruauntes of youre Lorde, and set Salomon my sonne vpon myne owne mule and carye him doune to Gihon. 34 And let Sadock the pryest and Nathan the prophet anoynte hym there, to be kynge ouer Israel. And then blowe ye with a trompet and saye: God saue kinge Salomon. 35 And then come vp after him, and let him come and sytte vpon my seate. For he shalbe kynge in my steade. And hym I haue commaunded to be captayne ouer Israel and Iuda. 36 And Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada answered the kynge and sayde: Amen, and so pray I God that the Lorde God of my Lorde the kynge saye so to. 37 And as the Lorde hath bene wyth my Lorde the kynge, euen so, I praye God, he maye be, with Salomon and that he make his seate gloryouser then the seate of my lorde kynge Dauid. 38 And Sadock the pryest, and Nathan the prophet of Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada & the Cerethites and Phelethites went doune, and set Salomon vpon kinge Dauids Mule and led him to Gihon. 39 And Sadock the priest toke an horne of oyle out of the tabernacle and anoynted Salomon. And they blewe a trompet, and all they sayde: God saue king Salomon. 40 And all the people came vp after hym pyppynge wyth pypes and reioysinge greatly, so that the earth range with the sounde of them. 41 And Adoniah and all the gestes that were with him, hearde it euen as they had made an ende of eatynge. And when Ioab hearde the sounde of the trompet, he said: how happeneth it that there is suche a noyse in the cytye? 42 And as he yet spake, se, Ionathas the sonne of Abiathar the priest came. And Adoniah said: come. for thou arte a lustye bloude, and bryngest good tydynges. 43 And Ionathas answered & sayde to Adoniah: Verely oure Lorde kynge Dauid hath made Salomon kynge. 44 And the kynge sent with him Sadock the prieste and Nathan the prophet: and Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada and the Cerethites and the Phelethites, and they haue set hym vpon the kinges Mule. 45 And Sadock the pryeste and Nathan the Prophet haue anoynted him kynge in Gihon. And as they came vp againe, they reioysed that the citie did sounde againe. And that is the noise that ye haue hearde. 46 And therto Salomon sitteth on the seate of the kyngedome. 47 And moreouer the kynges seruauntes went in to blesse oure Lorde Kynge Dauid sayinge: thy God make the name of Salomon more fauoure then thyne, and hys seate more gloriouse then thyne. And the king bowed him selfe vpon the bede. 48 And last of all thus sayde the kinge: blessed be the Lorde God of Israel whiche hath made one to sytte on my seate thys daye, euen myne eyes seinge it. 49 And al the gestes that were with Adoniah were afrayed and rose vp and went euery man his waye. 50 And Adoniah fearinge Salomon, arose and went and caught holde on the hornes of the aultare. 51 And it was tolde Salomon howe that Adoniah for feare of kinge Salomon hathe caught hantfast by the hornes of the aultare sayinge: let kyng Salomon swere vnto my this daie, that he wyll not sley hys seruaunt with the swerd. 52 And Salomon said: yf he wylbe a childe of vertue, there shal not an heere of him fal to the earth. But and yf wyckednesse shalbe founde in him, he shal dye for it. 53 And thervpon kynge Salomon sent and fet hym doune from the aultare. And he came and dyd obeisannce vnto kynge Salomon. And Salomon sayde to hym: get the to thyne house.