Matthew(i) 1 It chaunsed in the .xxx. yeare the fifth daye of the .iiij. Moneth, that I was amonge the presoners by the ryuer of Cobar: where the heauens opened, and I sawe a vysyon of God. 2 Now the fyfth daye of the moneth made out the fyfth yeare of Kyng Ioacins captiuytye. 3 At the same tyme came the worde of the Lord vnto Ezechiel the sonne of Buzi the Preste, in the lande of the Caldees by the water of Cubar, where the hande of the Lorde came vpon hym. 4 And I loked, and beholde a stormy wynde came out of the North with a greate cloude full of fyre, which with hys glystre lyghtned all rounde aboute. And in the myddest of the fyre it was all cleare, 5 and as it were the lycknesse of foure beastes, which were fashyoned lyke a man: sauyng, 6 that euery one had foure faces and foure wynges. 7 Their legges were streyght, but their fete were lyke bullackes fete, and they glystered, as it had bene fayre scoured metall. 8 Vnder their wynges vpon all the foure corners they had mens handes. Their faces and their wynges were towarde the foure corners: 9 yet were the wynges so, that one euer touched another. When they wente, they turned them not aboute: but echone went streyght forwarde. 10 Vpon the ryght syde of these foure, their faces were lyke the face of a man, and the face of a Lyon: But vpon the left syde, they had the face of an oxe, and the face of an Aegle. 11 Their faces also and their wynges were spred out aboue: so that two winges of one touched euer two wynges of of another, and wyth the other they couered their body. 12 Euery one when it wente, it wente streyght forwarde. Where as the sprete ledd them, thether they went, and turned not aboute in their goynge. 13 The fashyon and countenaunce of the beastes was lyke hoate coales of fyre, euen as though burnynge cressettes had bene amonge the beastes: and the fyre gaue a glystre, and out of the fyre there wente lyghtenynge. 14 When the beastes wente forwarde and backwarde, one wolde haue thought it had lyghtened. 15 Now when I had well considered the beastes, I sawe a worcke of wheles vpon the earth with foure faces also lyke the beastes. 16 The fashyon and worcke of the wheles was lyke the sea. The foure wheles were ioyned and made (to loke vpon) as it had bene one whele in another. 17 When one wente forwarde, they wente all foure, and turned them not about in their goinge. 18 They were large, greate and horryble to loke vpon. Their bodyes were full of eyes round about them all foure. When the beastes wente the wheles wente also with them: 19 And when the beastes lyft them selues vp from the earth, the wheles were lyft vp also. 20 Whether soeuer the sprete wente, thether wente they also, and the wheles were lyft vp, and folowed them: for the sprete of lyfe was in the wheles. 21 When the beastes went forth, stode styll, or lyft them selues vp from the earth: then the wheles also wente, stode styll, and were lyft vp, for the breth of lyfe was in the wheles. 22 Aboue ouer the heades of the beastes there was a fyrmament, whyche was fashyoned as it had bene of the most pure Chrystal, and that was spred out aboue vpon their heades: 23 vnder the same fyrmament were their wynges layed abrode, one toward another, and two winges couered the body of euery beast. 24 And when they wente forth, I hearde the noyse of their wynges, lyke the noyse of greate waters, as it had bene the voyce of the greate God, and a russhynge together as it were of an hoost of men. And when they stode styll, they let downe their wynges. 25 Now when they stode styll, and had letten downe their wynges, it thondred in the fyrmament that was aboue their heades. 26 Aboue the firmament that was ouer their heades, there was the fashyon of a seate, as it had bene made of Saphir. Vpon the seate there sat one lyke a man. 27 I behelde hym, & he was lyke a cleare lyght, as it had bene all of fyre with in from hys loynes vpwarde. And beneth when I loked vpon him vnder the loynes, me thought he was lyke a shynyng fyre, that geueth lyght on euery syde. Yee the shyne & glystre that lyghtened rounde aboute, 28 was lyke a raynbowe, which in a raynye daye appeareth in the cloudes. Euen so was the symylitude, wherin the glory of the Lorde appeared. When I sawe it, I fel vpon my face, and herkened vnto the voyce of him that spake.